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it was because of these distractions that no one spotted Savannah Tom,who was actually born in West Georgiab. but he was givin this nickname because of him and two of his friends Bill Curtis and Jonah Mutton holding off a gang of stranded pirates whose ship was in impound armed each with a musket,Tom and Bill with bayonets, two pistols and Tom's distinctive basket hilt sword (sorry if Georgia hadnt been founded by James Oglethorpe yet but pirates of the carribean takes place in the late pirate era which i think was around the colony's founding)and had been given the ship as a gift for ridding the port of the pirates.drawing his sword in one hand and a pistol in his otherm, he jumped abord from his grappling hook and rope after climbing aboard from a rowboat.he fired his pistol in the air,and quickly placing it back in his belt drew the other and said"only one way out of the mess the lot of you are in and thats fight back with tact!"then noticing the ship's attackers breaking off with smoke rising from it corrected himself "well,ummmmmmmmm,where be jack?"
Halo, startled by the arival of about two people both yelling "Where be Jack!?" falls into the ships hold. Luckly her fall is broken by several barrels of marshmallows. Don't ask how they got there, okay? In the chaos above nobody notices her dissapearence until a rather drunk sounding voice floats up from the hold "Jack be on holiday! He said something about Disney Land!" A rather uncomfortable and embarising silence follows till Halo interupts it with a drunken "AAARRRRR LADIE!" and pelts those above her with marshmallows.
meanwhile Tom reenacts a scene form The Patriot (a very depressing scene)and puts a pistol to his head,cocks it,pulls the trigger,and falls dead off the ship.
After Tom died his completely identical brother Bob climbed onboard the ship and took over."Where be Jack?"he asked.
"Whoa, what the devil is goin' on here? I just saw ye plunge over the side with a bloody hole through your brains!!! Methinks this ship must be cursed again. Honestly, u'd think curses would start avoiding this ship already." As Ana Maria is saying this, she accidently trips and falls on top of Etharion, who immediately awakens from his unexpected "nap" due to the sudden appearance of extra weight slamming down onto his stomach.
Etharion made a big ououufff sound when Arwen fell on him. " What the..... Oh its you. What the devil are you doing on me?" he says.
"well, it's kind of a long story, which I will be able to conclude as soon as Mister Able-to-Reappear-Completely-Rehealed-After-Blowing-My-Own-Head-Off decides to let me in on his secret. But I'll tell you the first part while I'm waiting for his reply."
With that said, Arwen removes herself from Etharion's chest and plops down next to him. She recites a rather long and detailed version of what had just happened, then folds her arms and stares grumpily at the opening above her waiting for an answer.
"Come on. Get on my shoulders and climb up. Im sick of this hole. Then youll help me up." he said to Arwen.
"who will help me avenge my brother?"asks Bob,who is not quite right in the head and thinks the Captain of the French navy vessel Mon Amie killed his brother."that scurvy devil will pay dearly for this!"
"Aye, I'll help u. As soon as u decide to answer my questions!! I'm sooo confused at this whole blowing my head off and reappearing totally whole and well!"
Arwen gets so frustrated, she falls off Etharion's shoulder, knocking him down as well. They try again and this time succeed, thought not without a little bit of difficulty and an exchange of rather unmentionable words.
"Argghhh!!!! I finnaly got up here! Thanks Arwen." and then he pushed her down again, because he wasnt sure about her mental health Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "When you calm down im gonna let you out."
"Okay, Ethy, I'm breathing normally again and my face has returned to its normal color now can u pleeease get me out of here? I swear i've got my temper under control. get me out NOW!!! ok, so it was under control until some stupid pointy eared smart-mouth came along. but i swear it's under control again. Please can i get out now? *falls on knees, with best puppy-dog face on*
"Ah, how can i refuse that. he says and helps her up. Then he positiones himself in the middle of the ship where hes safe from being pushed around again.
much to everyones surprise Tom climbs back on board the ship with a small patch of hair on the side of his head about half an inch shorter than the rest.Bob is filled with joy and produces enough bottles of rum from his seacoat to drown a horse,for celebration,which the definetly not dead,only wet and frustrated,Tom accepts gleefully.apparently when he appeared to have shot himself it was because he had tripped on a bucket and when he tried to balance himself his gun went off.(sorry i said he was dead earlier,i intended to use Bob as my new character,but this way i get two,unless one dies,hint hint wink wink)
"Arghh!!" he said trying to get into the pirate spirit. "Ill try some of that stuff too!!!" he said coming closer to grab a bottle.
Without any warning, Arwen snags the bottle from Ethy in mid gulp. She smiles apologetically, then promptly swallows half the bottle then hands it back to a very-annoyed-looking-like-he-is-going-to-kill-her Ethy.

"Sorry 'bout that, mate! I figured that this way if anything else unusual happens, I can blame it on mirages from my drunkeness. Please don't push my anywhere this time, i'm sorry, I kinda acted on the spur of the moment." Very Sad Smilie
"Ah yes i see." he said smiling. " So this way you can blame nobody if something unusual starts happening, eh?" Very Evil Smilie
*Arwen begins backing slowly away, totally convinced that her mental health is definitely better than Ethy's.*
"Just kidding lass. Come ere!!!" he says slaping her back in a friendly way." Argghhh!!"
*Arwen cautiously makes her way back to Ethy's side and plops down.*

"Alright, but if you do decide to do anything, just remember that I warned u if anything happens to u before tomorrow is over."

With that said, Arwen slaps Ethy on the back.
"Arrgghh." he says a bit drunk now. Wizards dont take booze well. " I like a lass with some spirit" and he slaps her again....somewhere Alcoholic Smilie
Arwen, drunk as well, is too intoxicated to react violently anymore, and gives up trying to discipline Ethy with violence, and decides to try a new method.
And that is??

Well...thought Etharion," enough booze for me again. I think i wont be drinking for a couple hundred years again. I just cant hack it.". he threw the bottle behind him and hit someone-.
Which luckily for his health wasn't Arwen, who was going to try ignoring him instead of beating him to a bloody pulp, though if that doesn't work, who knows what she'll have to come up with.
Yeah right! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "What with the thoughtfull face lassy?" he asks Arwen.
"Oh, nothing. I was just deciding if all elves are like u, then I'm thankful I don't live there."
Looking at Ethy's face, Arwen laughed.
"Just kidding, I like u. You've got personality, unlike some others I know."
"Really? Jolly good then!! The same to you to!" he said.
Hey ethy, is it just me or does every1else appear to have deserted us? Oh, well, it's all good.

yawning, Arwen decides she should probably go to bed, before she got any more drunk, but can't get up, as her legs appear to not want to work.
Ah yes i see your point.

Etharion saw her trouble so he got up and said "Never fear! I will ecs..esotr...essoorc..Il carry you!" he said with a triumphant smile as he came up with the right words.So he picked her up and asked "Should i just drop you in the cargo bay again, or do you want a cabin?"
"I would prefer the cabin, if u would be so kind. Also, if thereis any small possibility of u dropping me, especially in the cargo bay, I would rather u set me down."
"Never fear. Ill take you to your cabin." A few moments later he is leaving her room after making sure shes tucked in. "Awww, isnt she cute. The little drunk." and he walks off chukling.
Before they even reach her room, Arwen is totally asleep. (Luckily for Ethy.) That night, she dreams of chickens flying into the sun, which magically turns into Tom Bob, and Ethy's faces.
National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Pary Smilie Sorry. Carry on.
Where'd every1 go?! Start posting again. it's kinda hard with just one or two people!
"Aye! I think dis sucks!!" says Etharion angrily pirate style.
"i am waiting...for someone to come..."

okay, does any1 have any ideas? cuz i'm all out.
I just wonder, if I could start taking part of this RPG too...?
(I'm German so please excuse me for my Grammatics...)
If yes, could anybody shortly tell me the history you wrote till now?
In fact, I haven't much experience with RPGs but I have taken part in three on different Gernman LotR-sites. ..

German eh? Well we are al on this pirate ship.Everebodys gone crazy, nearly nobody is left on board and there no sign of Jack! Me and Arwen were thinking of commandering the ship and going on a muffin rade in the coast cities.Care to join?
yeah, feel free to join Idril! we'd love to have u, seeing as every1 appears to have deserted Ehty and I. about the muffin trade Ethy...i say we go for rum muffins! oh, and no blueberry muffins, cuz those are revolting.
"Hmm.Ok, but i want soem crumpets too! I havent had them in alooong time!!"
"Yeah for crumpets! oh, we might need some more rum after our last splurge,we're kinda low."
Aye, I join...
For introducing, dear pirates, I'm that German girl with anaffection for Spanish cocktails that is currently planing her flight to New Zealand...
Take me on this ship and I'll... eeehh... well somehow I'll give you somsing back... something Ay meeend..
"Ah, i love a girl with a european accent! Theyr so fun to have around. SO when do we start the raid?? Comon!!!" ( im from Croatia)
"Let's start right now Ethy! Attack of the muffin pirates!" Arwen attempts to draw her sword but only succeeds in tripping herself and falling back into the blasted 'pit' again.(i'm from Park City, UT, USA)

"Ethy! I could use some help about now...and don't u dare say a blasted hangover."
Why don't we look for them in NZ? I love NZ...
Oh, Carribbean isnthat bad too. fine.
Oh lets sing some nice song for starting and so on you know...
Sometjing well eh hmmmmm....’’’hhh... Jingle Bells? No, not good, I think... o woman no cry? Nice, but I can't remember the text..
Crivens! Why not any starting song here arond! Merrily we roll along? no, too boring.
Oh, what about some french song, I think Jack likes the French... Petit Papa Noel, quand to descendras du ciel... *starts to shriek around terribly*

"Stop that sonic blasting!! Lets just sing "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" for now, ok?" and he started steering the ship southwards."On we go you brave....two girls.Hmm..that dosent sound very heroic."
Now, incredibly irritated, Arwen is still stuck in the stinkin' pit.

"ETHY!!! Get me out of here, before I hurt myself again!"

"Ah yes yes. Huunnggg!!" Etharion pulled her out AGAIN. "Now man those sails!Or woman them in your case..." he said thoughtfully.
"Thanx Ethy. Now if u would stop being a sextist creep, let's go!"
Continues shrieking...
"Petit Papa No’’’’’’’ll..."
"Common, hyolly good fellows, let's work! But fiiirssttt.. I'll phne my friend in Wellingto... when is our arrival time?""
Runs around the ship with a mobile in her hand, but slips on the wet planks, mobile lies broken on the bottom...
"Oh noooo, my precioussssss..."
Starts terribly weeping.
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