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Stomper looks around some. No sign of Rue is to be found. He panics for a moment, then sighs relieved, seeing the other lady is still there. Stomper starts a fire, seeing night creeping closer.

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Rue finnaly made it out of bed and was pulling on her boots,She pulled on her torn cloak.
"When you found me did you see a robe nearby?"
" I couldnt say. I just arrived. But im mightily intrested in this warlock buissnease." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
" If I tell you would you help me?"
- I am absolutely were laying alone under the tree...
He lost in thought for a few seconds...and hesitated...
- Well, your weapons are under the bed...good luck and..."he smiles" hope to see you again!
Suddenly he takes his yataghan and sword, opens the window, jumps on the window-sill...
- Farewell, strange woman...! We will meet soon!
And jumps into the yard... in a few minutes Rue hears only a trample of hoofs.

"Do you know who that man was?" she asked the fellow standing in the doorway. She didn't wait for his response,but grabbed her belongings and ran down the hallway the man following after her. She found the hoofprints and began to follow.
As soon as two riders disappeared below the kink, Mirimon came out round the corner, looked after them and smiled.
- Silly strange woman...she thinks she can trick on me...I don't even have a horse...but now I'd better get it somewhere...
Without thinking twice he walks to a black tall horse tied to the tree, caresses its neck, untethers the bridle, jumps on and... also disappears in the fog.
Etharion looked at the scene silently. Some minutes later, he steps out from behind a tree and says to Rue "No. I do not know that person. Yet maybe now you could tell me something of your troubles."
Rue was no fool, knowing she was being tricked she had paid two horsemen to ride cloaked all the way to the city of Riedllyn. They would now follow on foot until they caught up and got answers.
"Shure, I have a feeling I can trust you.Theres this warlock who's found one of the three great talismans and is searching for the rest, I've been chosen to stop him. I was traveling with my companions to find a way but then I was severly injured and was left unconious with a fever, the last thing I remember was hearing voices. I now have six broken ribs, lots of lost blood, chest wounds, a broken arm, and deep cuts from falling from a tree."
Mirimon stopped the horse and started thinking aloud.
- Why I'm trying to spy upon those two men...? Why? I know the aim of her journey...what else do I need?!
He jumped on the horse and turned off the road - there was an imperceptible path in the cane on the river-bank. So he set out on his journey light-heartedly whistling an old minstrel song.
Rue and Etharion had been walking for hours now and had finnaly come upon the tavern where the tree's had attacked. They had to take many rest stops considering Rue's condition. She back tracked to the rock and they made their way to where she had fallen out of the tree. She had decided to find Stomper and Ardae before persuing the strange man.As they quietly made their way through the forest she heard Stompers voice call out her name.
Ardae asked, while sitting next to Stomper and looking in to the fire "Do you think she abandoned the quest we were recruited for?" At this point the question did not seem to be in need of an answer. For quite a while now they had been resting here. It seemed as something out of a myth, Rue disappearing with out a word. A foul prank it was indeed, if that. Letting go of her resentment, Ardae continued to rest, letting the D’nadain take over the watch.

After resting for a few hours, she heard Stomper yell out ’Rue’ in to the distance. Sitting up quickly and grabbing out one of her short knifes, she kneeled looking off in the direction of his call. Rue was coming toward them, not alone, but with another elf. Setting down the short blade she waited for the two to come closer. Too often, as of late, had Ardae reached for the blade. She had waiting for the next fight for to long. It was bound to come soon, and from what she had seen so far from her companions, the fight seemed to be drawn to them.

Rue and her companion entered in to the light of Stomper’s camp fire. Rue’s face took upon the pain that surely the rest of her body must have been feeling from the fight. Elf with her seemed familiar, though she could not place where she would know him from. With his light brown hair and fair face, Ardae could almost picture him as someone she had known in the Second age. Deciding it might be awkward if she revealed her thoughts and they were proved wrong she kept them to her self.
Rue staggered forward and collapsed by the fire, she was exuasted and her breathing ragged.
Etharion nodded to Rue "Its a miracle your still alive! But good. I have some knowleadge of these talismans. I shall help as best as i can. Let us be off now." and so they carried on.
And then, Etharion was still behind Rue when she sat down before the fire....
Stomper's eyes widen as he beholds the company.
"Goodness...M'lady are you alright? And where's fair Ardae...? Hm...who are you others?"
He looks down and mutters under his breath, a leaf wrapped around his chest from the loss of his shirt.
>Hope it's not poison ivy< he thinks to himself.
"I'v no idea what happened, the last thing I remember was hearing voices and then waking up in some tavern, there was a man who said he found me here alone." She pulled a black tunic from her bag.
"Here, I thought you could use this", she says handing it to Stomper.Then she slipped off her boot and began extracting small brass pins in the sole, when she placed the bottem of her boot on the ground there was a folded piece of parchment.
"This is the map we need in order to find the amulets."
Stomper, I'm still by you, I think Elf Confused Smilie
Stomper slings the tunic over his shoulder with a chuckle.
"Thank you M'lady, your help does not go unnoticed."
He smiles and looks over at Ardae.

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"Were you with me the whole time? The man said he found me here alone. She turned to Etharion.
These are the people I was telling you about, Stomper, this is Etharion, he helped me find you."
Stomper smiles and nods once to Etharion.
"Salutations Etharion, I am Stomper, Ranger around these parts. Many thanks for finding the lady here. I was very worried about her. But, thankfully, Ardae was stil here."
Stomper throws more fuel into the fire.
Rue invited Etharion to sit by the fire and examine the map.
"Stomper what do you think of it?" She asked.
Ardae gives an acknowledging nod to Etharion. The sense of familiarity still lingered around him. Moving herself closer to the fire, Ardae looked over Asdeon’s shoulder at the map. She could not say that it was any help to her. She was never good with directions when it came to parchment; the distances never made sense. But the D’nadain seemed to make sense of it, along with the rest.

Ardae was glad to see that Rue was still in one piece, yet how she disappeared’ that was left to question. Looking in to the fire, Ardae retreated in to her own thoughts.
" Stomper where is the robe? I couldn't find it when I woke up."
"Its nice to meet you all." said Etharion to the rest. "What do you have in mind now? Where are you headed?"
"I'm not quite shure, first we must find the locations of the remaining talismans."
Stomper nods as he studies the map, then puzzles over Rue's second question.
"Hm...what robe?"
He slips the black tunic over his head and looks at her puzzled.
" The one that fell to my shoulders after you rescued me from the trees, the green and gray one?"
Stomper puzzles over this fact for a moment.
"No, I don't even remember seeing it."
Stomper looks back at Ardae and watches her movements carefully.
"Oh... I hope it turns up, there was something strange about it."
Ardae looked at Rue and Stomper, confused about this 'cloak.' She remembered seeing Rue holding one after the skirmish they were in not to long ago’ But that whole scene was misty in her mind, at the moment. Looking over to the elf Rue brought back to the camp with her, Ardae tried to figure out where she had seen Etharion before. That brought a denser mist. Since waking earlier, every thing seemed scrambled in her memory, or at least, what information she did need seemed to be blocked from her access.

Shaking her head slightly, Ardae asked Rue, "So where do we begin looking for the talismans?"
"Wherever the map leads us..." She turned to the others," From what I see it looks like the spirit talisman is deep in the wetlands."
Name: Lairen S’ralond’

Race: Elf
Age: Unknown, looks about 18
Appearance: reddish hair with some brown and blonde in it, about 5'7", is dressed in dark grey and black, has on a dark grey cloak. She has two swords, which she uses together, and about 10 daggers hidden about her person.
History: that's fer me to know and u to find out :P

Lairen had slipped unnoticed into the shadows behind the group huddled around the map talking excitedly. She continued observing them silently, trying to decide whether to reveal herself to them of not. In her hand was the robe that Rue had been talking about.
Stomper lifts his head quietly, sensing another being nearby the fire. He peers quietly over his shoulder at the newcomer and smiles some to himself, recognizing the face immediately. >Ah, M'lady,< he thought to her. >Long time no see, eh?<
Rue looked to the newcomer and smiled assuming she was a friend of Stompers. Then she saw the robe in her hands.
"Where did you get that?", she asks gesturing to the robe.
Deciding she might as well show herself, she stept into the firelight, keeping her hood up so that none of her features were visable.
"Yes Stomper, it has been a while. M'lady, I found this cloak and figured I might as well try to find its owner."
" I should admit to you that none of us the true owners but others who found it as well."
Stomper grins to his old friend.
"Aye, how have you been? Benn wamdering what you've been up to after all this time. Good to see you again."
Smiling still, he turns back to the map and studies it more.
Lairen sat down beside Stomper, and examined the map.
"Ah, so what sort of an adventure are you off to this time? Hopefully it won't turn out as bad as the last one I heard about."
"We are on a search for two talismans so the hands of evil don't lay their hands upon it. And refreshen my memory, which adventure was that?"
Stomper chuckles, smiling up to her, then looks back down to the map.
" I'm going for a walk, be back later", She grabs a walking stick and limps into the forest.
Rue was a loner,when she was around too many people she got uncomfortable, She liked to think with only the sounds of the forest to interupt her thoughts. Rue sat under a tree and began wondering of the day's ahead, could she even trust everyone in her group? Even Stomper could betray her if he wanted to. A soft breeze swept by her and she slowly fell asleep.

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Stomper watches Rue go with a questioning look, then turns back to his companions.
"If we want to get this mission under way, we're going to have to leave tomorrow in the early morning. We'll just have to make sure everyone is together when we set off."
Stomper sits back by Ardae and smiles to her.
"You okay? You seem quiet."
I don't like this, it feels like I need to control everyones action, you guys can decide stuff too, and those of you keeping quiet, the story would be better if you actually joined us, okay now I feel really mean but this thread isn't just for me.
Rue, it's okay. Ground rules do need to be laid! I say bring out the pitchforks! Well, not that drastic, but I'll edit my post as needed. We don't want you to feel uncomfortable.
You don't have to edit anything, And I suppose I over reacted a bit, I'm just a little stressed today, you know?
Ah, yes, stress is definately all-too familiar...don't you worry about it. The edit is actually a big improvement, and yah, so, yah, don't worry about it
Okay,But the reason I left was so that you guys could come up with suggestions for the journey and not feel like you had to go with what I wrote
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see. Welp, we'll get to it, don't you worry lil missie Wink Smilie
Stomper stands, looking to the rising sun, then back to the others.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our departure. Etharion, would you be so kind and find the Lady Rue?"
He places a hand under Ardae's arm and lifts her up. Then, he stomps out the fire (and the name comes into play) and gets all the baggage onto one of the horses, rubbing his muzzle affectionately. He looks around at the others again, seeing them getting ready for departure.
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