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As I told my crew to pull the anchor up from upon the seabed, inside our secret cove, I told them,
" ar me hearties! Let us set sail towards the city on the edge of the ocean and kill the ppl who have captured my dear Jack Sparrow! NO QUARTER! (No mercy.)"

I prepared myself for the voyage and the unexpected battle me crew and I would be going into...

As the boat creeped round near the rocks, me crew went first down on their little boats and silently crept unto the shore, hiding their boats and ready to take some inocent lives. My mind was fed up of not hurting the ppl who kept my dear Jack prisoner, I was ready to kill and ready to claim back wot was once mine.

My crew raided the city in search for Jack.

I stayed on the Black Pearl helping shooting cannon balls fro 1 of 25 cannons. Even though we are good pirates, we do not let anyone who has taken a member of my family live! This is our evil side and we were ready to do wotever possible to take back wot was ours!

I couldn`t stand it, I made my way to my own boat and also crept up on shore with my sword ready, also my pistal that was hanging from my belt. My bandanna kept my hair from falling in my face, I was ready...

I made my way towards the great castle harbour in hope to get into the prison chambers...

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I saw a great boat, legendary, oh sorry, that`s my home. Wink Smilie

Anchored away from shore was a typical non-pirate boat, big and fancy! Oh and not to mention a dull flag! Big Smile Smilie

The castle gate was in my view, if I was caught all hope we have will be gone, while my crew was searching in the city, I thought to myself, they`ll only keep him in the prison chambers, AGAIN! Just like last time, he tries to get away and he`s so dopy he gets caught! Oh well, can`t help that can I, he`s a lovely charming man though, not to mention unfair... Cool Smilie

I needed a crew member to come with me, but that would only happen if I was to call out and I really neeeded to remain in secret. I hope some of the crew come this way, it`d have to be by chance...Hmm...I think I`m waffling, doh!

Rocks fell from the castle walls like a water fall, to my eyes, it was magic! What?!?!? I`m a pirate! Wot am I supposed to think? Wink Smilie Wink Smilie

I stayed out of the way of the alling rocks and crept round the side of the castle in search for a gate at the bottom of the castle wall,
" Gotta be `ere sumwere." I told myself, then I heard a familiar voice...
"Ok, look, last time this `appened ye ran off with the keys! This time, ya`ve got to give them to me! OK? Look, I`ve got a bone, we can exchange! Big Smile Smilie Bone fer the keys, yeah?" Jack was talking to a dog...again!

Ok, now all I had to do was listen to where Jack`s voice was coming from...

I followed his voice to a wall and found no entrance or the odd tradittional gate. Mad Smilie Ok, maybe wot happened last time could happen this time? I don`t know.

"oooh! Look! Just wot I needed!" I said outloud. I stood out of the way of the wall and a bomb landed right where the voice was coming from. YES!

I climbed through the wall to find it wasn`t Jack who was there...oops!

ok can't resist, I'm Elizabeth Swann-Turner , (turned pirate) and no, I am not a fangirl. I am a clean, rpg loving, lotr maniac. ok,
ic: Lizzie, (Elizabeth is too girly) climbled stealthily up the side of the castle walls. "Can't believe Jack got caught again!" She said to herself. She climbed through a window into a dark room. OW! She banged er head against something. "Curses you blasted table!" She said aloud. Only to find another crew member rubbing his head. "Jones! You stupid drunkard! If I have to slit your throat-" She said slapping him on the head. "Ow!" He said. "Oh, sorry Will." She said patting him on the head. "Right ho! Get a move on, got a cap'n to save!" She said crawling on.
Comador was standing in front of me! Why would he be in the prison chambers while we were invading?!?!?!?!

I tried to escape but I was easily out numbered and I desperately needed back up! Where`s that blasted crew when ye need them?!?!?!?!

I was taken into a room in the castle and tied up. I tried bribery, but you know wot they`re like!

"Look, I`ll clean ye`re underwear fer a month! That sounds good doesn`t it, yer undies can`t have seen a wash in about a year! Come on! Wot do ya say?"

Comador and his crew looked at me wierd, it made me feel uncomfortable, so I proposed another propersition, Now ye can tell I was getting desperate!
"I`ll marry ye and make ye queen o` this castle, ahem, king. But I warn yenow, that might be a bit o` trouble coz me bf wouldn`t be too happy... " and flashed him one o` me best smiles, trying to hide me gold teeth. Big Smile Smilie

(If I ever said, I don`t need no help from anyone, never, well I take it back and I ask fer help now!) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lizzie crawled around the corner with her knife in hand. "An' a bottle of rum!" she heard a cry from the cells. "Well, now, cap'n," she began. He was sitting in the corner with another prisoner. "Lizzie!" He called in a drunken stupor. "Now be a darling and get me some, some,-" he studdered. "Rum!" called the other prisoner. "Yes now, thats it!" Jack said sitting on the ground. She got a bar and pryed open the dorr. "Sorry mate," she said to the other prisoner, shutting the door. "Can't take ya along. Goodbye!" She said hurrying around the corner.
She opened a door only to find Shazz captured by the comodor. "Norrington!" She said walking over to him. The gaurds pointed thier guns towards her. "Ay! I am an old friend!" She said. With a puppy face she smiled at Norrington. "Thank you!" She said. "Now, I believe that you have something that is a trifle valuble to me!" She said nodding at Shazz. "Can we make a little bargain?" She asked him. She pulled him aside. "Now, Norrington, darling, dear, hope you don't hold a wee grudge on me, ay?" She said flashing him a smile. "If you give me the little useles pirate back, I'll give you your boat back!" She said pointing out the window to the royal navy boat sailing away from shore. "Be a dear," she said sarcasticly unbinding Shazz's hands. She walked out of the door, giving him a last wink before she left.
"LITTLE?!?!?! USELESSS?!?!?!?!"I screamed at her.

"Well, it was that or not save ye at all!" Lizzy exclamed.

"I`ll let ye know I am...(just realising) following in Jack`s footsteps! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to be such a good pirate, a worthy pirate, a strong pirate, a skilled pirate, well I still am, but I`ve never been captured b4 and that means that I`m following in me bro`s footsteps! Where is that blasted brova of mine?"

I looked over my shoulder and there he was, as drunk as ye could get!

"`right darling?" Jack said and breathed over me face...By the smell of it, he`d had alot to drink!

"ye drunken landlubber! And ye call yerself a pirate?!?!?!?!?! Well I got some news fer ye! If ye carry on like this, ye`re not gonna be cap`n fer much longer, I`ve been cap`n fer a while and realised how much responsabilty it is and I don`t think ye should be cap`n if ye`re gonna be drunk all the time, but then again, oh! Who am I kiddin? Where next cap`n?"

"To the pub!"

We all laughed and made our way to a boat that would escort us to the Black Pearl. Will took Jack back, me and Lizzy had the proud job o` getting all the crew back on the ship, now this is the part where I like to make that funny face where it`s like saying, do we have to? :/

The joys of bein a pirate ay?

"Come on Lizzy, we better round `em up, this time I won`t get caught! Smile SmilieI hope"

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"alright, get yer bloody guts on the ship mates!" I called to the crew. "Burts, Karl, Jones," I mumbled counting the crew. "Where's Sammy?" That stupid drunkard probably drownded. I thought. "Cap'n Shazz, Sammy's gone again!" Ferget the sorry good fur nothin pirate scum. After Turner I hopped aboard, "All 'ands on deck!" I called. A few of the crew got a nip of whiskey from the Commodor's pantry, and we're much help. I climbed next to Shazz, ah yes, a pirates life for me.
when every1 was as drunk as they could get, they all sang: Apirate`s life fer me.

when we woke up, we had done that we found that we had ended up in Spain coz of the wonkey direction the ship was going in. Also, I had the worst hungover I had had in 16 years! Big Smile Smilie In other words, I haven`t had a hangover in my whole life! Which is unusual...

"Get up u great lazy landlubbers! We have a country and cove to get back to, pick yer lazy backsides up and get back to work!" I shouted.

I went into my cabin and looked on the map at where now we would go to find our next treasure chest...

"Back to the cove and deposit our captured treasure and then off to Burmuda! Some island that has loads of rum on it! Cool Smilie AND GROG!"

The crew burst out in roars of cheers...

Our next mission, get drunk and find more treasure in Burmuda...Sounded promising! Big Smile Smilie

ah, yes, rum. what am I saying? Oh, spain would be lovely, but Burmuda with rum sounds better. growing up in a mansion, I harly ever had a drink, so this was a suprise! sat in my cabin all day. Will came in to wake me up, I would have thrown a bottle at his head, but he dodged, no one came into my room the rest of the day. I can't believe just a year ago I burnt a whole island of rum! wait, now I remember why I hate rum! I jumed out of my bed and ran out to deck. 'Rum makes a fool out of the most polite gentlemen' I heard mself saying. I will not turn into a drunk worthless pirate! I repeated to myself. ah, yes a pirates life fer me.
u silly lass!

Rum is the best drink ever! Well, grog is! But there ye go!

I made my way to my cabin...I was too drunk to stay awake, I`d only end up in the cabin as some of my crew, well they`re mostly all boys... Very Sad Smilie

Lizzy and me have to survive on our own I`m afraid!

A pirate`s life fer us!
ah, yes, but boys aren't completely bad, if they're not drunk all the time. Take my bf for example, good boy, not to mention an ok pirate. Gotta luv 'im. I sat on the deck most of the day. I was the only one who wasn't drunk. "yo, ho, yo, ho." hmmm. getting bored, where's Shazz when you need her? actually, she is drunk. so there i sit.
a pirates life for me
Alright me hearty? Wot`s wrong? I`ve been sleeping in a number of beds today, not all that comfortable really...

I`ve bought meself sum new clothes, I no longer have those blasted rags! I fancied a bit of a change, oh yeah and while I found my new clothes, I got a present fer everyone...

Fer Jack: a crate of Rum and a kiss on the cheek fer bein the greatest bro eva!
Fer Lizzy: sum pirate clothes and um perfume.
Fer Will: A kiss on the cheek fer bein hansome `n a new trinket that has not got a curse laid upon it.
Fer the rest of me crew: grog!

Big Smile Smilie


We pulled in at the cove `n placed our new treasures among the pile of gold n silver that had already been claimed. We boarded our ship once again n made fer bermuda. The sea was rough but we cut our way through it like a knife cuts through butter. Smile Smilie

We could c the small island laying on the horizon, not too long to go now.

As every1 gazed our ship was suddenly knocked into sumthin! Sumthin was bashing our ship!

"NO QUARTER! Find out wot it is and kill it!" I shouted at my crew. I ran into my cabin and tried to find sum more bullets fer me pistol. I rumaged through my drawers and finally found a dozen bullets.

I made my way onto the deck, the monster was in my site. It was a giant squid! Not as bad as b4 though...I shot three times at it`s head and all the bullets bounced off! I tried to get a better angle, I shot it in it`s mouth as it bashed against the ship fer the 7th time. The shot scared the giant sea squid off but there was a hole inside our ship!

me Lizzy and the crew ran down to the bottom of the ship to have a look at wot damage had been done.

To our suprise, there was a pinhole. Just a pinhole, but it was letting water in, but then I had an idea, I took out one of my studs and stuck it in the hole. the water stopped coming in, my plan had worked! Ah! The benifits of watching The Simpsons. Big Smile Smilie
loverly clothes, Shazz, thankee. Purfume's sweet too. We look all spiffy now, don't we? Ah, yes. pirates life for me, a rich pirates life at that!
ye welcome!

Wot was wrong? U said, "Where`s Shazz when u need her?"

I`m here! Big Smile Smilie
Hey me landlubber! Big Smile Smilie

ok, so where r we now? I`m too drunk, I can`t c!
Halo Black, Terror of the English Main (the Spanish Main was already taken) steps out from behind the rigging.
"Arrr laddie! Have ye seen me parrot?!" she looks around the deck, failing to notice the rather manic looking Kea sitting on top of her hat "'cause I can't find the blasted anywhere!"
The Kea makes a high pitched giggleing noise, like that of a young child laughing. Halo jumps at the sound.
"There it is! Can you hear it? Better yet, can you see it? Cause I can't! Arrrr!"
Halo wanders off, Kea still attached to her hat and giggleing, manicly.

OOC: I think someones been giving my Kea rum...and if you don't know what a Kea is, then sh. They're the spiffyest parrots ever!
"Ship ahoy Captain!!!!!" roared a blind eye scruff of a man.
"Aye I see it laddie and it's hold looks like its fit to busrt with all maners of gold. Set a course and ready the cannons we be gettin' gold this day Hahahahahaa"
And so the sleek yellow ship set a course for the vessel and all manner of nasty things were sure to follow.
"Captain! Captain!" Halo runs up on deck "Captain, the canons'll be no good! All the canon balls are gone, we're out of ammo!" Sad Smilie
"Arrrr blast ye to Davey Jones locker. If no ammo there be then bring me the midgets Arrrrr"
Halo panics "But Captain! Don't you remember? THE MIDGETS ARE ON STRIKE! All we have is this hobbit!" Halo drags Frodo across the deck and shoves him head first into the canon. From inside the canon comes a muffled voice yelling "Nooooo! Gandalf! Aragorn! Save meeee! Sam! Heeeelp!"
Halo pulls a lighter from her pocket and the Kia giggles like a loon. "Captain, Mr Fluffy the Kia wants to light the fuse. May he do the honors?"
Halo pauses for a moment, then adds a particulary piratey !Arrrr" as an afterthought.
Before the helpless hobbit is fired by the mersiless captain Fluffy, The giant squid from before opens its gargantuin maw, and lets out an elegent looking sort of man with a captains garb on. Jack cries out in suprize "If it isn't Captain Nemo!"
Nemo climbs up on deck and slaps Jack. Jack looks at Will who was standing behind him and says"Not sure if I deserved that."
"I be very confused here" grrs the Captain
"Men we have troulbe on the deck get yer scrawny legs in gear and send them all to Neptune 'emselves and bring me a wench and get this squid outta here ...and get me that gold.
Nemo flips out when he hears what the captain says. "that be no squid, man! That be me ship! Sides, after my last encounter with Jack sparow, we on the Notilous3 deal not with gold, but with rum and grog, want a pint?"
Suddenly, Allen Quartermain emerges from inside Nemo's ship.
"Good God Nemo! You appear to have a rabid badger stuck to you face! Hold very still, Matilda and I shall save you!" crys the heroic old gent. Quartermain pulls out Matilda the rifle and starts to take potshots and Nemo and his beard. Nemo squeels like a girl and runs away, leaving Halo and the rest of the crew standing around looking kinda stunned.
"That is what happens when you have a beard that resembles a badger and let a man who names his guns on bored yer ship!" says Halo, wisely.
I take it nobody wants that grog?
"Help yourself matey." says Halo, attempting to drown Frodo in a nearby barrel of Rum.
*glub glub* "Sam! Help me! *gargle* somebo..." *glub glub gurgle!*
Very Big Grin Smilie
"Grrr this better not be a LXEG film reunion cause the film be cr*p and I'll lynch ye all if it is. Now I must find a wench so away i go."
And the captain leaps into the air unsheathing his mighty sword and kickin ass all the way to the dodgey Sean connery double...."grr stay ta doing Highlander fool"
I liked Highlander. Although Sean Conrey was a damned Spanish peackock, he wasn't bad. I liked watching his head go flying!
"Arrrgghh! What is goin' on 'ere?" demanded a rough voice. It was none other than....ummm....CC!! I need a name!!! Anyway, the nameles-captain-for-now-until-CC-thinks-up-a-good-name was tottering around on deck, full of the good rum found on the Nautilus3. She was a pitiful captain they had picked up somewhere along the line and was great in a long as she didn't find the rum lying around.
The nameless-drunk-captain-who-shall-soon-be-named-by-the-infamous-CC will hence forth be known as Big-Fat-Bug-Faced-Baby-Eating-O'brian!
Hmm, okay, I'll take that. Obrian tottered to the side of the ship. "Whoa! Is that a hobbit?"
Yep, and he's now compleatly staggering drunk from almost being drowned in the baril of rum!
"you come on to the ceck of my ship fools.....then ye shall walk the plank or the catapult."
And so the captain brought forth bettys the massive on ship catapult and grabbed all the infidels and chucked em all out ta sea...."Enjoy the water me heartys and the fish as well."
We'll just rope a couple pf sea turtles using human hair after 3 days. It's about time I jet a haircut anyway. Or will Captain's O'brian. Nemo, or Fluffy take murcy on us?
And a dwarf stumbled out the same barrel the hobbit was nearly drowned in. Her name was Loni. SHe looked up at O'brian's face vacantly.
Hey! I'm not in the Kazzad Durmish inn!
"Neither am I!" Yelled the terrible, part time pirate known as Halo Black, scourg of Southend Peir. There was a small scuffle as she wreastled the hobbit to the ground, before throwing overboard. "Arrr ladies! I got his wallet. And his car keys too! Arrr!" after adding a few more "Arrrs" to make herself more piratey, Halo proseads to drink the barrel of rum.
And then passes black-out-drunk onto the deck!
While she's a snoozin a large seagul swoops down and carries her off, after mistaking her for a discarded ice-cream cone. Poetic justise or random insanity; you deside.
Suddenly, a ship is sited of the starboard bow. The captin fishes out a set of binoculars and, after squinting through them for a while, realises that the ship is, in fact, the dread ship Badger Lips! Oh, the horror, the drama!
Anything but Badger Lips! With the constant themesong from ringing loudly 'ere the sound of the ocean spray, they took us all aboard and the song continued until Big-fat-bug-faced-baby-eating-O'brian's head blew, and little pieces of her brain scattered across the deck!
You lot here a incresing scream coming from....above! A elf (by his clothes)mage crashes onto and through the ships deck. He clambers up and brushes his clothes a bit . "Im terribly sorry for all this mess. You see i come from a diffrent dimension which is very allike yours. ( its a AD&D campaign). I and my companions have a ship which is nearly identicall to this one . (this is really true cross my heart) Anyway i was doing a experiment and something went wrong,he catches a glimpse of a few very good loking girls,well a little bit wrong Elf Winking Smilie .Ill repay you for the damage iv done.
Ohh! Pleese stay! We need more good guys on board! All the reely good ones are either gay or taken.
Oh , well i might stay for a while Elf Winking Smilie .So...what are you guys up to? Where are we sailing?
AArrgghh!!! I would like you guys to reply your threads more often! Yoho ho and a bottle of rum...indead
Is anyone gona post here or what???
No, were all to buisy stairing. Smile Smilie There is a big black swirly colerfullish thing floating in the wata... Odd. Anyone for another round?
Aye! *raises glass*
All of the sudden, a salior from the B.L. leaps across the space between the two boats, landing neatly beside Etharion, bullets following her.

"Where's Jack? That slack-shored idiot still owes me my boat! Oh, btw, it might be a smart idea to move as it is quite hard to sail one's boat when there are holes in it. They usually have a tendency to sink."

(btw, in case u haven't figured out who I am, it's Ana Maria.)
It was maybe because of that great quantity of that odd brandy he had with the duke before no no. It was probably because of the darned sea sloshing around.... Nah. It was because he was startled by the flying Ana Maria lass, that he fell in that %&#($/# opening on the deck, and bumped his head on some barrel. His last words were " Oh blast!!!" before he went out cold for the rest of the day.

(edited by Vee - mwahahahaha!)
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