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Etharion was slightly drooling by the time she allowed him to come down. The smell was from heaven. " That smells sooo good! I havent eaten anything for nearly two days now."
"Two days! Why didn't you eat at the- you know you're drooling, right? Since it doesn't seem like you want to talk, you just want to eat, here you go!" Ice ladle some of the soup into a bowl and sets on the table. After that, she ladles herself some and sit down to eat, where Etharion is already halfway through his bowl. "Slow down, or you'll choke!" she said, laughing.

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Etharion was enjoying the stew veeeery much Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "Mmmmmm. i didnt have something this good for a long time!" he said cleaning himself up. " I think ill have seconds!" he says with a smile.
Ice grins, "I didn't know that my cooking was that good... Well, help yourself, there's no one else here to feed, right now..." this last part she added in a whisper. She ate her stew, enjoying every minute of it.

Etharions eye stoped on her for a second and he then resumed his meal with much enthusiasm.
Ice shrugged and sat back down at the table, after she had washed her bowl. She smiled at him as he ate, happy to have pleased him.

Etharion finished his meal and helped clear the dishes."So, we could go for a walk now. The rain seems to have stoped."
"It certainly has!" said Loni, popping up behind them as usual, making them jump. "You want to walk. Well, I've been studying magic like crazy, and I've almost graduated!! From Class One. But anyway. Here we go!" and a beautiful woodland path appeared, going through the woods. "To make sure you don't get lost." she said. "Enjoy!" and she disappeared, which was becoming annoying. Couldn't she just walk away like decent people?
(funny, I was wondering the same thing)

Ice stared after the dwarf, and many rude, crude, and socially unacceptable curses rose on the tip of her tongue. She shrugged it off, didn't want to lose her temper, not after what she knew happened to her father he lost his. "So, now that little runt is gone, any ideas on where she -poofed- us to this time?" Ice asked, turning to Etharion.

"Its ok. We just need to follow this path and we will be back soon enough" he said calmly. they began walking through the calm forest that was still full of the rain that fell before.
[What do you mean, back? I didn't poof you anywhere. THe path poofed there. You're in the same place. There's just lots of trees and a path. And must you curse? All I did was try to help. You wanted to go for a walk. I made you a beautiful woodland path. I was being nice!]
(Okay, okay, I have to keep my joking in check; I guess it's that clear when I am joking and when I not...)

Ice grins and runs down the path, her dark hair blowing wildly. She acts a little like a child playing in the puddles after a rain, which is exactly what she does. After a little bit of this, Ice smiles, and walks back to Etharion, saying, "So, what did you think of the ris- my house?"

Etharion walked after her slowly, letting her run herself out. "What did i think of your what?"
(Okay, okay, I have to keep my joking in check; I guess it's that clear when I am joking and when I not...)

[Some smileys might help!!! you have to do that alot whenever you're joking on the net - people usually look at your body language and tone of voice in real life, so you have to make it REALLY clear, and smileys are the best thing, for me anyway]
"What did you think of my house, Eth? I swear, sometimes I tihnk you've got cotten shoved up your ears... Ha Ha Ha Smilie" she said, grinning.

"Well i though i heard something else, because you were panting so hard from all that running" he grinned back." I think its great. A small place like that is a great place to hide, hardly anyone could find it."
"Yeah, well, I have a slight confession, or admission to make..." she said, her smile fading.

And the dwarf dropped out of the tree from above. "A CONFESSION??? Ooh, let's hear it!!!! Come on, come on, you can tell your pal the spotted daisy!!!!" she said, and attempted to put her arm around Ice's shoulders, but wasn't quite tall enough, being a dwarf, and fell flat on her face. She got up and smiled. "PLEEEEEASE?? Tell!!!!"
Etharion said paying no attention to the dwarf "You can tell me. Speak Icelia."
"ICELIA???" said the dwarf, laughing. "Well, if that's the confession, it's a pretty good 'un! But that's not the confession. What is it? What is it? I swear I won't tell anyone!" her crossed fingers poking out from behind her back.
"Well, um, that house that we went to, it's, um, it's not mine..." she said softly, stuttering. Ice grinned after a second of waiting for the others reactions.

"What? Are you some kind of refuge or something? Tell me, i can help you. You can always come and live at my castle. You'll just be somewhat....far away from your homeland." he said.
"Well, its just the home of some friends of mine, except lately we haven't been getting along too well. My real house is in Rivendell, course it's been so long since I was last there that I'm not sure that its still mine. Its amazing to think how long I've been out on the road..." she said, smiling.

"Where are these friends? And who are they?" he asked intrigued.
They were interrupted by the dwarf snickering, and then bursting out laughing. "Some confession!!" she said. "The confessions I could make far outstrip that one!!! Like how it was me who stole..... never mind. So who are these friends? And are they elves?" she asked, always cautious about meeting new elves.
"My friends are, well, I can't describe them really. They, um... Well, let's just say that no one wants to be on their bad side..."

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"Ah i see. They must be big in the local area eh? Or is it something bigger than that?" he asked
"They are, well, they are ents..." she said.

"You mean i was sleeping in a ent??"
"Um, well, technically, no. You were sleeping in a long-dead, or dormant ent, but, yes, you were sleeping in an ent..." she said, grinning slightly at the look on his face.

"Thats new for me. But the main thing is that it wasnt a >live< ent. I dont think that would end good. I dont think we should go back there. Maybe we should just keep going on. What do you say?" he asked.
Ice nodded, "Okay, we'll go," she said, smiling. She walked off down the path, her hair blowing in the wind.
Etharion followed her through teh woods, not quite sure where they were going. "Ice? Where are we exactly? Near what familiar geographical site, that is.
She turned around and grinned. "I know not where I'm going, nor where I've been, I'm just going there before the winter sets in!" she said, in sing-song voice.

"I really don't know where this path leads, whether it be quest or foes, or feast and woes. I think we are somewhere near Lorien, though, by the scent of the trees and and the sounds of the animals," she smiled at him, her dark eyes alight with happiness.

"I sort of don't care where this road goes, though, because I'm happiest when I'm with friends, and I consider you and even that little weirdo( Big Laugh Smilie ) Loni my friends," she continued, then her gaze focuses on something that happened some time ago, and the scene replays in her mind, something that happened at this very spot...

Etharion nodded as she finished speaking. He looked thoughtfull, or maybe worried. He continued on in silence through the woods.
Ice blinked, coming out of her thoughts. "So, how old are you, really, Eth?" she asked, looking at him.

"Hmm. That is a very complicated question. I do not want to bother you with the details. I shall say only, that i have breathed the air for so long....that i wish....for it all to end. To have new expanses to explore and conquer."
Ice stared. "Well, that's, okay," she said, not able to think of a proper reply. "I sometimes feel like I've been around forever, but they are someone else's memories. It's weird," she said, after a second.

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