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Elraen glances over to Arthas, who seems to be watching Haldir and the Rohirrim warlord. She tilts her head a bit, not able to help but find him somewhat familiar. Elraen looks back to the fire, pulling back the hood of her cloak.
Turning her head Gaeradir looks towards the elf sitting with a cloak about covering her face and decides to introduce herself. ’My name is Gaeradir of Dol Amroth. May I ask, who you are?’
Upon awaking, those sitting nearby hear Tarren cursing himself for oversleeping, he quickly looks around to figure out if anything had happened that morning. Ignoring the unfamiliar faces around him, and cursing himself again for missing breakfast, he grabs some dried meat from a saddlebag and chews on that while he prepares his horse, Krinshad, for the day's ride. Quickly, the tall man mounts and trots around camp to find Haldir. After searching the camp for a few minutes , the Dunadain sees the Elf talking to Tarren's old friend Eothain.

Tarren quickly rides to the Elf and the Marshal of Rohan, "Hail Eothain, It has been long since we last spoke after the fight at Minas Estel. How Fair thee?"

Like many in the company, Tarren was known for fighting at the Battle of King's Tower as residents of the Chetwood call it. He was bringing a message to one of the builders and arrived during the heaviest fighting. Noticing a band of warg riders approaching from the North, he recognized Eothain as a captain on the field and called to him. Drawing a part of the Riders of Rohan that were present Eothain and Tarren led a successful charge on the Wargs and Orc riders.
This saved the entire company of Free Peoples of Middle-Earth from being caught in a pincer movement which would have killed them all. He left the next day before anyone but Eothain and a few soldiers of Rohan and Gondor could speak to him.
Arthas spoted Elraen watching him, so he looked back at her. He motioned to her to come over.
Elraen nodded once to Gaeradir.
"Name's Elraen madam. Pleasure to meet you. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
She got up and walked to Arthas.
"What is it you wish to speak of Sir?"
Watching the events unfold before me in the clearing was unsettling. I had become accustomed to walking silently and unnoticed among the mortals of Middle Earth, especially now that so few of my kind remained. Now it seemed I would be thrust back into the world despite my best efforts to live within, and yet outside of it. Haldir had been right about one thing in his summon, these were precarious times that needed bold measures.

As Haldir approached the men, I recognized the Marshal at the front of the riders. Ah yes, Eothain of the Westfold. I remembered seeing his father years ago breaking in a wild stallion, Eothain was not yet born of course, but I had been friends with his grandfather during the last war. One of the very few humans who I'd ever allowed a portion of my trust or friendship during my lifetime.

I gleaned much from the conversation between Haldir and Eothain, all the while keeping a very close eye on the rest of his company. I was sure they were of moral standing, but in my experience the men of Rohan were not known for their reason when it came to the defense of their homeland. Silently, I moved in the shifting shadows of the trees, climbing up the into the wide boughs of one that extended just above Eothin and Haldir. From there I could dispatch the Marshal more swiftly should he make the mistake of threatning physical harm upon Haldir.

There was clearly some bond between them, and it put me at ease somewhat despite my own natural mistrust of humans, and in particular the Rohirrim. The other warriors in the camp seemed to be standing around waiting for something to happen, perhaps they were more eager for a battle than I could actually see, but I doubted it would come to that anyway. I slid my blade back into its sheath and relaxed my muscles. Haldir was agreeing to accompany the riders back to Fastred under arrest. That simply would not do.

At that moment, I felt the nameless figure that had slipped into the underbrush overnight start
moving away, probably to report everything that it had seen and heard. "Damn it, I can not leave Haldir's side, but that thing will need to be stopped", I cursed with fustration and glanced at the others hoping that one of them had noticed it as well. Not a single one stirred. This was no mindless orc, the spy had been quite resourceful and stayed well hidden and downwind the entire night. I had briefly considered the intentions of the creature but I doubted it could serve up any real danger given our numbers, and the fact it was well within bow shot. Tthe shadows disguised it well enough to avoid being revealed by anything but its own stupidity, and it managed to avoid that entirely. It had not evaded me, however, and I watched it throughout the night. I had intended to
advise Haldir and perhaps send someone from the group to track it when it made a run for it.

Unfortunately these Rohirrim had lain waste to that plan.

Mmm, Gaeradir spotted me, clever girl.

I moved down the trunk of the tree I'd climbed and leaped down onto the ground beside Haldir, this situation needed a quick resolution and we could afford no delay. Several of the men's horses whinnied and took a step back of surprise, but a strong snort from behind in the clearing settled them down. "I must remember to thank Maersen with something sweet", I thought making a mental note.

"Siulad Eothain of Westfold", I said as my cloak settled about me. I nodded to Haldir silently, motioning him to stand fast for the moment. "I am Celebedhel." I stated this as a fact, rather than as an introduction, after all it was unlikely that Eothain knew of me at all, unless perhaps his father or grandfather had mentioned it, which again was just as unlikely. "I am ever gladdened to see the Riddermark still under such devotedf protection, Marshal.", I said smiling, bowing my head slightly so as not to lose eye contact with Eothain. "And a company of so many come to greet us and provide safe passage across Rohan? It was kind of King Fastred to send you here in such haste, but really, it was completely unneccessary."

I almost shouted it so that all his men could hear. Of course, I knew that wasn't the case. I had heard as much from Eothain already, but I thought I should give Eothain a chance to stand down honorably and not lose face in front of his men. I was resolved that we would not be delayed
and the spy was no doubt making pace, so we would need to make good time once we cleared up this mess. I do not feel like running all over Rohan chasing down a slippery agent of espionage. "Pray, how many of your men will be joining us? I know Haldir is anxious to get underway, and I'm sure a Marshal of the Riddermark would not sway or cause delay to those on the business of the King of Gondor."

I said this with no small measure of grit, for I intended that we would all leave together, and now. I placed a hand on the hilt of my sheath very casually, shifting the weight off my left foot. Beneath the swathe of silver-grey hithlain of my cloak, I tensed every muscle and nerve ready to react at the slightest raising of a spear. I stood stonefaced and unwavering, awaiting a response from Eothain.
Elraen glances over her shoulder some to Celebedhel. "Goodness,' she thinks. 'Why is he so familiar? Hm, I shan't mind it now.'
Turning to Arthas, she clears her throat and speaks up.
"The name is Elraen, if you wish to know."
It wasn't an orc.
There are worse things than orcs in Middle-Earth, take Gollum, the Balrog, or The Mouth of Sauron as an example. I want to point out that in The Hobbit Tolkien said in later days orcs became very clever with machines. We should try to use that when we come across orcs throughout the story. Nothing too complicated, just things like an armored box on wheels pulled by wargs on the inside, with holes to allow arrows, spears and the like to strike the orc's enemy. (sorry, I got a little carried away there)

Dinhuan, son of Dinhuanion came out of the woods carrying a killed deer on his shoulders, a quiver of arrows and a bow on his person. He called out to Haldir:
"Haldir, I'm back."
He slowed to a halt as he saw Haldir talking with the mounted Eothain. Putting the carcass down and placing the bow and quiver in their proper places, he tighted the strap of a large sheathed sword on his back. Dinhuan was a tall and broad shouldered young man, his hair dark and his grey eyes curious as he approached Haldir and Eothain.
"What's going on?"
It wasn't an ORC? Goodness - well okay you'll notice I've edited my post accordingly. I thought maybe that was just something you described that could be taken up by anyone. Sorry about that. Next time make it an orc ok! I love orc-hacking on a brisk sunny day on the Rohan Plains as much as the next elf.[/i}

Nodding to D’nhuan, Haldir stood back and admiringly watched as Celebedhel handled the situation. Then he realised why he was trying to resolve it. He had saw a creature slipping into the undergrowth, he had caught sight of it the night before, and Celebedhel was probrably trying to get it. Slipping away from the group, he ran and lept onto a tree, then leaping onto other ones to follow its trail. He spotted it trying to slither unseen, but elven eyes were sharp. Slowly, Haldir took out his bow and arrow, taking carefull aim. 'I cannot miss' he thought. Taking careful aim, he let the arrow fly towards the creatures back. However the creature moved quickly and changed paced so suddenly, that the arrow that would have struck its back, stuck into the ground into the ground. "Curses!" Haldir decided to battle it front on. Unsheathing the sword he had, he dropped to the ground and chased the twisted creature to do battle.
But the creatures slipped away through hidden paths and was gone taking who knows what information to his dark master.....

(oi! leave him alone - he's gone..... he was spying and only there to show you how Morgoth is getting information etc. )
"Oh VALAR!" Haldir ran back to where Celebedhel was conferancing with Eothain. The creature had escaped. Haldir drooped his shoulders resting his hands on his sword, evil creatures were everywhere these days. Haldir made his way towards the tall elf, to tell him the news.

V said leave it alone so lets forget the thing
A shout came from one of the watchkeepers. The twisted creature, before hurring off to its master, had delivered information to the nearest band of orcs. Soon 50 or so orcs would come crashing upon the encampment. Their leader, Klag, had ordered them to kill the Elven leader no matter what the cost to them and if possible the Rohirrim Lord. This was their intent.
Haldir shifted uncomfortably as Celebedhel tried to reason with Eothain. Something was wrong. Turning his eyes south, they widenned in horror. "ORCS!!" Haldir fitted an arrow to his ready bow. Keeping his eyes on one of the charging orcs, he centred the arrow expertly on it. Yells came from the men and elves and the piercing screams and warcries of the orcs filled the area. Haldir released the string. He watched the arrow and lowered the bow. An orc toppled over backwards with an arrow through its throat. Haldir gave a grim smile of satisfaction and unsheathed his sword. "Dartho! Tangado haid! Tangado a chadad! (Hold! Hold positions! Prepare to fire!)" he yelled as the ocs drew nearer.
Eothain shot a angry look to Celebedhel. "I have not been sent by King Fastred. None of us has been aware that you were trespassing the plains of Rohan. We found you by sheer luck. If it had been one of my patrols they would have been allowed to kill you on first sight if one of the Orc raiding parties had not their fun with you before. You would have been outnumbered, killed and forgotten about before you could have strung your bow or lifted your sword. Haldir knows this. How would you feel if I went around frolicking about in Lorien, chasing the beautiful elf maidens taking away their virtue without any permission of your border guards or the Lord himself? Maybe I should throw you into the very dungeons of Edoras since you would like to make a light situation about a very grave matter. Maybe Orthanc would be more suitable."

He cursed under his breath when Haldir spotted the Orcs. "I see that they have found us finally. So if you would not stick your nose in matters of state since we are still in Rohan and whatever the Kings business of Gondor is these days I do not care, neither do my men or the House of Kings. Oaths made by Eomer Eadig to King Elessar seem long forgotten, conveniently even since we have asked for their aid over and over again. None came now that Rohan is being plagued by the long forgotten evil. None I tell you! So if you really do not mind, I would care less whatever business the King of Gondor is dealing with these days." Eothain paused, fury raged inside him. Who was this elf that questioned his authority and knowledge about matters of Rohan. Haldir was his friend, but this elf he surely had not seen before. He nodded slightly to Tarren whom he indeed had not seen ages ago. He gestured two of his men to capture female elf and made sure that the other 3 made a formation protecting two of his friends, Tarren and Haldir. This was still his land and he would not be gainsaid or questioned by anyone.
Reasoning with this human was probably not the brightest idea I've had. I should have gone with my instincts and disabled his men first. These Rohirrim counted more on their number than their wrath, and it has always been held in elvish circles that their over-zealous defense of Rohan was both good and bad for Rohan. "Enough" I said coldly, "Your spit and fury is uselessly spent on me, human. Indeed you have accounted us as trespassers, though clearly our only fault is in not having given you announcement of our journey... but the time for talk is not now. These orcs are upon us and they will not wait for this arguement to come to a conclusion." I scoffed at the idea that a patrol of humans would have killed one of the last Vanyar.. I almost burst out into laughter. It only crossed my mind later that I was smiling rather obviously in the middle of being charged down by a band of rabid orcs while five Rohirrim dared to challenge a gathering of the strongest warriors in Middle Earth. I couldn't help but find it amusing.

Haldir's attempt to stop the fleeing spy was not successful, and I could sense the urgency of the situation. I wanted to pat him on the back and give him reassurance, but there was no time. As he dropped a couple of the charging orcs, I looked towards the oncoming squad and raised two fingers to my mouth, sending out a shrill but short whistle. Seconds later, Maersen came trotting into the clearing. I turned to Eothain as I mounted my stallion, "I do not wish to fight you, nor do I wish to see any of us fall today. Let us put aside this matter for now, or we shall see many more dead than these orcs." I did not intend this as a threat, but I had no time to explain that while a hoarde of orcs were bearing down on us all. Maersen raised on his rear legs and kicked the air wildly with his forelegs, calling out a whinny that seemed to echo outward across the rolling plains. I patted his neck and swept my cloak to one side.

I sensed something coming towards the Rohan riders in front of Haldir. Splitting the air, it was fast and powerful. Suddenly I knew. Spurring Maersen to Eothain's side, I drew Helinyetille from her sheath and she sung as the light flashes off her flawless steel. With movement faster than I would normally dare to display among mortals, I cleaved an iron-tipped spear in twain moments before it would have struck Eothain from behind. The shield slung on his back would have probably protected him, but a wounded Marshal would have been difficult to explain under the best of circumstances, let alone these. I said nothing of my actions, nor did I call warning to Eothain. Too often in my lifetime I had seen allies and friends fall from time wasted in talk. Maersen knew by instinct where I wanted him, and he spun around towards Haldir. "Haldir, I am at your command".

Haldir was issuing orders to the group to fall in and prepare to fire. Just then I saw some of Eothain's men circle towards Elraen. My face was stone, my will resolved, and I glanced back at Eothain only briefly before saying "None of my kin will fall today, and certainly not into capture by humans."... "Elraen" I yelled, "To me!". Spurring Maersen on I trotted around the tents as I flung down my cloeak and took my bow from it's place slung across my back.

Drawing three arrows taut against the force of the yew, I let one volley fly, then another and then another, dropping nine orcs as I came about to Elraen. I whispered to Maersen, paying no attention to the Eothain or his human soldiers attempting to enclose her. The arrogance of these men to think that I who had walked Middle Earth since before the House of Edain had been given breath or life would be so easily captured? Passionate though they may be, there is more chance of them seeing Alqualond’ than laying a single fingernail upon me or my kindred.

As two of his men drew closer, I sent three arrows in quick succession whistling past their heads, so close that their ears would have been grazed if I had wished it. "Stand down" I shouted to them as much as to Eothain. "The orcs will have you all if you do not put aside your pride and turn your attention to the true enemies of Rohan." I looked down to Elraen on the ground and lowered my arm, "My lady" I whispered with a brief nod of my head.
"Eothain calm yourself! Right now we must focus on the real enemies, discussions later!" Mustering up wall the elven warriors,Haldir found the orcs appproaching quite closely. Too close. " Hado i philliin ! Herio! (Hurl the Arrows! charge!)" Charging towards the orcs,he brought s sword down on the creature. The orc prepared to parry the blow, but he quickly changed the direction , sweeping it horizontally instead. "Oh no." Whirling and stabbing another orc, the growls of Warg riders became louder. "Riders of Rohan, there are Warg Riders! We need your cavalry support." Ducking under an orc sword sweep, he swept his sword in an upward slash. Quickly sheathing and drawing out his bow and arrow at lightning speed, having practised it many times, he drew back and centred on one of the Wargs. With grim determination, he let loose the arrow. The warg at the head toppled over head over heels three times before dropping to the ground. Thats one, Haldir grimly thought before sticking an arrow into the mouth of an orc, then quickly replacing his bow with a sword and stabbing its stomach.
Arthas nodded at Elraen. "I see. My name is Arthas. Its a pleasure to meet you. I spoted you there and i though that you look splendid indeed. Tell me, where are you from?" he said with a pleasant smile.
Elraen smiled and nodded to Arthas.
"I am sorry to leave, but I must be off."
She lightly leaped up behind Celebedhel and held onto him lightly.

Sitting upright on Maersen, I let Elraen take hold around my waist, inadvertantly pressing the slung bow across my back into my skin. I didn't give it a second thought and gave Maersen a subtle nudge with my knees as he anticipated my thoughts and darted towards Haldir's position at the north of the tents, at the same time evading the two Rohan riders. Dismounting I looked up to Elraen saying "Stay on him m'lady, he will not let harm come to you... will you old friend?" I whispered the last bit to Maersen and he nodded his head in affirmation, stomping the ground with one of his powerful forelegs. Then I took the bow from my back and threw it up to Elraen, pointing to the strap on Maersen's shoulders that held two full quivers on the either side of his back. "Leave some orcs for me!" I said to her, flashing a wink and a smile as I turned and ran for Haldir.

As I got to the first of the orcs, I felt the air parting behind me, "Tangado!" I shouted to Haldir letting him know I had arrived. I drew my blade, turned, and thrust it into the belly of the orc, giving it a strong drive upward into its chest cavity. My blade started vibrating slightly as I felt her power growing. She had long been with me, through wars and battles uncounted. It had been many years since I had cause to use my blade on an orc, and she was ever eager to taste the flesh of evil once again. As the orc started to slide from the blade I kicked it hard in the crotch and sent it flying into several of the oncoming hoard, spilling a half dozen of them sideways with the force of the impact. Using techniques taught to me long before the Age of Men, I dispatched another orc, and then three more, growing in my fury as they came upon the encampment in a wave. I swung my blade in an arc above my head and cleaved two more orcs in the neck, my sword more like an extension of my arm than a weapon. I thrust and parried their crude scimitars and sluggish blows easilly, they were faster than I remembered but no match for close quarter combat.

One of them came close to tearing at my tunic with a mace. I leaped off one foot evading his next swing and drove my blade downward into the gap underneath his helmet; as I came down, I pivoted and brought down two more of the foul creatures before the first orc had hit the ground.

Haldir was an expert archer, and his missed shot earlier had not been from a badly aimed arrow; rather it was the swift moving target that had evaded his shot, and only by a feather at that. Now he was in his full rhythm and his arrows flew out in a rain of death, bring down orc after orc. At first there had been 50, now less than half that number remained.

I turned and caught Haldir's eye, nodding with confidence. I had my back to him and his to mine, and as the orcs continued to fall to his arrows and my blade, I noticed another squad of orcs coming over the hills in the distance. By the rumble of the ground from their charge I would say there were at least another three score of them. I shouted to the other warriors and half heartedly to the humans, "To your feet and weapons, these orcs are not going to kill themselves!" What in the name of Ingwe were those Riders doing anyway? They were eager to stop a travelling group of elves and men to see the King of Gondor, but they would leave a host of Orcs to charge through their land unchallenged. I grunted with disdain at the entire situation and felled four more orc with one swipe of my blade.
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Dinhuan charged the orcs, bellowing a war cry. He drove his sword in a powerful thrust to a gap in one orc's armour. Blood fountained from the dying creature's mouth as it fell to the ground convulsing. Dinhuan parried an axe as it swung at his head. They traded a few blows before Dinhuan loped off the beast's head. He leapt off to the side as an orc attempted to cut him down the middle. Pain tore through Dinhuan as the blade cut into the flesh of his left arm, ripping through his leathers. Gritting his teeth in pain he struggled against the orc before, through luck, the orc tripped over the body of one of it's fellows and fell on the dead body's axe. Dinhuan retreated slightly, joining Haldir and Gaeradir.

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Wiping off some blood trickling down from her scalp, Gaeradir made her way toward Haldir, and the regal looking elf she had seen earlier. She had been caught off guard by the attack; letting her thoughts of what she would say at council fill her mind. The price of the mistake had been impressed.

She was closer now to the elves than she was before, slowly but surely she would make it closer to them and the Rohirrim. A warg rider swept in front of her, forcing her to loose her balance for a moment. She regained it and watched as the warg made it's way back to her, charging now. Positioning her self low and waiting for the attack, all of her elder brothers lectures on tactics came rushing back to her. They couldn't have come a moment sooner. The rider, swinging mace toward her chest, fell as she dodged his attack and countered with her own. Its arm split from its body, Gaeradir watched the wretched thing squirm before rushing to face the warg.

Turning, she saw the beast coming on to her all too quickly. She had no time to position, only to pray to Eru that she stroke would not falter. It closed in upon her and she rolled underneath the deplorable beast. As it passed over her she swept up her sword, cutting its stomach. She rolled back out, not missing one of the claws of the warg, ripping the back of her tunic and throwing a sharp sting across her senses. Finally making her way towards Haldir she continued to fight.

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Amderont Denosther rose from the shadows, the dark past that lay behind him was to be left behind and pushed away.

The sun shone brightly, edging away any thoughts of the past; all focus on the battle that lay ahead. Orcs were swarming the area and the camp needed protection,

Removing Galanwear from its long sheathed position, he accompanied Haldir and strode towards the battefront, fresh strength building inside as the sight of orc blood came about.
Celebedhel try not to make killing seem so easy, like shooting three arrows at the same time bringing down 9 orcs in a short period of time or slicing 4 orcs at the same time. Put more description into it. Good writing though keep it up and thanx!!
"Celebedhel! Wargs coming on the right! Riders of Rohan! Eothain take them to counter them!" Haldir sidestepped a charging orc then stabbed its bak. seeing Gaeradir approach he waved for her to go to Dinhuan, though he was sure his friend could protect her. kicking another orc bak, he saw the Warg riders coming closer. Spinning around he sliced an orcs head off then kicked the body into another incoming orc. He nodded to Celebedhel to change to bow and arrow. Quickly changing his sword for bow and arrow, he saw the warg riders were already nearing to Dinhuan. Drawing back on the bow, he centred the arrow on the closest warg. With an arrow in its chest in collapsed sideways onto the rider. Haldir then made his way towards Dinhuan and the others, who now were ingaging the Warg riders.
Dinhuan met a warg rider in a clash of steel. His slash unbalanced the rider from the warg and he fell to the ground. Dinhuan quickly killed the warg and turned to the rider who was getting up and picking up his sword. The rider hastily raised his sword as Dinhuan charged him .Dinhuan's blade ended up buried in the rider's chest. Pulling it free, he hastily parried a sword thrust as another warg rider tried remove his left arm. The bodies of orcs and wargs nearly tripping him, Dinhuan struggled to keep his balance as he engaged the warg rider who came back to charge him again. Dinhuan cut him him down with a wild swing. The blade almost slipped from his grip, his hand slick with blood and sweat.
Haldir saw that Dinhuan, Elraen, Gaeradir, Amderont Denosther, Tarren and Arthas were desperating trying to hold the line against the Wargs, oh no, he thought, i should not hav sent her there. Loading the bow with another arrow, he prepared to shoot another arrow whilst running. Celebadhel was in front of him, already firing arrows while running. A warg toppled, but Haldir's arrow missed. He decided to change arms. Only just in time. A Warg, unseen by him knocked him down, just as he pulled out his sword. He stabbed upward, it didn't let off the Warg snarled at him and prepared to rip his head off. Haldir with all his strength slashed at the neck. The warg fell sideways, his throat dripping blood, and Haldir scrambled upright and stabbed down before it got up.
The pain increased a little as Dinhuan gripped his sword in both hands and furiously engaged a lone orc in the pack of warg riders. It struggled to raise its defences as Dinhuan hacked at it, cutting at a multitude of exposed patches of skin. He loped off an arm and then beheaded it at the neck. Around Dinhuan Haldir, Arthas, Amderont and Tarren fought wargs and orcs alike. He cut a path to Haldir and Amderont, holding a line against the relentless flood of Orcs and wargs. He drove his sword into the back of an orc and joined them.
"We can't keep going on like this Haldir." Dinhuan said, his sword leaving a trail of black blood and rancid flesh. "They're going to overrun us at some point."
The night was starry. A soft sea-wind blowing from the east. Kel'Thuzad looked out towards the havens of Umbar. There were very few ships anchored at the port. Most of the ships had gone to raid the city of Dol Amroth... "Slaves, yes, we need more slaves. If the temple of the Dark Lord is to be completed soon... We need more slaves. And then, we need sacrifices. Human sacrifices. The Dark Lord Morgoth shall rise again....."

He turned his gaze towards the south. "There... in the desert of Harad......." - The temple of the Dark Lord, that would be complete soon. So magnificent it was, that it's peak could be seen from the city of Corsairs, just south-east of the havens at Umbar.

Suddenly he took to the floor, clutching his heart with both hands..... The red-eyed Dragon tattoo burned - The symbol of the oath his forefathers had taken to serve the Dark Lord. He could hear the Dark Lord's voice in his head......

"Mm.....m..mmmmm...... Yes..... yes My Lord. The ships shall be here tomorrow, with more slaves...... Yes, the last of the raids. We have enough slaves now My Lord."

"Yes, the Easterlings have been spoken with. They had taken refuge in the Forests of Harad - on the south-eastarn borders of my lands. Yes, My Lord. They want revenge over the men of Minas Estel for drawing them out of their Eastern lands during the great battle. My forces, combined with the Easterlings are heading towards Mordor as we speak. No. The crossroads are heavily guarded. We cannot take the path through Ithilien. We have found a way into Mordor through the southern ranges of Ephel Duath. Yes My Lord. If the messengers are reaching here on time, then our forces should be into Mordor in a fortnight...."

"The temple is nearly complete My Lord. You shall have your sacrifices soon... The slaves that have been captured from Dol Amroth. We have plenty My Lord. We await your rising to your full power..... But not for long......"

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"Dartho! Dartho! (Hold! Hold!)" Haldir had reached his other companions, instantly killing a warg with an arrow shot, that is not while running. Quickly changing again to sword, he slashed at an orc who jumped back snarling and then lept at him. Haldir sidestepped, stabbing downward. The orc flinched then was still. Turning Haldir heard Dunhuan yell something about being oveerrun. He was right. they had brought down half of the original 50 orcs but now more were appearring. Then a dreaded sight filled him with fear. A fully armed orc, sitting astride a monstrous, gigantic warg with armour appeared with more Warg rider and orcs. "Togo han dad!!! Celebedhel, Dago hon! Dago hon!!!! (Bring him down Celebedhel, Kill him !! Kill him!!!!)" Haldir franticully pointed at the orc commander, whom he guessed that was what the huge warg rider was. He didn't have time to draw his bow and arrow out. The extra orcs and Warg Riders pouring over the brow of the hlll reached them. Parrying a blow from a passing Warg rider, he stabbed an orc sneaking up on him. "Dago hon, Cerebedhel, Dago Hon!!" He fought his way towards Cerebedhel, to give him a chance to kill the Orc commander with his archery, and to protect him while he did it.
Dinhuan made slow but steady progress towards Haldir and Cerebedhel, Amderont behind him he hoped. Cerebedhel began loosing his arrows when Dinhuan arrived and was already causing destruction within the orc army.
"Can you get a clear shot?" he asked Cerebedhel as Dinhuan defended Cerebedhel from orc attempts to kill him.
Conovor please read the things more carefully, im making my way towards Cerebedhel, i do not hav enough rooom or time to loose any arrows, and even if the orc commander dies the rest will stay, the 50 orcs before were doing fine without a commander
sorry about that. i was basing my asumption on a previous LOTR role play. i'll edit that post. shall i replace your name with Cerebedhel's?
Unfortunately, we are surrounded by orcs and we don't have much space but don't write he was already loosing arrows. He started loosing arrows would be better, since u can help protect him from other orcs while he is doing it.
Elraen laughed some and got straight to work. As time wore on, she got more tired. The seemingly endless lines of Wargs and orcs kept pushing on. She stayed as steady on the horse's back as she could.
alright the rule is canceled, but i hope u wont go too far everyone to controll others.
That was a good rule Haldir...yup, I sure hope so too. that would be nice, less stress =)
Haldir was shouting over the clanging of steel and the grunts of orc. I swung around and saw the huge commander coming straight for us. Slashing my blade in quick succession through two orcs, I called to Elraen, "My Bow Elraen!". Maersen heard me and dashed forward. As they came toward me I jumped over the corpse of one of the wargs, somersaulting in the air and landing on my feet. I took a quick step sideways as one of the wargs darted by me, pushing my blade through its side calmly. I turned back briefly, that commander was rushing towards Haldir's position. "Dinhuan, hold them back!" I shouted.

Elraen threw my bow and one of my quivers. I turned and ran back to Haldir, the huge orc and warg were bearing down on us faster than I had anticipated. I drew back a single arrow and let it fly. It pierced his armour but did not slow it. I drew again and aimed for the Warg's head.. one two three, I let fly a volley which brought the beast down and flung the rider towards us. He rolled and stood up, roaring wich a ferocity that would have shaken the sturdiest of men.

I bent on one knee and sent one arrow after another into the dark suit of armour covering it's torso, but the damn thing just kept coming! "Haldir, blades!" I shouted as the warrior next to me managed to fend off several orcs from prying my head off my neck. We were being swarmed, and the line could not hold much longer. We needed to bring down the commander. "Haldir, the commander!" I shouted in our elven tongue. I selected 6 of the steel tipped arrows, as the iron-heads did not seem to go far enough through this commander's protective suit. I laid them on the ground in front of me and silenced my mind. I focused my eyes on the commander, blacking out the background and all other sounds. I searched him as he approached, there must be a weak point... AH! There it is!

I picked up the first arrow, drew back my bow as far as I could and loosed the white shaft straight towards the orcish commander's helmet. It deflected off his visor... Curse! I drew back again with another of my steel arrows and chose the dark slit where his eyes should be. Letting the arrow go it whistled through the air like a bolt of lightning and impacted straight into the commander's face, piercing the helmet. "Haldir!" I shouted, "The head, aim for the head!". I drew back again and shot another arrow through the now cracked visor, the commander stumbled backwards but did not falter for long. I took an arrow and then another, quickly sending them through his knee caps, causing the brutish orc to fall to his knees.

I noticed several of the wargs flanking us... "Haldir we need to move!" I shouted in elvish, loosing another volley of arrows into the orcs that were coming up behind Dinhuan. The commander then stood and screamed in a strange dark voice... something crawled down my back and caused me to shiver from the roots of my hair to my very bones. I was running out of arrows... I nocked back another and then another, speeding up each arrow as I fired them towards the commander. One after the other they sliced through his flesh, first his legs and then upwards across his torso. I drew and drew again, firing one after the other as fast as I could... I must have been doing so more quickly than I had thought for as I reached for another arrow, I found the quiver empty.

I looked at the Orc Commander. He lay on his back riddled with white shafts that were potruding out of his body. He was dead, but that did not seem to sway the rest of the attackers. These were no dumb ordinary orcs, not at all... in the old days you brought down a commander and the rest were fodder. Not this time..."HALDIR" I shouted, "We are being flanked... we have to move!"...
Haldir slashed at an incoming orc, who parried the blow and quickly countered with a slash to the waist. He had seen the orc commander go down, thanks to Celebedhel's archery, but then he called for us to move position. He was right. More orcs now came charging over the hill, and THREE orc commanders led them. "OH Valar! Withdraw to the trees!" I kicked back an orc into another as i rushed to the forest edge. Once up a tree, i noticed one of the orc commanders and several warg riders and wargs following me. Now i had to aim right. "Celebedhel! Eothain! Withdraw to the trees! Retreat!" Quickly notching one of the arrows i aimed at an orc attempting to climb the tree. A gurgle escaped his mouth as he fell from a low branch. More orcs scrambled up a tree. I quickly shot another, who fell shrieking to the ground. istabed an orc with an arrow, right in the neck, and pushed him into other orcs climbing the trees. I quickly jumped into another tree, hoping they would follow. This was very unusual. It was as if the orcs had come just for them. Blood drained from his face as he realised the truth. "We're being followed." He whispered.
Early on, Tarren had been knocked off his horse and been obliged to fight on foot. One large orc with a spear tried to thrust through his stomach. He brought his sword down on the spear, knocking the blow into the ground. He leaped forward, holding the spear down with his sword, and drawing a dagger he stabbed the filthy beast's throat. Out of nowhere, a riderless wargbarelled im, knocking the weapons form his hands, then bit him, Fortunately for Tarren, the warg only caught some of his mail in its teeth. As it dragged him, he battered the wolf's head with his fists. After much struggle, the tall warrior climbed onto the warg's back. He positioned his foot on the animal's neck, with his arms under its jaw, and pushing its neck in one direction and pulling it another, Tarren broke the warg's neck. Few among men have the strength or courage to kill a warg with no weapon. Tarren collapsed from exhaustion near the thicket's border. sorry about any mispellings, i tried to fix a mistake and then every time i typed something in front of it was deleted. that always happens.
Retreating towards the forest, Gaeradir fought with her short blades. For some time, she had been trying to keep up with the others, but she was not as strong in combat as the rest of the party. She saw a lone elf take down one of the commanders of the Orc band. Her uncle use to tell her stories, of one man taking down an Orc’s commander and the rest of the rabble floundering into defeat. It did not seem that these stories were true today. Celebedhel, she believed she heard him called that by Haldir, and Elraen seemed to be targeted by a large number of the Orcs that were heading toward the forest. She seemed to be caught up in a river of Orcs headed in this direction. Every where she turned another one was on her, making its way towards the same destination.

Fighting them was all she could do. So that was all she did do. Slowly she fought her way closer to the forest. Though this wasn’t the smartest tactic it was all she could think of doing. Nearing a tree she began climbing it. Suddenly she was pulled down; before she began climbing she had not seen an Orc near enough to reach her so quickly. Still holding one of her long knifes in her left hand, she let go of the tree and reached to slash for the beings throat. Turning she felt the bit of metal on the outside of her left thigh. Gaeradir bit down let out a short scream, as she took her short blade to her foe’s throat. She fell against the tree she intended to climb, with the dead slouched next to her. The Orc’s size would have hid her from those that would not look closely. Ripping a slice of cloth from the bottom of her cloak, she tied it tightly around her thigh. Sleep crept upon her, attempting to stay vigilant seemed impossible. Gaeradir decided that if some one was to notice her, she would appear dead. Slowing her breathing slightly (enough to be taken as none at a glance), she fell asleep.
Haldir spun around twirling his blade so it quickly fell an orc. Resting for a brief moment, he then continued his tree leaping, with some strangely agile orcs close behind. These were not the same orcs as he had met at the Battle of Minas Estel, these were wittier, quicker and stronger. Quickly surveying the situation while tree leaping, he saw the others were wavering. Overwhelming numbers had pushed everyone into the forest, which was a stupid move for the enemy to make, for it was in the forest an elf fought better. Tarren and Gaeradir were resting, completely exhausted from the fighting. Men were naturally more easy to tire but their strength and skill made up for that weakness. If u find the previous statement offending to u let me know and ill change it glancing behind him he saw one of the orcs had almost reached him. Quickly he leapt back into the previous tree, surprising the orc, and stabbed it. IT fell to the bottom of the forest with a thud. Turnning back to his route he stopped. Orcs were coming from both directions. Thinking of himself as insane, he leapt to the ground. He saw that Warg riders and the orc commanders had also surrounded him. However, the heavily dense forest made Charging impossible, and they made their way slowly towards him. Glancing into the trees, the orcs had not jumped down and followed, it was strange. "Celebedhel! Others of my company! Go to Gondor Yourselves! You shall see me no longer!" Drawing out his bow and arrow, notching one, he turnned to where there were the closest wargs were. Drawing back, he loosed the first shot, strangely then followed by more. The entire first line of wargs on both sides were felled. Looking harder into the trees, he looked closer. To his joy and relief, and puzzledment, there were the battalian of elves he had commanded in Lorien! Quickly climbing up a tree, he joinned them into driving back the ranks of the Wargs as they retreated back out into the open.
Exhausted from fighting for so long, Dinhuan grudgingly gave up inch after inch of ground when he heard Haldir ordering a retreat. Felling the orc he had engaged, he turned and ran as fast as he could towards the trees. Once within the forest's cool interior Dinhuan hid in a thicket. Breathing heavily, he took a look at his injured arm. The bleeding had stopped for the moment, but would require the services of a healer soon. Silently creeping further into the woods, Dinhuan made his way to where Tarren and Gaeradir were resting.
"We're going to need reinforcements soon or -" He was cut off when he heard Haldir's shout. He despaired, for he did not want to lose Haldir but was unable to do anything. Dinhuan crawled on his stomach and glanced at Haldir's dilemma. Then the first row of wargs fell, pierced with arrows of elf make. In the confusion Haldir escaped. Crawling back to Tarren and Gaeradir he said
"Haldir's safe and we've got some elves picking off the orcs in the forest."
Gaeradir stirs herself awake after hearing someone’s voice. Looking up she saw Dinhuan kneeling close by. Sitting up she winces as she felt her thigh throb, soon she would have to tend to that, but not now. Her memory was slightly fuzzy but she did recall Dinhuan saying that they were safe. That was a welcome relief, but was extremely hard to believe after the first real battle she had been in.
’Dinhuan, how long will we have to rest before’’ she trailed off in mid sentence after catching sight of his arm. That much blood lost from one limb? It hardly seemed possible, but then again he was still standing, so maybe it wasn’t all his. Wrenching her eyes away, Gaeradir caught sight of Tarren. Both of these men needed healing, and fast.

Quickly, Gaeradir reached in to the small pouch she carried with her always. Grabbing out some herbs, she crushed them between her fingers and reached over toward Dinhuan’s arm, him being closer, and smeared some of the plant over his wound, lightly as though not to break the weak skin attempting to cover it. That should keep the infection down a bit, until they reached Minas Tirith. She went over to Tarren. Taking his hands in hers she began applying a different leaf to his hands. It looked as though he had fought the entire battle with his fists. Leaning back down, she collected her self and began her question to Dinhuan again, ’How long will we have before we move toward Minas Tirith?’

I'm off to bed, I'll be back in about 20 hours. If we move, make sure I come too

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Haldir watched the retreating warg riders in disgust. Cowards he thought, if its going their way, they fight, if its fair they run away, there aren't that many elves here. Turning to his elven warriors, he signalled them to follow. "Elven brethren, we must save those who are trapped on the forest edge, we must make it in time or else...." He spoke slowly and softly, "Natha daged Dhaer. (They are all going to die.)" He then leapt from tree to tree, hoping that his companions were alright.

To his relief they were well hidden, seen by the sharp elven eyes, but the orcs were searching and fighting the companions not resting. When Haldir and his warriors appeared on the forest edge. The orcs charged them. "Tangado a chadad! Tangado a chadad!" The silent elven warriors obeyed his command promptly all of them, notching arrows and aiming simultaniously. The orcs gave shrieks as they rushed towards them. "Leithio i philinn!" Haldir and the elves released the arrows, wiping the front row of orcs. "Swords!" The elves once again obeyed and brought up the deadly elven blades, which glowed blue in the face of the incoming orcs. "Herio!" The elven warriors charged the orcs. They clashed only metres away from the spot where the companions were resting.

Haldir brought down his sword with such force that the orc sword that parried the blow was choped in two, and the mementom of the sword made it slice into the orc. Proudly watching his battalian silently hew their way calmly and skillfully through the tide of orcs, he continued to fight, parrying a blow from a charging commander and stabbing a warg, while it passed.

I have mentioned all the elven words sometime before and their meanings. If its possible, any new person coming, i would like to be in charge of this battalion, female or male, as long as he/she is an elf.
Ar-edain - Try clicking the insert button - its a toggle and it may be you have clicked it accidentally so that it deletes as you type rather than inserts. Just a thought.

Also, Haldir - how about a few elven casualties, and men of course.? I would think in an attack like this at there would be at the very least one fatal blow dealt to an elf or man.
"Thank you Lady Gaeradir." Dinhuan bowed his head in acknowledgement. "We may have to stay here for 2 days, but I make it less than that. Elves are excellent healers. Our summons did not request our presence at a certain date, though I guess they expect us within a fortnight. Then again, we may not have make the journey at all. The orcs would make sure of that if they found us." He laughed bitterly. "But let us not be filled with dispair. The elves are skilled warriors and I do not have much doubt that they will defeat the orcs."
Suddenly, the exertion of the battle caught up with him and Dinhuan lay down to rest his weary body. Before slipping into sleep, he whispered to Gaeradir:
"Have faith. We shall prevail."
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