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"So where are we going?" Ham said to Lightfoot. "I'm really no good with directions. I hardly ever leave the mines. Can you tell by my pale skin color? Even the clouds are darker than my skin!" He looked down at his hands and to his surprise they were bright red! "What's wrong with my skin, Lightfoot? They're red! I must be allergic to something here." Little did he know the sun caused it.
Lightfoot sighed to herself, glancing down at his hands.
"That's sunburn...from whatever sun warms this marsh. And I believe I said before that we're going to Rohan..."
"The sun burns?! Why would Eru create such a fell object as that?" grumbled Ham. There was no pain yet, but soon he would feel it when the sun goes down. "Madness I tell you. MADNESS!" He sat in fascination for a few moments. "Let's go to the Glittering Caves!" His eyes were wide.
Lightfoot sighed...this was going to be a long trip.
"Do not question Eru's creations! That is madness. If we hapen to have time, perhaps we will visit the Glittering Caves."
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