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Dinhuan began to fall asleep. The rest that she received earlier was not sufficient, but it would do at the moment. Resting her back against the knar led tree that was surrounded by a small thicket, she watched her companions and the world around them. Earlier she had made a promise to herself, never to be caught off guard; she would not let it happen again. Thinking on Dinhuan’s last words before he fell asleep she began her vigil.
I'm joining, finally. Just like I promised Haldir. I'll be an elven commander, female of course seeing as we're sorely outnumbered at the moment :P[ Will post my profile shortly...wanna eat lunch first. /i]
However good the elven soldiers were, casualties were expected, the killers mainly the warg riders and orc commanders. An elf fighting alongside Haldir was cut down by a passing warg rider, and in the near front, Haldir saw another elf stabbed by a commander. He had enough, the commanders were going die now, they were too dangerous. Withdrawing briefly from the fighting. He changed arms to bow and arrow. Notching an arrow, he drew back and aimed at the viser area like Celebedhel had said was the weakness. Painfully, he watched another elf fall under a commander. Aiming carefully, he loosed the arrow. It thudded on the helmet side, the orc commander, unhindered, began hacking at another elven warrior with another commander. Haldir loosed another arrow, and this time, the orc commander was felled, but the other two commanders continued to wreck havoc. "Dartho! Dartho!" he yelled encouragement to the elven soldiers.

Firing another shot, this time, he killed an orc commander outright. The remaining commander charged Haldir. Not sure what to do, Haldir lept sideways, in time to dodge a sweep of a blade from the orc commander. When the commander charged again, he quickly leapt on behind the commander, he whacked the side of it head. Growling it swept its sword while turnning around. While ducking he notched another arrow. When the commander turnned and horizontally sliced the blade again. ducking Haldir then rose and loosed his arrow right into the commander's eyeslot. The arrow ripped out the back of his helmet and with a growl, the orc commander fell from the warg. However, the warg bucked andsnapped at Haldir, who now tried to controll the warg. Deciding not to waste his efforts on the evil creature, he aimed at the base of the neck and loosed another arrow. The warg fell sideways, Haldir leaping off, in time. Exhausted he watched as his elven warriors finally managed to drive back the orcs, who now fled over the hill, now that all the warg riders were brought down. Sadly the casualties on the elven side were considerable. Haldir stood for moment with head bowed and hand over heart, to honour the dead, "Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva (Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet)" Silently he wept for the elven warriors that had forfieted their long lives to fight for him and his companions.

Then the battalian of elves that Haldir commanded before then formmed ranks in front of him, an elven warrior at its head. Haldir then turnned to face them after awhile of grief, his expression full of bewilderment and sadness. "How is this possible? How could news of this battle reach Lorien? Who now commands this battalian? Did I not command you to stay in Lorien and guard it from the evil that has awaken?" Then Haldir realised that he was being too inquisitive. "I am sorry, hannon le (thank you), we would have perished if not for your help. I grieve for the dead, it was much a sacrifice. Who is the new commander of this army that I can thank for bringing them here?"
Name: Isilindil Melwas’l
Age:Unknown, looks about 22
Appearance: dark red hair, blue eyes, pale, about 5'7", slender, is in light armour, and a dark green cloak
Weapons: Bow and arrow, knives and a sword

"I am Isilindil, at your service. There was no message sent to Lothlorien. My small force and I were scouting a little farther than usual for the evil things which rumor, and word has said have awoken once again. The main body are still where you ordered us, keeping watch over the borders."
Its nice to see that someone has a good idea whats happening here. Im so totally and awfully lost, and i fear i shall be leaving this thread because of that same reason.
The battle was over. I took stock of the slaughtered orcs numbering close
to a hundred, wargs included. It had been a messy chaotic fight, and we
had been lucky not to sustain any fatal losses.

As Haldir drew the battle into the trees, I stood firm and plucked orc
after orc from the trunks as they scrambled towards my brethren warriors.
I had lost track of the humans during the fight and couldn't see them
for the moment. Through the brush I saw our wounded, and to my dismay
the corpses of elves from a scouting party that had arrived just in time
to turn the tide of battle.

My senses reeled from the sight of elven dead, taking me back to horrific
memories. I shook my head and loosed them from my thoughts.. there was
work to be done. I spotted Maersen with Elraen still on his back. I
made a nicking sound with my tongue letting him know I too was well.

My heart was heavy with the death of so many kin, their faces pallid and
bleak, roaring defiance even at the moment of their end... tears welled
in my eyes that I could not control. Though my face did not change, I
let the tears wash down my cheeks. I had already seen Haldir and he was
in deep conversation with what appeared to be the leader of the scouting
party. I steadied my vision and thoughts, forcing my heart to beat more
slowly, and my body to slow down. I noticed my bow was still in my hands
so I quickly slung it over my shoulder. I had less than 20 arrows left,
and made a mental note to fletch some more before leaving.

I felt myself calming, the elven training of thousands of years helping
to steady me. I began searching the ground, finding a variety of herbs
that would help treat the wounds of the party. Opening the small pouch
on my belt, I took out a galenas leaf and unwrapped the lembas bread
inside. Breaking off half I put the rest back into the pouch and pulled
the string tight. I quickly ate the bread knowing I would soon start
feeling better.

Maersen was stomping his hooves into the earth nearby. Suddenly I began
to feel woozy. Something wasn't quite right, why were the trees moving
so strangely? The ground seemed to be getting closer... I look down
and see an arrow portruding from my side. Suddenly, everything starts
to turn and spin. As I blacked out, I laughed to myself that I hadn't
noticed it before... as the darkness took me I tried to shout "Haldir" but
it may have only been a whisper.

Celebedhel is now passed out from blood loss and the arrow wound.
" Mae Govannen(Well met) Isilindil, Nae saian luume (It has been too long), I am glad that i have left my battalian in secure and strong hands." Haldir then bows, but not before a thought comes to his mind. 'Celebedhel, humans, wounded' the words pounded his head. Straightening, he excuses himself and quickly runs toward the fallen figure of Celebedhel nearby. The elf had fought half the battle with an arrow in his side, he knew it, by the way the arrow was now wedged tight into him. Haldir then lifted Celebedhel onto his shoulders then made his way towards the humans hiding nearby. He reached them, and relief filled him. The three humans were safe, that were hiding there. All three of them suffered wounds. 'Isilindil will fix them' he thought ' She was as good a healer as she was a fighter.' IN a louder voice he called out for Isilindil. While he waited he sat down on the ground and put Celebs body gently on the ground.
Hearing Haldir's voice, Dinhuan awoke from his dreamless sleep. He felt much refreshed though his arm still hurt. He sat up with some difficulty, holding his injured arm. His vision was still blurry from sleep, but it cleared soon. Dinhuan caught sight of Celebedhel, with the arrow sticking out of his body like a tree in a featureless plain. The sight sickened Dinhuan; Celebedhel was a good man and did not deserve to die so. Shakily getting onto his feet, Dinhuan nodded to Haldir.
"Will he live?" Dinhuan asked, his voice hoarse from pain.
Wearily glancing at Dinhuan, he shrugged, "I am not too skilled in healing as Isilindil, Though from the look of him, he will be alright." Suddenly movement was seen again at the brow of the hill. Three wargs charged over yelling. 'They want to take us by surprise.' he thought. Notching an arrow, he aimed at the remnant of the orc attacking force. The lead warg toppled, with an arrow through its forehead. Reloading his bow, he decided firmly that this was not a place to stay in. Drawing back again, he loosed it, the arrow hit the second warg in the side. The third arrow he loosed pierced the heart of the last. "The orcs will return, we cannot stay." He left Celebedhel for a moment to look for Isilindil.
sorry etharion, the story so far is that as u know, we camped to go to Minas Tirith but then we got attacked the next morning by orcs. We just finnished the battle. ot too complicated.
Hearing Haldir call her, Isilindil made her way over to his side, moving cautiously through the remains of the fighting. She peered over his shoulder at Celebedhel and the arrow protruding from her. Moving to Haldir's side, Isilindil began to examine the wound.

"I will do all I can for her, he'll survive. When the fighting dies down, have the wounded brought to me. I will do everything within my abilites to care for them."
"Isilindil, I fear we cannot stay here, we must pass Henneth Annun by nightfall, the orcs will return. I trust your skill but there are too many wounded for us to stay here and heal each one. But first heal Celebedhel, he is dying, his wound is great." Haldir was confident Isilindil could heal him, they had fought together for a long time before he had left on the journey to Minas Tirith. "Oh Valar." 10 Warg riders rode over the hill screaming. "They return, quick get the wounded on horses, leave me with some soldiers, and I will deal with them." More Wargs rode over the hill, until there were 20 in number. "Thank Valar, no orc commanders!" Haldir notched an arrow. Then to his horror, he saw that five of the warg riders had bows. They had become much more skilled. "Nago Warg bowmen (Kill the Warg bowmen)." in a louder voice he incouraged his elven soldiers. "Gurth gothrim lye! (Death to our foes!" With that he loosed an arrow. One of the wargs carrying bowmen toppled. "Hurry Isilindil, get the wounded to safety! We must reach Henneth Annun by night fall! Get out of here!" Three warg bowmen loosed arrows. One of them hit an elven soldier in the left arm. The elven soldier said nothing, only applying some herbs in his pouch to the wound tightly, then he unsheathed his sword. "Tangado a chadad!" Haldir was tired of war commands, the first battle had been very strength taking, but nevertheless, he stood firm. "Lietho i philliin!" elven arrows hissed, but some wargs dodged it. 10 wargs were brought down. 9 remained, three with bows. Orc bows twanged, the same elven warrior from before took an arrow in his left arm again. They were very close. "Isilindil get the wounded out of here!" With that Haldir slashed the side of a warg weith an arrow, which toppled sideways. LOosing another arrow, he brought down another orc archer. Within minutes they had brought down the remaining warg riders. "WE must get out of here quickly! More will come."
Moving quickly ,Isilidil signaled several of her men to help her move the wounded. Having Celebedhel moved first, Isilidil constantly by his side as they moved cautiously away from the fighting. She found a spot a safe distance away and began to work swiftly but carefully on Celebedhel.

Removing the arrow as gently as possible, Isilidil bandaged deftly with some strips of cloth from a hidden pocket on her cloak, pressing in some herbs to help numb and heal the wound. She felt Celebedhel's forehead and gestured for one of her band to get some water. He returned with it and she dampened a cloth with it and placed it on Celebedhel, then set to work helping the other wounded.
.... the world spun and I felt myself lifted...

Celebedhel groans in pain, still unconcious.
Gaeradir limped slightly as she moved toward safety. She felt tired, but that could be attributed to her loss of blood, which was insignificant to the amount lost by Celebedhel. She looked over to where he lay. Leaning over the wound at his side she saw Isilidil, the leader of the battalion of elves from Lothlorien. As her hand moved to take out the arrow Celebedhel groaned slightly. Gaeradir turned her eyes away from the scene, and waited for her turn, removing the bandage on her thigh, constructed by the bottom of her cloak. Sharply inhaling, Gaeradir clenched her teeth as the cool air washed over the partly scabbed slash. Working swiftly, Isilidil cleaned, and bound the wound with little trouble.

Waiting for Haldir to call the next move of the band, Gaeradir sat, entertaining her thoughts and keeping a silent watch.
Dinhuan looked down at Tarren's unconcious body, forgotten on the grass. Leaning down, he picked up Tarren with one arm, not willing to risk opening the wound on his left arm. Dinhuan put Tarren on his broad shoulders and carried him to where the commander of the elves who saved them. He strived to keep his steps as smooth and steady as possible.
"My Lady." he said to Isilindil. "Tarren, my comrade, requires your healing skills. He has not awoken since he collapsed near the battlefield."
Haldir parried a blow from an orc and threw his sword at a warg rider, which toppled over. Then pulling out his sword, he used the momentome to slash up at another warg rider, who fell off the warg. The warg, without a rider, then lept onto an elven soldier. Haldir quickly interchanged weopons, loosing an arrow at the wargs brain. The arrow, ripped out the other side of its skull, sending it on top of the struggling elven soldier. Three orcs then went over to finnish him. "Nadorhuanrim! ( Cowardly dogs!)"

Loosing yet another arrow, another orc gurgled with an arrow in its throat. The other two kicked at the struggling elf, then laughed. Filled with infuriating rage at the mockery of the two orcs, Haldir did something he had never done before. Notching two arrows, he decided to try loosing two arrows at the same time hitting two orcs. Celebedhel had done it with three arrows, which was almost an impossible feat, and three times over at that which shocked him beyond belief. Haldir aimed carefully and loosed the arrows. One orc fell, the other nicked the others ear. Quickly, using the time, he notched and loosed another arrow. This time, the orc fell again.After helping the elven soldier to his feet after lifting the warg off him, Haldir leaned on his sword, taking deep breaths. That was the seventh wave of orcs since the first attack. Though they were smaller force sizes than the intial attack, the orcs were wearing the elven warriors down. Signalling to the elven soldiers, they exchanged places with other soldiers. "Isilindil, hurry, you must get them away from here."

Celeb, your post was wrong about a hundred. there were more, the figure around 500. But as i said before, you're writing great, you're really helping drive the story. again i remind you PLEZ don't be too perfect in fighting.
Hey perfect? You should read more into the battles of Tolkien and the amazing feats that the greatest elven warriors managed. Besides, I wouldn't call my fighting perfect, I've got a great filthy orc arrow lodged in my side, I'm half dead from losing several pints of blood, and this speaks nothing to the fact that I will have a terrible scar on my otherwise flawless skin. Besides, if you check the age of my character in this story you will notice that I'm well oiver 7000yrs old by the time this story takes place. I'll try not to be too perfect I promise, but remember that I am one of the greatest elven warriors of Middle Earth, as you requested in your story. This should entail some unusual or above normal skills with my weapons should it not? But you are Master, I will follow. Smile Smilie
Celeb, im sorri if i offended u, but that bit when u said u killed 9 orcs, was a bit too y'know, easy, u killed them in such a short time, and if there were a hundred of them orcs, then they would've been dead pretty quickly at that rate! Celeb, everything else is fine. Big Smile Smilie
Everyone, as GM, I think its high time we get out of there. It's basically the same position as in the beginning, so heres the deal: an orc army, 10 000 in number with 100 orc commanders are moving towards us. Thats the deal, so if the good people don't move soon, we'll be annihilated!! So move it peoples!

I am allowed to do that rite? even though V is Morgoth?
You are the GM - you rate even higher than Morgoth! Even Morgoth follows your rules! However.... I only sent 50 orcs to fight you. Did more appear from somewhere?
Sorri V, it was a bit too easy so i altered it a bit, to make it interesting, do u mind?
Hi Haldir, a quick little GM lection. If you want to add more orcs, then you add more orc. (You should say were they came from though) If you think people are acting too much like a super-hero, you can say "John suddenly noticed he was bleeding from a cut/wound". You are in charge, this is your story and if someone has a problem with that you tell them to go read the guidelines. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Haldir: I have been and still am floored by the flu. I guess I am on the mend, only it is not really showing yet.

Eth: I agree with you. I tried to follow it as well, but all the posts are mini-stories in itself which gives me the feel that it is more a co-written story then an rpg. This will take me days to ever catch up. If in any case the battle is over, Eothain lost all his Rohirrim in doing so, sorry I could not contribute at all. I guess I am gonna withdraw him so that he can bring his men home.

Rhaps down and out again zzzzzzzzz
Isilidil nodded at Dinhuan, and followed him to his comrade's side. She began to examine him, patching up the most serious of wounds, then turned to Dinhuan.

"Tell me, how was he knocked out? Hit to the head? Loss of blood?"
Sorri about the flu Rhapsy, hope it goes away soon! So does it mean, ur out of this Rhapsy? Sad Smilie
I would think Eothain is needed to get to the King or wherever so maybe just keep him injured for a while.... I'm sure you can think of something.
Haldir noticed that no more orcs charged over the hill. IT had been a long while and no orcs came. Running to the hill where they charged over he decided if they were, perhaps, resting before attacking. The idea seemed idiotic, and even more idiotic that he was almost hoping for more. Nevertheless he ran to the hilltop and looked out north. Horrified he turnned and shouted warnnings. "There's an army of orcs, at least ten thousand strong heading this way. I see at the head of this army 100 orc commanders. Our small party can't deal with them. IF WE DON'T MOVE WE'LL BE ANNIHILATED.!"
With that Haldir notched an arrow and loosed it high up in the air so it arced back down towards a commander. The arrow hit, but the orc commander didn't budge and continued the slow marching pace towards the party of elves and men.
Dinhuan shook his head to Isilidil's question.
"No Lady. He collapsed from exhaustion. He fought a warg weaponless and broke its neck with his hands. The strain may have rendered him unconcious. Please use your healing skills to their limits for him Lady. He is a good and just man who does not deserve to die in such a manner." Dinhuan implored her.

Get well soon Rhaps!
It's hard to say what brought me awake, perhaps it was the rumble of the earth with the sound of an approaching army, or Haldir's voice that shouted in urgency to me across the fields of darkness into which I had fallen. Whatever, it brought me up from the consuming sleep and into the cold reality from the aftermath of the battle.

My side burned, and I remembered the arrow. I winced slightly, and composed myself. Blocking the pain I brushed aside the elven man who was tending me and stood. Maersen called across the clearing where he stood calmly eyeing me. I nicked the roof of my mout with my tongue to acknowledge him. I looked at the wounded, too many, and then Haldir who stood upon the northernmost hill top was shouting and firing an arrow into the distance.

His words filled me with dread. I ran to meet him as he approached the remains fo the encampment. "How many?" I questioned him. Haldir started sayign something about my wound but I stopped him quickly, again saying "How many?".

He whispered "10,000". I feel sure the blood drained from my face. "We have to get the wounded and find some cover" I said in elvish. Turning on my heel I strode back into the encampment and slowly assessed the company. "We will be overrun if we do not move. Everyone, pack what you can and help the wounded, we'll head into the forest." I issued the orders and went back to collect my sword and bow from beside the gerny I had been laying on.
"Dinhuan! Lead the wounded to safety, take 4 elven soldiers with you. Celebedhel, take some soldiers, you are in charge of the middle, Isilindil, take some soldiers, hold the right flank and ill hold the left. Hold them for a while when they get into range, when the wargs charge, loose a volley of arrows, then retreat to the forest." Haldir scrambled to organise his group of soldiers. He didn't mind they didn't follow his intructions, he, at least would follow his own.

After organising some elves onto the right side of the hill, Haldir gazed at the enemy. They approached at a slow marching rate, but when they saw the elves position themselves, they increased the rate. 5 wargs were sent to attack the elves. The elves had far more than 5. The wargs were dead by the time they were in range. The orc army did not send any more wargs and continued to march up to them, increasing in pace.

Celeb, can u not presume wat i do? Thanx
Gaeradir began to wrap her thigh again. In comparison to the others that were wounded it was not so bad. From living in Dol Amroth for so long, everything seemed harder physically since she had left. Putting this in the same category, Gaeradir stood, and whistled to her horse.

The mare was a gift to her father from a Rohirrim he once knew. Needless to say it was well trained and well equipped for a life out side of the stables. As the horse came over to her, she mounted and glanced to where Haldir stood. Just seconds ago he had mentioned thousands of Orcs migrating toward their present position. Gaeradir's stomach was still unbound after the first real skirmish she had fought in, not very long ago; she was not looking forward to seeing another one. As he began giving out commands, she fell in line behind some of the warriors left standing. If she was well enough to ride, she was well enough to fight.
Dinhuan hearing Haldir's command, got up from his kneeling position over Tarren and said to Isilidil:
"Is it safe to move the wounded?" Isilidil nodded (sorry about commandeering your character Arwen). Dinhuan directed the four elves suddenly under him to build temporary stretchers from long sticks and their cloaks. While this was going on, Dinhuan left a coded message for Haldir, telling him of where they would wait for him, using rocks. Making sure that the injured would not fall through the stretchers, he grabbed the end of a stretcher and marched them further into the woods.

Having to hold the ends of the stretcher with both hands, reopened Dinhuan's wound and the blood began flowing as freely as before, but he took no notice being caught up in his thoughts as to how far away the meeting point was. He conferred with an older elf under his command:
"How long until we reach Ranger's Hollow?"
"Little more than an hour."
The Ranger House was a large tree hollowed out by some unkown person. Some Ranger had dwelled in it for a week and so the name stuck. At some point the wood of a part of the tree had fallen away, revealing the hollow interior. It was in a grassy clearing and many healing plants could be found on the edges of the clearing.
And with that destination in mind, they continued marching.
Gaeradir watched as the Orcs encroached upon their forces. Shifting uneasily in her saddle, she slid her short blades out from their holders at her sides. Wielding them in hand, she began calming her thoughts for the fight, attempting not to think on it from a numbers stance.

Glancing over her shoulder she looked to where the wounded elves where. With them were Dinhuan and Tarren. The old blood ran strongly in the veins of those two, and she wished them well. Turning back to the field of battle, she unconsciously ran her thumb and fore finger along the side of her left blade.
Celeb, besides joining this RPG, you should try going towriters guild, theres a continued story going on there. only saying this because u write long posts that are pretty good.
I have noticed the increasing amount of presumption on another characters actions and it is alarmingly close to becoming something other than an RPG and I am about to state rules that you MUST obey

1. You cannot presume or control another character, You cannot presume his/her actions, RPG is all about actions and reaction PLEASE follow this instruction NO CONTROLLING OTHER CHARACTERS
2. Some people, including my self, write long posts. I now make a rule that all posts cannot exceed 12 lines (Except this post and of course previus ones.)
3. Don't put too much description, some is good, too much not good. (i noe, i noe, I do it too.
To those of you who have quit, I encourage u to come back, i have made rules that mite make things easier on the people who can't follow. We will reach Minas Tirit soon, and if u like, can start of as a completely new character, or old character when we get there, you could join the company when we get to Minas tirith.
Dinhuan tightened the plain leather strap of the sheath on his back, in which his sword rested. His thoughts flew back to the events of the past week. After the harrowing escape from the orc army, they had travelled through the forest warily keeping watch when they stopped for sleep. Now, through the forest, they beheld the site of Minas Morgul, the mighty tower of the fallen Dark Lord. The tower was now in ruins; the Men of Minas Tirith, with whom Dinhuan shared kinship, had not bothered to rebuild it. It would stand as a reminder of darker days, days which still existed, though only slightly less dark.

The midday sun glared down at them. Dinhuan sweated uncomfortably under his leathers. They were now half a day from Minas Tirith. He guessed their arrival an hour or so before nightfall. For now, they had the bleak desolate sights of the area surrounding Minas Morgul to entertain them.
"A wonderful place to visit in the summer time, don't agree Haldir?" Dinhuan asked with bitter sarcasm.
Looking back, he saw the dark remanents of Minas Morgul, growing smaller in the distance. He turned and did not look back again.
Everyone, I accidently deleted a post that stated we are past Henneth Annun now and on the road just near minas Morgul.

"Winter would be better," Haldir replied with equal sarcasm. Winter was actually worst with blizzards and storms, and with the dark forboding shape of Minas Morgul in the backgorund, it was a frightening sight. Turning, he watched the solemn elven soldiers march under the command of Isilindil, 'it must be terrible for them,' he thought, "without the cool shade of the forest that they are so used to.' turnning back he shouted some encouragement. "Up Elves of Lorien, we reach Minas Tirith at nightfall. You are the soldiers of the greatest battalian in Lorien, and we shall prevail!" turnning again, Haldir quickenned his pace. "Isilindil, quicken the pace!"
Elraen looked about for Celebedhel, calling out his name, but to no avail. She was lost in a crowd of soldiers, not able to find the only person she knew. Elraen sighed and gave up, just staying upon the back of his horse.

((Yes, Haldir, those are great rules! Just no one follows them in any threads! Especially when there are too many darn posts to read...))
ty fer keeping me in the story...kinda been rather busy this weekend. I like the rules Haldir. Anyway, just a quick question... am I with Dinhuan, or Haldir...fighting or healing? I was just rather confused, but as soon as I get an answer I'll post.
well, you've always been kind of a field medic, a fighter with just as much healing ability. You are with Haldir, having fought many battles with him.
"Isilindil! We must quicken the pace, the army may reach us," walking yet even further, Haldir worried in his heart, if the army really would catch up or even worse...." Its going to attack a city." But given the slow pace they saw the army at, he would have time to talk to the Gondorian King about it.
excuse me Arwen, but we're past the big orc battle and half a day's distance from Minas Tirith. We're going to reach there by nightfall. we've regrouped and are travelling there together. no offence intended
OOC: sorry ive been away, computer problems... back noW! :P

Amderont rode beside Haldir, his horse heavy with his burdens, "I am glad we are almost there for my horse is weakning and will not survive a battle"

He rode on waiting for the sites of Minis Tirith to greet him.
whoopsie daisies...sorry about that, and ty Connovar...I'll edit my post. :p
Elraen looked around and finally saw Celebedhel. With a small sigh of relief, she turned his horse in that direction and pulled him to a stop by Celebedhel.
"I thought you might like to have your horse back good Sir. Well, here you are. He's in perfect shape, as ever."
With that said, she dismounted and stood back, then walked back in the direction from which she came.
Isilindil signaled for her men to quicken their pace and stay close to her as they drew close to Minas Tirith. Enough casualities had been suffered for the day, even among her own men. She stayed close enough to hear any orders that Haldir could shout, but let the others stay closer to him. She had been with him long enough to be able to predict fairly accurately what Haldir's order and commands would be.

It was Midday when they finally reached Osgiliath. The city had been greatly fortified, with the magnificent shapes of Trebuchues ready to hurl huge rocks at the enemy, positioned on the wall, and the archers had immediately reacted to the party of elves neared, tightenning the strings and notching arrows. Then some soldiers rode out of the city, demanding explanation. It took Haldir half an hour before they managed to enter the city, and an hour to actually go through it. Throughout the journey, Haldir noted that the entire city was nervous, tense, and fear was shown on faces. When they reached the other side, Haldir breathed a sigh of relief. They would soon Minas Tirith.
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