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Aspen listened quietly as she learned the others names,then looking up,"What were trolls doing here in the first place?,if you don't mind my asking."
"Uh, that could be my fault...They found me and my troop snooping in the caves for riches. We didn't know it was their cave! They ate the other five dwarves with me, and I held off as best as I could and ran to the least likely place they would look for me. Here! But they hunted me down and found me here. Dirty revenge! I apologize. I meant no harm to this town or to any of you."
Rannek listens to the wind as it blows. "A group of heavy arm and powerful people are cameing. Be ready and dont slow down. I havew a feeling they are barbarians mix with battle mages." He stands up with both swords out.
Yes this story does take place in middle earth, for all who wonderd, my falut i should of said it in the beinging.

Lesenda watched everyone go in, the woman who had gone after the trolls was injured, Lesenda could tell. Putting her bow over her shoulder she walked back into the inn. The group of fighters where in a group, walking over to a table she sat down. Decisons still needed to be made, she couldn't keep putting it off. One thing she knew she need to do was check on her horse in the stables. She would do that later, for now she was just going to sit there and think.
Rannek looks over to a lady setting alone at a table. He gets up and walks to her,"Hello ma'ma my name is Rannek and may i ask yours?" He waits for an answer.
Startled that someone had spoken to her. Deceiding she didn't think it would matter if someone knew who she was, so she pulled back her hood. Hello Rannek, my name is Lesenda.
"Nice to meet you Lesenda. Are you going to be fighting with me today also?" He pulls a chair and and then sets down.
Lightfoot took another deep breath, chewing on her bottom lip slightly. Why had Rannek asked if she was anassasin? Should that be a compliment, or...She sighed slightly, glancing around. She felt too tall, she was at least a head taller than the others, especially the dwarf. She sighed lightly; being tall had it's advantages, disadvantages too. Lightfoot smiled and shrugged to herself, turning a bit.
"I'll be going back inside now, Ala."
She went back inside, still chewing on her bottom lip, then lowered herself into the chair in the corner, by the fireplace. She returned her pipe to her mouth, watching everything alertly, hood still drawn up.
Nice to meet to to Rannek. So what brings you to the prancing pony, Rannek, are you just passing by.
Rannek looks at Les,"Well i maybe but i guess ill stay here for same time." He hears a barbarian throw a axe into the inn. He kicks Les back well she still set in her chair. At the sametime he kick the table up makeing the axe it the tabel. He pulls the axr out throwing it back at the barbarian. He jumps out of the window. He runs at the barbarian seeing it catch the axe. With Rannek's swords out he attacks the barbarian. He kills it with 26 hits then sees more comeing. "Ready your weapons!!!"
I think lord bradley is crazy...CRAZY! Is this actually going anywhere with the all?

"Oh, not again!" said Ham. "Who brought the Barabarians?!" He brought up his axe.
Lightfoot sighed, then brought up her sword and attacked the barbarians, full throttle. Some of these people who attracted warriors and such needed to know when to stay home! She slowly cut her way through the barbarous group...
Aspen hurriedly began casting simple spells of blue fire (Common Druid Trade) as the attackers came, Smiling under her hood at how much fun it was.

I'm with Ulmo,Bradly who else did you invite to attack?
Lesenda quickley got up. Drawing the sword from its sheath, she ran toward the barbarians. She didn't want to kill any of them, just wound them enough so that they could harm not on. Striking a barbarian on its head, knocking it out. Going on the the next barbarian that came to attack her.
Lightfoot ran back for a moment, grabbing Ham, then struck at the barbarian approaching him.
"You better stick by me Ham, for your safety."
She turned and decapitated an approaching barbarian, then looked down to Ham.
"Your choice though."
Rannek sees a barbarian running at Les from behide. He runs at it spearing it. He then pulls her back same to miss the cut from the barbarian. He then jumps over her attack the barbarians.

Well what do you want to do. Set here and talk for the whole role play. We are in teh middle of a war and this place is like in the middle of it.
The head of the decapitated barbarian rolled to Ham's feet and he said with wide eyes, "I'm with you, Lightfoot!" He nudged the head out of his way with a disgusted face and hopped when the head rolled back to him. "Argh!" Ham kicked the head through one of the windows and it hit a barbarian. "Well, would ya look at that!"
Rannek picks Les up and puts her over his shoulder. "Lets go there is to many." He jumps on to his horse as it cames running. He sets Les down on her then starts to ride off. He looks back as the others follow.
Running as fast as she could to the stables. Quickly putting the bridle on the horses face. She didn't care about the sadle, she could ride without one. Leading the horse out of the stables. She jumped on its back and rode after Rannek. She didn't know where she was going, but it must be better than this place right now.
Rannek slow down to wait on the others to reach him. One of his swords were out and in his right hand. Blood dropped from it.
Aspen quickly mounted to catch up with the other two and sheathed her weapons. The others were mounted as well( I think..),she spurred her horse and followed.
Finally catching up with Rannek. He dismounted his horse, and she did the same once she had caught up. Waiting she watched as the others came. Pulling out her sword again, just in case any of the barbarians were to follow.
Lightfoot grinned, laughing some.
"Nice work, Ham! You've got a golden toe."
She returned to hacking at more barbarians.
Rannek yells back "Lets go now." He stands tehre waiting on them.
Lightfoot grunted a bit, then picked up Ham and ran off toward the stable.
"We're going to have to ride out of here, Ham, there's no other way!"
She saddled a pony and put a bridle on him, then placed Ham on his back. Lightfoot smacked the pony's bay-colored flank, seding him running. She then led out another horse and jumped onto it's bare back, clutching the mane lightly. The horse followed Ham's pony quickly, even getting ahead some. They soon caught up with Rannek and the others.
"There's more coming, Rannek."
"Oh, gee, I can't wait!" Ham said. "Hey, pony! You like making rides rough?! I'm getting sick up here!" The pony galloped up and and down, tossing Ham off its back. "You ponies! I should eat you for dinner!" The pony straightened up and bent down for Ham to climb on its back. Ham said, "That's what I thought. Now pick up the speed. These gruffs are on our tails! Well, on your tail...I suppose I don't have a tail. Or do I? I've never looked to see if I had a tail! Hey Lightfoot, do I have a tail?" he said catching up to Lightfoot.
Lightfoot looked down over her shoulder to Ham, trying not to laugh. It hurt her ribs, so she clutched at them.
"No, you do not have a tail! Now, stop acting like a fool and concentrate! Those barbarians could hear you a mile away!"
She grinned some and shook her head, looking ahead. Something was wrong, though. They should have come to the other by now....but Lightfoot knew where they were.
"Ugh, the Midgewater Marsh...we rode right past the others!"
She tried to get her horse to turn around, but it reared up, falling into the mud, Lightfoot on her back. Her leg got crushed under the horse! She managed to get out from under the horse and got it up, mounting again.
"We have no choice but to go through the marsh, Ham...we'll ride slower though."
"Yuck! Mud!" Ham said. Ham's pony could barely move in the mud. "Pick it up, pony. Lightfoot is getting ahead." The pony's hind legs sunk in the mud and couldn't get back out. It was halfway down, splashing around with it front hooves. "Hey, Lightfoot! A little help here! I might die if I try to get this thing out of the mud!"
Lightfoot sighed and hopped of her horse, then picked up Ham off his pony. She put him on her horse. She then led the pony out of the mud.
Rannek saw that more werew cameing. "Yall go there is a river to the east of here in a group of trees. Go there now and wait for me. Im going to hold these barbarians off. Now Go!!" He jumps off his steed and pull his other sword. Then ran to teh group of barbarians attacking them.
Jumping back on to her horse. Lesenda quickly but careful lead her horse through the mud. Once out, she kicked it into a gallop.
Seeing Lightfoot and the others leaving, Ala had quickly jumped up on the back of a nearby horse in the stables, not bothering with a saddle or bridle and took off after him. At Rannek's rather ridiculous comment about fleeing, she pulled out her sword, and dismounted, sending her horse after the other horses, then began to fight alongside Rannek.

okies, Bradly, enough with the barbarian attacks, and talking might need to happen so that our characters can know something about the others, etc.
Lightfoot signed, looking over the marsh some. She was busy skinning a deer, almost done. The pony's saddle and bridle were on the ground near her; the pony and horse not far off, grazing. She finally finished skinning the deer after what seemed ages to her. Lightfoot kindled a fire and started to cook the meat.
"Ham, meat's almost ready."
"What? You cooked me?" He looked down at himself. "That's what I smelled!"
Rannek pushes Ala to the side as a barbarian throws an axe at her. He stops then sees the other barabraians run away. He jumps on his steed then rides to the river.

Ok i know that like i didnt. Why you think were going to the river. And why you think there are barbarians fighting us. In all things there is always a fighting secien before there is a talking and getting to know each other.
Rolling her eyes, Ala stood up and brushed herself off, then took off, after Rannek, silently following the tracks left by his horse, and making sure that no one was following them.
Lightfoot rolled her eyes and thrust some venison at Ham.
"This is what I cooked, not you! Eat all you can, food might be scarce to come by as we go to Rohan. And we're going to Rohan to get reinforcements...there's no way only that small troop can take all those barbarians and such."
She took a bite out of the meat, watching the horses.

Ar, you still in this?
Lightfoot sighed and looked through the saddlebags to Ham's pony. She thrust a blanket at Ham.
"Get some sleep. We have much ground to cover."
She closed the saddlebags and sighed slightly, looking up at the sky, watching the stars twinkling at the earth, seeming to wink at them. She folded her hands over her stomach quietly.
"The meat was delicious by the way...Good night." Ham rolled up in the blanket and fell fast asleep, snoring loudly, keeping all the dangerous animals away.
Lightfoot blinked and looked to Ham, trying not to laugh. She smiled to herself; Lightfoot always found dwarves to be the best for a person. She glanced back up to the stars, not even able to her her own thoughts with the snoring. Thankfully, the horses were still there!
Rannek fainlly reaches the camp. After he dose he falls off his seed then sees blood run out of his right shoulder and out of his mouth.
Aspen rolled her eyes and glanced to Ala, "Care to give a hand?" She then began ripping the hem of a her robe. She walked over to the man,bota in hand as well, and poured water over his face, washing the blood off.

Where is everyone?
Um, Rue, I think Lightfoot and I are in a different place. I believe we got separated from the group and went through the swamp, and I got stuck.
That's exactly right! Ham and Lightfoot fled and are stuck in the Midgewater they're a long way from the others
Lightfoot opened an eye slightly, then opened both and blinked, pulling her cloak on. She stood and stretched, then nudged Ham none too gently with her foot.
"Time to get up, it's morning."
She sighed and got the pony saddled up, then fetched her horse and waited for Ham.
Rannek jumps up as the woman try to clean his wounds. "No dont clean them let them heal later." He then takes his sword out and cleans it.
"Ugh! I'm not a morning person at all! You know what would wake me up? A nice mug of ale! But I don't think we're going to find any ale around here." Ham ran to get his pony. "Can you give me a lift?" He couldn't get up on the pony himself becuase of his being vertically challenged.
Lightfoot lifted him rather easily onto the pony with a smile to herself.
"No ale around here, sorry."
She jumped lightly onto the back of her horse and scanned the area. She once found a path through the marshes, but now, she couldn't find it. She knew had been too long...
Sorry yall, I fell out of the story. Been searchin' for my place in the world and let's just say lunar colonization seems like a good idea. I might randomly ride into the story later.
Okay Ar, don't pressure yourself. Hope to see you around!
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