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Eva, who had been looking curiously at Ella after her mention of "the Palace," turned to Anatea. "I must confess that your story intrigues me. I will aid you as well. I am best with a bow, but I can use a long-knife or even a sword at need, I have some small amount of magic, and," she tilted her head toward the harp strapped over her back, "I sing." Her mouth quirked in a wry smile, acknowledging the seeming uselessness of this last ability.
Mithrandir looks at Anatea, "the seajewel, knows me well and as I have said
our paths will cross for many leagues, I am sure she would welcome
some help from an 'old' man like me as indeed she would from any of the company
here present. Lightfoot ! do you agree ?"

Mithrandir looks around at the surroundings to make sure that there are no unwanted
guests that have followed them...

Mithrandir looks at Ella, "there is something very familiar about her" he thinks to himself
she has the look of a horse lord, one of Eomer's house, from Rohan, but we shall soon see who
is worthy of joining us...

Mithrandir moves over to Lightfoot and offers her some of the Lembas he has brought
from the inn, and waits to see what will happen next.
Lightfoot took a piece of lembas with a "thanks" and sat back, watching everything quietly.
Mithrandir walks over to where Lightfoot is sitting
and sits down beside her waiting to see what happens next
"Well then, try anything unusual and you will find out how I plan on making sure you are all faithful... Thankyou all for your help, I believe we make a curious group. Why don't we introduce ourselves? Be Honest, please" She looked directly at Ella, knowing she was hiding something.
Lightfoot quietly raised her hand a bit.
"I go by Lightfoot."
She took a bite of lembas bread, looking towards Ella as well.
"Nice to have you on our, let's call it "fellowship", Lightfoot, but I must ask a little more detail, where are you from?" Anatea smiled.
Alright, you are willing to trust me with your names, so I will trust you. I hope you will keep my secret when I tell you.........

My name is Ella....short for Ellaranda. My Uncle is King Eomer. I have been trained by Legolas and also Gimli, I want to help you even though I do not have the age or experience. I want to help. I have been waiting for this, I feel it. Ella looks around at the group gathered in the hut.

The Palace guards were talking about this meeting, they encountered a group of Orcs and managed to get some information from one of them before he was slain. The Orcs know about this meeting. They are hunting you...

Please don't send me back....
Eva looked at Ellaranda. Then she looked at Anatea. "My name is Eva. I wander the lands and generally get by by providing a night's entertainment of songs at an inn. Where I am from is of little consequence, as I have not been there for quite some time.
As to the Lady Ellaranda... by all rights, we should send you home, m'lady. Your uncle will not be happy with us if he finds out we helped you go on an adventure contrary to his wishes- and I enjoy the country of Rohan.
I've got a hunch that it would be a mistake to leave you behind... and my hunches are rarely wrong. So, I vote for her to stay."
Lightfoot smiled, listening to the others before speaking again.
"I hail from the woods, because I remember not living anywhere else. I know not my land of birth, or my land of childhood, because I never was around anywhere long enough, as I am sure it is with you."
She coughed a bit after speaking, not used to saying so many words in a row.
I am Calin. I have also trained with legolas recently for a little while on a mission. I hail from mirkwood. And i knew you were familiar ella. I think she should stay. Worst cases we might be able to get legolas to say she was doing something for him. But I will join and I do not care who we have to face to finish this mission, I will not quit.
Eva cocked an eyebrow at Calin. "Rather passionate for someone who didn't even know what it was a while ago, don't you think?"
Mmm! "Well spoken Calin, as for Ellaranda, I will vouch for her if she is anything
like her uncle Eomer, we will have something special to aid us against the enemy"...

"As for myself, I am Mithrandir, I am not of this world though some of you may not
know it !!! I am a conjurer of magic tricks, fireworks for hobbit children and the odd
display at going away party's... but that is not the extent of my power..

I have something about me that I am sure you will soon find out and
yes it does entail magic... apart from that I have my trusty sword Glamdring
and a bag full of Lembas"

I trust that will suffice for now, as one or two of the company already know what I am capable of
and I will so nay more at present...

Good luck to us all and may there be a fair wind on our backs as we set forth on the journey
"Very well, nice knowing you all, I believe we all have certain strenghts that will aid us on our journey. We should set out as soon as posible, I do not like the news that the palace guards and the orcs are on to us on such a short time. Tell me when you are ready."
"One is not ready on ones own time, when the need is strong, you go". Lili stirred in the corner, "If others already know about what we're doing shouldn't we clear out soon?" she asked with hesitation.
"Yes let us make haste before we are caught in one place for too long"
just to clarrify, you may move all of the characters and create problems, however you would likeSmile Smilie

"Well then let us get going, we will take the south road and exit the town through it" Anatea took her bow and her sword and made sure they didn't loosen up around her dress, she covered her hair and part of her face with her seagreen hood and walked towards the door. Just as she was about to open it 20 orcs burst into the room.
Startled she said. "Well, here's to our first battle" and charged into an orc making sure that her sword would leave him well dead.
Quick as lightning, Ella had released three arrows (one after the other) killing two orcs outright and maiming a third. Due to the lack of space in the hut the orcs were congested at the door so no-one could leave, making the situation - not good. Ella turns to Mithrandir and asks, have you any magic that might make an exit through that wall? If we can't get out we will be forest rats in a trap...

"I can help with that" Anatea surged her will and thrust it towards the back wall and it burst. "We must kill the orcs" She said driving her sword through an orc's back. "We don't want them to follow us close behind do we?"
"I'll help", Lili quickly drew her sword and keyed it to her Deathsong. She sang in a harsh, raspy language, crushing a good number of orcs from the inside out. She'd become accustomed to this sort of thing through her assassinations but had never done it around other people, worried about the others, she cut off the song, suddenly, before she hurt anyone else.

Too early...need coffee.... Good Morning Smilie
Lightfoot watched Lili with a smile, decapitating another orc.
"Not bad technique there."
She grinned, laughing, still wielding her sword with a powerful blow.
Lili gave a weak smile, "Don't want to get too carried away", She responded backing against the wall and cocking her cwellen.
Mithrandir moves in front of the orcs between them and his companions

"make your move and do not look back, there will be a bright flash" as he speak's
he strides upto the remaining orcs and speaks a word or two of elvish, immediately
eminating from his ring there came a bright light and the rest of the orcs lay dead before him"

"Hurry on everyone, we do not have much time... my guess is that there will be plenty
more where they came from... quickly now down the valley into the woods come on Anatea show them the way !!!"
Ella whistles to Nell, who answers with a whiney. Ella mounts Nell in a running stride and follows the others - well it looks as though she's not going back, yet. They have let her join.

Ella risks a glance back to see the orcs strew about the broken down hut. Further behind the hut Ella is sure sees a flash, like the flash of sun on metal but this disappears as quick as it came. There is someone following - but who. I must tell the others quickly. Ella races to join the others and as she joins them calls out - we're not safe yet, there's someone following and I've a feeling it's bad.

Can you see the clump of trees up ahead, behind there's a small crevice in the rock wide enough for us to get through and it's hidden from the road, it will bring us out on the other side of the ravine....
Srry i have been gone so long.
Calin runs after the rest of the group after making sure no one was following too close and notices that Ella is worried about something. He thinks it may have something to do with the flash he saw out of the corner of his eye but does not give it much thought as he sprints to keep up with the rest of the horses and people.(i dont know who is on horses so...)
As he catches up to ella he asks, Whats wrong? Do you know what that light was?
OOC: Wow, I missed a lot over the weekend... sorry...
Eva, who had stayed in the shadows with her bow during the fight, was now running along on the other side of Ella's horse from Calin. She chances a quick glance over her shoulder, but must soon turn forward again to keep up and so she won't trip.
"I saw it as well... I had hoped it was an after-effect of Mithrandir's trick, but that seems unlikely if you two saw it as well. We'd best make it to that crevice as quickly as possible."
Eva begins to fall behind and decides to delay further conversation until they are relatively safe and save her breath for running.
"Quickly! We don't have much time! Run, what follows us behind may be powerful and fast."

They got to the crevice and into the other side. "Does anybody know of a place where we can hide and rest for a while? There is a chance that we may not be able to outrun them, especially without enough horses for everybody." Anatea turned and looked at her company, she knew they were the best for their quest.
With her mind, Anatea searched for the cave..."It's about 10 miles further. I can't seem to find anyone following us, but perhaps they have a powerful sorcerer. Let's go" Anatea feared that the one following might be someone she knew in her past, but brushed off the idea when she remembered he was supposedly dead.
"Hurry Anatea !!! the cave of Amon Sul is not to far for the company....
maybe we can find shelter there for a while... and think of the next
move into the wilderlands, i will stay at the back of the company just in case
we are followed... lead them on the way... Huh !!! followed after that flash
i have just produced half of the Wilderland has seen that Mithrandir is on the move..
hopefully we can reach the shelter of the caves before anything else befalls us".
sorry - not been well

I know where that cave is and on the way we have to pass a farm, we can get some horses if anyone wants one - the farmer is a friend and will not talk, we can also get some supplies. We will all travel a lot faster and further if we have horses. Is everyone happy with that?
"Yes, to the horses!!!" They were still running when they heard the marching steps of the 5 trolls that were headed their way. "Do we fight them, or do we search for a way around them?" Anatea looked around at her company.
"Anatea if we stay and fight you will have to rely on the other companions
as i have spent my spell strength on the orcs and it will take some time
to regain it.... i am sure they are more than a match for 5 hill trolls"
"If I may interject", Said Lili,"My song could take care of a few of them, it's more than magic, connecting through into thier bodies and minds, we could be on our way in a matter of moments", She glanced at the trolls as they edged closer to the group.
Lightfoot looked at Lili and nodded, then glanced to the others.
"She could, and we would be on our way faster. I agree with Lili. It'll do the group some good."
"All right," Eva nodded. "Do it."
Lili smiled shyly and took a few steps forward from the others. Slowly and softly her song began, a raspy language becoming intuned with the trolls life force, as they were being crushed from the inside out, she watched, it was the sort of death she was used to, being an assassin and it never really got old. As the song diminushed, one troll remained, only slightly wounded and ready to attack. "Someone else want to take this one?" She asked quietly.
Lightfoot switched her sword to her left hand, stepping forward.
"It would be my pleasure, Lili."
She ran forward and attacked the last troll, finishing him off in a few minutes.
"Well, now that that's taken care of, we should be on our way... " And they were off into the woods to find shelter.

(If anyone wants to join this thread they may at any time, being a good or bad guy, and please continue with the story, we can make this be exiting and fun!)
The farm is just round the next clump of rocks. Go the barn and choose the horse you want. You won't have to be an expert, you will know when you see the horse which is right for you. These are special horses. Don't worry if you've never ridden - they will carry you. I will go to the farmer and explain. I will get some supplies but is there any special things that may be needed? I'll see what Ara, the famer has. They reach the farm and Ella leaps from her horse as a tall, thin man comes out from the farmhouse.

"Ella, what are you up to now", asks Ara. Ella runs up and gives Ara a big hug then explains all. Ara doesn't say anything just nods his head.

Ella and Ara join the rest of the group in the barn as they all choose their horses.

Well any special supplies? asks Ella......

Lili looked up from the large golden she had chosen and nodded. "Is there any chance I could get a good strip of cloth? I would be greatful", she said quietly.
Ella looks at Ara, he nods ok

Ella tells the group that they must name the horse they pick and that the horse will be bonded to them forever. They are my horses and they are gifts to you.

Ara brings in food and water plus other items for travelling (he has done this sort of thing before for the King and Ara loved Ella like a dughter and knew the blood that ran through her veins he wanted to make sure she had everything that would be needed, but he would still worry).

Ara handed a large piece of folded cloth to Lili. Ella asks where they will be heading and when, thinking that it must be as soon as possible so they will not be tracked. The orcs and trolls must have been found by now......
Lili thanked Ella for the cloth and tucked it in her bag for later, "So, bonded forever? Hmm... then Aria will be a fine name", meaning my guiding star in her native tongue, she smiled in satisfaction. "Whatever we do, it should be decided quickly, though, time is short".
"true" Anatea said as she searched for the right horse... and there it was, the white stallion, beautiful... "Aearm’r" She walked in awe towards him and caressed his thick skin. The stallion nuzzled against her neck. "I am ready..." she said never taking her eyes off her horse.
Eva stroked the nose of the pretty but sturdy-looking mare she had selected. The horse was tall and elegant, a blood bay (that’s a reddish color for anyone who doesn’t know).
’Hmm’ I think I shall name you Aierlin, after another fiery-haired friend of mine.’ The horse whickered softly in response to the Naming. She turned to the others. ’I think we would probably be all right staying here tonight if we had to, but I for one would prefer to move on. If something is following us, we don’t want to give it a chance to catch up, and we certainly do not want to bring danger to the house of Ella’s friend after he has been so generous to us.’
Can anyone give a clear idea as to what direction we will be heading in. It's just that winter will be here soon and if we are heading north we will just keep ahead of it if we leave now...

Ella looked around her companions, thinking what a good, strong group there were. Whatever they would come up against she knew they would all watch each others backs. Ella had a good feeling about this...
"well... we should be moving north... but I wonder why the rest of the company is so quiet? Does everybody have a horse now?"

(Where is everybody?).. we have to continue... should we?)
(sorry guys - been away to the US on business)

Mithrandir strides into the barn, a little late as he had to tie his shoe lace on the way
he looks around and see's many fine horses !!! then a snow white stallion with a grey flecked
mane strides upto him and nuzzles his neck "mmm it has been a long time Shadowfax"
as I smile into his deep grey eyes. Mithrandir turns to the company "I think we are ready now" he leads the horse out of the barn into the yard stroking him as he does so "come let us make haste,
winter fast approaches and we are being watched closely"
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Robbin's been on but hasn't posted, I think he's still here though.
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Oh, and Windrush- shoelace? Super Wow Smilie
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