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A city called Sayah, in other words, the Prison Kingdom. Surrounded by walls towering into the sky and only one large, stone, gate at the front wall, no one has ever ventured outside the barriers. The government restricts passage through the large doors, threatening either arrest or death for those who plot to wander outside the walls. Everyone who has somehow managed, has been found dead just inside the doorway days later, mangeled and torn up. But rumors have floated throught the city, that beyond the gates lies a land full of beauty and freedom for whoever comes upon it, if you get by the beast tearing up the bodies of the previous escaped. Now, a small group of rebelious individuals have come together to break out of the city that had held them captive so many years.

Alrighty then...

Inside the city it's very dead, small shrubs, cracked earth, dust...Lot's of shops & allyways, and stuffs
You can be anything, from human to odd never-before-heard-of-creatures, to whatever else
Majick is allowed in whatever form, basically, anything goes...
And if anyone actually joins, I won't be like a do-it-this-way GM, more like a only-does-it -to-follow-the-rules GM. If that even sounded slightly logical, I've done my job.
I'm not very good with creating charachters so i will just make this handy description chart i saw somwhere....

Race:Kender-if you have not read Dragonlance, do
Height:about 4 foot
eyes: brown
miscolaneous: likes to "borrow" things, quik and agile 'funloving'-not liking being bored

is that good? if not i suppose i might end up changing it....or not
Wicked, it's fine, you have a name? or just your UN?

Name- Nak (Nakhile)
Race- Larhean
Description- Long dark hair, dark eyes, & a 18ft wing span ( Wings: Raven black, shine purple in sunlight. Waers large cloak to hide them)
Clothing- Black leggings, high boots, long gray shirt, large belt.
Weapons- Bow'n arrows across back & twin blades on either hip.
Reason still in city- Though she has wings & should be able to fly, she's only just broken out of jail for murder, leaving w/ clipped wings...
Name: Freyr
Apperiance: A dark looking pale girl who wears a long blue cape and a hood.
Weapon: A long metal pole, and a Knife
Power: She has telekineses
BIo: Because she has spent so much time in her room she has been able to develop telekineses. SHe is not very social, and does not smile much. She was arrested for supposed witch craft.
Profession:Ranger who specializes in taming flying beasts
Clothes: Sky blue shirt and Pants that makes him look very out of place among the prisoners but makes him hard to see when riding in the air.
Weapons:Bow annd arrows specialy desigened for firing while in the air, and 2 daggers that by saying the commend word can become swords.
background: he was in jail because he was caught while trying to taim a baby dragon, and for stealing a pegasus from a king. He has a secret lair where his apprentice is taking care of some of his mounts and plans on heading there as soon as he is out. He is usually noble unless he sees a perfect mount or something else that would provide a challenge.

hope this is fine and some comments/questions.
1. will you eventually give your kendar a slingstaff as a sidejoke elrose.
2. Have we already broken out of jail or are we still in, because if we were still in we wouldnt have these weapons or clothes would we?
3. Lets have some fun with this rp!
Alrighty, we're still inside the walls of the Prison city, but apparently all just broken out of jail, so... since this has occured, I suggest we're all on the run. Unfurtunatly, we can't get out- considering the walls- and need to find a way before becoming captured again. How about begining in some alley or somewherer else fairly isolated?

Oh yeah! Thanks for joining guys!
sure that sounds good to me.
Alright then, again... nothing left to do but start.

Nak pulled her cloak tighter against her body and yawned from the corner she sat in. "They're going to find us eventually, there's nowhere to go", she said addressing the others she'd escaped with. She looked around as the sound of shouts became audiable from the streets, soldiers were running down the road left and right, knowing what would happen if they didn't catch the criminals soon. "We need to get out, the city is too small for us to live very long and capture isn't something we can avoid forever", she shifted uneasily as a town guard walked past rather slowly.
Freyr paused and hoped the gaurd would not notice them. He didnt and walked past them. "The walls here are huge and getting past them seems almost impossible. Besides that fact that they are huge they are gaurded like a room of gold. . what are we to do?".
I believe i'll resurrect Lairen for this RP, i think i killed her when i left last time...

Name: Lairen
Race: half-Elven
Age: looks about 19 but is around 17
Appearance: she is about 5'5", with reddish brown hair reaching to the middle of her back. She has golden brown eyes, that appear darker when she's mad. Her weapon of choice is a handled chain with a scythe at the end, but she also has twin katanas strapped to her back.
History: unknown

"I have an idea, if you are willing to accept an outsider," said the light voice of a mysterious stranger who mysteriously appeared, wrapped in a dark grey cloak.
"How do we know we can trust you. There are many people who would wish to decieve us and get us back in prison." Freyr said in a suspitious voice.
Welcome Arwen!

Nak looked up slowly, "We have no intention of going back there, if this is a trick, you'll deal with all of us". She pulled her cloak tighter with one hand and handled one of her twin blades with the other in unease.
thanx Rue!! I've missed all of you! Big Smile Smilie

Lairen grinned. "How do i know that i can trust you? What if you are spies, wishing to capture me? You see, it's a two way road, either we can work together, or attempt to kill each other, you choose. I really could care less what happens."
"Well i dont know what to say , what do you think we should do Nak? I personally don't think we can trust her but i admit I'am a very suspicios person." Siad Freyr.
We missed you too!

Nak shrugged slightly and addressed the other girl, "I'll trust you, but, you are being warned now, one double cross and you've got a world of hurt from the lot of us". She stood, keeping hold of her cloak, and extended her other hand in a sence of acception. "Now what do you have in mind?"
will you eventually give your kendar a slingstaff as a sidejoke elrose. you mean my hoopak right?

i'm just along for the ride so i'll let the planning up to people wiser than me....i do know some secret entrance/exits though' says Talorion Trapsinger/Tal as he pulls out his hoopak staff out of a pouch thatr must be deeper than it looks.

i made my name Talorion Trapsinger/Tal instead of Elrose
the reason i asked is because you didnt list your weapons.but yes i meant your hoopak

I am up for anything right now as long as it doesnt get us caught. but something we might need is a decoy and i ma willing to play decoy.
"Well i'am glad to know that we have some one willing to play the part it makes it easier. Right now i say we should brainstorm ideas of getting out and hear if this outsiders plan is any good to us. Right now i have no ideas." Said Freyr.
my mentioned secret ways out are preety small, I barely fitt through" said Tal
"Oh thats really compilicates things, some of us are bigger then you. We will probably need to find a different way, because people may not fit through and it would take aton of time which is bad when you dont want to be caught. So Outsider what is your plan?" Asked Freyr sarcasticly.
Nak, waiting for the stranger to speak, lowered her hand and slipped off her cloak, revealing her large black wings, "Um, yeah, it's gonna be kinda hard to fit these through anything anyway". She shrugged slightly and addressed the stranger again, "I want a way everyone can get out safely, without contact with soldiers, or really with anyone else. The federation has already made us three out as dangerous criminals, any who sees us wont hesitate to report it, we'll be dead before we even reach the walls".

Yay! Back from AZ! Dunce Smilie
"yes we can't abandon anyone, it is either all of us go or none. If you join us and abandon us i will kill you my self with my own hands. I'm already in jail no need to worry about punishment." Freyr clinched her fist and it started to glow purple, meaning she was serious.
Tal looks at The Commanders glowing hands with intense curiosity and pokes them.
wb, Rue!!!!! *hugglez*
Lairen laughed. "As interesting as the purple glowing is, you really should learn to keep your temper under control. Rashness will only cause problems. I believe there should be a passageway right in the spot where we would probably attempt to avoid, so all we ahve to do is decide where they would hide a passageway. So, all we have to do is get in there, and i am practically certain we can escape."
Freyr eased her fists and they returned to normal. "I know that anger only causes problems, but this means alot to me. Getting out of jail is my top priority and i dont want to ruin the chance. And if being rash keeps me alive then i should be." Freyr finished and was still glaring at the stranger.
Thanks Arwen! *Hugglez back*

And uh...

I think some people are confused. The city is surrounded by large walls, no one has ever been outside, we were here to start (The city is huge)There's a jail inside the city, Robbin, Freyr and I have only broken out of the jail, now, before being recaptured we need to get outside for the first time, that way we'll be free forever. We have no idea what it's like outside.
what if its really horid outside? *shudder*
Well! no time like the present! thats an old time traveler joke. Did I ever tell you about the time me and my Uncle Trapsinger went time traveling? Well, hey look! your hands are getiing purple again! *giggle*
I wish my hands did that! they remind me of a gnome i once new. did i tell you about him? you should really hear it again if I did its really, hey now youre face is getting purple too!" Tal is then to overcome by the giggles to say anything else.
Freyr could not handle the giggling. "All in favor of throwing tal out raise your hand." Freyr snapped a finger and all of the sudden Tal was purple! freyr started gigling herself. "who is purple now?"
what if its really horid outside? *shudder*

Could be, but it's better to live in a horrid world free, than to live in a semi-horrid world behind bars.

Nak supressed her own chuckle and turned to Freyr, "We're not throwing anyone out, but, seeing how this has stopped him from talking for the moment, you can leave him like that".
"Dont worry tal i was not serious, i just wanted to make you suffer a bit for insulting me, and turnign you purple was the perfect way". Freyr gigled for a moment then continued. "And besides i could not handle your stories about your uncle or who ever it was!"
occ: sry, my bad. I went back and edited it, so tell me if there is anything else I need to take out or change.
Oh, no it''s fine : )
i suppose you are right....well, why dont we start to go somewhere? we could climb a wall or....I KNOW we should get a dragon! do you know that once me and my brother rode a dragon! yeah it was great! does anyone where to get a dragon? I think the commander is trying to sday something, is that why hes turning purple?
Hye guys! Sorry I haven't been around in so long...well, I'll come up with a bio and post it, if it isn't too late. I'd love to join in this rp!
Go fer it Adreia, we could always use another person, especially you! Big Smile Smilie

Lairen sighed and glared at the kender. "Does that creature ever shut up? I have never heard so much narrative from something so small! And no that's not the reason why he's purple either," Lairen stated in answer to the kender's statement.
Just to tell you my caracter is a she so ya, i'm just informing you so yawl know.
Take your time Adreia!

Hehe, thanks you guys. I'll get it up now, hehehe

Name: Garet Jax
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Race: Human
Height: tall
Description: A Weapons Master, Garet Jax dresses in all black, with flint grey eyes. He isn't very talkative, but is (usually) unmatched in battle, and carries numerous weapons.
Weapons: Many daggers, knives, a short sword, and a long sword
Reason to city: Passing through

Hehe, yeah, a male character....don't know how to start him, though
THE WISHSONG OF SHANNARA!!!!!! Dude, I love Terry Brooks!
Yes!!!! I'm almost done with it. Terry Brooks is incredible!! Wink Smilie
I've read the entire series up to Tanequil, amazing! (I got my user name from a character in his books)
Wow. I haven't seen all his titles around, so I better start looking...Wink Smilie Well, Rue, how should I get Garet into the story?
Hmmm....hey, what if you're a friend of Arwens character? If it's alright with her, then we could meet up with you wherever she's taking us and continue on from there.

Nak shook her head and looked towards the sky, "It's getting dark, we need to get going before they set out the night rounds".
That sounds like a good plan to me! I hope Arwy agrees Smile Smilie Good thinking
of course it's okay with me Adreia! Big Smile Smilie Unless i missed something and u and i are bitter enemies w/o knowing it. :P
I'd hope we're not bitter enemies! I'd be out a good friend Sad Smilie And thanks Wink Smilie
Sooooooo, may we continue? Look Around Smilie
uhhhhh rue u mind if i join? Big Smile Smilie

Name: Iesseus Reyndous
Race: Dunedain
Currently living in: Osgiliath
Age: 24
Height: 6'0
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near osgiliath.He has Blond hair mixed with black hair.His weapons are the sword his father gave him which he called Alsouda Katana and throwing knives.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black chain mail and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black leather pants and a White short-sleeve shirt under a leather vest.He also wears a leather wristband on each wrist with nails driven through them that are about 9 inches long.He usually wears a hooded black cloak when out and about in town and stuff.

A stranger walked up.He looked tough and rugged and he said looking at nak."Hey tinkerbell I saw you in jail awwwwww they clip your wings.HA HA HA HA HA!"said the man."Listen I own a pub and inn and even though i was in prison i got some friends to watch it,but i think id have some fun with you guy.Hehe!"
Sure, come on in. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Nak smiled sweetly and walked up in front of him, "Aww jeez, Tinkerbell, that's really good coming from a tough guy like you, what's next?" She brought her fist forward quickly, and laced him across the face, "There's some Tinkerbell for you".
A little blood started comin out of Iessus's mouth."Not bad.Notbad at all so are we gonna escape or what I mean come on tell me"said Iesseus impatiently.
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