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Then crashing through the trees came Howlett....."Look wehat I found skulkin' in the shadows..." and he flung over a Orc.
"I think he's important cause he was guarded by 7 he carried this with him..." and Howlett produced a metal box.
"I have tried to open it but with no luck....the metal is strong and unknown to me."
Grundig examined the box...
"So did I miss anything"
"Did you search'em for a key"?
Grundig took the box and replied, "Orcs would have opened the box had they the key, and they'd a tossed it away empty once they'd grabbed its contents."

"Doesn't look fashioned by Dwarves, or Elves and I've never seen a lock like this either," he remarked as he continued his inspection.

"Looks like it would withstand even a blow from my axe, and us Dwarves can't detect magic. Either of you sense any dwimmer force about it?" With that he handed the box to Dar. "Maybe it'll take a Wizard or a Master Thief to unravell this puzzle."
Gotho, being a hobbit, had snuck up behind the two men talking without being heard. He had heard everything that was said. But just as Renegad finished, Gotho saw his pony. The pony neighed when it saw its master. The two men heard.

Beneguld jumped towards the sound, found the pony, recognized it, looked around, and found the hobbit. "Why you little eavesdropper," he snarled as he grabbed Gotho and shoved him into the clearing with Renegad.

"What is this?" Renegad asked.

"This, my master, is a spying little hobbit." He turned to Gotho. "How much did you hear?" he growled.

"I heared the pony" Dark said. "Let's go see if they're alright".

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And the four spread out and walked down the slope keeping their eyes peeled for Gotho, for the pony, and for any more of the enemy's horrible helplings.
"Nothin' over here" said Howlett as he slid down the slope
Gotho was terrified out of his wits. "Nothing! I didn't hear nothing!!!" he said frantically.

"I don't believe you," said Beneguld. "How long have you been listening??"

"Answer wisely, lad," Renegad said menacingly. "We've murdered before and we will again."

Gotho started to cry. "I heard the whole thing," he sobbed. "I won't tell no one, I swear!"

Beneguld looked out on Weathertop. "They will have heard the pony. They'll be here any minute."

"Can you lead them off?" asked Renegad

"I could try, but it won't be easy. Can your camp leave until morning?" Beneguld asked.

"All right," Renegad conceeded. "I'll lead them away, but only until morning. Lead them back the way the Nazgul went--that will slow them down. And if you run into the Nine, simply tell them you are a friend of Renegad."

Gotho sat silently, hoping the others were coming. He didn't much like hearing all this. Beneguld bent down to him. "If you so much as let out a whisper of this, I won't hesitate to kill you." The look in his eyes made the little hobbit almost start crying again. The man was not joking.

Rengad left them and went the way the Nazgul had first come, and Beneguld sat down to wait for the others.
ooc: sorry, I just realized I have three characters!!! I didn't mean to, honest! You can kill off Renegad, if you like.
anatea having heard the pony sneaked behind them but just saw the hobbit and Beneguld. "What happened? Why is this hobbit frightened?" She took the pack off the pony and kneeled down beside the hobbit trying to calm him down.
"A ringwraithe ambushed him. I fought it off as long as I could, but it ran off in that direction," Benguld said, pointing down the trail the Ringwraithe had last taken.

"Is that what happened?" anatea asked.

The hobbit paused, and Beneguld gave him a meaningful look, gripping and releasing his dagger. "Yes," Gotho said, "that's what happened. If it weren't for Beneguld, it wouldn't have gotten me. And my pony Griff."
Howlett heard the ruckus and approached silently.....
"What in he*l is going on here????" growled Howlett
"If you hadn;t noticed there are Ringwraiths and orcs outthere and we don't need to be letting them know our postion now do we..."
Grundig showed up, 'Gotho my lad, you just said, "If it weren't for Beneguld, it wouldn't have gotten me. And my pony Griff." You don't mean really mean by using that double negative, that Benguld was the reason you were attacked by the Ringwraith do you?,' he said as he watched Benguld with a wary eye and the hobbit with incredulity, 'You really meant to say, "If it wasn't for Benguld it would have gotten me and the pony,"didn't you? As soon as you answer that, we best round up the the rest of the party and skedattle out a here afore the wraiths return.'

Frigolian Slip or do
Howlett looked on in wonder.....
"Some fighting force this os gonna be" he thought as he laughed to himself
Gotho laughed nervously. "I meant to say, if it weren't for Beneguld, it would have gotten me. He pushed me out of the way when the wraithe came for me."

Beneguld smiled. "The halfling would have gotten to Weathertop, if he hadn't come back for the pony. We should leave now, before the wraithe comes back with his friends."
Dark spotted Renegald. "Hey, you in the shadows show yourself"!

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Renegad stepped out of the forest. He had stayed to see what Beneguld would do--he didn't fully trust him. Renegad gave Beneguld a meaningful look, and an even sharper one to the hobbit.

Beneguld stepped forward. "What is your name, friend?" He wanted to make it clear to Renegad that they were not to show they knew eachother.
"I am a wanderer." Renegad replied. If he let out his right name, the hobbit would know it, and a few others as well, and that would be the end of it.
"What do you here, Mister A. Wanderer?" asked Grundig, "And that isn't your name, is it? So what is your name? Speak, for these are perilous times." All the time the dwarf was saying this he was testing the edge of "Slyce" with his finger and eyeing the stranger
Renegad's hand went to his sword hilt. "Why should I tell you my name, when I do not know yours? Times are perilous, Master Dwarf."
'Me names Grundig and we are investigating a mysterious fire at the Ruddy Bottle Tavern on the outskirts of Bree. I don't suppose you know anything about that, do you?'
Howlett sat on in the shadows watching and listening...
"There body language is there undoin'. Beneguld and Renegad our lying..tryin' ta hide sumthin'......"
Howlett stepped forward from the shadows....
"Right what is goin' on here Beneguld....I know ya hiding sumthin'...." he shot a quick glance at Renegad
"And times are more perilous than you know friend" as he stood beside Grundig
ooc: Thanks for picking up the thread all, it's really great so far! Too bad I wasn't here to fill in my part, sorry!

Rosie-Posie (the one who had found the note) stepped forward.
"I bet it's got something to do with the fire and this note!" exclaimed Rosie-Posie, "I bet they set this all up and..." but before Rosie-Posie could finish her sentence, Beneguld grabbed her and held his dagger to her throat.
"If any of you continue to investigate this, the hobbit-lass is gone" Beneguld threatened. With that he grabbed Griff the pony as he and Renegad took off into the darkness with Rosi-Posie.
anatea took out her bow and arrow and stretched her bow trying to penetrate the darkness with her eyes. Beneguld pushed her aside making her miss.
she stared into the eyes of Beneguld from the ground and standing she said. "what is it you hide from us who trusted you, and know you've risked the life of a hobbit, your life will be taken if she dies, by my sword if it may. Take us to her."
OOC: How can he take us to her if he has her at knife point and is running away from us?

IC: As Grundig helped the Sea-lass from the ground, where she had been knocked when the traitor ran by, he yelled, "And her threat goes doubly from me!" So Angry Smilie

"Let's after the Varlets!," he continued, "Howlett, would you like the lead? Dog Smilie Oops, I apologize, that pun wasn't intended; I mean with your special abilities, could you track them from the point?"
oops got kinda confused, I thought Renegad had taken Rosie Posie. (sorry!!!)
ooc: Renegad never stated his name, either. The only one who knows his name is Beneguld.

ic: Gotho stood silent . 'If you so much as let out a whisper of this, I won't hesitate to kill you' Beneguld's snarling voice still rang clear in his head. The threat of Beneguld (and his recent actions) did not make the hobbit eager to share information--he was still terrified of Beneguld's promise. But something else was bugging him. Why did his master's face look so familiar?
"No problem Anatea, chalk it up to the heat of the battle, the fog of war. You may follow me if you like lass, so long as you're not a berserker; never let a berserker get behind you if, you value your life and limbs," said the Grundig as trotted out of the clearing in the wake of Howlett.
ooc: do you all want to carry on the story with Renegad, Rosie and Beneguld?

ic: Gotho stood there, silently thinking. He could just go back to Bree. He'd lost his pony, he'd been threatened with death--that was quite enough of an adventure for any hobbit. But something in him wanted him to follow. He didn't have his pony Griff anymore, but he still had his legs, if he could keep up. Without ever really making up his mind he ran after the dwarf.
ooc: I'm game, don't know where its going but seeing as how you control the antagonists, you may as well GM and we can see where it takes us, unless someone else has a better idea. I'm new to this so all I can do is to follow on, waiting for a natural leader to appear in the group of investigators.

ic: Grundig hung back a little, not wanting to also lose Anatea and Gotho. Soon they caught up with him and he picked up the pace a little faster.

"Hope Dark is okay, we haven't seen him since the Ringwraiths. And I hope Howlett marks the path if Beneguld leaves it. You guys holding up alright?" he asked over his shoulder to those following him."
Howlett raced through the shadows....."There scent is'll be easy ta track the fools might as well have left a fire burning behind them. There scared I can smell it and when I get them they will know fear....." and as he ran he slashed down another tree.
"They should be able to follow me with no problems"
ooc:Allright, here goes!

ic: Beneguld didn't know where exactly they were headed, but Renegad seemed to know where he was going. "The pony won't hold us much longer!" Renegad shouted back. Beneguld held tighter to Rosie.

Renegad suddenly jumped off the pony. "Come on!" he shouted to Beneguld. Beneguld jumped off the pony, with Rosie in tow. After securely binding her arms, they were off again. After a few more minutes Beneguld asked where they were headed.

"As far as we can get from the camp. If they found it, it would all be over." Renegad suddenly laughed. "Where are those Ringwraithes when you need them?"
Their pace was slow, grundig leading followed by anatea and gotho. "yes grundig, this pace will be fine for tonight, we never know when we might need our strength."
looking down at the hobbit she could tell he was deep in thought, that worried him. "are you allright there my friend?" she asked him.

ooc. I'm not gonna be signing in for the next couple of weeks, I'm going on vacation!! to the beach, but please if somebody can "be" my character for the while I would appreciate it! feel free to add anything on my behalf
please and thankyou!!!
karla (anatea)
ooc: have fun on the beach, anatea!

ic: Gotho had been thinking as hard as his hobbit mind could think. Why did his master's face look so familiar? He didn't know why, but something in it reminded him of a story he heard as a lad.

Long ago, in Bree
there was a man, and he
had a band of men
that numbered ten.
Tall and strong was he
(the man who lived in Bree)
and started fights
on all the nights
From week to week and more.

The others of Bree
(it was easy to see)
didn't like these men
and again and again,
they kept them from ale
and bread, even stale
stuff that never saw light of day.

And so this man
with his scheming band
hied away from Bree
and none again did see
that tall, strong man
and his outlaw band
in the walls of the town of Bree.

The man swore to death
with every breathe
to wreak vengeance on the town.

Gotho was always brought back to that one rhyme. The story was probably untrue anyway. People liked making stories up like that. But Gotho couldn't be sure.

"I'm okay. That ringwraithe startled me, that's all."

ooc: Sorry the poem's not very good. I made it up on the spot.

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Howlett continued to stalk his prey......"They've slowed down the fools that will be there only mistakes " as he slowly edged his way forward he saw Rosie being tied up..."Hurting a defeneless girl there certainly big men aren't" and Howlett started to growl slowly....But then he heard there words....
"There workin' for the otherside the back stabbin' wee cretins....there goin' down"
Howlett went ta jump them when suddenly he was enveloped in some dark light....." a wizard always a da*n wizard"
ooc: I know I wrote a post here yesterday, must have hit the [Preview Post] button instead of the [Post Reply] and then moved on to another thread, Oh Well, maybe I can resurrect it.

ic: "Ah good, Howlett's been marking the trail for us," said Grundig as he trotted along. "Keep your eyes and ears peeled for anything out of the ordinary," he tossed back over his shoulder to his companions as they chased after Howlett and the abductors. He started to pick up the pace ...
"Da*n them wizards if i had my way There be nuthin' left of them but bones."
ooc: I wouldn't mind if someone started a new story, but until someone thinks of something, I'll keep on with this one. Wink Smilie

Rosie-Posie, although binded could still hear perfectly well. There was a slight rustle in the bushes behind her, and she half-turned to see what it was, expecting it to be another Ringwraith. But fortunately it was Howlett. Realizing they hadn't abandoned her and left her to die, she began to think of a way to distract her two captors.
So she screamed. Beneguld and Renegad both turned their attention towards Rosie-Posie. Now to frightened to do anything else, she continued to scream, hoping the others had something else better planned.
But Renegad had also heard Howlett and immediately set a spell upon him. Howlett, who now could not move, was brought forth from the bushes, bound and gagged.
Great, thought Rosie-Posie, Now I just got someone else in this mess with me, now they have two hostages!

[Editat el 4/8/2003 per Andrea]
Grundig hearing the screams ran forward into the clearing where the miscreants and their hostages were. Fiercely swinging his axe through figure-eights, he charged them.

Renegad swung the base of his staff and tripped up the Dwarf, who landed in a heap at Beneguld's feet. Beneguld placed his dagger tip at poor old Grundig's Adam's apple. The Dwarf immediately relaxed and gave his whole hearted attention the wielder of the blade.

Now any attempted rescue was left up to Anatea and Gotho, and the number of hostages had increased to three. This was more than the malefactors could easily control, they must either truss them on the back of pony like rugs, leave one or more of them bound and gagged by the wayside, or kill them outright. Which was it to be....
Dark walked out of the shadows. Renegad fell to the ground, as he had been pierced in the back by Darks sword.

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Howlett was trying to fight his way free of the binding spell..."If only I had a oak branch that would certainly help..."
Dark cut a limb off of an near oak tree. " is your stick".
"Thanks my friend"
Howlett held the stick and started to speak softly....
"By the light of the Vishanti undo this bindind spell"
and suddenly a purple light shone forth from Howlett and the binding spell was broken.
"Now who else wants some" as Howlett landed on the ground and unsheathed his weapons just in time as well cause a horde of orcs came burstin' through the treeline...."Now it gets interestin'"
Anatea taking advantage of the confusion, drew her seablue dagger and slipping behind each of the remaining hostages, freed them from their bindings.

With a Baruk Khaz’d! Khaz’d ai-m’nu! Grundig entered the fray; and this time when he swung "Slyce", it cleaved Orc-flesh like butter.
Rosie, frozen in fear looked around at the battle that was unfolding before her eyes. Anatea tossed her a short sword, "you might need this" and hurried back into battle.
Rosie looked around in the darkness to see Renegad being carted off on Griff the pony, Beneguld running along side.
Rosie looked around, spotted Gotho and yelled, "They're geting away, and they've got your pony Griff!"
"D*mn does anyone have arrows to shoot them? If not I can take avter them on foot".
Gotho yelled, 'No arrows! Don't shoot! Don't shoot arrows at them, you might hit Griff!'

Grundig replied, 'Then you better follow them Dark, we can handle these Orcs.' With that he removed the body from another Orc's head. 'Rosie, you and Gotho can follow after Dark and mark the path for us if you don't feel you can whack these Orks.' And another Orc bit the dust.

"Grundig watch yer back" roared Howlett has he grabbed a spear and fired it a Grundig....
Grundig turned round just as the spear shot passed him and went through a orcs head
Rosie, seeing the oppurtunity to get away from battle set off after Dark, Gotho right behind her.
They raced through the woods, the sounds of the battle growing fainter behind them.
I hope Dark knows what he's doing, 'cause I sure don't!
Dark, in his full wrath began to gain on the pony witch could not move at it's full speed because of the dence forest. "Stop if if you are not a coward. So that that I may smote you in combat"! Dark taunted.
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