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"You never did", she laughed. "But I still wish I knew what that was."She starts rubbing the cloth in between her fingers wondering where it came from. ''What do you think about the robe, Stomper?"
Ardae was stunned by the blow she received. Staggering up, she took out Orodris, trying to defend herself, while she attempted to find a place of safety refuge, away from the fight. After falling, Ardae had lost all bearing of direction, and consequently lost her companions. She remembered hearing the same voice that yelled to them in the Prancing Pony only seconds before she was knocked unconscious. But the direction that voice came from was lost to her memory too. Not sure what to do, Ardae makes her way toward a rock formation, while fighting of this odd attack.
Turning, after she passed the corner, she found Rue and the Dunedin, Asdeon, or Stomper as he called himself. Rue was holding a cloak, but past that she saw that they are both hurt like her.
Rue looked away from Stomper to see Ardae staggaring towards them.
"Stomper!,she needs your help, one of those tree things are going to crush her before she even gets close!"

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Stomper looks up in suprise, eyes widening.
"That is my cloak M'lady, and you just hold onto that."
He walks over to Ardae and tries to offer her help, but she struggles. He sighs and picks her up around her waist and slings her over his back, walking back to Rue.
"Where do you want her to lay down? There is a rock nearby, that'll be good."
After answering his own question, Stomper strides quickly to the rock and lays the lady down on it, tending to her wound (s).

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"Oh, are you alright Ardae?"She looked at Stomper.
Will she be okay?
Stomper nods.
"Aye, she just needs some rest."
" How do you think we stop them?", she askes. We may not even make it out of here."She starts to get up.
Stomper closes his eyes, not even looking up.
"Sit back down M'lady, we'll probably have to wait it out."
"But look at what they'er doing we have to help". She starts gathering sticks and bark and pulls some string from her pocket. Rue then began creating a makeshift splint for her chest and torso, she grabbed a stick and got up. "I need to help, it's my fault, I didn't start this journey when I should have". Rue pulls out her broad sword and limps off towards the battle.
Stomper jumps up and strides out ahead of her.
"M'lady, wait a while. You are in no condition it fight, let alone win a battle. Please, just go sit."
She lunges at him and pins him to the ground, "shhh..."she points up and see's a tree thing close by. It spots them and takes a massive swing at them just missing.
Stomper nods and rolls, then gets up, drawing his sword. He gives a cry in elven and charges the tree, full in anger and readiness.
Rue tried to follow him but another tree came from behind and knocked her against the rock, but this time she forced herself to keep coniousness, she slowly got up and ran toward Stompers attackers, she threw her broad sword through the trunk and it shattered. Then she pulled out her bow and started firing but it didn't do any good.
" Use your sword", she screams to him.
Stomper gives a cry, being picked up, but forces his blade into the powerful wrist and takes it out just before being dropped. He jumps up into the tree attacking Rue.
"M'lady, run! Get as far as you can! Take Ardae with you, I'll be fine!"
"You never left me when I was in trouble", she says as she drags Ardae into a small crevice in the rock. Then she fiddels with a piece of flint gets a fire started on the end of a branch and hands it to Stomper before being picked up and slung over the tree tops and somewhere into the forest.
Stomper smiles, trying to get the flint to work.
"That's because you're a lady, and an unruly one at that. Just see to it that she's okay!"
He manages to get the flint lighted and burns the tree, and also himself, and as the tree falls to the ground he jumps away and rolls on the ground, looking around for another attacker, then lunging at it.
Rue wakes up after her little flight to find herself barley supported by a tree branch a few meters above the ground. She trys not to move much but the limb gives out anyway and she falls to the ground.
Stomper gives a cry and shoots arrows on fire at all of the trees, then goes after Rue.
"Hang on M'lady!"
He catches her right before she hits the ground, then tears off most of his shirt and folds it up into a pillow. He lays Rue down, head on the pillow, and keeps his cloak over her, giving her more medicine. Then he goes back and gets Ardae, using the rest of his shirt as a pillow for her and bark as a blanket.
"Why... am I always the... one who... gets into...trou...ble...?"She was having a hard time staying awake because of her loss of blood.
Stomper smiles some and lays a hand over Rue's, wincing some.
"M'lady, we all have our fights, our troubles. Now you shush and rest. You've lost a lot of blood. The least that'll work is rest."
He sits down between the two ladies, watching the two of them carefully.
Rue trys to sleep but can't stop thinking about Stompers loalty to freinds, relizing that she had been on her own so long that she felt almost vulnerable having to depend on someone.She turned her head and asked, "What makes... you stay... Stomper? You... could have left anytime... and you... would have... been safe,.... but didn't..."
Stomper wets two scraps of cloths and puts them on both the lady's foreheads.
"I stay because I'm a Ranger, it is my job. And who in his right mind would leave two lovely ladies to fend for themselves in the wild with wild trees abundant?"
"Don't... make me... feel any more... vulnerable... than... I... already do"...She trys to laugh but starts coughing uncontrolably.
Ardae woke up slightly. She recalled having her head hit by what seemed to be leaves... of all of the weapons in Middle Earth, she never though she would see the fruit of Yavanna attacking her. She also recalled seeing Rue and Stomper shortly once more. That was the length of her memory after leaving the company of Barliman in the Prancing Pony. Propping her self up with her elbows Ardae saw Stomper kneeling and talking to someone, whom she could only guess as being Rue. While in the action of sitting up she saw a scrap of wet cloth fall from her forehead, where she received the nasty blow from the leaves’ that still seemed strange to her, but their would be more time to think on that and other strange goings later. What should have concerned her was the present.

After missing what Stomper said, she caught a fragment of some thing Rue was trying to say before her voice erupted in to a chorus of coughs. Reaching in to a pocket that Ardae had sewn in to her tunic, she took out some ’weeds’ as many in this part of the land called them. Handing them to Asdeon, she leaned back against a boulder; the D’nadain would know what to do to help the elf.

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Rue was now asleep and dreaming fitfully as she took on a fever, she began to feel lightheaded. She haden't woken up in nearly a day, but even in her sleep she had the mysterious robe clutched tightly in her fingers.

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oh, I wanna join, just gonna wait a bit fer a better time to enter. Oh and welcome to Rue and Sjow, cuz i think i was outta town when u joined.
Stomper uses the weed leaves (or whatever parts they are) right away upon Rue. He looks at Ardae for a moment.
"Many thanks M'lady. Anything you need?"

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ok i hope this will work cause i dont really get it. im Than Korim. i dont really get this but that is ok. i guess ill join ok Bad! Smilie
Welcome to PT! There are many other good RPG threads out there too, and this one rox! =) Welcome aboard, and don't forget to post a profile
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Name: Than Korim
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: Late 20's
Personal Appearance: Regular hight, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, wheres emrald grren cloak,
has a small beard, carries a sword engraved with and intacite pattern of ancient runes, also wears a strange looking medallion with a strange symbol on it
Stomper leans back against a rock behind him, stil watching the two ladies.

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waiting fer someone to post something so i can join...oh and welcome aboard Than Korim, nice to have ya. *makes a small bow-like thingy so as to avoid falling over and extends hand* oh, and btw, if Mil has returned Adreia...could u ask him why I can't get in the chat room...ty, arwenstar
Arwen, I think you'll be allowed to join, and sure, I'll talk to Mil for ya, noproblem =)
Hi, can I join, please!? Rue, just tell me where it'd be better for me to join, ok!?

Name: Mirimon
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Appearance: looks like a pirate; tall, suntanned skin, dark almost black eyes; he has his hair braided; two gold teeth sparkle when he smiles; black tatoo as a eagle on his left shoulder; spanish beard.
Clothes: red fade kerchief round his head; brown broad-brim; dark brown hessian boots; dark grey wide trousers; beige shirt and grey waistcoat; black man's sleeveless jacket and a black girdle.
Weapons: yataghan, sword and big hunting knife.
Background: doesn't remember his parents at all; was raised by pirates; is easily infuriated.
If i may, i shall join this happening. Just let me know.

Looks:Fair looking elf, with long,light brown hair. Clothed in heavy dark robes with a brown backpack. Wields a silver staff and a bastard sword straped to his side.
Background: How the heck are you supposed to know that?? Sorry, but im not telling.
Shure!, you can all join, I didn't even think anyone would have an interest in it though. And some of you have asked when the best time to join would be and I think you should now, you could all be traveling together and come upon us or something.And a thanks to everyone who complimented it I'm really new.

Rue stirs to the sound of voices, but is to weak to get up, she lays there watching.
Ardae woke up after along slumber. She must have fallen asleep again after giving the leaves to Asdeon. Her head still throbbed, yet not as bad as before. Pushing her self up into a sitting position, she tried to regain her head and remember all of what had occurred, in what seemed just seconds ago. "How long was I asleep? And where are we now?" she asked Stomper. Her vision was still distorted slightly from the strike she had received, though it was almost certainly healing it’s self considerably well by now. As she attempted to raise her head, the wet cloth fell once more, exposing a pattern of dried blood from underneath it. Disturbingly enough, the pattern seemed to be in the shape of a leaf. Just one more reminder of the ’adventure she had decided to sign her self in to. Looking back up at the D’nadain she began smearing the print from the scrap of fabric, some memories that she had made in the past day were well worth forgetting.
Ruelooks around for Stomper, she dosn't know where she is other than the fact that she wasn't in the forest anymore.She looked down at herself and relized she was covered in bandages where her wounds were and her chest and arm had been wrapped and splinted. Just then the door creaked open and a figure stepped through,Rue fumbled with her throwing knives knowing she was still to weak to aim right.

Here's a place where one of you guys could enter.
Mirimon enters the room:
Mylady, don't be afraid of me...I'm not accustomed to frighten or intimidate defenseless women. I hope now you're feeling better. I found you wounded in the forest ... You didn't look very well...And...remove your hands of your knives...I won't hurt you...You can stay here as long as you want...The owner of this tavern will bring you some food...
Let me know when i should pop in. I dont want it to get crowded.
Rue relases her grip on the throwing knives but didn't let go.
"Where am I?, what about Stomper and Ardae? "

Hey Etharion, you could come in right now.
Lemme know when I can join....i think i've finally come up with some sort of profile. :P
Walk right on in!
Just then, a elf entered the room. He >looks like he is described in his bio<. Looking around he says "Well met. The name is Etharion. And what are you lot doing here?"
Mirimon smiles...
- Mylady, you are in the tavern "Red Dragon"...and I have no idea where are these two men...when I found you, there was no one else in the forest...except wolves and other creatures...
He smiles once again...
- You'd better rest, your wounds have not healed yet...
- Etharion...never heard...
Mirimon sits up and starts playing with a knife.
"I must go", she struggled to get up," my freinds are in danger, and I need to stop an evil warlock...."She stopped suddenly relizing she had said too much.
"Where are my weapons?"
- Your weapons are in safety... but if my interpretation is correct, it is you who are in danger! You've just mentioned the warlock... mylady, you're insane if you think to kill him alone. Especially now, you even can't get off the I'm not talking about vanquishing a warlock...don't be silly!
Mirimon starts laughing.
Rue continues to try and get up. "Are you positive there was no'one else with me?" she says ignoring the lauging. She stares out the window," I owe a thanks, I suppose, but I don't need anything other than help getting out of this bed!" Rue suddenly remembered the man who was standing in the doorway, "I'm sorry sir,that was rude of me", she apologized.
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