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Daill’ whispered to the trees, and the boughs of the ancient towers creaked and groaned as they reached out for the Uruks. They grabbed the group of Uruks and tossed them hundreds of feet in the opposite direction of the group of Elves. If the Uruks survived the throws, they were heavily injured, not being able to chase the Elven companions. Of course this would not stop another group of Uruks from attacking.
Ter hung on tightly to the nearest tree branch, just as a precaution. IN one hand she still gripped her bow. Ter looked around to the others and shouted to them.
"Hang on just in case! We will be safe though, so there isn't much need to worry!"
She bit her lip softly, watching the actions of the trees.
Rumil killed another uruk who growled fiercely at him, firing a last arrow from his crossbow before dying. Rumil leapt out of the way to another tree, thanks to Daille, the trees were helping them. Firing another arrow, he wondered out loud how long before they could finally get away from them. More arrows pierced towards him, and he leapt out of the way again.
Ter kept as out of the way of the rain of arrows as she could, but still got stuck with a few. She was unphased. Ter kept an eye out for the others.
"The trees have got them, let us just go now and save ourselves."
With that said, she lept down out of the tree and hurried along.
"Alright everyone, listen to Ter, lets get out of here," Rumil loosed one last arrow before urging everyone to move away, "Alright everyone lets go."
Ter led them through thicker thickets than they had yet encountered. No one came out without scratches. She kept the lead.
"Alright you guys, we're doing great."
She tried her best to stay encouraging.
Rumil felt that there was no need to be cautious then for the first time in a long while. Strapping his bow to his back he moved alongside Ter. "So Ter, have you lived for a long time in the forest?" It was a quite stupid question to start a conversation but he asked it anyhow. Rumil had to controll him self from going red, after all it was embaressing for him, but he maintained a steady face.
Ter looked up at Rumil and smiled, seeing the "strain" in his eyes.
"Pretty long...been here all my life. And how long were, or are, you in Lorien?"
She tilted her head a bit, turning red some herself.
Rumil replied, still nervous and feeling stupid for the first question. "I am from Lorien, but ever since my bro-... well.... , I've just been travelling everywhere."
Ter tilted her head, raising a brow slightly.
"I have heard it's a wonderful place. Hopefully, I'll go there myself someday. That's be a sight to see."
She smiled reassuringly to Rumil, not needing to say the first question was just a question.
Rumil cleared his throat, "I have not been in Lorien for a long while, an unfortunate incident has kept me from returnning there." But on a better tone he added, "It was a glorious and wondrous place, when we made our stand against the Witch-king of Angmar, he could not break through."
Ter smield and nodded.
"Yes, I heard about that. That took more guts than strength, any who did that is to be congradulated."
"It did not take guts for most, we just hid in the trees shooting down at the enemy who tried to cut down the trees. So enough of me, what about you? Have you gone in any great battles before? Surely you have had some skirmish with the evil men from further east"
Ter tilted her head a bit, thinking.
"Just a couple of run-ins with some of the Haradrim, nothing much. They were quite easy to fend off."
She shrugged a bit.
"Not many take the path through this forest."
Ter smiled a bit more up to Rumil.
"If I may ask Rumil, why has your behaviour been so strange lately? I know mine has been as well, but, why?"
She tilted her head a bit, green eyes curious.
Rue had been wandering aimlessly after she left the others,but assuming Rumil had cooled down she started back,His anger towards her usually died after being left alone for a while.Fiddling with one of her daggers she walked to the spot they had been last.
Cal just stood silently, slightly off from the others, listening, but rather lost in thought as usual. She toyed almost nervously with the handle of her whip, not yet feeling secure enough to remove her hand from it.
"Acting strange? Oh....well....l I still think we're being followed, even with Rue's sudden apperance. Why are you acting strange then?" Rumil looked questioningly at Ter.
Ter raised both brows, quiet for a moment.
"Well...uh....same reasons as you are...I think..."
She shook her head a bit at herself once more, scolding herself in thoughts. Ter looked over at Cal for a moment.
"No need to be nervous. If we continue along the trail, we'll be out of the forest by nightfall, and we'll reach the Palasades. There, we will hold shelter and rest a bit before they catch up."
Rue emerged from the trees and stood waiting,perhaps Rumil was in a better temper,thanks to Ter.She looked around and watched the others as she took a knife out and began fiddling with it again.
"Palisides, do you think they are strong enough to hold out against those uruks? they're really tough." Rumil look around. He couldn't shrug off the feeling besides uruks, something else was following them.
Ter felt the same feeling Rumil did, but remained calm.
"I know the Palisades like the back of my hand. There are more nooks and crannies, caves, and breaks in those rocks than anyone would know about, especially the Uruks. Trust me."
"If you say so." Rumil looked around and listened. He heard uruks approaching once again. "We better get there soon."
Ter nodded, leaping down a steep path, then slips a bit, running immediately on landing. She motioned for the others to do the same, then she started running down the path quickly, feet silent.
Rumil followed Ter again pulling out his bow and arrow and keeping a notched arrow, whilst looking around in the forest to see for signs of any uruk scouts.
Noticing Rumil's obvious discomfort, Cal saw no reason to remove her hand from the whip's handle as she followed the others down the steep slope, running silently alongside.
Ter glanced quickly over her shoulder to the others.
"Don't worry, ladies and gents, we'll be fine! None know this route to the Palisades but me, I created this path. Long as you stick by me, we'll be fine."
She gave them a genuine smile, then focused once more on the path ahead of her.
"I don't like this, I still have that feeling that we're being followed by something other than uruks," Rumil kept a notched arrow, he maintained his cautiousness as he followed Ter.
Ter kept them running through the night, moving at a rather quick pace. She squinted some in the dark, not quite used to it.
"If we keep going, we'll reach the Palisades by morning. And we also are going to have to change our plan. Since the Palisades is right along a river, we'll take boats and paddle downriver. Two in a boat, don't worry about anything else."
"Right." Rumil heard the uruks footsteps get louder, "So, where r the boats?"
Ter motioned to a deer path swerving off the main trail.
"You two go. Cal, make sure to slap Rumil for me if he tries to follow me. And Rumil, do the same for Cal. I have business with my trespassers."
She winked and smiled to them, then disappeared before they could even say good-bye.
Opening her mouth to retort to Ter, then shutting it rather quickly after realising it was of no use, cal turned to Rumil.
"Well, you heard her. Off to the boats we go, seeing as it would be a total waste of effort to go after her, unless of course you have a better idea."
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Drizzt steps out of the shadows his long hair knoted and his eyes filled with an eiri light. his hand is on the hilt of his sword his sences tingling with trouble brewing nearby.
"We can't just let her get the uruks alone, we are not going to desert her are we, so heres my idea: lets go and fight with her, slap me if u want." Rumil turnned and ran to catch up with Ter.
Muttering, Cal took off after him, and when she caught up to him slapped him full-force across the face.
"Sorry about that, but I figured that I'd better at least obey one thing she told me."

With that said, she picked up her pace, and went ahead of him.
"The trees are whispering to me. They say beware, for those foul creatures for which you search are nearby," said Daille as he swung from a tree branch.
Ter slid off a branch to the ground, landing lightly on her feet besides the others.
"Yes, and those foul creatures are not the only ones angry at the moment. But never mind it, I told you to go!"
She turned and eyed Rumil, then stepped in front of him. She looked up at him.
"Why did you come back? I told you to go!"
"Sorry Ter, but when it comes to Uruk killing no person can stop me, especially uruks who captured me, and besides, you couldn't handle them yourself." Rumil smiled, "You can't stop me. And one more reason. I didn't get slapped for nothing."

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Ter couldn't help but smile. She looked up at Rumil with a grin, then just patted his arm.
"I'm glad you all came back. It is nice to have you here."
She turned to the path, hearing the Uruks coming closer. She ran a hand over the hilt of her sword, then sighed slightly.
"We had best prepare for battle."
The trees shook their leaves, and the fell creatures came through the twisted mazes among the trees, dodging the trees' boughs that swooped down in hopes to hit on the uruks. "Looks like they're outsmarting the trees. I never though that possible!" said Daille. "I've never needed asword, save I think now would be a good time!" He looked at his companions to see if any of them had an extra sword. He thought, even a single arrow would do, of course he really didn't know because he's never had to fight in "hand-to-hand" combat.
Ter looked to Daille and smiled slightly, tossing him a short sword in it's sheath.
"Yes, perhaps...." She could tell he never fought before. "Perhaps we will go down here, perhaps we will not. But whatever the outcome is, good luck to you all."
She braced herself for the fight about to begin..
Daille cut himself on the blade of the sword trying to catch it. "Ah!" he screamed. There was no blood, and he noticed he received strange looks because of that. "I don't have blood." He looked at the others and the way they held their swords and tried to copy, but he didn't look all that fantastic holding a sword.
"Sometimes I wish I had twin swords-easier to fight with, but I like this one anyhow." Rumil unsheathed his medium length elven blade, which was starting to glow blue. "Light as a feather," Rumil tossed the sword to his other hand, "well im ready."
Ter smiled at Rumil, poised for battle. She looked around a bit, hearing the Uruks drawing closer. They couldn't back out now!
Rumil managed a smile to Ter. His smile faded when he saw uruk crossbowmen. "This is not good." Rumil said, ducking as they started to fire at them.
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