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Freyr grabed naks clothing and pulled her away from allt he other people. "So do you think we can have this guy too. I dont want you two to be bickering the whole time. things coukld escalate, so what do you say?" Freyr finished.
Nak pulled away slightly and nodded, "Yeah, we can trust him. But if he calls me Tinkerbell again, bickering is out of the question, I'll lay that bar-boy out". She shook her head, calming down, "We need to get out, anyone can be a help".
"Well I think we should get going because the night rounds start at exactly 9:32 and its 9:23 right now its the perfect time to try and get out.What do you guys think?"said Iesseus still bleeding from Naks sucker punch.
Nak rolled her eyes and pulled a rag from her pocket, tossing it at Iess, "Nothing worse than a wasted punch". Then turning to the others, "We may know when they start, but we don't have rotation schedules , guard postings, or company numbers. Then, we'll need food and water, a means to get out, hopes that we're not followed, and if we do make it, what do we do next?"
"Leave the food and water to me, watch this."said Iesseus macholy.He walked over to a little man on the side of the road selling food.He drew his sword and put it an inch away from his neck."We can have some food RIGHT."said Iesseus sounding ruthless and mean."S-s-sure you can.Take anything."said the man.So Iesseus picked up food and put it in a sack....
Nak smiled slightly, "Alright, we've got some food, now what? We've got maybe five minutes before we get caught. I'm not going back there and I highly doubt anyone else is interested either". She shook her head and moved to the other side of the alley, hands gripping the steel ladder. "This looks somewhat promising", she mumbled as she hauled herself up higher, continuing to ascend.
"WE gotta get out tonight we just gotta."said Iesseus sadly."Ill go back and ill distract them so you guys can get out.And dont try to talk me out of it!"
Nak looked down to him from the top of the building and raised a brow, "How come you get all the fun?"

Yeah, way beyond short post.
"Ya know what I deserve to die if I have too.Ill try to get out with you guys if I can but if I dont.Good luck.and Nakhalie."Iesseus sounded as if he was gonna say i love you but instead he said,"Take care.Ill try to get out as fast as I can.When you hear me say orcs are coming that means go.Got it?"
"Hold on", said Nak, trying to smile, "We're a group, we all need to agree, and I don't think the others are going to let one person take such a large risk". She gestured to their fellow convicts and group members, "Lets split up, two groups, we need to find a way out before creating any distractions, one group finds a way out and the other covers it after stirring up some mayhem".
Calin steps out from his hiding place in the shadows. he sees surprise in some peoples eyes because they forgot he was there.

well i know this sounds a bit odd but how about the main gate...Who in their right minds would just go out the gate. I think that might be our best shot at getting out because the guards might just be a little suprised if 6 people just walk up to the front gate and want out. so my plan is if the 3 sneakiest people were to hide while 3 walk up to the gate, and then the 3 hiding knock out the guards it might work, and to make it look even better one of the three that are hiding can try to hide clumsily, that wqay the guards get over confident about how this will turn out. We might be able to just make it through if we hit them right at 9:32...

i hope im still calin... and sorry i have been gone so long i am in florida and have found a wireless router to conect to so if i can find more when i leave where i am i will get back on but otherwise i will see you on the 5th.
"The gate sounds good to me, i could easily take thoughs gates off there hinges. And i agree with Nak we need to agree on decisions and not sacrafice our selfs, none of us could take a whole force on alone. So what is the decision.
Ya.Im with the telekinesis chick here we gotta stick together."said Iesseus still very macholy.He started polishing his wristbands while he was waiting for a reply.
"Dont call me a chick, i dont want to get angry but if you call me that again i will be furious. Your lucky i'm not Nak, if i was i would slap you!" Freyr galred at Iess and was mad.
Sorry I haven't posted! We went to Vermont for a few days, and I just got back today. Does anyone know if Arwy's been around? (sorry for short length)
Nope, hasn't for a while...
"Well your not Nak and I dont even know if I believe your whole telekinetic powers thing.All you look like is a foolish girl who doesnt know what shes getting herself into."said Iesseus sounding a little angry....
Nak lept off the roof and landed a few feet in front of him, "That mouth of yours could get you killed by someone other than the guards you know".
"Is that a threat there Nakky girl!"taunted Iesseus playfully.He thought to himself'Ya know she could be right.'
Nakky girl?

She nodded with a slight smile on her face, "Yeah, hey you're a quick one!", she rolled her eyes, and leaned against the alley wall. "But apparently not quick enough to see a punch coming right at your face".
Sorry i was gone for so long... grandpa had surgery, aunt got a new car, and my siblings started school, all last week.

"Alright," Lairen snapped, making eye contact with the various members of the rag-tag gang. "Nak, please control your violent tendencies and the rest of you, stop egging her on! How do you expect to get out of here successfully if you can't even open your mouth without getting in a fight?!"
She turned and walked down the street, counting silently under her breath, then suddenly paused and let out a low whistle, then tapping her foot, she waited expectantly. " C'mon...where are you?" She whispered, so that none of the otehrs could hear her.
Wow, crazy week, good to have you back : )

Nakhile smiled, standing just a few feet behind Lairen, "Hey, I only hit him once, that's gotta show control".
"Well instead of standin here talkin lets get this thing over with."said Iesseus getting frustrated that they were not gone yet.
Lairen didn't respond, to the comments and glowers of her companions, but instead started tapping her foot with a rather obvious show of impatience.
Nak rolled her eyes and spoke in a rather bored tone, "I'm sure whoever you're waiting for will be here soon, we're not exactly hard to find".
Garet Jax stepped out of the shadows, almost seeming to appear out of thin air. He smiled a bit, turning to his companion.
"Sorry for my late arrival. I had some...troubles."
Lairen smiled. "Forgiven, but only if none of your troubles followed you here, friend. Everyone, may I present the infamous Garet Jax, who will be accompanying us for this adventure."
Nak nodded and displayed a true grin, "Ah, Garet Jax, tales of your adventures have traveled far and wide, it's good to have a weapons master around. It's said that in combat, you have no equal, that any weapon may go against you and you will still come out victorious".

Or, you know, that's what the book said.
"Ohhh you dont believe in me, well i guess i will just have to show you!" Freyr raised her hands and Iess was lifted intot he air. "I hope you believe me now" She turned and wlaked away and he fell tot he ground.
"UUGGHHH!"Iesseus landed with a thud.He got up rubbing his back and said to Garet."I bet I could beat you in a fight Im one of the best.And as for you Freyr I believe you now."said Iesseus humbled.
"Oh, shut up, Iess", said Nakhile lazily, "Garet Jax would run up one side of you and down the other without effort. Do you want that?"
"enough if we keep quarling then we will be caught and thrown back in jail. We need to work together. Or we will die! How many times do i have to say that?" Freyr finished being mad.
"That's only the second time", said Nak calmly, "Besides, if Iess did go up against Garet, you know he'd loose".
this is very intresting and all so i dont mean to be rude but wouldnt it be better if i just went and see if....O! look what i found in my pouches! *the kender pulls out a large ring of keys* they must have fallen from the gaurds pocket....we should return them before we leave...but can they help??
Garet Jax watched quietly with a small smile, until the keys were drawn out.
"I'd recommend holding on to those. You never know when keys will come in handy."
He then turned to Nak, smiiling wide.
"It is good to know someone respects me and understands me, my companion not included."
Calin decides the arguement has gone on too long and quickly nocks an arrow to his bow, aims and fires off the first arrow and a second arrow. The arrows fltching brushes Iess'e and Nak's ears as they go by. i hope the names are right. Calin then puts his bow away positive he has everyones attention. "Now first of all Garet is the best swordsman here, second Iess you may be the second best or you may be the best of something else, third i am tired of the arguing and next one to argue about Garet starts to have sharp pieces of wood in places they will not enjoy. fourth lets just go out of the front gates now because i am sure with a little archery we can get about 15 seconds which will be enough for Mr. Kendar here even if he didnt have the keys. so we will be gons in a short period of time, but... first things first is since people are havaing trouble with the proficiency of other party members... i suggest that Garet and Iess go to the guards stables and get 8 horses. But once by the guards stables they can show off their swordsmanship skills on the guards outside of the stables. then they come with the horses galloping at the gates which will be opening and we all mount the horses as they pass( i hope you can mount a horse while its running other wise you have to run until we are far enough away to slow down.) But then we should be able to get free, and then the only thing left to do for me is to come back here and kill all those associated with this prison. Big Smile Smilie
Garet Jax nodded silently in agreement before looking over to less silently for a moment.
"Would it harm your pride to work alongside me?"
"Of course not and sorry I would be honored to work with you.But there is something you all should know."said Iesseus.He lifted up his right sleeve to reveal a symbol engraved in his skin.It was the symbol that the orcish spies had."I used to work for them but then I cut off all there heads and fled.They tried to find me but they couldnt.I was to quick for them.I came to here for refuge but then I realized it was prison."
I dont think there is anything wrong with the symbol because i bet your not the only one with some dark secret. I prefer not to remeber mine so if you want to hear mine your out of luck because i dont remember.
"We've all probably got at least one dark secret", said Nakhile looking at the mark on Iess's arm. "But that doesn't mean we've got to tell it, although this one does seem better known than hidden".
"Ya of course.Hey Garet lets do this.Is every one almost ready.???"said Iesseus getting impatient at the end.
Well good luck to all. said Calin moving into the shadows. I got the 2 guards on the right side Nak i know you can get the two on the left and elrose and laurien could you take out the gatehouse guards and open the gate. garet and Iess when you get the horses, you will need to make some sound that lets us know your coming, because we cant give them any time to reinfoce the gate.
"i will go with them to the gate house. Did you every notice that there are aton of different keys on that ring, it could take an hour to find the one for the gate." Freyr awaited his answer.
"Hmmmmm.A noise.Well I could use one of the sacks."Iesseus said as he pulled out five tiny sacks about the size of a quarter."They make a reallly loud noise and they flash."

Guys the sacks are like flash bangs which are a type of grenade i just changed it into middle earth style
well actually Nakhile i dont have any dark secrets but i do no a mage who tried to become a god....The Kender continues to talk as he starts skipping towards the gaurd house with his hoopak in hand.
Nak nodded slightly and spoke softly, "Trying to become a God is probably the most efficient way to get sealed out of heaven". She shook her head and made off parrelel to Calin, drawing her blades and getting into position.
"Well Garet lets go get those horses."said Iesseus eagerly to Garet.He drew his sword from the holster on his back.
Garet Jax's knives appeared in hand in the blink of an eye, and he smiled.
"Yes, let's get those horses."
the Kender strarts to yell at the gaurds who recently called him a 'cutpurse'
"hey over here! is that youre face or is it youre orc mask from hallowen?....."
Iess took off to go get the horses.He jumped over a vegeble cart and dodged vegetables getting thrown at him by the vendor.
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