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This is a made up story and charcters, though the places are from Lord of the Rings. I will start it off, and just join in as new characters. Irima-Arwen

Name-Lesenda Relaven
Physical apperance-very long black hair, strange white eyes,thin and very pale, tall about 6.1.
skills-skilled with a sword and a bow
weapons- an elven sword and bow, and a few elven daggers
personality-not very friendly

Lesende walked in the forest of Rivendell. Bending down to look at flowers that are coming up from the soil. Walking over to a waterfall, she looked over the edge at the rushing waters. Just standing there a minute then turning around and sat down on a stone bench ovelooking the waterfall. She pulled a book out from her cloak. She opened it up and started reading. But didn't get past 2 pages when she looked up and shut the book. How can i sit her when there are wars going on in middle-earth she thought. SHe could help somehow, even if it is just a little things, she could still help. Making up her mind she quickley shoved her book in her cloak and as fast as she could she ran back to her house.
Throwing things in her bag as quickley as she could. Finally done packing she took out ink, paper, and a quill. Writting a note to her family, not telling where she was going, but why. Placing it on her desk in a place where she new they would find it. Then she grabed her bags and weapons and went out the door. Walking to the stables she saddled up her horse, tied her bags down and got on the horse. Ride fast Quleth, she said to the horse, and kicked its sides.
Sitting on her horse, she was just about to step over and go out of rivendell, she found it harder than she thought it would be. But she told herself she had to do it, and her horse took the first steps out of the land off Rivendell. She was going to Bree.
At the door of The prancing pony, she was in Bree, she had made it. Taking a deep breath she steped in, and took a look around the place.

Lesenda is wearing a black cloak that covers her fully, you can't see her face, but you can tell she is elven by the way she walks, and that she is female by the way she talks. Irima-Arwen
I guess ill join

weapons:twin swords that he wears on his sides and a a magicly bowstick
armor:chest and leg armor and warrior glauntes
desc: He is a very tall man about 6ft 3in. He weights about 300bls. He wears a cloak that is a midnight black. He has short midnight black hair. He has dark red eyes and has a scar that gos from his left eye to his chan.

Rannek is seting outside when he sees a young elf go inside. He stands up takeing out his swords. He runs at a tree cuting it in half. It drops and two trolls jump out of the runins. He attacks them killing them in two hits. He looks around for more. Thats crazy there has to be more, thinks to himself. He puts away his swords.
Might as well count me in too =)

Name: Althea (called Lightfoot)
Race: Gondorian men
Homeland: Gondor
Gender: Female, but appearance and voice lead many to think she's male
Age: unknown, looks to be in thirties
Physical Appearence: Dressed as a Ranger of Gondor. Her hair is a light brown, eyes are grey
Skills: Anything in the Ranger field
Special Items/Weapons: Bow and arrows, a small horn on his belt, along with a short sword
Backround/History: unknown

Lightfoot entered the inn slowly. She immediately took out her pipe, sitting in the corner next to the fireplace. She blended into her surroundings very well...
I guess I'm in. As long as we keep it under five pages a day. I'm a busy man and don't have that kind of time.

Name: Kletick
Race: Man of Rohan
Weapons: Broadsword, spear, shield, bow and half full quiver.
Height: 6'5 and about 300 pounds.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Coat of mail with leather armor leggings, linen arming clothes underneath, and a light bowl-shaped helm with a nose guard and mail coif. Hair to the base of his neck. Mountain beard. Blue eyes. Brown/blonde hair.
Personality: Good sense of humor, bad temper. (This is way to much like filling out an online dating form. Not that I've ever done that!)

I'll join the story later. like I said, I'm a busy man. Gotta keep the ohio-people in the north.
Lesenda walked in to the Prancing Pony. Going up to the owner of the inn, she asked fora room and something to eat. She gave him 2 steel coins. Your room letter is 12 said the owner, go and sit down at one of the tables. She went and sat down at one of the tables near a window. Thinking to herself, she thought, what am i doing here, why did i leave, that was a stupied idea, i should just go back now. her thoughts where interupted when a bar maid came over and asked what she wanted. WIne please said Lesenda. Ok, any thing else asked the bar maid. No, said Lesenda. She watched the bar maid walk away. Going back to her thoughts she wondered if she should go back.
Oh cool,can I join?

Name-Aspen Boh
Race-Elven Druid
Description-Dark brown hair,green eyes,pale skin,typical elven features
Weapons-Sword,bow'n arrows,throwing knives,quarter staff
Clothing-Grey elven garb under large grey robe

Aspen moved from her corner in the room to a seat at the bar,ordering wine she then looked around at the other customers.
Lightfoot glanced around slightly, keeping her pipes by her lips. Good. Others were here, more than likely for different reasons, but some seemed to know about how to help the wars...The embers in the fire glowed, reflecting her eyes a bit..
Rannek walk into the bar/inn. He look around at the others. He lowers his hood and hears the bar owner ask,"How may i help you sir?" He walks to the bar owner then says,"May i please have a glass of ale?" The bar owner heads him to teh glass of ale. Rannek gos over to a table by a window and then sets down. He drinks his ale. He looks around again the thinks to himself,"To bad that this place is going to be in a battle later it sames so peaceful."
Count me in as well. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I'll post later on
Name: Alat’ri’l N’lat’ri
Race: half-elven, female
Age: unknown, looks about 19-20ish
Weapons: two shortswords and various daggers hidden on her person.
Description: wavy reddish-brown hair that falls to her lower back, usually tied back. 5'7"ish. Is dressed in dark greens and greys. She is very limber and can move very quickly when she wants to. can't think of anything else...oh, history is unknown.
Aye. Im a bit bored, so i mabye join in later.
As the crow calls and the lark not sing
return I shall not
at dawn

And the light of day shalln't cross my eyes
never again to walk in the light
look for me not upon dawn's first light.

Kletick sang these lines softly as he rode throught the mid-morning sun. He was crossing the Gap of Rohan and admiring Orthanc from a distance. Knowing that he had been called to bree in order to meet a wealthy foreigner, he was hoping for employment. As a mercenary, Kletick was always summoned to fight for leaders in need of "specialists". But, this work was not cheap to purchase, and at the same time was hard to make a living from. Jobs could be weeks, months, or even a year apart.
"Its a hard life," Kletick thought,"But........It's all I know. Why couldn't I have been a sheperd like my aunt, rest her soul, told me to?"He had been raised by his aunt after his parents had died of
"undetermined causes."
Lesenda had just finished her wine. Having not yet decided whether to go back or not for now she was going to sit there for a few. I heard that there was a war going on near Gondor said a Man man sitting at a table. Me too, said the man that sat next to the guy who just spoke. Do you think they are going to win. I don't know, they might it doesn't concern me said one of the men. I wonder Lesenda thought, if i should go see if i can help near Gondor. But whould they let me help, a woman, they might think i am a spy. I will decied in the morning she said to herself. She got up from her table and started to her room, hopfully she could get some sleep tonight, she was a very tired. Going up to the stairs to her room. She looked over and saw a someone sitting in the vorner of the room, the person wasn't talking to anyone but had a cup of ale on the table. He looks suspicios she said to herself. Turing around she walked up the satirs to her room.
Lightfoot smiled inward, having watched Lesenda. 'Good,' she thought. 'I am seen as a male. Maybe I can fight in this war as well.' She glanced to the men who were talking of the war. She might have to talk to them later. Lightfoot continued smoking her pipe, watching some of the others silently.
I'll join in when things get more eventful...I like to make a grand entrance!
Rannek sets there listening to everone. He looks around as he finishes his ale. He hears about the wars and then hears samething outside the inn/bar. He stands up pull his sword half way out. He watches the forest then saids sofely so that ever can hear,"Get your weapons ready. Only move when i say so." He runs outside keeping his graud up and his sword half way out.
Ala walked up to the inn, just in time to see a man run out waving his sword. Rolling her eyes she strode in through the door, peering around. Catching sight of Lightfoot, Ala snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

Rannek saw a band of trolls caming and a band battle mages caming. He attacks them yelling for the otehrs to came.
Name: Ham
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scruffy, brown hair, braided beard
Weapons: hammer, sword
Skills: mining, making mithril

"AAAAH!" screamed Ham as he was being chased by the invaders. A troll picked him up by his colalr, and Ham turned around and swung his hammer in the troll's face. The troll roared and flung Ham out of his grasp. Ham landed on a rooftop. "Oh, no! How am I going to get down from here?" Just then, he fell throug the roof into the Prancing Pony in the middle of a table. He rubbed his behind in pain.
Lightfoot smirked at Ala, lowering her pipe. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, a dwarf crashed through the ceiling. Laughing, Lightfoot looked over.
"Interesting, eh?"
Lightfoot stood, pipe away, then hurried outside.
Rannek cuts at the trolls and magest. He kills same of them but they are moveing around to fast. He jumps at them. He throws his twins swords at one of them cuting there heads off. He takes out his bowstick. He sends wolf rage at the band knock them down to the ground half died. He puts his bowstick away and runs to get his swords. He cuts at the ones on the ground.
Lesnda heard the huge commotion from up in her room. Grabing her weapons she ran out of her and down the stairs. Seeing many people fighting the trolls, and a dwarf on the ground under a hole in the roof he had just falling out of. But paying no attention to the dwarf, she ran out of the inn. Grabing an arrow she notched it on her bow and shot with all her strength at one of the trolls head. The aim way good and the arrow went though his head, down droped the troll. JUst relalizing her hood had gone back, she quickely drew it back. She stood there and looked around at everyone around her.
Aspen stood and drew her throwing knives,not wanting to waste magic on Trolls,and waited for further action. One girl seemed particularly ready for the attack which made her feel a little easier toward the situation and sudden occurences,Looking around,she smiled.
Bradly, Bradly, Bradly, trolls aren't that easy to kill. First, you have to file a petition at the governor's office to get a troll hunting license, then you have to buy a rifle of a high enough caliber (something around a 410 rifle, not a 410 shotgun(that would be asking for death). Then you have to make sure you are wearing enough orange to be seen clearly by other hunters. Then you have to track it and find it. And the skinning process is unbearable!

Kletick looks at the darkening sky, absent-mindedly tying his horse's bridle to a tree branch. Chewing on some dried beef, he notices the faint thud of human footsteps near him. The Man of Rohan loostens his long, single edged dagger, or skean (sorry if orgot to mention that and his skinning knife in the description). Looking at the surrounding plains of Dunland, he notices a band of a dozen or so men approaching him, trying to keep to the ground and out of site.
"They are wild men of dunland, dragging a corpse behind them!" that was Kletick's thought as he saw the human figure dragging from a rope behind one of the Dunlendings.
I'm sorry,I seem to be lost,Are you with the little Troll battle thingy or on your way to where it is?

And Bradly,he's got you there. He,he,he... Sorry, actually in a good mood today...
He has got me no were.

Rannek sees a arrow hit a troll in the head. He looks back seeing a hooded woman. He feels four trolls jump on his back. He jumps back landing on his back. He stabs them in the chest and kills them. He kicks one of the trolls in the air. Then kicks it to a group of trolls running at him. He knocks them down. He runs at them. As they get up he cuts them in half. He sees the battle stop and sees 2 trolls running for the lives. He looks around at the died trolls and blood all over the ground.
Lightfoot skidded to a stop quickly, just in front of a dead troll. She glanced to Rannek.
"Nice fighting."
She nodded briefly, then ran after the two trolls, deciding that none should escape alive. She smiled, sword in hand. She enjoyed the thrill of the chase very much. And trolls weren't very hard to track, so this was an easy task.
Oh, loosen up,it was a joke,which was actually quite funny.

Aspen began throwing her daggers,which weren't exactly effective at the time and eventually resorted to her sword. Not sure whether there were more coming considering the rush,she she stood waiting.
Rannek stands there faceing the trolls and battle mages. Then he takes out his bowstick. He hits the ground with it makeing the bodys burn up so there will be no tacts of them. He puts his bowstick away. He then turns to the others. "There will be more to came later. Be ready."
Ok, one thing Bradly, you said your character had five trolls jump on his back. Trolls are about 12 ft. tall in middle-earth and weigh around a ton. Think about any human with four tons on their back.
Unless of course were not in middle-earth. In which case im very confused. You have to understand.................. I dont drink coffee.
Your right but think about it also. If fell back and then got back up. You see what im saying.
Perhaps a compromise is in order gentleman? Elf Smilie

Lightfoot easily caught up to the two runaway trolls. She shook her head-trolls, can't find a stupider creature...maybe the occasional hobbit...
"Hey, trolls, look here!" she yelled to them. "You going to let me get away?"
The trolls grunted and turned, now going after Lightfoot. The smile dropped from her face, and she jumped up into a tree. The trolls stopped by the tree and looked around quizzically. She gripped her hilt for a moment before jumping down onto one's neck. Lightfoot dug the tip of her sword through it's tough hide slowly, taking a couple of hits from the troll's club. After a few moments, the troll fell flat on it's face, not to move again. Lightfoot turned to the other troll with a smile.
"Your turn!" she declared, then sprung forward.
She was stopped by a club crashing into her torso, sending her flying back. Some ribs cracked from the impact. She laid there for a moment, regaining her breath. Blood trickled down her face lightly. Soon, she stood up again, and saw the troll looming over her. Lightfoot ducked in between it's legs, then climbed up it's back. She hung on lightly to it's neck, digging her sword through it's skin. Eventually, the troll was decapitated. The head fell to the ground, only to be crushed by the giant mass of the troll. Lightfoot flew forward, her sword covered in troll blood. She grunted on impact, then slowly stood and stumbled back to the Prancing Pony, where she took her seat in the corner once more, catching her breath.
Rannek hears a sound in the forest. He begins to pulls his twin swords. Then sees it is a group of wolves. He lower his gruad.
Lightfoot clutched at her ribs lightly, then relreased. Think nothing of it, she thought to herself. Nothing you haven't had before, Althea.
She glanced around, then back outside with a small sigh. She stood up and stumbled out, sword in hand. Maybe they will think I've had too many ales, she thought. She glanced to Rannek.
"Any more..trouble?"
"Soon there will be. Very soon." He stand gruad outside the inn/bar.
Lightfoot nodded, taking a couple of deep breaths while leaning against the outer wall of the Prancing Pony. She glanced to Rannek quietly.
"What's your name Sir? I am Lightfoot."
Rannek look at Lightfoot,"My name is Rannek." He plays with a inferno gem on one of his swords.
Lightfoot nodded her head slightly, looking out over the city of Bree.
"Nice..meeting you."
She eased her hand on the hilt of her sword so it wouldn't fly to her ribs. She smiled a bit, keeping quiet, thinking about the battle before against the trolls...good times.
"You fight like an assassin. May i ask if you once was?" He looks at Lightfoot.
Lightfoot lowered her head for a moment, then raised it, looking to Rannek, the hood of her cloak still up.
"No, I never was, and if that's a compliment, thanks. I am naught but a Ranger from Gondor. Swordplay is easier for me than using a bow."
Ham came up to the table with cuts and bruises all over. His clothes were tattered and torn, and his axe handle was broken. "I guess it takes someone a little taller to take on those things. I tok down two before I got here. Two! That's a feat for a dwarf, you know." Ham sat down. "I am Ham."
Lightfoot glanced down to Ham and raised a brow, without being able to help but smile.
"Nice to meet a sturdy dwarf such as yourself Ham. You took quite a fall back there. I am called Lightfoot."
Rannek looks over his shoulder at Ham,"Hello my name is Rannek." He looks back faceing the city.
"Nice to meet you both. I am Ha--oh wait, I already introduced myself! I must have hit my head harder than I thought," said Ham as he took a swig of ale that seemed like it was almost half his size.
Rannek laughs as Ham talk. "Ham your weapon is breaking. Hand it here and ill fix it."
Ham lifted his axe with a grunt and sat it on the table. "Those trolls have too thick of skin!" said Ham.
Ala made her way to Lightfoot's side.
"So, you met any of these people before?"

She turned so she was facing Rannek and Ham.
"Hullo, I'm Alatariel, Ala for short."
Ham took his mug from his mouth and had foam left on his mustache and beard. He said, "Nice to meet ya! I am Ham."
Lightfoot glanced sidelong to Ala and grinned slightly.
"Nope, today's the first day."
She glanced out ahead again.
Rannek look at Ala,"Hello my name is Rannek." He took the axe and begin to melt it into a form of a double axe blade. He then cool the axe and hand it back to Ham.
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