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OK im new at this and im new at PT while im at it but illl try

Setting: IT is the fifth age. Many elves, in the thrid and fourth age have passed over to the sea to the undying lands, and now men are left in middle earth as the dominant. However, there are still elves in ME and they still continue on normally with life. Gondor is now the name given to all the lands of men, except Rohan, as overall. But as the Fifth age starts, trouble is brewing, and evil arises, under the leadership of Morgoth, whom everyone thought was dead long ago, but his spirit, in a weak state survived and bred new types of evil creatures, the Ruthgul, larger and stronger than Uruk-hai, full of hate malice and wrath, they set out to avenge their master of their defeat. Haldir, nephew of the Haldir who fought at helms deep, has been summoned to Minas Tirith to give counsil to the king, with him are the greatest warriors of the land.

rules: You can be either men, dwarf, elf, or hobbit, and there are no wizards or peopel like that. No magic or anything of the sort.

The night was cool and calm. The wind whistled thinly between the trees but otherwise, everything was motionless, save the fire crackling in a clearing. 4 tents were put in a square formation around it, with the horses tithered, who were quiet and still, but awake still. The sentry remained vigilant, a finger on a loaded bow string. A twig snapped, a horse snorted and moved, the sentry stiffened and turnned and then they were motionless when it saw who it was. Haldir stepped into the clearing carrying some wood under one arm. With his other arm, he patted one of the horses, nodded to the sentry and set the wood into the fire, seating himself comfortably near it. "Minas Tirith." he breathed the words out with a sigh. Minas Tirith, Tower of the setting sun, city of kings. That was his destination. Looking back to the tents, he checked that they were undisturbed. Then he turnned and gazed at the fire, thoughts echoeing in his mind, but mostly memories. Memories of the past, memories of his uncle, Haldir, who he had been named after. To him, his uncle was one of the greatest warriors of the elves, the one who defended Lorien and fought at the battle of Helms Deep. After surviving the battle, he crossed over to the undying lands.

Young Haldir glanced over to the sentry, who nodded to him and then continued to scan the landscape. Haldir looked again into the fire and thought of more memories. Everyone said he was a replica of his uncle except of his long hair was dark. He had the same stature, taller even, and with bright gold armour that he wore with a cape, with the arrows, quiver and bow that he had been given from his uncle, as well as the helmet and the elvish sword. He had never really fought, he lived through the 4th age in peace, advisers to the kings of Gondor, and guarded what was left of the elves of Lorien. The 5th age dawned as tension was brewing. Mordor was safely guarde by Gondor but evil was sensed. More men were sent in to investigate the suspicions. Orodruin burst into flame by unknown reasons but no other sign of enemies was seen. Osgiliath was rebuilt into a fortress, garrisoned with soldiers. Minas Tirith itself prepared for siege, the newly built Minas Estel in the middle of Mordor was strengthened. But still fear as never felt before for an Age began to creep into the hearts of men. that was why Haldir was summoned to the King of Gondor, with the greatest warriors from every race in his company.
Nice beginning Haldir, but is this a role playing game or the beginning of a story? If it is an RPG you should read the guidelines, *READ* Creating an RP thread

If it is a story then it belongs in the writers guild.

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im not sure where it should belong, but i think role-play would be better, because im only ok at beginning stuff, and continueing on with others, but not write a whole story.
Looking good, Haldir. Thumbs Up Smilie Will be looking forward to read what happens in here. Smile Smilie
Ok...i think ill join as Arthas here.....
Ethy, am I missing something or are you planning to play the same character over here? *calls for the CMs* Wink Smilie
Might be distant relative of some kind, since 'the Balrogs Horde' takes place right after Saurons fall and this is in the 5th age. Or maybe it doesn't matter at all. The Game Master (Haldir) decides. CMs can be asked for help if the GM needs it. Smile Smilie
ohh, I wanna join too, but I'll do another new character...will post later, cuz gotta come up w/ one first...
lol Arwy...o0o0 this sounds fun! i'd love to join!
Well, i never expected anyone to even look here! thanx for ur interest! by the way i hav already started it so feel free to continue
( Why does everyone have to write so good and make the Southern guy look bad?) Can I join?(I'll just write a few sentence anyway)

Tarrenlenalas, normally called Tarren, steers his horse toward the tents. The cold air of late fall causing his breath to rise in steam toward the sky, stretching black farther than any eye, save that of the Valar and most powerful of the Maiar, can see. His horse was very big, Tarren being descended from the Dunedain of the north, and the Ranger ( the remnant of Arnor bearing that title with almost foolish pride until the death of all memory of that tragic story) had steel-mail on wich did not shine. Even though the armor did not shine there was not the least sign of rust or tarnish, but in one spot where a sword had almost made the death of the brave man.
The life of Tarren son of Terandath, would make the soft hearted weep tears of pity if they heard the full tale. You could see every inch of the man's face etched in pain, sorrow, and anger. Once you met Tarren, you do not forget that face. he hailed the elf in a deep, raspy voice,
"Greetings friend, I too am travelling to Minas Tirith, would you like my company on the road or shall I leave you?"
Haldir turnned to face the Dunedain man. He could see in his eyes the woes of a tattered and sorrowfull life and knew who he was. Finally Haldir spoke. "You are most welcome to join our company. I am Haldir, son of Rumil, from the realm of Lorien. i know of you my friend, are you not Tarren son of Terandath? I have heard of you."
(This would be my first rp on a Message Board, but I'd like to give it a go. This is my d’nedain character, can I join?)

Gaeradir rode her horse along the path to minas Tirith catching the sight of a fire off to the side of the road a ways. Halting her Brown mare she looked off towards the encampment. The prospect of fire seemed to feed the want for company and conversation that was growing in her. Slowly she turned the horse along with her mind closer to the camp.
Coming this far from her home her legs felt like they deserved rest, though many might contest that she had not come far, being her first time alone from Dol Amroth everything seemed harder and longer. Gaeradir was proud to wear the insignia of her fore fathers, the ship and the silver swan, but already she began to reconsider her taking of the quest and the strength of her own heart.
As she rode a wind began to pick up, stirring her dark hair from her shoulders where it lade. Reaching the edge of the camp she dismounted and strode towards the light. She looked upon the men there, the light reflecting the silver of the swan on her sleeve and the grey in her eyes, she asked,
’May I sit by your fire? It is a cold time and I am in need of news from the outer world.’
um, those who already hav joined can stay as they r, but can anyone else joining plez be part of the company of the 'greatest warriors in ME', and not strangers wandering into the camp? thanx and those who already hav joined can stay as they r, and i don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything thanx! Smile Smilie
Haldir turnned in surprise at the voice. "well, i know that voice! Welcome my lady Gaeradir, and you may certainly sit by the fire. You have certainly have come a long way from Dol Amroth." At that he dropped his voice to lower his tone. "Dol Amroth, i hear is in peril? For from the news I hear from thte king, sightings of many ships have passed by there."
The sound of hooves crunching the mulch on the ground bounce off the chill night air as a white and tan brown stallion enters the clearing and pulls up near the other horses. Strangely enough the sentry hadn't noticed him till that moent - not a very good guard really. Mounted atop the unsaddled steed is a tall elven warrior, both legs straddled over the graceful curve of the horse's back. He seems to ride without a harness or girdle of any kind.

The tall elven man slides down from the stallion and lands lightly on the ground, barely making a sound. Steam rises from the horse's coat and nostrils as he snorts and grunts to the elven man. An elf of some stature, he appears almost regal in his posture and stance. As he removes the hood from his long silver-grey cloak, a thick mane of auburn hair cascades down over his shoulders, and a fringe falls just over his eyes, covering a circlet of polished silver.

He acknowledges the sentry peacefully and walks forward to stand beside the stallion's face. He seems to whisper something into the ear as it flickers this way and that. Moments later he nods silently, as though signalling something, and the horse turns abruptly and trots away from the clearing silently.

Wrapping his cloak about him firmly, he glances at the gathered folk in the clearing, searching out the one who had summoned him.

I think you can list me as well, gimme some time before I introduce my Rohirrim warlord Wink Smilie
A light sound of hooves on the ground can be heard from the distance. The drumming draws closer, until at long last a white mare comes into view, though not seen by many. A mist seems to linger about the mare, and a stranger is seen upon her back, clothed in white. The mare comes to a stop underneath a tree, and the rider lightly jumps down to the ground. The mare turns and wanders off, probably to graze somewhere, not having any tack on her.
The rider turns and looks to the direction of the sounds of voices, tilting her head some. She sits under the tree and watches the sky.

((Alrighty Rhaps! Lol, sounds funfun! Smoke Smilie ))
Gaeradir looks deep in to the face of Haldir. Her emotions tear at her. It is good to see a familiar and trust worthy face, but it hurts to be reminded of the troubles of Dol Amroth. She extends a hand to the elf.
"Indeed Haldir, it is good to see you. Yet you seem to get straight to the point. There are many new, strange ships passing close to our docks, yet never do they come to trade. The prince tells his people, only few of which can see the far out ships that they are lost travelers. " Gaeradir shook her head and continued, "There have been too many 'lost travelers' as of late, and we do not believe that Osse is in such a rage as to send more than 2 of these boats of their course every week. Lately my uncle has told me that he believes them to be from Far Harad."
Character info:
Name: Eothain of The Westfold
Race: Rohirrim
Homeland: Easfold, Rohan
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Physical Appearance: Tall and strong build, Eothain has piercing blue eyes and long blond hair.
Skills: A horseman pur sang, he rather sleeps on his horse then in a warm bed. Uncanny with sword, dangerous with the spear.
Background/History: Eothain hails from the line of Kings, but is not next in line. He likes his battles swift and short, some say too ruthless. Be aware of his temper, he sometimes acts to curtly. His man love him for his loyalty and a quirky sense of humor.
Other: His horse Swiftfoot is always nearby.

Where on earth in Middle Earth are you guys???
Name: Arthas
Race: human
Sex: male
Looks: strong, fair looking human with long pale blonde hair. Wearing heavy black armor and matching black cloack with silver skull embroidments.
Weapon: Frostmourne, a bastard sword with a shady past, it spreads coldness wherever it strikes.
Anyone wants to know how he looks exactly, PM me your e-mail and ill send you his pic.

Arthas is more of a good guy in this RPG.

Arthas came into camp silently. He left his mount outside by some trees. He came to the group that was already there, and quietly sat down. Only then did he speak "Greetings. I am Arthas. I maybe even know some of you, but to the rest, nice meeting you." He was still in his traveling equipment, but it looked clean enough, so he didnt worry with the cleaning yet.
Haldir shook his head in disbelief. Haradrim in its evil ways again. King Aragorn II from the third age had certainly made peace with the Harad but now the Haradrim were certainly stirring in thte east against the kingdom of Gondor. Haldir then turnned and watched as one by one more of the summonned men and elves gathered. He spots a rider not far off, but the rider rode a distance from the camp and sat under a tree. Man or elf, he could not tell, a tall elf had rode into the encampment. Turning back to Gaeradir, he finally spoke, "Gaeradir i am sorry about what has happenned. I am afraid that your uncle is right. They are from Harad. The King of Gondor has already seen sightings of a gathering near the sea of Nurnen. They can only be the Easterlings. That is why we have been sent to the king mainly." Haldir turns and looks to the south. Only a days ride from Henneth Annun.
For some of the characters you have not mentioned your names. PLEASE mention your names.
After Haldir spoke to Tarren he thanked the elf, dismounted is horse and fell asleep by the fire for several hours.
Standing on the outskirts of the encamped tents, Celebedhel takes a moment
to assess the other folk gathered in the clearing. He knew some of them
by face though not by name; people he had seen either on the road or in his
past but never got to know... that has always been Celebedhel's way.

The face of the one he had been searching for, however, had a name in his
memory. Haldir, son of Rumil, his name taken from one he had known for
an age - Haldir of Lorien. Celebedhel remembered this Haldir from when
he was naught but a child; and his Uncle Haldir, defender of Lorien, his
father had been a good friend and upon the face of his nephew was he
struck such that his passing into Valinor crept slowly back into Celebedhel's

Haldir was in conversation with a lady who's face seemed somehow familiar,
though a name did not come forth at that moment. Another in the clearing
was asleep, while another lady arrived on horseback a few moments after
himself, followed by a human who in their usual custom, called out some
meaningless greeting to the rest of the camp. Celebedhel didn't blink.

Feeling that it would be rude to interrupt young Haldir, he selected the
back of a robust pine trunk and leaned casually against it, wrapping the
front of his cloak together against the chill air. At his age, Celebedhel
was rarely rushed, and he knew all would be revealed in due course. So
putting a smooth pebble into his mouth, hehalf closed his eyes and lowered
his head slightly.

Character info:
Name: Celebedhel Wilwarin
Race: Vanyar
Homeland: Dwells in Lorien
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance:
Celebedhel is as tall as any elf, and only the past thousand years since
the passing of the last elves to the West has he trully begun to age. He
is taller than men, and most of his elven kindred. His limbs are long and
sinewy, full of hidden strength and prowess. His skin is the color of
the softest moonlight and his face is long with deep almond-shaped eyes
that gleam silvery green; his cheekbones are high and pronounced; his
ears pointed and flat against the side of his head. A prominent chin
gives him a regal like appearance, and his long auburn hair cascades
around his shoulders.

Skilled with Bow, Sword and Nature.

Celebedhel is one of the Light Elves, the Vanyar; most likely the last of
his kind in Middle Earth. He has lived since the First Age and is a descendant
of the House of Ingwe, High King of the Elves. He has seen much, and done
much, and his skills with a bow and sword are rumoured to be flawless.
His parents are not dead, but long since gone to Valinor where they dwell
in the foothills of Taniquetil. Not much of Celebedhel has been accounted
to history or lore, for the Vanyar were said to have journeyed to Valinor
long before the beginning of the First Age. But Celebedhel did not go
with his family, for he followed his brother who sought Elw’ Singollo.
Very little else is known, and of no consequence.

Sword - Helinyetill’, blade of fire. (Skills: Charge, Cleave)
Bow - The Storm Bow (Skills: Kickback, Multinock)
Leather Quiver - 100 metal tipped arrows

Silver-grey cloak of Hithlain (camouflage)
Green and brown leather boots
Grey tunic
Dark green under-shirt
Brown leggings
Leather belt with keyring and pouch
Canvas scout ruck (pack)

Maersen, tan brown stallion with white socked feet, a white
star on his forehead and a long silver-white mane and tail.
Gaeradir looked with Haldir to the south. ’If Harad is only part of our summons’ but that is for a later time. It is cold and late, I think I shall go sit nearer to the fire tonight. It is good to see you again Haldir.’ Taking the saddle bags off of her mare, Gaeradir set them close to the warmth. She leaned up against them and rested her eyes.
When Haldir saw that Gaeradir and Tarren had gone to rest. He turnned to the tall elf who now had dismounted and had gone to rest against a tree, he finally recognised the face. Celebedhel, an elf from the first age, friend of his uncle. He was one of the few people that Haldir respected, as he had befriended his uncle and his father. Seeing all had fallen asleep, he failed to notice the man sitting by the fire, he went back to sleep. More would come, was his last thoughts as he drifted into deep sleep.

The next morning, he awoke to find no one was awake, except the man whom he had failed to notice the night before, was once again sitting by the fire and the sentry. Feeling bad for him, he too sat by the fire, staring at the ashes. Feeling rude to ignore the man who sat by the now fireless fireplace, he turnned to him at last. An eerie feeling passed him when he saw his clothing, but he knew the man to be no foe. In fact he had met him years before, in the guarding of the building of Minas Estel. " I am sorry I did not notice you before. Greetings Arthas, i see you have recieved the summon. It has been too long my old friend, how is it with you?"
The night passed uneventfully, I slept little and kept my sense alert.
I knew a gathering of this kind would not have gone unnoticed, especially
with several of the warriors having travelled by road. I had thought it
unwise and used forgotten paths along the valleys of the Misty Mountains
to make my way here. I made eye contact with Haldir last night, his
shoulders seem heavy with burden, and his eyes are set deeper than I
remembered, other than that he looks very much the same as he did when
he was a boy. It was good to see him again, and despite my own better
judgement I allowed old feelings to make their way to the surface.

I had promised his father and uncle that I would keep watch on him, till
his task was done. I knew not what his task was, nor I imagine did they,
but in silence I had kept strong vigil over him. He had grown into a
strong, and skilled warrior, counted among the greatest of Gondor's
allies. The King had kept me up to date with letters throughout the
years, and I in turn had stocked him well with lembas and mushrooms that
I knew tickled his palate quite well.

*laughs to himself* Seems this morning will be quite chilly, the winter
is upon us early, and already there was snow in the eastern passes as
I came through. I remembered the name of the Lady during the night,
Gaeradir, we had met some time ago though only briefly, I doubt she
remembered me at all. Adreia arrived last night just after I did, I
think the shadows probably hid me from her immediate line of sight since
she didn't come over to greet me. I remember the first time we met at
the Silver Tavern all those years ago, she had put a smile on my face
even then, and I was pleased to see her among the group.

There were others who I did not recognize but would undoubtedly know
by name or reputation, but for now I will remain where I am. Perhaps
once Haldir has finished waking the others, I will make myself known.

Ok, now I know where you guys hang out

Eothain just finished saddling his horse when Hamra, one of his men, approached him.

"Sir, we have reports that a small band of elves have set up a camp site in Southern Rohan."

"Where exactly Hamra?"

"At the meanders of the Wetwang my lord, almost at the same place when the last Orc activity was reported."

"Fools of elves!" Eothain cursed. "Why have they not asked for permission to pass through Rohan? Now we have to make sure they remain unharmed. Like we have nothing else to do!"

Eothain was irritated. The past months more and more bands of Orcs had plundered the wealth of Rohan. As a decree from king Fastred II, none was allowed to pass through the lands without permission until the Rohirrim had gained full control again.

"Send word to our Liege Fastred, tell him I will see for myself what in Aule's name those elves are doing there. They are nearby and I will make sure they will remain unharmed." Eothain finished saddling his steed and mounted. "I am taking 5 members of my Eored, who wants to see some elves can follow me. My plan is to take them to Edoras so that they can answer to the King himself."

He glanced over his men and sighed. Why couldn't matters of state go normal for one time? He turned his horse to the south and five of his best men followed suit.

Be aware, before you move your camp, a Rohirrim warlord seeking for answers and 5 riders are coming your way!

Ar-edain37, don't worry on your writing, this is supposed to be fun remember?? Just keep it readable (as stated in the rpg guidelines) and I am ok with it Wink Smilie
Elraen arises and starts to walk quietly toward the camp. She hesitates for a moment, glancing to Celebedhel, not able to help thinking he's familiar. Elraen shrugs slightly to herself and contnues on, stopping at the edge of the camp. She silently sits down and watches the fire with one eye, the other on the Rohirrim troop (if they're in the camp yet, of course). She gives a small sigh and watches the others, but keeps thinking back to the other elf beside the pink tree.
((Well, I just realized I never posted a character description rofl Big Laugh Smilie Anywho, here it is))
Name: Elraen
Race: Elven
Homeland: Lorien
Gender: Female
Age: About 300 (yes! got it finally!)
Physical Appearence: Long light brown hair, emerald green eyes. A white dress with short sleeves, buttons up from the waist. Cloak of Lorien. Face has desirable high cheekbones, and is long, like any elf's. Has light, white shoes.
Skills: Honesty, intergity, loyalty, intelligent, can read and write well, has good sense of direction, optimistic, good at riding, good at archery
Special Items/Weapons: Has a longbow from Lorien w/ quiver, hithlain rope, a white mare
Backround/History: Grew up in Lorien, knows only that land. Shy because she's not familiar with anywhere but Lorien
Gaeradir woke slowly, wiping the sleep from her eyes. Stretching slightly, she stood and looked to where the warm fire once was. It was replaced by black ash. As she looked around she noticed that the camp was beginning to stir out of the sleep that was last night in to the morning of today. Gaeradir picks up her Saddle bag of dark and worn leather. Gaeradir walked towards where she left her horse the night before on the outskirts of the camp. Putting the saddle bag back on her horse, she rummaged through it finding some of the food she had packed for her journey.

Upon returning to where the fire was she sat down, crossing her legs and watched the camp while she ate.
Noticing Arthas continues to remain silent, Haldir then turns and notices that some of his company have woken up. Finally he stands up and starts towards the tall elf by the tree. His is at an angle and does not notice him. While he walks, he smiles. Celebedhel Wilwarin. Great friend and warrior, who often used to look after him when he was young while Rumil had gone on Lorien patrols with his uncles, Orophin and Haldir. His mother had to look after Orodruin's children who were much younger. He had trained under Celebedhel's guidance at times. Haldir's sharp senses picked up something. silently setting his bow and arrow, he changed direction moved silently towards the sounds of hoofbeats. Quickly pulling the string tight he almost let it loose when he saw the horsemen were from Rohan. They did not look happy. Leading them was a familiar face. "Eothain?" He was a good man, having helped oversee the construction of Minas Estel as well, and had been one of the summonned as well as an explanation to why the elves were in Rohan territory. Then it struck him. "Oh Valar, i sent the messanger to Snowbourn! Not Edoras! Why did i do that!" He would have to explain to Eothain everything. Motioning for the sentry to accompany him, he went forward to face the riders of Rohan.
Eothain raised his hand and the group halted. He did indeed recognise Haldir and a feeling of disappointment swept through him. Haldir should have known better. He glanced over the small encampment behind the Lorien elf and did not recognise any face amongst them or there might be friends around, but they were still asleep. Therefore he signalled his men to stay alert, just in case.

He waited patiently for the elf to explain him and why the small party dwelt in this unsafe part of Rohan...
Haldir moved toward the band of riders with the sentry. "Hail riders of Rohan. Greetings lord Eothain. I apologise for trespacing your territory in these troublesome times. I have accidently sent the messanger who would explain it all to the wrong place. forgive my mistake. We, elves of lorien and the Dunedain are summonned to the King of Gondor on urgent buisiness. THe messanger was to tell you, you are also required. For the foolish mistake of sending him to the wrong place and troubling you unnessecarly, i ask for your pardon." With that he knelt, along with the sentry.
Attention plez, i hav allowed two people to be Morgoth and the leader of the Harad. thats all.
Eothain raised his eyebrow in wonder. "That is so unlike you Haldir. An elf that sends a message into the wrong direction. So what news from the Gondorian King makes you hurry across the plains of Rohan? Is it that important that Rohan is forgotten in all of this? Or did your message state otherwise?"

Eothain nodded his head to his riders and all moved their horses into a tactical position surrounding the camp. None would be able to leave it in a hurry, unless it wanted a spear in his or her back. He was happy to see his men acting thusly. He stared at Haldir and spoke with authority: "It seems to me you have a lot of explaining to do. Care to do that to King Fastred?"

In Tolkien's world all the ages end with a big war or a change. What has ended the 4th age? The destruction of Rivendell by Orcs? Just an idea for the Game Master.
No bio - just an introduction.

Yet the lies that Melkor, the mighty and accursed, Morgoth Bauglir, the Power of Terror and of Hate, sowed in the hearts of Elves and Men are a seed that does not die and cannot be destroyed; and ever and anon it sprouts anew, and will bear dark fruit even unto the latest days.

from The Silmarillion

For ages past the spirit of Morgoth struggled to return from the Void but always he was beaten back. Yet within the confines of Middle-earth those parts of his spirit that had been torn from him and left to foul the earth gradually regained strength and slowly over time coalesced becoming strong enough to delve into that part of the world that is beyond the reach of Men and to nurture his anger and thirst for Vengance, seeking to free from the Void that part of his spirit which was the strongest so that one day he would rule Arda and all creatures would be subject to his will.

Beneath the land of Mordor, now guarded by Minas Estel, the gathering spirit seeped upwards from its dark hiding place into the land and rocks and once again sent forth fingers of fear and hate. Still weak, Morgoth the Vengeful, was unable to attack his enemies directly but his lies and malice worked their evil and there were many still willing to serve.

In the hidden depths of the earth his creatures multiplied and grew strong. Soon he would send them out to the realms of Men. But now he reached out his mind to his servant, Kel'Thuzad, leader of the Harad, who fell to his knees clutching hands to his heart as the Red-eyed Dragon tattoo burned....
Gaeradir still sat at her position near the old camp fire, yet with growing unease she had watched the Rohirrim made there way around the camp encircling it. She looking at those that surrounded the campfire she thought of how little she knew of them. Other than the little she knew of Haldir she was not sure if she knew anyone in the camp. Gaeradir rose and turned away from the campfire, despite the riders that still irked at her mind.
A slight image in the corner of her eye called her attention in another directing. Tall, regal looking elf with auburn hair stood leaning slightly against a tree. She barely caught sight of him; he blended in very well with his surroundings. His picture tugged at the back of her mind, a face like that would not be easily forgotten. Yet she could not call a name to the picture, nor could she say whether she had truly met him, or whether, she had seen him from a distance and wished to know him.
Hmmm, very interesting. But unfortunatley im a bit lost, because of the sheer volume of all that happened since i last posted. i didnt have much time to check in. Pleaseee?
Haldir then rose along with the sentry. His voice remained steadfast and calm. "I will send another messanger to King Fastred, he shall understand. He already knows of these important matters, was he not at a meeting with the king of Gondor only months earlier. What will you have do with us? capture us? there is no meaning in doing so, you have enough worries. Would i not come myself to explain to you first? I am in a rush, only i camped the night before to get some rest, and to await the summonned. I have already asked for pardon, and now i ask access through your lands as well, and also to ask you to fall in with our company."
Eothain sighed deeply. "Do you dare to question one of the Kings marshals? There has been no news of elven messengers, neither have our scouts reported one. We need to know who roams around these cursed lands these days where an orc raiding party has become more normal then our herds roaming freely. So aye, yes we still protect the innocent. A band of Orcs raided a village nearby a couple of days ago. We buried our own people Haldir so do not take the situation in our lands that lightly.

I see you do not believe me and that saddens me. Either your messenger has not kept up to his promise or he has fallen into the hands of the enemy. Who are you to question me and why don't you tell me that I should not imprison you and throw you in front of King's Fastred feet?" Eothain knew that he came across more infuriated then he intended, but he and Haldir did meet before and there has always been a good bond between them. But in these difficult times he could not risk the lives of people he called friends. He shifted in his saddle and lowered his spear. "You have trespassed these lands without the permission of King Fastred, therefore I place you under the arrest of Rohirrim law. As the law decreed one should answer to the King and the King only." Eothain leaned closely and said softly to Haldir; "Are you willing to take this gamble or are we really going to talk? We both know we cannot have you marked as an outlaw in Rohan. "
Haldir spoke clearly and jjust as strongly as before. "I have trespassed into the land of Rohan without permission, therefore, i will willingly allow myself to be arrested. However i ask you to let the others in the encampment go, for they believed me to have asked for permission." Then in a quieter tone he looked Eothain in the eye and said " Take me to your king, i will explain."
Haldir knew that there was something about the king that Eothain did not know. Something that Eothain expected the least about. Outside Haldir was serious but inside he smiled slightly.
In Haldirs mind raced the Battle of Minas Estel, the last battle of and ended the 4th Age which was when Minas Estel was halfway built, but then the remaining evil that Sauron and Saruman had mastered, gathered together attacked it. That day people of all races had come together to build the Tower of hope, Minas Estel, Among them, young prince Fastred of Rohan (remember the 5th Age has only recently begun AT THE MOMENT.). As the elves of Lorien and the remaining elves of Mirkwood fought, one of which was Haldir, he saw prince Fastred fall from his horse. An ogre towered above him with a huge sword ready to stab him. grabbing his bow, Haldir shot two arrows, one at its hand one at its heart. The one to its heeart missed but the one to its hand stung and pained the ogre long enough for Haldir to leap between the ogre and the fallen prince. Haldir then proceeded to fight the ogre, twice his size but slow and clumsy. The battle lasted for an hour before a second ogre appeared to help the first. Haldir siezed up the prince, and ran with all his might away from the ogres. he was almost killed when a sword slice from the first ogre narrowly missed his back. He managed to put the prince into safe care before he rejoined the battle.
He owes me his alliegance, Haldir thought silently.
I thought you said Eothain was there as well??? During that battle?

Eothain smiled and nodded slightly. He dismounted and grabbed Haldir at his sleeve. "Some matters are better discussed privately, mellon n’n." Eothain used the elven word on purpose and hoped Haldir would open up to him once they could talk privately. It was not the Haldir he used to know and fought side to side with at the battlegrounds of Minas Estel. Something was askew here and he wanted to know what was going on. How much could he tell Haldir about the current courtt problems and the latest mysterious events that had shrouded Orthanc in a deep myst? And even worse... what had left King Fastred in a strange state of mind.

Rohan was not the same proud and stable kingdom it once was, it needed every well armed and witty Rohirrim to keep it together.
A dark creature, its origins lost over years of breeding and twisting, slipped unoticed away from the camp keeping to shadows to avoid detection. "The Master will reward me handsomely for this information" it thought and within a short time it disappeared using hidden and secret ways known only to a few servants of evil.

(I still think this is more like a shared author story than an RPG but I like it!)
Arthas looked at the people arguing nearby. This Eothain and Haldir were still arguing over Rohan. He however was ready for a little rest so he started looking for a suitable place to sleep.
(I still think this is more like a shared author story than an RPG but I like it!)

I'm sorry, I will tone down my writing and switch back to my RPG style.
Gaeradir had taken her attention away from the auburn haired elf, but the thought of who he was still bit at her mind along with the encircling riders. She watched Haldir as he spoke with them. It seemed as through the captain of this band and Haldir were familiar, though in what manner was purely up to speculation. Walking Haldir and the captain went off to one side, away from the rest.
Unexpectedly, Gaeradir felt as though another thing nagging for attention at the back her mind had been released’ But what was it? She could not remember what so she let it go. There would be time to think on trivial things like that later. Now she concerned herself with what she was going to say and make known to the king when she finally arrived at Minas Tirith, that is, if the foresight of the king hadn't already shown it to him.
Rhapsody you were at the battle but you didn't see that particular scene in the battle.

Haldir told Eothain the whole story, why the king owed him alliegance. Eothain in return told him of the strange incidents of Rohan, and what he heard chilled him to the bone.
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