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Daille screamed as he was hit in the arm by an arrow. He pulled it out and said, "That hurt!" as he looked at the arrow. Vines and bark grew over the wound. "Well, I think it's payback time." He jumped up into the trees and jumped from limb to limb with agility of squirrels. He came down upon the back of a uruk and took the sword given to him and swiped it across the uruk's neck. He jumped off the uruk's back as the uruk fell to the ground and blocked an enormous blade with his own. They were at a stand still until Daille kicked his leg and tripped the uruk. He ran back into the woods to surprise attack again. The uruks stood confused and aimed their crossbows where Daille disappeared and at each sound they heard. Paranoia struck them.
Ter sighed, bracing herself for the impact soon to come. She watched Rumil for a moment, then glanced back toward the orcs.
"Good luck to you."
She sighed lightly, watching sadly.
Rumil turnned to Ter and responded with the same words. Then without another word leapt alongside Daille and started fighting.
Daille jumped down out of the darkness of the trees, slashing his sword at a uruk. blood splattered on his body. Just as he killed the uruk, he was stabbed in the back by another uruk. He screamed in pain, but no blood came out, and the uruk was very confused. Daille stepped forward off the sword, moaning in pain. and he turned aroudn as barkish skin crawled back over the wound. He struck the uruk on the head with the sword and then againn at the neck, cutting its head off.
Hooded rider comes walking algong... then...FART!!!!
Hoody! Be serious!

Sorry Adriea,Haldir,Ulmo...'s fine Rue

Ter jumped lightly into the battle, glad to fight. She was doing fairly well herself, knocking down Uruks quickly. She glanced around warily, watching out for the others.
Daille turned around ready to strike at the next uruk, but it was Ter. He stopped his blade before it detached her head from her body. "That was close! I would not have had to worry if you were a tree! I could heal you easily!" He went back to striking uruks.
Cal had managed to get herself separated from the others in the midst of the fighting. So far she had only a couple of scratches and a deep one across her leg. The loss of blood hadn't started making her dizzy yet but she cautiously began to make her way towards where the others were, just in case.

it's soo good to be back. I've missed this site and everyone so much. *huggles everyone*
A figure aproached Calenia silently. HE was hooded and walked bent down, as if he wanted to avoid any unwanted looks.
"Psst! You there. I wont hurt you" he said, seeing her griping her weapon already. "What are you doing out here?"
c'n i join? Smoke Smilie
Sure! Just post a bio
name:Valin Talonarmor
race: dwarf
age: around 85
sex: male
items: axe named Durin's wrath and set of mithril armor
history: led expedition into moria left because of the balrog
residence: Lonely Mountain
skills: master craftsman and master fighter
appreance: brown beard and hair, mithril suit of armor, always carries his axe with him


name: Farusil Mithrandir
age: 3,000
sex: male
items: white blades of lothlorien and bow of galidiriel w/ ever-full quiver of light and mithril suit of armor
history: mighty elven ranger. has served galidiriel most of his life.
residence: lothlorien
skills: master ranger
appearance: blond hair, elvish cloak, white elvish mithril armor, blades by his sides bow and quiver on his back

take your pick
Doesn't really matter to me...take your pick, play who you're comfortable with
al right Farusil then
The uruks were becoming nervous, Rumil noted, as he slashed down another uruk. "Keep it up, drive them away!" Rumil continued to hack at the uruks, keeping an eye out on the others too.
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