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"Thanks, Howlett, I owe ya one." replied Grundig as he removed the knees from another Orc, "Let's get this battle over cause I feel a thirst coming on and I don't want these magots spilling any o me ale, let alone me precious blood."
"I agree with ye Grundig" roared Howlett as he jumped into a crowd of orcs who were ready to chase after Rosie...
"Where ya going ladies" he roared as he ripped into them.
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Anatea slew the las orc that was near her, and saw that the others were still fighting she couldn't decide wether to make sure the halflings were safe, or to go and join the others. There was still the wizard to take care of, but he was not there.

There were only three Orcs remaining and they refused to run.

"Anatea, gather anything the others might have dropped in their haste and we will be with you as soon as we finish harvesting this crop of orc-necks," with that said, Grundig backed the first of them into Howlett's spear, turned and cut down the second who had been trying to flank him.

Leaving the third and last to Howlett to subdue, Grundig wiped his brow on his sleeve, cleaned his axe on a fallen Orc, took a pull from his ale-skin and passed the ale-skin to his two comrades-in-arms who had also just finished their tasks.
Dark had caught up to the pony he slew Renegad, and Beneguld escaped. Dark led the pony back to the rest of the group. "Whoa, you guys have been bus" he said see the dead orcs and the ground.
"where have the little ones run off to? Here is Gotho's belt, it might have fallen as he ran, and I found an apple tree nearby, here are some apples, at least to have something sweet to chew on. shall we look for them? They couldn't go too far off, probably waiting for us." Anatea handed each an apple and saved two for the hobbits.
ooc: Glad you had fun on your trip anatea!

Rosie-Posie stopped, turning around. In a flash Dark had killed Renegad, and taken the pony back to the others. But Gotho and she weren't as quick, and managed to fall behind Dark. Now lost in the woods with Beneguld on the lose still, Rosie-Posie sat down.
"It's better to stay in one spot and not move than to walk around and find yourself even more lost." she told Gotho.
"Thanks fer the apple, Anatea," Grundig said and took a big bite out of it, "Mmmn, very good one too. Well, I guess we better be off after Howlett and the wee hobbits; I hope those varmints didn't cause them too much trouble."

And with that the four companions headed up the trail a munching away on their apples.
Howlett ran through the undergrowth following the scents of the hobbits...
"There not too far ahead but they smell of fear....the wee critters are scared out of there britches.."
As he ran the moon grew dark and the shadows became as dark as Saurons soul...Howlett felt the hair on the back of his neck stand and a chill came over him...
"Somethin' is out there and it's no walk in the park..."
"We can't be far behind Howlett now, but the woods have gotten very quiet," Grundig said to Anatea over his shoulder. "Something doesn't feel right, so stay close, keep your eyes peeled, and tell me if you see anything."

Howlett stood as still as a stone....he felt a great evil all around him...."what is this evil....." he slowly etched forward through the undergrowth
Rosie-Posie and Gotho huddlied together, the forest seeming to get darker as the minutes past.
"Brr! It's gettin' chilly! I hope the other's find us soon, or else we'll have to make camp for the night."
Suddenly there was a hustle in the bushes beside them. Rosie-Posie grabbed the sword Anatea had given her earlier and stood up facing the bushes...
"Sumthin' is here and it's close...."
Howlett unsheathed his blades and stood ready to attack what approached....then the wood went silent, even the wind would not move. Slowly a low thud became louder and louder and shapes began to form in the shadow then came the cry which chilled Howlett to his very soul....and then they attacked.
Orcs came at him all sides but he was holding his own until it appeared a cave troll came crashing through the trees and the handful of orcs scattered in every direction....
"things are lookin' up already" stated a weary Howlett as the troll landed a punch on him.
The force of blow sent him hurtling into a tree...."now I'm gonna feel that in the mornin' " as he staggered to his feet.
"right the gloves come off now" roared Howlett as he jumped at the troll and lay blow after blow on it

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Dark saw a large figure in the sky. "Now what the heck could that be?' Sudennly the the surronding trees surronding were amid with fire, and the fire was blown out by the violent wind from the flapping of the creatures wing. Dark smote it's wing with a spear. It let out a cry that could be heared for miles.
"Oh Shucks! Now were in for it," yelled Grundig, the hairs on his neck rising like zombies from the grave. "Me mother told me there would be days like this. Oh why, oh why didn't I listen to her and take up accounting instead of adventuring. Oh well, best we head for where the action is for we can't let our friends have all the fun." And they set off at a run towards the roaring and screaming that was coming from just ahead.

Soon they came upon the rear of the orcs and saw Howlett struggling with the troll. Grundig set 'Slyce' into motion against the orcs, while Anatea strung her bow and tried to help Howlett with the Troll, timing her shots to miss their valiant scout. "Howlett, what was that ungodly scream, I've never heard anything like it afore, it surely didn't come from this mangy lot, did it?" said Grundig between orcs.
"Come out of hiding you fool, and your death will be realitivley painless"! the beast cried. Dark at that time had gathered his wits. "Who are you working for"?! Dark said.
"Not your concerne..fool." the Beast replied. "Huh, I did'nt think dragons took orders". Dark said. "You know I am a"? the Dragon said. "And you cannot fool me I take orders from no one." "Oh..Darn" Dark replied.
anatea, took out her sword, and the orcs cowered at it's shine, her gown thrashed and ripped was making her lose her footing. She slew three orcs before she tripped and fell. she let out a small cry when an orc raced towards her.
Grundig, hearing Anatea's cry, threw 'Slyce' at the racing Orc, splitting its head open like a ripe mellon. The momentum of the orc carried it to Anatea and its body fell over her as a protective blanket. Grundig, drawing his short sword, fended off another orc while backing a second toward the the pile of bodies. Anatea, in the process of crawling out, hamstrung this second while Grundig added the final orc to the pile.

"Well done my Lady," he said as he retrieved 'Slyce' his axe and started cleaning his weapons. "I wish I could find a wizard to put a boomerang spell on 'Slyce' so it when I've had to throw it to take down a varmit, it would return to my hand. I feel so naked when I'm using this short sword. An axe in the hand of a dwarf feels much more natural, don'tcha know."
"glad ta hear ya enjoy the naked stuff Grundig but if ye could get yer butt in gear and help me with this beasty it would be helpful....
Hokay Dar! I'll mangle-cure its toes, you curl its hair, and we'll have it out of here in no time at all.
"No problem laddie just let me get the curlers..." and lightin' struck as Howlett reached into his cloak and produced the mighty curlers of Gimli...."he gave them to me as a gift..." amd Howlett jumped in the the air and struck the hair and curled with all his strenght...."soon it'll be as curly as mines."
A thunder clap echoes araund and a blinding flash of lightning. Standing nearby is a young elf mage. As he begins to speak you just realize that the tops of your heads are a bit singed."Hello there fellow adventurers! Im just doing a bit of teleporting around the realms and here i am. I was in the Forgotten Realms just now when i heard of this intresting place. So what are you guys, and girls Elf Winking Smilie, doing and can i help?"
A tall man wearing a kilt with a shield and a broad bladed single headed axe steps out into the sight of Howlette and Etharion.He opens his mouth to speak,but before he can make a noise
..................................................................................................lightning strikes him and all that is left are black ashes.
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