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Anatea(seajewel) Posted Friday 29th April 2005

for those who want to enter a role playing game from scratch!!!!
I've always liked role playing games, sadly I havn't really fitted into one... so here it goes... feel free to change whatever to the story, but please keep it limited to one character per person, and create a good description for your charatcer. And so the story begins...

Anatea was getting ready for a long night, she was at the inn, keeping her identity to herself, and trying not to call to much attention to herself. Although that was difficult since she carried her golden bow and sword and her dress was blood stained. Her green eyes showed no emotion as she made her way to a table hidden by shadows.
Do we post a bio or leave our description to our intro?
OOC: I'm interested in joining, but yeah, like Rue said... do we post a profile or is it more like the Khaz-Dumish, where we just describe ourselves as we enter? And could we have a clearer idea of where this is headed? Or are you relying on suggestions for that?
Or is it a mixture of all their ideas put into one? Do you choose to do a profile, or not? Is this game open for suggestions?
Iam in too we just need to know what is required of us.
I'm interested but new to RPG as you can tell from errors I make in Khazad-dumish-inn.......

Please make rules idiot proof - for me Very Mad Smilie
There is a first time for everything and do not worry much about errors. you will learn as time progresses.
oh, I'm sorry... just announce your identity to the story, you do not need bios or rules, this game will always be open for suggestions... just continue to the last post and create a story...
What looks to bean elf sits in the corner of the tavern and looks up to see another patron come in. He seems to remember seeing the golden bow from somewhere before but cannot recall. His bow is leaning against the wall along with his sword. He has his hood up on his cloak so he is hard to make out.
Lili brushed back her sandy blonde hair and glanced up to the stranger in the doorway, she muttered something under her hood in Deep Punja dialect before returning to her aqivi, jade eyes scanning the counter.
anatea looks around, a couple of people make eye contact, she lowers her gaze and sits alone, her back to what she thinks is a stranger with a bow and a sword next to him on a wall. She tries to blend in and be as invisible as posible. It would be soon when the mesenger who was to accompany her through the journey would present themselves.
Lili found her eyes wandering over to the stranger every so often, she stood annoyed by her lack of courtesy, and made her way to the table at which the stranger sat, standing just inside the shadows. "Are you alright?" She asked gesturing to the blood stained cloths,"Usually when one is covered in blood, one has had a fairly rough day".
Lightfoot scanned the area from under the hood of her cloak with a satisfied snort. Her legs were crossed up on her table, and she was slouched down to try and conceal her tall height. One of her hands rested on the hilt of her sword, the other on her thigh.
Etharion nodded thanks to the barkeeper and took his drink back to his table. He was a elf, just spending some time here. He saw there was a few other people around so he said "Cheers." and drank down his wine.
At that moment there was a rush of wind and a
sound of heavy footsteps, the door of the inn was flung open
wide, A tall thin, wisened old man (or so he seems!!!) strood through the door
he was dressed in a weathered cloak and his silver beard
reached down to his navel he walked over to the inn keeper
tossed his hood off his head revealing a mane of silver hair
saying, 'my name is Mithrandir, i am looking for a guide into the
wilderlands do you know of anyone here who would help me?'
Lightfoot let her eyes rest on Mithrandir for a moment before she stood and went to him. She placed a hand slowly on his shoulder with a grin.
"Need help, old friend?"
Calin Looks over to where anetea and LIli are.
There seem to be a lot more of those lately. Too many orcs, bandits and other creatures walking around for my liking.

Sorry Rue cant remeber all of the names that well BIG!!!! Test this friday
I'm playing Lili, Robbin

Lili turned and nodded in agreement, "You're telling me, they're becoming a real pain in my side, but sooner or later the'll make a mistake, and we'll have a few less".
anatea forced a smile. "I am allright, thank you friend, you know how rough the road can be, especially if one trips and falls" She looked up to see the old man on the doorway, she recognized him and chucked to herself, who else would storm into an inn like that, but what was he doing here? She noticed the hooded man behind her and catched a glance of his face, could it truly be him? Too many surprises, she just hoped none of them would slow her down.
No-one notices the dark haired girl, behind the tall man as he walks in, she finds the nearest stool and sits and watches and waits. Hopefully none of the palace guards will have followed her into the Inn. Ellaranda wraps her black cape around her. The word going around was that somthing was brewing and she, Ellaranda , the Kings niece was going to join in, she knew she could fight and ride as good as any of the palace guards - Uncle Eomer had taught her well...
Mithrandir looks at Lightfoot with his deep grey coloured
eyes, "Lightfoot, my friend it has been too long, since we
spoke. How are you? How is your father ? Is he well ?"

"I am embarking upon a quest my brave elf and would gladly
have you join me, would you sit and have a glass of wine with me?"

Mithrandir walks over to the bar and orders a bottle of warm mulled wine
and some lembas to succour his hunger... he picks up the bottle
and lembas bread and moves to a table in the corner, glancing at the
company in the inn, he nods to Anatea as he strides past her shadowy table
knowing the reputation that proceeds the carrier of the golden bow and sword
he is almost sure that he will be called upon soon enough to share his wisdom
and his magic
The earlier gust of wind had awoken a solemn-looking female elf curled up in a corner near the fire place. Her copper-colored eyes alone had noted Mithrandir's detached shadow- it was easier to see, when you yourself were unseen. Uncurling, she shakes out her floppy and still slightly damp silver hair and looks up, surprised, at talk of a quest. Hmm..., Eva thinks, glancing at her bow and harp, propped up on the wall next to her, Sounds... interesting. Straightening her deep blue tunic, she sat up and listened intently.
Ellaranda watches the different faces and decides to go to the bar for a drink. As she stands the bench crashes to the ground, so much for trying to blend in she thinks. Apologies are made to the rest of the people in the bar.

"I really need to talk to someone to find out what's going on" thinks Ellaranda " before the guards come in and find me"

She walks to bar and orders a drink, but doesn't return to bench, she stands at the bar desperately trying to catch someone, anyones eye, before it's too late....
Lightfoot kept at his heels, still smiling.
"I'd be honoured to have wine with you, Mithrandir. My father is no longer with us, but in a better place now."
She nodded to Anatea as well when they passed by.
Anatea sighs and murmurs to herself "Why the hell does there have to be too many known people and too much of a commotion on this day, Oh well, When is this messenger going to arrive, if only I knew how he looked like... " she nodded back to Mithrandir and her companion and ordered a round of tequila! As she waited, she took her golden bow and examined it closely, her deep green eyes glowing with the fire.
Eva notes the dark-haired girl glancing around frantically, apparently looking for someone. She sighs and stands, walking over to her. "Can I help you?" she asks in a soft voice.
Oh, well, I had heard that there was going to be a journey and that people were needed. Are you, 'The One' I overheard from the guards err err the locals I mean that there would be a woman who would be here tonight whom I could meet. I'm a stong rider and am good with my bow, but I suppose you would need to see me shoot, I can give you a demo. Please can I join, I really want to help..... Oh my name is... umm .... Ella
That you could meet... for what purpose? Eva wondered. "I suspect that you wish to talk with the lady with the golden bow over there... And since I am also curious about their conversation, I will accompany you, if I may?"
Mithrandir, whilst talking with Lightfoot, has been watching
the commotion, and has noticed a hooded man sitting behind
Anatea. 'Lightfoot, what have you been doing these last few months ?
keeping busy I hope?"

Looking at Anatea he has noticed her blood stained clothes and
wonders too what it is she has got herself into now and if she is waiting
to meet someone. Could that someone be the same person he met on the
road from the South who has been waylaid for three days by orcs from Mordor ?

Mithrandir gets up goes back to the bar orders another bottle of wine, claims it
and sits back down with Lightfoot. 'Lightfoot, I am going to ask Anatea if she would join us
and share some wine and Lembas' Mithrandir gets up and walks over to Anatea.

'It has been some time since we spoke Anatea, I see you have had some
problems of your own, come and join Lightfoot and myself and share some
wine and Lembas maybe we could help you with your troubles"

Mithrandir gestures to the table that Lightfoot is sat at
"Thank you Mithrandir, today has not been a good day, but, tell me, why is it that you search for a guide, I am bound on a journey headed your way, perhaps we may travel together... why don't you and lightfoot join me here at my table, I prefer to keep myself to the shadows, you know being blood stained attracks too much attention."
'Indeed !! our paths may cross for a while, i will ask Lightfoot is she
would like to join you at your table and will be back shortly "

Mithrandir rejoins Lightfoot at their table, "Lightfoot, Anatea has asked us to join her
as she wishes to remain in the shadow and not draw too much attention to herself.
May we join her?"

Mithrandir nods towards Anatea's table, wary of who watches his movement, wondering who
amongst the inn's company is friend or foe, recognising one or two of the faces.
Calin looks around at everythng tha is going on and realises that something big is going to happen soon and that it has something to do with the parson sitting next to him in the bloodstained clothes.
Lightfoot nodded and stood, stretching her arms a bit.
"Perhaps it will solve the mystery revolving around her, Mithrandir."
Mithrandir picks up the bottle and the Lembas bread and moves over to
Anatea's table, sits down and waits for Lightfoot to join him...

"Anatea, tell me what have you been doing to get yourself so bloodstained
and whom is it you wait for?"

as he asks this question Mithrandir looks over at the man with the
hood obscuring his face behind Anatea at a table covered in darkness.

"What journey are you embarking upon, what is it you seek to achieve
and how can myself and Lightfoot help you?"

He breaks some Lembas and chews on it thoughtfully !!
"Well Mithrandir, there are some things that are better not said. I happened to come across some misfortunes, but, I think we may help one another on our trip. We must leave tonight, there is evil roaming the woods, and there is one who follows me. He tried to kill me, but I don't think he knows what my plan is. I shall tell you about it on aur way. This must be discreet, we gather whoever wishes to join us that might be able to aid us, but first I must wait for the mesenger, I do not know who this mesenger is, but I believe they know who I am."
Ella decides to pluck up courage. She walks (and is joined by the friendly layd) to the lady with the golden bow. What a beautiful bow, the craftsmanship is incredible. Was it made by the elves?
Also, maybe you're the one, I don't know, but I would like to join you. I trust you're face and I, well I want to help. What can I do?? Please.....

Just then the the doors of the Inn swing open and Ella catches a glance of the Palace guards, she pulls up her hood covering her face and sits beside the man with the bloodstained cloak pulling herself as flat as she can to the wall in the shadows. The guards look around slowly, Ella holds her breath, a guard walks to the bar, talks to lady behind the bar, looks around again and then the guards leave. Ella lets out her breath slowly....
Lili cast a worried frown, glancing to the girl in the corner, "What's wrong? You were under your cloak faster than an arrow from a bow. Do you know those men?" She brushed back her cloak and sat down, "You seem to".
Anatea looks at her newly found friend. "Are you the messenger?" Noticing that she obviously was hiding from the palace guards, Anatea thought that this newly found stranger could be an acomplice and aid them on their journey. "Do you know how to use a bow? a sword?" "Why is it that you insist so on joining?"

Calin comes out from the shadows and pulls his hood down to be more friendly. I overheard something about a messenger here and having proficiency with a bow and sword. I am interested in whatever it is you are doing but i think we may be attracting a little too much attention from the barkeep and barmaids who tend to remember things they arent supposed to and they also rat out every one to the guards so if you are going to tell us anything we might want to go somewhere more secret.
Eva nodded. "Yes, a group of cloaked warriors around a bloodstained woman with a golden bow in a shadowy corner is bound to attract attention. And since the guards just walked in... Not that I think this is anything illegal, but perhaps not public, either? I can think of a couple of places I saw where I believe we could talk... less conspicuously." Eva turns to Anatea questioningly, awaiting a response.
"You are right. Perhaps it will be better to leave this place at once, come, I know of a place where we can stay." Anatea pays the barkeeper for all of her companions and leads them to the door, not forgetting her bow and her sword.
As Calin gets up he straps his sword on and slings his bow around his shoulders with a practiced ease. He then moves after Anetea but making it look like he is not associated with her so people won't sense anything going on.
Lili quietly stood from her seat and followed the others outside as they took thier leave from the tavern.
Ella stands and joins the rest as they leave, making sure her bow was hidden and her quiver (with a full compliment of arrows) tied to her waist, her dagger (given to her by Uncle Legolas) was hidden low down in her boots . Now, what was she going to tell the others about the Palace guards, they mustn't find out who she really was, she didn't want to go back to the Palace, would they hand her in if they found out who she was? Could she trust them with the truth, yes, surely if she was to become one of them she must confide in them, but when to tell them.

Anyway, now was her time to show her Uncle Eomer that she was ready to join the Rohirrim guards.

Ella waits for the Lady with the Golden bow....
"Then we are set, we must move quickly, but we cannot travel in such a big group, we will attract too much attention, I do not know if I can trust all of you yet, you must prove yourself trustful and worthy." She whispers the location of a small hut at the edge of the woods to Mithrandir, and then she says to all. " Mithrandir, you and Lightfoot lead the way, these other two friends will follow, one after the other, try not to call to much attention to yourself. I will follow at the back, making sure that we are not being followed."
Anatea thought she heard something in the darkened shadows of the bar, as if someone was listening, she skimmed the shadows with her mind, and hoped that the person concealed by them had not heard where they were going.
"So what's this talk of quests? And a messenger?" Lili asked once they had begun. She began playing with a small dagger in wait of an answer.
Ella goes to the hut taking her horse 'Nell' with her.

When she reaches the hut, she intorduces herself to the others, my name is Ella, I come from Gondor (after all this was the truth, that's where she was born). I can use my bow and dagger well. I'm also a good rider. I had a good teacher. How can I help.

Also, I think you had better know that there are a few people who know of this 'gathering', people you may not want to know. I overheard about this 'gathering' from some people working at the Palace. I just thought you'd better know.
Once Anatea was safely at the hut with the others and heard of this, she knew that they had to leave at once.
" we are traveling, my friend." she answered to Lily "I come from the within the sea. My quest is simple, I must get to Ered Wethrin, the mountain of shadow, to help another whom I do not yet know. but someone obviously does. i was ambushed, thus the blood, by a swarm of orcs. This messenger was supposed to meet me at the bar and deliver a message from a dear friend of mine who has been murdered. Then they were supposed to aid me on my journey. It is sad that he did not make it, but he knows the way, I suppose he could catch up, he's invincible, or so they say. Now, I need you if you can, to aid me on my journey. I am weary and can't fight alone, my magic is fading and I do not know the way." She looked around at everyone.

"Can you help me? Will you help me? I am afraid however that if you decide not to join me, you probably won't leave this room, alive anyway. Not to frighten you... but I just met you"
"I'm up for it, it's been a long time since I've done anything like this", She cocked her cwellen in response."But how do you know if you can trust any of us? As you said, you just met us."
I think it is the desperate times bring for desperate measures sort of thing. says Calin as he walks into the room. I am in and honestly no one is invicible and using someone practically invincible to do what they had to do is practically announcing I am doing something really important come get me.
but... as I said before I am good with bow, sword, can ride some but I am known for being one of the fastest elves on foot.
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