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Thousands of years ago there were three great sorcerers, Graidell, Cradar, and Hurnitier. Each were presented with an amulet giving them certian magic abilities. Graidell, the most powerful of the three, possesed the two sided tailisman with the elements of fire and water, Creedar possesed the amulet of the earth, and Hurnitier's spirit. Together they created an unbelievable magic that only they seemed able to control. For all thier years they used thier magic for good and the worlds lived in peace.
Now thousands of years later after they have passed on, a new evil arises, seeking all three talismans and bent on world domination. (Of course, isn't that every evil vilians plot?). This new warlock already posseses the amulet of the earth and is searching for the remaining two.
Rue Auburn has been warned of the danger continously by strange dreams and an odd cloaked figure who seems to be with her whenever she turns around. Rue is now in fed up and in search for companions willing to go on the journey and recover the amulets.
landscape-This world is full of forests, mountians, wetlands, deserts, and almost any other landscape, this world is filled with magic and strange beings, so be careful.
Rules-In this world you may have magical abilities and items but nothing like flying, or turning invisible. And remember, nobody has immortality.
(P.s. Anyone who wants to be the evil warlock is welcome to, you can use whatever name or description you like.)
In what type of world does this rp take place?
Sounds nifty though.
Orc Smiling Smilie
Rue had been sitting in the Prancing Pony for almost two hours now, sipping ale and watching for the right person to walk through the door. So far nobody, she decided she'd give it another hour.
A tall stranger stridesin through the door, a breeze coming in behind him. He glances about some before sitting in the corner of the inn.

Name: Asdeon (called Stomper by most)
Race: Dunadain (or Dunedain)
Homeland: Up North
Gender: Male
Age: About mid-thirties
Physical Appearence: Like any other Ranger, a long shaggy cloak, baggy pants with mud-covered boots, scraggly shirt.
Skills: Archery, speaking more than one language, skill with a blade, intelligent
Special Items/Weapons: A long sword, bow and some arrows
Backround/History: Grew up in the North, Asdeon lost his mother at an early age. He raised himself, and isn't a socialite. Asdeon just needs encouragement to get out and talk to people. He also never knew his dad.

Stomper glances about, and smiles to himself when his eyes fall Rue.
Rue saw the man starring at her, she waved him over and ordered him a drink.
''Hello sir, I think I know why you're here.''
Stomper raises a brow, but still continues to smile.
"Thank you for the drink M'lady, but I don't believe I know why I am here, except for a place to stay for a while."
Name: Ardae
Race: Elf (Sindar)
Homeland: Gulf of Lh’n (Mithlond | Grey Havens)
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: Dark brown hair and grey-green eyes, she wears a coat of dark brown and tall soft brown boots.
Skills: skilled with a sword, and long blades, Ardae speaks mainly Sindarin but she is able to converse in others.
Special Items/Weapons: A sword that she calls Orodris and two long knifes.
Back round/History: Ardae was born F.A. 503 on the Isle of Balar. She has no important royalty in her blood lines, but none of that matters to much to her now. She left the Grey Havens in 3431 of the second age, following after her elder brother and infuriated by Sauron’s attack of Eriador, and consequently Mithlond. During 3440 her brother was killed and Ardae took to a life of wandering.

Ardae walked in to the prancing pony. Looking around she saw many of the local inhabitance, yet out of the masses two caught her eye. The first was a man who had the coat, boots, and eyes that could mark him as a ranger. The second was a woman that seems familiar, but in what way Ardae wasn’t sure.
Going up to the bar, she ordered ale and waited to be served.
Rue looked over to the woman who had sat down. Knowing she would be right for the job also.
She waved her over. Then turned back to the ranger.
'' I can see it in your eyes", she began," your thirst for adventure, and I can replenish it", she said taking a sip of ale," I just need you to come with me.''
The only way that we can really really start is if we get some more people
Name-Rue Auburn
Cloths-Knee high brown boots, brown leggings under short black skirt, green elvish tunic, light traveling cloak ending at knees
Appearence- Bright green cat eyes, shoulder lenght red hair, fair skin, high cheek bones slightly pointed ears
Weapons-Broad sword called Diresong, throwing knives, short sword, daggers, whip, bow'n arrows, quarter staff.
Skills-Speaks many languages and is skilled in almost any type of combat, is also a practicer of magic.

Rue turned to the woman who had sat down and was waiting patiently,'' I don't know why but I feel I should know you.''
Stomper keeps silent for a moment, studying the two ladies. Then he clears his throat and speaks up.
"Aye, an adventure I seek. It has been a while since my last. If you would have me, I'd be honored to come with you, M'lady."
He drains his mug and watches Rue.
"And have we met before? It seems like I've met you somewhere before..."
"Thank you, I've been sitting hear for almost four hours waiting for someone willing to acompany me, would you like another ale?"
'' And you do look familiar, mabey we have met.''
Orc Smiling Smilie Ardae looked at the Elven-maid after she had sat down. She wasn't really sure why she even came over to this table; it felt as though she was almost pulled, though not unwillingly. Finally she said, "Be assured that the feeling is mutual, though I don't know where I would know you or how’ If I'm not prying, what was is this adventure that you two are talking of?’

Sorry, I posted then deleted it.. heh, didn't see that we had more jargon on the second page.
Stomper shrugs.
"I am not so good at remembering faces, but better at names, though your fair face does ring a bell. If you may remember, I am Stomper, cousin to King Elessar. My real name is Asdeon."

((Lol Gal, that's fine...hey, things like that happen a lot Tongue Smilie ))
'' Okay, heres the deal, do you remember the legends of the the three greats and their talismans?
Well theres a threat to the worlds if the wrong person finds them, and that wrong person has already found one.We need to recover the rest and get the others back befor this warlock figures out how to ues them.''
Stomper nods, standing. He walks to her and sits by Rue.
"Well M'lady, I would be honored to come with you on this journey. Let me know when our departure is, I shall be ready. Grah! What is your name?"
''We leave whenever you're ready.'' Then she turned to the other woman, "will you be joining us?"
Ardae nodded to the elf. "I would enjoy it if you'd have me. My name is Ardae, what are yours?"
''Oh,how rude of me, I'm Rue Auburn but everyone calls me Cat, and this is Stomper. It's great to have you with us''.Then she glances at Stomper,
''You don't happen to know any other rangers that have nothing to do, do you?''
A tall appereance wearing a robe of green and grey rushed in. He shouted loudely to everyone in the Prancing Pony: "A disaster is happening, an army of evil is storming this area, plundering and murdering everyone in it's way!!, If I were you I'd flee to the mountain, for some reason the creatures are avoiding them."
''Don't just sit there like tree stumps'', Rue yelled at her companions, ''run!''
("Sjow, how do I say your name? and do you have a nick name you'd like to be called?")
(the character's name is not Sjow and Sjow is pronouced as Show(my surname is Sjoert(Shoe-rt) the character's name, species, gender, age is not yet known)

The appereance who had gave them the warning looked at the two elves and his lips moved. It was like he was saying something without a sound. He turned around wrapping his robe around his body and ran out the front door. Leaving the three companions and the rest of the Prancing Pony with the warning.
As Rue and her companions were running outside she spotted the threat. They were like trees and shrubs destroying everything.
"The warlock's used the earth amulet!", she shouted to Stomper.She glanced about at the boy who had warned them. There was a tree thing coming at him from behind. She ran at him and pushed him out of the way landing herself in it's path. She was knocked into the air and against a tree, she slid to the ground unconcious.
The large robe with beautiful grey and green colours slid of the shoulders of the apperantly young male now revealing his face... the man screamed to Ardae: "Look out!", as the creature swinged a wing of leafs to his head.
Hmmm. It is posiblle that will i join you.
Rue looked up, where was the boy she pushed?She tried to get up but a sharp pain shot through her body.She relized that she had broken a few of her ribs and possibly her left arm.As she layed there unable to help she watched as the tree things demolished everything in their paths. She had lost sight of her companions and the boy that had warned them.
Stomper comes charging forth, sword in hand, slashing through the trees. He spots Rue out of the corner of his eyes and mutters her name under his breath. He slashes with more might and then runs to Rue, placing a hand upon her stomach.
"Rue, Rue, you okay? You seem to have some broken bones! We must get you to shelter."
''Stomper.. I can't walk...just drag me behind that rock... I'll be...fine and you can come get me later...''and she blacked out.
Stomper narrows his eyes, looking her over as she fades. He mutters,
"My mom told me to never leave a lady behind. So it will be, for my mother's word is better than that of anyone else's."
He gathers her up in his arms and walks behind a rock, gently setting her down. He managed to get some water and a bite of food down her throat. Stomper puts medicine on the places where bones are broken and looks up, not seeing the others. He decides to wait by her.
Rue begins to open her eyes and the first thing she see's is Stomper tending to her wounds.
''Thank you...Stomper you truly are a good friend". She starts to cough up blood
Stomper tears off a piece of his cloak and lifts Rue's head gently, placing the scrap of cloth beneath her chin.
"M'lady, it is no problem. Anything for a lady, as I was taught. And somehow I remember...but never mind it. Get some rest."
"Wheres the boy...?The one who warned us."
Stopmer lifts his head and looks about, no sign of the boy anywhere.
"There is no sign of the boy anywhere. But, he'll turn up, all in good time...all in good time..."
He furrows his brows and stays silent for a moment before looking back down to Rue.
"Now you be quiet. You need rest."
He pulls back the hood of his cloak, showing a rugged but slightly handsome face. He scans the area, still no sign of their companions.
''I've been in worse... binds than this, I don't need to rest.
I know you...years ago in... the tavern, the fight you...helped me...''
Stomper takes a deep breath and lets out a small sigh.
"Aye M'lady, that I did. That was the last adventure I have been in for a long time, almost too long I declare. And no, it is better that I stay here with you, at least until the others show. And we'd best have a baggage horse..."
"How have you...been all these years...?"she said propping herself slowly against a rock so that she could see his face.
"Is your... arm better?, I remember... you sliced it after you pulled... that guy off.. me".She struggeled to complete her sentences.

Stomper smiles some and helps her sit up, taking off his cloak, he spreads it over her.
"Eh, well enough I suppose. Haven't done much since then. And yes, my arm's recovered. Just a scar. What about you? Have you been well?"
"Besides this?,not really,I'm getting into more scraps than I can remember,been challenging others at throwing knives for money, keep winning..."

Stomper shakes his head some, a faint smile on his face.
"Of course. You do have to be careful, you know. I couldn't stay to see a lady hurt, especially you...and you know that. But you are still young. Anything you need?"
"What could I possibly need? I've got a nice rock, a good friend, and hundreds of evil trees to look at", she laughed.
"We need to get the other amulets before this guy does, think of what he can do with all three."
Stomper smiles and looks to her face.
"If that is what you say M'lady, that is what will go." He laughes some with her. "Aye, a good friend always makes things better. You feeling well?"
The robe of the man suddenly appears out of thin air and lands on the shoulders of Rue. She looks around her but doesn't see the mysterious man. "Was it the wind?"
"Yes, I'm much better now, I think I can walk".She starts to get up when a cloak falls to her shoulders.
"What was that?" ,she glances at Stomper.Her cat eyes scanned the forest for some soart of sign.
Stomper places a strong hand under her arm and helps her up. He takes a few steps with her before speaking.
"I've no idea what it was. And good to see you walk."
"Thanks", says Rue as she leans against him for support.She pulls the cloak about her body.
Stomper lays an arm across her shoulders, as a friend would do, and something turns up he lied about. A bandage is around his arm. He doesn't realize this at all.
"Think nothing of it, M'lady."
Rue see's the bandage.
"You said you were fine!", she stops to examine it.
Stomper gives a small sigh. 'Forgot that,'s nothing...just still getting into scraps, heh. Well, you aren't one to worry. You need to rest, M'lady!"
"No, I'm fine, but you can let me down now,I don't want any unessesary pressure on it."
Stomper nods and moves his arm and hand off her, watching her movements carefully. He rubs the bandaged area and can't help it as his lips twist into a smile.
"M'lady, you are one stubborn lil girl. There's no knowing what you'll do next."
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