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Elrose: love the new avatar. Big Smile Smilie

Lairen beckoned to those accompaning her and began to her way quickly toward the gatehouse, not yet drawing any weapons, constantly glancing around warily for suprises, expected or not.
Nakhile waited a few moments, crouching in the shadows, just behind the first guard. As he turned around, she drew her blades and quickly sliced up the chest before a sound could escape his mouth. She then dragged the body into the shadows and silently advanced closer to the next one, but waited for sight of the others progress before striking.
Iesseus went over to the stables and kicked the horse to go.He quickly threw down two of the sacks and they made a huge bang and flash.
Calin fired off two arrows quickly taking out those on his side of the wall, and then he fired at the guards watching elrose.waiting for te horses to come.
Nakhile jumped up from the shadows and took out the last guard as soon as she heard the sacks go off. Pulling the body aside, she then moved away and stood against the doors to the gates in wait for the others.
Iess was about to ride by Nak so he quickly reached out and grabbed her arm.She hit his shoulder with her sword and then realized it was him."Ughh need....A.....lift?"He said painfully
Nakhile nodded, and swung herself up behind him, sheathing her swords quickly. "Hmm... you certainly showed up at a very good time".
"We..gotta get the others."said Iesseus to Nak.His shoulder was bleeding very badly.He pulled out a cloth and wrapped it around with the help of Nak.Within a minute it was a deep blood red.
Nakhile wrapped it again and put a hand on his shoulder, "Sorry about that", she leaned forward and kissed it lightly. Then, pulling back and speaking in her usual sarcastic tone, "Awww, there, any better?" She looked back, not waiting for a response, "Where are they?" she muttered.
i just got back from a horse back trip in the mountains, where it has been a constant downpour most of the time. It was really fun, i love the rain, but i'm reallllllly sore. My butt is killing me, i don't think i'm gonna be able to sit again!!! And horses still scare the living daylights out of me, but i'm back! ( and i can't think of anything to write which is why you are all being tormented with this random post, sorry!)
Welcome back Arwen! Hmmm....Horses... love riding, hate the sore butt...
two gaurds approached Freyr as she waited for the horses. She raised her hands and they were both thrown away. More gaurds began to approach. 'Where are they' she thought to herself
the kender came bounding up and imidiatly began to talk about he had ran at sevral gaurds and they had ran away! he failed to say that they were more scared of losing all thier worldly possesions and infact were running to fight someone else however....
Robbin decided it had taken them too long to get the horses so he ran to the stables and took 5 horses and started them running at the gate, meanwhile he shot at all guards approaching him.
Nak grinned as she saw the others approaching them, but drew a blade as more guards became aware of the disturbance. Sheathing it, she pulled her throwing knives from her boot and quickly began trying to reduce the number of attackers.
Another group of gaurds approached. Freyr spread her hands and the walls around the gaurds closed together. The gaurds were crushed. Yet more came.
Iess hated how Nak could be like that.One minute she was sweet and the next she was sarcastic.Iess saw guards coming up so he quickly grabbed a few daggers of of his belt and threw them at them."Take that goons!'He shouted as they rode past their almost dead bodies.
Nakhile squeezed his good shoulder in excitment, and smiled, "Almost in the clear, all we need is a way to get the doors open, where's Freyr?" She swung around to see more guards approaching the others and archers soon began appearing on the rooftops, "Ugh, great".
Freyr saw the archers on the top of the roofs. She raised her hand and all of their arrows came out of their quivers. She threw one hand down and half of the arrows came down killing the archers. she took the other half and sent them at the approaching gaurds. Some managed to survive and Freyr turned around and ran. "A little help." Freyr yelled.
all of a sudden calin came galooping forward with the horses he had taken. (lets assume all of those who havent posted for a while are with me on the horses or with you fighting.) Right before he came into view he started to summon fire and to make it as big as he possibly could. he hoped that it would be enough but with what little powers he had there was much to doubt. he then knocked down more sacks of off another of the horses with his foot making a huge bang. he then charged into the square before the gate where all the fighting was going on and launched his fire at the gate. hoping to either burn it down or melt something vital on it. he then summoned all the air he could which was still very little and threw it on the gate trying to raise the heat oof the gate. to everyone else it just felt like a bonfire followed by a slight breeze had just passed their face. aside from the light of the fire. He then stopped the horses and told everyone to get on as fast as they can. he then used the little bit of fire he had lefft to light a few arrows and fired them at those rooftops that could burn and could have archers coming on top of them. LETS GO!! he yelled. As he turned his horse and charged toward the gate.
Lairen followed the others through the gates, constantly glancing back, warying of what might be watching or following them. She wiepd sweat from her eyes and glanced around at her companions. Getting out seemed to easy, there must be something we've missed. She thought silently to herself.
calin looked over at laurien and said I agrre with you laurien there is something out there somewhere that noone has probably ever seen before. also they are going to call many people to search and we will be on the run for quite some time.
Alright, we're almost out, and since we don't know what it's like outside, who'd like to choose between finding it worse than the city or coming out to find that the legands are true?
I am going out no doubt about it. Say Calin as he charges for the gate. he then pulls out one of the lances he found in the stables. You will all find a lance on your horse so if we all hit at the same time it wshould open, but be wear if it doesnt and you hit it it will be liek touching a blade fresh from the fires, and the lances will start to burn upon impact so we have one try and one try only. as he says this he summons the breeze once more and keeps it blowing until the hit the gate.
i say a mixture of both Rue, just for a lil adventure.

Lairen laughed at Calin's remark. "Ah, so you read minds as well, do you? That will make my life easier, maybe you can translate what i'm thinking to your rather stubborn companions." She grasped the spear on her horse tightly in her hand and readied herself, glancing at Calin for the sign to throw it.
the kender who had unnoticed gone and climbed the fence called from the other side"you guys better hurry up and see this!"
dont throw it... you want to hit the gate with it says calin as his horse draws nearer to the gate. and i dont read minds i just6 notice you glancing around alot.
Robbin: What colour cast did u get? or have u not got one yet?
"How unfortunate, if u did, I think i'd have constant need of your talent," Lairen said, laughing, then swited her hold on the spear.
i dont have a permanent cast yet... i get that thursday.
"Save your lances for another time. This gate is of no Problem. I can just send it crashing down.' Freyr finished what she was saying held up both hands. She wispered a few words. She jerkerd her hands and the agte came crashing down. "There you are"
"Yeeeeehaw ride em cowboy!"exclaimed Iesseus as he stabbed a guard running out from te gate house."Ten points!"
As the gate went down, Calin went strait through the gate stiil holding his lance in position.
Iess charged out.He waved goodbye to the city."Good bye and good riddence."He wondered what it would be like outside....
Rue: are you going to post a description of the outside?
Elrose or is it Taloroion whatever.....ran and jumped on to a horse shouting wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
then he pointed to a large rock? tree? what?
Alrighty hmm, as we're charging out onto the grounds, we're, at the moment, on a strait, flat strip of dying field, a few miles off you'll find mountains and forests, looking to be the only inviting place at the moment. The sky is dark, clouds low, as night continues to fall, gaurds are pouring into the entry way but do not venture outside, most likely waiting for the beast/s to take care of us. Uh, anything else that wants to be added, go right ahead.
"so i here there are wild beasts that will tare us to shreads. Have you heard that"? Freyr asked her fellow companions.
"Ya but I dont really WOAH!"said Iess as a beast jumped out of the sand.It had millions of eyes and a long spiked tail."Get off of your horses we gotta kill this thing."said Iess to the others...
As iess was jumping off his horse calin shouted out. thats the worst thing you can do with this type of thing says calin as he fires arrows as fast as he can each for a different eye, meanwhile he has his horse running aroun avoiding the tail.
"I dont think so."said Iess he jumped up and stabbed a katana he had stolen from the guards into some of its eyes.The creature wailed in pain and spun around and nailed Iess with its tail.Iess went flying and landed on his feet."Nice try Big Fat and Ugly."yelled Iess at the beast.
"It looks like the real challenge has begun. This is probably only the begining, there are most likely many more creatures lerking out there." Freyr said as she rasied her hands and threw a stake at the beast.
"Take this!"said Iess as he stabbed Al Souda Katana into its eyes and pulled it out.""Ewwwww Ugly guts."
"Guys come on I need some help!!!!!"yelled Iess to everyone.
Freyr appeared behind Iess. "dont you dare hurt him , you vile creature." Freyr lifted on of the creatures up and droped on another, killing them both.
"Thanks Freyr but I dont know if theyre completely dead yet."said Iess and he stabbed his sword through both of their heads."I think they both are now though."
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