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sorry I won't be around for a few months, my operation has been reinstated

Suddenly a big ugly orc drags Ella from under the dead wargs and pulls her up onto the warg and rides off taking an unconscious Ella with him...........

When I get back I'll make something up - please keep this going as it was good fun
Mithrandir (who is also wondering when the wargs are going to stop!!)
decides to despatch a spell that will kill the rest of the wargs and their riders

Holding his staff aloft, he mumbles an incantation a bright blue light emits from
the jewel at the top and blows the wargs and their riders to pieces all except the one that
has left with Ella on it's back....

"I think we all need a drink and a bit of a rest after that one" he looks into his
rucksack and finds some lembas and a pig skin of wine "come let us find a safe
place to stop a while"?
"Ella!" Anatea searched with her mind for the warg. "She is not far off, the warg has dropped her I will go and get her, but yes Mithrandir perhaps it is time to rest, you never know when you shall be needing your full energy. I believe we passed a cave on our way here, not far off." She took out a bag of some sort of really strong elvish drink and took a big gulp, then offered the rest of her group.
"I could go hunting, if you all are hungry for some meat."
OOC: I was feeling really bad about not being able to get on, but it looks like I am not the only one who is having difficulty with that. So, am I wounded too, or did Calin mean Ella? I guess I'll assume that I am...

Eva sits up dizzily. Noting her throbbing head and the poultice on it, she figures that an orc must have got her. Looking around, she notices Ella's absence and is relieved when Anatea announces she is still nearby. She stands unsteadily and follows the others as they head for the cave, after a short and somewhat frantic search for her harp.

Would someone please be able to mail me what has been happening since I last posted? I don't have much time to go and read back. All help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Smile Smilie
(oops i really did mean ella and thats why i got really confuse when the warg picked her up, sorry eva. ummm i guess we will deal with it.)
Calin runs after everybody else while shouting to anatea meat sounds good.
"An excellent idea Anatea, i suggest we all head for the cave
we can discuss our regrouping and then decide who is going
to go where... as we are still being followed and we still must
not loose sight of the road ahead..."

Mithrandir waits for the thoughts of his companions....
Crouched in the shadows, silently watching the group, is a slender girl who looks about 17. Lying sheathed on the ground next to her are two slender blades and a carefully coiled whip. When silence falls among the companions, she stands up quietly, putting on the weapons lyin gon the ground and straightens a belt with a bunch of bulging pouches, then steps into the light, raising her hands slightly in a gesture meant to signify peace.
"Arwen Undomiel - well, well this is a pleasant surprise not often does
one of the High Elven Race join such company, does your father know
that you are, shall we say at a loose end ? "

Mithrandir bows low...
Arwen returns the bow, and gives Mithrandir an innocent smile.
"Of course not, all he knows is that I need sometime away and to experience something new. Would you care if I joined you?" She asked, glancing around at his companions.
"It is of no surprise to me that you would be interested in
joining us.... however there are some pretty handy people
in this group, but then I am sure that an elven princess
would not be barred from helping with her skill and the
company is very friendly..."
'Well, if no one has any objections, then I shall be glad to join," Arwen replied, then catching sight of Lightfoot, she made her way to Lightfoot's side. "Ah, Lightfoot, dear friend of the elves, how are you?"
"Well well... Arwen, how are you? Such a long time! You must have traveled a long distance to stumble upon such a company like ourselves..." Anatea smiled warmly and slightly bowed. "Please, your company is most welcome, and we could always use an extra sword."
She points towards the cave. "Let's get going shall we? Go ahead, I'll go get Ella and hunt us a fine deer for us to feast upon. It was nice seeing you again Arwen, please let one of the company explain the perils we run and well, they can introduce themselves. We shall catch up when I get back." Anatea turns and walks away having in mind that Arwen was supposed to be part of the group, perhaps she was supposed to be the messenger? She doubted it... but you never know...
(Whats happening here guys? does anyone want to continue with this?
nobody has posted for three weeks.....)
OOC: Well, I'm still in, but I'm not sure where we are...
im in buut i think we are waiting for Marion
There was a sudden hush as Ella staggers back to the group, oh, really sorry that orc hit me with some sort of dart and the next thing I knew I was lying beside a river. You are not going to believe this, there were some little creatures bathing my wounds. They called themselves 'Rilvers' and they live in the waters of middle earth. They told me that they knew who we were (they named all of you) and that we were on a quest. They even knew Lady Arwen was joining us!!

The Rilvers are not working with the dark lord, they grabbed the orc and pulled me away and drowned the warg and rider.

The person we are going to rescue knows of the Rilvers and she asked them for their help, she said things are getting desperate. The dark lord is stepping up his plans. The precious jewel has been hidden so we need to rescue this secret woman to protect the jewel that keeps the light of middle earth in order. The Rilvers said that Mithrandir knows the way to the hidden cave of light.

What is our next step?
"I do indeed but no-one has passed that way for many a long age
and it may be guarded now by lothesome creatures more
fearful than orcs and wargs"

I think we need to assemble the company first and see if we are all in
agreement to persue that way or we may travel into the mines of Moria
and come to the path via a different route though I cannot say that we will
pass that place without hinderence... What does the company say ?
"My friend Lightfoot and I have come across them on one or
two occasions if i am not too much mistaken they are
cousins of those rascally creatures Hobbits they too are lovers
of all things natural, the gardeners of middle earth and i seem to
remember that they too like a drop of ale a smoke of pipeweed
and can tell some wonderful stories of ancient times....
Lightfoot nodded silently in agreeement with Gandalf.

Sorry guys! This hread has gotten me confused :s What's happened?
im in... but it looks like the warg riders had some friends.

we were rescuing someone. they know the way to the jewel...marion was captured and saved by some creatures and many other things..
MIthrandir looked around at the company disappointed
that it had diminished in size, obviously the members are
otherwise engaged in their own private battles and need some time
to think about their way forward ?
I think we should do as Mithrandir suggested. He knows the way - I'm ready to follow you, Mithrandir, which ever way you choose. We must hurry.......
Eva you were the only bard and i dont see why you say your character was redundent. The only thing is this thread is dying and people are doing what they can to bring it back to life.
OOC: No, someone else’s special power was music. Rue’s, I think. Now, it’s true she hasn’t been around for a while, at least to this thread. So, if a couple people, especially Anatea, do come post in the thread soon, so it looks like things will actually happen, and if it is only a couple of people, meaning most of the characters left, then I’ll delete the post. I will be checking. But we do need at least Anatea, and it will be more difficult to let other characters disappear than it was for mine, particularly Mithrandir and Ellaranda. If those people can’t or don’t get into this thread again soon, there’s not much point in continuing it. I thought I’d make some room and make it a little less ponderous, because we’re dealing with a lot of people that everyone has to move around at some point. But if there’s not enough, I’ll either delete the post or come back in the story.
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Please come back I want this to keep going and you were important Eva- it takes more than one person to do roleplay (never done it before and am having fun).

Please, please..............

Where is every one else - I went for a month or so whilst recovering from op..........
OOC: :sigh: yes, all right, the post is deleted. But what are we doing? Calin said the wargs had some friends’ what sort of friends?
Wow!!!! stil nobody has posted Mithrandir reached into his sack and pulled out a skin of wine and sat down, "Oh! well I may as well have a drink while waiting for the other companions to decide what we are doing and were we are going. Myself we need to reach the stair of Cirith Ungol and the sooner the better before the wargs and their friends overtake us.... but hey i'm just a lonely companion going nowhere (well at the moment anyway!!!)
I think most of the others are pretty much gone. But we need Anatea at least, and I think Calin and Ella/Maydmarion are in. And I am in, and if I do leave I will at least write a leaving for myself’ People have been around, just not posting here. Is it just that everyone’s afraid to move the story forward, especially without Anatea? I know that's why I haven't put anything not OOC for a while...

Mithrandir stood up, ok well it's about time we started this quest and properly....

At that moment, a large looking troll walked into the clearing that Mithrandir had just been
sitting down in oops!!!... i guess this was what was meant by the wargs having friends
the troll looked at Mithrandir strangely... it must have been the first old man he had ever encountered. Mithrandir lunged for his staff and sword (Glamdring) and just ducked under a hammer that had been thrown towards him... Mithrandir looked around hoping that someone
else might be around to help him fight the troll otherwise he would have to use up some
more vital magic, which he was sure would be needing to keep to fulfill the quest and recover the jewel of Morgoth and reveal the true heir of Middle Earth (come on you lot !!! hurry up)
Eva scowled and drew her long knife. She knew her bow would be little good against the troll's tough hide, but she was much better with it than with the knife. Still, she could hardly just leave Mithrandir to fight the troll by himself, even if he was capable of it.
Ella pulled her bow to full draw and released her arrows. The first bounced off the troll but the second and third hit their mark, sticking in the troll's side, making the troll turn and growl at her. It toppled but did not fall - Ella knew it was going to take more than one of the company to bring this troll down.....
Calin ran up from behind the trooll and leapt up onto its back. he then grabbed his dagger , pulled himself up onto the troll and started attacking its head.
Eva resisted rolling her eyes at Calin's brave, straightforward, and somewhat foolish action. Admittedly, a troll's was a vulnerable spot that when damaged would prove fatal, but it could take time to get through its skull and hit its tiny brain, and while you were trying to do that, the troll could whack on you. She started trying to get its attention, which was difficult- troll's are neither perceptive nor focused, but they do tend to notice and be preoccupied by someone taking chunks out of their cranium. "Mithrandir, could we have maybe one little flash of light?" she asked. "I don't know if my singing would distract it, but light defnitely will."
"As you have asked so politely Eva" Mithrandir moves forward and casts a ray of light upon the trolls forehead stunning him... the troll falls to the ground and seems lifeless.. Mithrandir moves forward and listens for the troll's breath (not wanting to get too close as these brutes stink) he lifts an eyelid with his staff to reveal a black lifeless eye.

"Excellent work everyone" (see what we can do together) "perhaps we should move swiftly away from this area or he (Mithrandir pokes the troll with his sword) may have some friends, Calin where do you think we should go North into Lothlorien or shall we seek the path through Moria ? Mithrandir hands around his flask of mirouvier "just a little for each of us... it will help us stay warm and brighten our spirits a little"
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