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Airen laughed.
"You'd 'ave to see the Cap'n fer that, missy," she said, taking on her true way of talking. "Yer bound ta find 'im round 'ere somewher..."
She smiled, looking to Luel.
Luel looked at the girl and laughed inwardly,this was truly odd,turning away she looked to her friend."Well I certianly didn't expect this."
"right." Jenny said, ignoring their chuckling, "then if you'd be so kind, take me to your cap'n. Or i'll just be off looking for him by me onesy."
Luel got up with out a word and made for the door,"lets hope he's in an even temper,I don't know him well at all so I'm not shure how he takes to stowaways".
Jenny followed Luel up the stairs. "i'm not worried about the cap'n, i'm friends with most of them anyway. not sure i be friends with this one tho. airen, be ye comin' too?"
Airen raised both brows, shaking her head.
"Nay, I ain't a'comin. Say, 'ow do ya know me name?"
She blinked a bit.
Jenny laughed. "Ye told me so yerself, right after you found me in that bloody apple barrel. Ye best be watchin' what ye say or ye'll be endin' up sayin' somethin' ya don't mean to."
Airen narrowed her eyes a bit, nose twitching.
"Eh, and ya betta learn ta watch yer mouth as well, 'fore I gotta beat it into ya."
Airen lept up the stairs past them, sprinting out onto the seck, just looking over the water.
Jenny didn't say anything, just smiled as she followed Luel up the stairs and towards the captians cabin. Most of her welcomes had been like this, someone telling her to watch her mouth, or not too be sassy. When they were out of range of Airens hearing, Jenny smirkingly asked Luel, "Is she always like that, or just in the mornings?"
"She's always like that and she's always right,you'de better watch your back from now on,I'm not so different myself".
"If ye be tryin' to scare me, it won't work. we be in the middle of the ocean, so's there is nowhere to go, and no one to run to, and i can fight jus' as well as anyone thankye. and here's be where the captian should be." jenny walked up and knocked on the cabin door.
Airen laughed, overhearing Jenny.
"Ever 'eard o' bein keel-'auled, young missy? Wut about bein thrown o'erboard?"
She snickered.
"I have no intention of the kind right now,But like you said,we're in the middle of the ocean and theres no where to go, no one would remember one crew mate that never reached land. Do not tempt me, you might not think of them now,but I give no empty threats". Luel forced a smile and walked back to her friend.

Eo,we're really good at this arguing thing.
Yea, it's kinda fun actually, I don't usually get to argue with ppl like this. btw, there is a captian right? or should i act for him?
Etharion plays our captian but hasn't been on I'm not really sure...
We will Captain ourselves! Man the torpedoes! Woo-hoo! Uhm, yeah...I nominate someone to be Captain?
Do one of you two want to be him? If not i could, but we probably should have just one person doing it, or else he might turn out to be really weird. btw, i've got to go for today.
*jumps up and raises hand* I'LL DO IT! i mean, uh, i'll do it if no one else wants to Wink Smilie so i will do it unless someone else wants to
Ya Adriea!!!
yay! we have a captian! no more aimless sailing! lol
Jenny scowled at the retreating figure. "Nor do i." She said under her breath. "Nor do i." She turned back to the cabin door and knock again.
Rue stopped,"No,yet your threats are timid",She smiled to herself, she liked the girl,rude, harsh,and extremly self confident,alot like herself, soon,the new arrival would realize it as well.
happy new year!!!!
Jenny decided that arguing with this girl was not a good idea before she met the captian, so after one last knock on the cabin door she stormed off toward the fo'c's'le deck and saw a couple of men standing there. "Do ye know where the cap'n might be?" "The cap'n?" Said the taller of the two men, "Aye, he be somewhere on this ship." The two men guffawed loudly. Jenny turned away geting more frustrated. "Be there anyone on this blasted ship who know's where i might find the cap'n?" She said loudly.
i just had a thought, are there no other ppl playing the other crew members? i'm going to change my last post if there is no one else.
Just Etharion,Arwen,Adriea,and myself
"Hey,Sassy! , Why don't you let him come when he's ready?,probably busy,so grab a wine and sit". Luel opened another bottle and let the cork fly.
"Do i look like a patient type of person to you?" Jenny huffed. Then she smiled, "I guess i'll have a go at that." She walked over and grabbed up a bottle and, uncorking it, sat down a short distance from Luel.
Airen raised a brow, glancing over her shoulder to Jenny.
"Anymore lip from ya an I'll 'ave ya workin on the worst place in the boat, eh?"
She sighed a bit, looking around quietly.
Luel laughed openly at her friends comment,she had different views of this new ship mate. She poured another drink and sat back, rooling her eyes she chuckled again.
"Aye, you can laugh now, but just wait, i'll be showing you what kind of person i am. Oh and by the way, don't be calling me sassy, for it's yourself that be that the sassy one."
Airen sighed openly, then walked over to Jenny, grabbing the collar of her shirt. She then lifted Jenny's face up close to hers.
"Let me be a'warnin ya missy. If ya lip off to me friend there, ya are a'gonna hafta face me an me orders, ya hear?"
She dropped Jenny, then returned to her previous spot.
Jenny narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists when Airen grabbed her up. She didn't really want to have to fight anyone, atleast not before she met the captian. She thought of keeping up the arguing, but thought better of it. She smiled. "Aye, i'll be listenin', long as u don't ask me ta do anythin' i don't be wantin' to."
Airen sighed, placing a hand up on the side of the boat.
"Yer sailin under me fer now missy, yer gonna hafta do as yer told."
Terribly sorry I haven't been posting, I'll read and catch up as soon as possible. I've been so caught up lately in ohter things, sorry guys.
Hey this looks like fun! I'd love to join, maby you all gould attack a ship or something, and I could be on it. Just an ideah though, any other ways I could join, just let me know!
Okay Arwen, and okay Zeph! The ship-raid sounds good, reeeally good...*smiles evilly* =)
"I'm sailing under ye? What makes ye say that? I didn't sign up on this here ship! I was put on it. All I did was get into an apple barrel, and the next thing I knew I was being rolled around on this blasted ship! 'Ow was I to know that I was gonna get put on a ship with a mindless crew? Ye act's like it's me fault." Jenny complained.
Airen turned and scowled at Jenny.
"Mindless?! Oh, ya got a baaad tongue there missy, we ain't the mindless 'uns. We don't stow away on ships where we dunno the crew! We don lip off to the Cap'n! Oi, missy, yer a'gonna get punished if ya don keep yer tongue!"
Ok then I"ll think up acharacter and post as soon as I can!
Name:Lady Jane Desjardins (French)
Eyes, and Hair: Brown
Clothing: Her gown was maid of the finest green silk, it was the greenest green there ever was - greener then a rare, and finely cut piece of Jade - a green so bright it lit up the room. The neck and sleeves were trimed with a frill of lace as white and as delicate as snowflakes.

Only two days ago The Lady Jane had said good by to her ant and uncle in Edinburg. She was now traveling home with her two Laidys Maids, Annabell, and Clarice. Although the captain had been kind and was allowing her to stay in his quarters, the trip was unbarable for Lady Jane! She was unacustomed to the crudness of sailers. The ship however wan impressive! I t was a Sloop-of-War 19 Ft. long two head sails, and 18 guns! Lady Jane had spent much of the jurney in the cabin due to the Maldimur (sea sickness). but was now becoming a bit ancy, and found herself topside. As she stared of into the endless sea she saw in the distence a ship, as it drew closer to her horor it bor the Jolly Roger (Pirate Flag)! The crew began to prepair for a battle. Lady Jane was stricken with fear, and had to be nearly draged into her room.
Airen lowered her spy-glass with a smirk, eyes on the distant ship. She shouted orders to the others.
"Luel, get to the wheel! Jenny, raise the main sail! We've got our bait!"
Airen also got involved in the work, eager to plunder a ship, for the first time, her as the head hauncho.
"Aye, aye!" Jenny shouted, eager to finally be able to do something she was comfortable with. "What be ye seeing?"
"The perfect ship, fer raidin' o' course."
Airen smirked, eyes lighted with mischief.
The crew of the Sloop-of-War was quickely positioning the guns, so that they would be ready when the time came. It was obviouse that they were no match for the quick Pirate ship, and would never outrun them. The captian ordered the men to arm themselves. Then every thing grew quiet on board that ship. They were as ready as they could be. Now they could only wait and pray!

Ok so I know that one of the rules of RPG is that you can't mess with other peoples characters, but I think that everyone gould slightly controle some of the crew on my ship. That way I am not in controle of all the decisions on board. But that's just my opinion. Smile Smilie
really? cool. bwahahahaha *evil laughing*. ok, sorry, i'll be nice. Angel Smilie
my eye lids feel heavy
Okay Zephrah, and Eo, you behave yourself! As for, get some sleep?

Airen whispered to the others, that sound just barely not carrying over the ocean with the silence.
"Stay as low as possible, make it seem like the ship's been abandoned. If we're lucky...which I'll 'ighly doubt, there won be any bloodshed."
Airen crouched down, calking her gun.
Jenny tied the mansail then couched down behind the mast at the order of Airen. "Luel" she whispered. "That don't look like it be a very hard ship to pillage. why be she doing it this way?"
"Because theres always a chance to be wrong,precautions must be taken if you are to remain on a free ship". Luel drew her sword,never having been comfertable with a gun,and moved up a bit.
Airen slowly went and lowered the anchor after tying Ehty's jacket to it to muffle the sound of it going in the water. She went back to her place, then suddenly stood, gun at the ready.
"Give up yer ship, mateys! Eighty o' us sleep in the 'ull, and we don want no blood spilt on our be'alf!"
She glanced to Jenny and Luel, motioning them up with a wink that said, 'Don't spill the suprise.' Then she looked back over.
"Who be in charge?"
"I am" came the voice of Captian Jacques Carter as he steped into view holding a pistol. "I have my guns aimed at you'r ship sir. You would be wise not to attack!" Capt. Jacquas knew his thet would not be taken seriousely.

Below deck Lady Jone was histericall! Her maids trying everything in there powes to calm her down, but it seemed hopless. "The captian knows what to do! We will be fine there is nothing to worry about!" Said Clarice. Annabell tried to be confident for Lady Jone's sake, but she to was verry scared!
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