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I've been thinking of something and thought that it would be nice if all of you specially the role-playing members to post a profile of yours here like the one's i saw in Defenders of osgilliath. It would be fun. so i'll start.

(and please no conversations in here)
Name: Thorin
Title: Master of The Known Universe
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
House: Durin's
Location: Khazad-Dum
Age: 99
Mate: None
Native Tongue: Khuzdul
Other tongues: Westron, Elvish (in progress)
Character: Extremely Dangerous & Berserk
Attitude: Rational Civilised Militaristic Perfectionist
Rank: Khazad Uzbad
Weapons: Axe, short sword, Round shield
Armour: Thrice forged Dwarven mail over mithril coat
Likes: Hewing heads
Dislikes: Orcs
Can be found: Khazad-Dumish inn & Meeting in Rivendell

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Name: Turion Calmo Ristar ** fern si **
Race: Edhel
Gender: male
House: not known
Location: Grey havens
Age: 506
Rank: Elvish Ranger
Weapons: a finely crafted elven blade, 6 ft in length and guilded with gold, a simple inscription "aderthad" adorns the blade
Armour: full length leather coat over fine mithril ringmail, matching vambraces and Greeves, an elven half-helm, a thick green cloak.
Likes: serenity, the forests, his sister Maelwen
Dislikes: Orcs, war
Can be found: Formally of "Meeting in Rivendell"
Name: Fionw’
Race: Man, though it is given him to choose at any time, to remain a Man permanently, and share the fate of Men, or to be considered an Elf, and share the fate of the Elves, he has not yet chosen.
Gender: Male
House: He is descended from Silmarien, her youngest son came to ME with his family, and never fell under the shadow, so they were left with all those graces entirely, which the rest of Numenor lost.
Location: Grey Havens, his ancestor had always lived with Gil-Galad, until he was slain.
Age: 256
Rank: a lord of the Grey Havens, and Imladris, Elf-Friend, Dwarf-Friend, a ranger and warrior
Weapons: A finely crafted elven bow, a gift from Galadriel, a mithril elven sword, crafted and forged by the smiths of Gondolin at the height of their glory and power, one of the first rings of power ever made, before Sauron came into the forging, thus untainted, it is a lesser ring of power, made of silver mithril set with a brilliant sapphire, it does not give longevity, or invisibilty, but instead gives strength, courage and wisdom to the wearer in body and mind, wards off weariness and despair, gives hope and increased forsight. Using it, he can also see things and people far off.
Armour: A mithril chain mail shirt, very light-weight, leather boots and gauntlets, latter having steel plates on the back of the hand, greeves on his lower legs, a dark blue, volumous, hooded cloak, it is invulnerable to fire, it's wearer is kept warm in cold weather, but it doesn't roast him in warm weather, and it keeps dry, he could swim across a river in it, and it would be as dry when he got out as it was when he got in.
Likes: Music, songs, travelling(of which he has done a very great deal), meeting people, helping people. He has a love named Lil’en, who is an elven princess, he met her 120 years prior to the present on a visit to the Grey Havens.
Dislikes: Orcs, foul creatures, cruelty, tyranny
Can be found: Khazad-dumish Inn, at times, as a wanderer he will sometimes leave and travel for a while.
Name: Arath
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
House: Finw’
Location: Former beleriand, Shores of Middle-earth
Age: Untold years of the sun. Arath woke in cuivienen
Rank: Orc hunter, wizard
Weapons: Bow, Two swords and a small shield
Armour: Very old looking clothes over a gondilian armor
Likes: Hunting, Exploring Middle-earth and singing
Dislikes: Orcs, Darkness and the sun
Can be found: Khazad-Dumish inn & Meeting in Rivendell
Name: Etharion Turambar
Race: Elf,high
Gender: Male
House: Turambar
Location: Middle Earth
Age: 200+
Mate: None
Native Tongue: elvish dialect
Other tongues: Westron, Khuzdul, and others note native to Middle Earth
Character: a good natured, willing to help elf with much adventuring expirience and wisdom
Attitude: quick to laugh, slow to forget, thinks things through before he acts
Weapons: enchanted staff & bastard sword
Armour: a archmage's robe
Likes: magic!!! helping good people out, doing the right thing, having fun
Dislikes: all forms of evil.. as orcs and such..
Can be found: at the moment in the Khazad-Dumish inn
name corgon swiftblade.
race elven
house unknown
home city gray haven.
age 254
ranke elven ranger.
wepons long elvish sword elven long bow and sevrel daggers hiden over various parts of his armor
armor hard lether and mythril chan mail and a magic cloke.
likes the rush of a battel, a fine wine and his flute wich is always on him.
dislikes when the battel is over and no orc is alive to kill meningless death.
can be found: mainly meeting in rivendel but im also in a few others i can not recall now.
small past history: corgon is a elven ranger who has lived alone most of his life except for the years he traveld with his father befor he was killed by saroman and he himself lost his mimorie. after that he wanderd around trying to recall who he was and where he was from and still seeks most of his past as of yet.
hm...heh, why not. seems I've been pulled in anyway! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Name: Laurelome
Title: Peregrin (wanderer, pilgrim, traveler)
Race: Great Eagle
Gender: Female
House: Of the line of the Kings
Location: Where the wind blows. She's in the middle of her 'wandering years'.
Age: Who knows? ...How old do the Eagles get?
Mate: None
Native Tongue: The language of the Eagles has no known name.
Other tongues: Created for the purpose of being messengers for the Ainur, the Eagles are gifted in learning languages.
Character: Sometimes aloof, acts 'high-and-mighty' at times, but that's mostly to cover the fact that she's hoplessly clumsy (on the ground). Has an odd sense of humor, and enjoys practical jokes (the observers end... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )
Weapons: Talons and beak, both of which she keeps keenly sharpened, as well as the clubbing power of her wings. She uses a pair of bagh nakh and a single claw at each heel when she fights as a human.
Other abilities:Can shift into a human at will, much like Beorn. She cannot change much more than light clothing with her, though, so no magic-portal-hiding-places...
Armour: Strong, thick feathers can foil arrows at a distance, but not much else. Relies on agility in the air.
Likes: Learning, discovering the undiscovered, meeting new (especially odd) folk, fighting. Oh, and Hot Chocolate.
Dislikes: bad smells, orc speech, sticky feathers, magpies.
Can be found: Khazad-Dumish inn & Conquest of Annuminas
Name: jobo
Title: professional homeless
Race: man
Gender: Male
House: forgotten
Location: a road seldom traveled
Age: 38
Mate: None
Native Tongue: westron
Other tongues: -----
Character: friendly ,lazy, likes to share philosophies
Attitude: warm and outspoken sometimes annoying
Rank: no one knows
Weapons: a walking stick that could have been an elven Bo stave at one time
Armour: ripped pants and a jacket given to me by a barkeeper who i forget...
Likes: to travel by the curtain of night
Dislikes: the cold, and rabid animals
Can be found:no where really i am not found but see for i do not stay anywhere i am not welcome
Name: Aethar Elendil (given to me by
Race: Dunedain
Occupation: Ranger/historian
Physical Appearance: Dark Brown hair, green eyes, travel worn clothes and tattered cloak and hood, sword at his side.
Equipment: sword named Morfaroth (longsword with a dark red blade and a sunstone inset into the pommel) with a simple yet effective sheath, typical bow and quiver of arrows of a ranger.
Skills/Abilities: skilled swordsman, blacksmith, bowman, stealth, wilderness lore.
Magical Abilities: Morfaroth (because it is crafted in the fasion of Westernesse) is extremely fatal to all things tainted by Mordor, can speak with animals and plants.
Name: Turiluve
Title: The Nomadic Knight
Race: Man (Unknown of what culture)
Gender: Male
House: Eomer
Location: Edoras
Age: 31
Mate: A Shield Maiden, whom he lost during the War of the Ring
Native Tongue: Common
Other tongues: Westron and Quenya
Character: Feels unimportant, but is brave, strong, and wise. Unfortunately, his mortality was scarred during the War of the Ring because of his selflessness and duty.
Attitude: The type to say to you, "Leave me alone."
Rank: Used to be the King's Royal Guard, now only a nomadic wanderer.
Weapons: Spear, shield, long knife he took from the body of a fallen elf, and a dagger.
Armour: Boiled Leather mail, of the Rohirrim design.
Likes: Privacy; historic ruins such as Helm's Deep, Amon Sun, Rivendell, etc; helping others without their asking and without expecting thanks
Dislikes: Converstion, memories, others suffering
Can be found: Anywhere between Forlindon, Forodwaith, the far reaches of Rhun and the far reaches of Harad.
I use 2 (1 Good, 1 Evil.)

Eruheran, Heir of Ch’sor
This Might Change due to Eruheran's Quest

Race: Human
Homeland: Ch’sor, Ancestors from Umbar colonized Ch’sor
Gender: Male
Born: Year 2212 (S.A.)
Physical Appearance: Dark Purple and Dark Green Robes, Extremely Dark Purple Armour, Orange Shield.
Skills: One of the Best Swordsmen in ME. Can use Moderately powerful magic.
Special Items/Weapons: Scimitar, with Enchanted Elven Diamonds in the Core to add power.
Background/History: Eruheran was King of Ch’sor until 2252, when Sauron had his first invasion of Ch’sor, taking the Throne and giving Eruheran and his Brother; Ent’rin; 2 of the 9 Nazg’l rings of Power. 1070[ish] years later, Mithingal, one of Ch’sor's largest city's was flattened by The Witch-King and Serpis. In the Fourth Age, Eruheran's ring of power was destroyed, and he returned to normal, and set out on a quest to reclaim his throne.

He has One Son, Morohtar, is a member of the Raiders of Moria, has his personal group of Guards (led by Arthion) and hangs around in the Khazad-Dumish inn.


Race: Uruk-Hai
Homeland: Orthanc
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown
Physical Appearance: Large Uruk, Armour is colored Maroon, Eye missing
Skills: Crossbow, Sword
Special Items/Weapons: Uruk-Horsey, his horse
Background/History: He worked for Saruman until Saruman died, then he fled to the mountains and tried to join up with the gathering of evil in the north, before Fornad the Ranger made him become a spy.
Ashwyn Laurelwin

Race: Elf
Home: Lorien (Though she is seldom there prefering to travel through ME.)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Lost track of it during the years seeing as elves reckon time differently.)
Physical Appearance: Very slender with curly, long, brown, hair, and brilliant blue eyes coloured like the sea
Wears: A beautiful elvish cloak, and underneath a lightly armoured coat.
Skills: Is very fast and light on her feet, which enables her to do complicated, fast moves in rapid succession using her two finely made elvish blades gifted to her by the lady Galdriel and lord Celeborn.
Weapons: Her favourite and best weapons are her two elvish blades, but she is also quite good with the bow which was also made in Lorien.
Language: Elvish (of course) but she can also speak pretty much all other tongues since she had wanted to travel and knew that knowing many languages would be a great skill.
History/Background: Ashwyn never knew her parents because when she was very young they were killed. She was found by a ranger (Name unknown.)and taken to Lorien where the Lady Galadriel decided to care for her. She had wished to meet the fellowship of the Ring when they passed through, but Galadriel knew that she would want to join the fellowship so Ashwyn was sent instead to hunt down the orcs and so missed their stay in Loren. She later met Gandalf and learned that they had come and gone, which made her quite mad. She decided then that she would leave and wander ME helping rid it of whatever evil remained. Galadriel seeing nothing could be done gifted her two of the finest elvish blades in Lorien and bid her safe journey. Ashwyn know is heading toward Rohan and then Minas Tirith wondering if perhaps she could join the rangers and maybe learn who her parents were.
Name: Gwylonna Aranwion
Race: Vanyarin Elf
House: Ingwe
Gender: Male
Location: Rivendell
Mate: None
Age: An age (very young Big Smile Smilie)
Native Tongue: High Elven
Other Tongues: Quenya, Sindarin and Westron
Character: As all other Vanyarin, quiet loving the Light. Like light bringing happiness and mirth
Attitude: A pessimist, looking farther than other fellow elves.
Weapons: Bow and arrow, two knives.
Armour: Blue and silver.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sea-grey

name: brizmay
race: drow
house: sreen'aur de' STREEA a olath chath(in mezoberanzan)
age: 20
mate: none
character: quiet but deadly,kind but it is hidden from her time with the other drow.
armor: dark leathers
weapons: longbow, staff
hair style: long braid in back, short tufts just covering the ears.
face: delicate, deep blue eyes,
rank: outcast
likes: children, cats, snow, fresh food, her beloved bow arrows and staff
dislikes: foul things(hearts and creatures) braging, men,bad weapons/armor, orders.
short summary of past: she was born in to a lower house, raised by her fourth eldest sister, she secretly hates the life of most drow.
Name: Fornad.
Race: Man, of N’menorean descent like all Rangers.
Gender: Male.
Age: 32 in year 34 of the Fourth Age.
Title/Rank: Ranger, a Captain of the Dunedain.
Background: His father, Heradir, was one of the small company of Rangers who accompanied Elladan and Elrohir to aid Aragorn in the War of the Ring. His mother, Ilydia, was a beautiful peasant girl from one of the outlying villages of Bree. Fornad was born in F.A. 2, and was raised well. His father, and after a while his mother, wanted him to follow in his footsteps, so after eleven years of education (F.A. 6 to F.A. 17, ages 4 to 15), Fornad started to train to become a Ranger. By F.A. 21 (aged 19) he had become a fully-fledged Ranger, and as was traditional said farewell to his parents and went into the wilderness of Arnor. Those lands were still just as dangerous as they were before the overthrow of Sauron, and the first few years for Fornad were hard, as he had many encounters with orcs, goblins, Wargs, and other creatures of evil that still lurked in those lands. Those four years alone in the wilderness turned Fornad into a true Dunedain, a steady, keen-sighted and grim man, capable of quick thinking and seeing facets of a situation that others couldn't. In F.A. 25 he was called upon along with many other Rangers to deal with an uprising of goblins north of Rivendell. The skirmishes lasted for a few months (as the goblins were prone to hiding whenever things turned for the worse and then returning with increased ferocity), but by F.A. 26 it was over. Fornad was given the title of Captain for his bravery in defending two injured comrades in a dell against goblins through a night. He stayed in Rivendell for three months afterwards, and developed a love for the place while he was there. In the winter of F.A. 27 his father and mother both died from pneumonia (named winter sickness in ME), and Fornad went to their funeral. Although grieved by his parent's deaths, through the summer of F.A. 29 (aged 27) he met and wedded Alydara, a 23-year-old from the recolonised city of Ann’minas. They settled down in that same city, though Fornad had to frequently leave to deal with orcs and the like. Alydara gave birth to a son, Darnor, in F.A. 30, and two years later a daughter, Elva. Fornad went to revisit Rivendell in F.A. 33, and stayed there for a few months to learn about the elves and develop a basic grasp of Sindarin. A year later, we are launched into the events of 'A Dark Threat from the North'.
Character: Intelligent and observant. He is frequently silent in conversation, and takes much more in than is apparent. During times of war, he is grim and quick-thinking. However, to family and friends he is warm and welcoming, though at times he keeps his anger and grief at war bottled up inside him. He makes friends with those that he believes to be true, and who don't have secret motives against him. All in all, a good character. ’’
Weapons/Skills: He carries a yew longbow on his back, along with a serviceable quiver with well-crafted arrows inside. He is skilled in use of this weapon, since he has shot all of his life, and much prefers to use this in battle. He carries a sharp steel longsword (3 and a half feet long) at his right side, and an elvish dagger at his left. He is less skilled with the sword, though he could beat many a man in a spar. He can use a spear well if needed.
Appearance: Look at my avatar!’
Clothing/Armour: He wears a dark green cloak, cowled, which is brooched with a burnished brass buckle. A brown leather tunic with the Tree of Elendil embroidered onto the front keeps the minor wounds away in battle, and he wears grey cotton trousers and leather boots. Under his tunic he wears green or brown tunics. His belt with sword and scabbard is made of black leather. He wears no jewellery apart from a simple golden wedding ring on his right hand.
Can currently be found: Left the Khazad-dumish Inn a week (ME time) ago, and is now on the road to Rivendell. He entered the Khazad-dumish Inn three-quarters down this page, and left it halfway down this page. When 'A Dark Threat from the North' is finished, I will continue Fornad's story after his departure of the Khazad-dumish Inn.
This bio can change if my character won't be allowed the way she is, but I limit her powers greatly, in fact other than her knowledge of herbs and how to use them, she isn't powerful at all. However I have been using her for ten years now, so she has quite a history.

Name: Revenwyn
Race: Maiar, appears to be a human of Rohirrim origin.
Homeland: Makes her home, such as she has, in Gondor.
Alignment: Lawful good
Age: Ageless, appears to be about 40.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 pounds, appears around 160 pounds
Description: Revenwyn is one of the Maiar, and as such, she is youthful of skin and hair, but has a depth in her green eyes that shows her ageless quality. In terms of looks, she is in the form of a Rohirrim maiden, tall, muscular and slender. She clothes herself as a ranger, in shades of green and brown. Her hair is of a rich red-gold, falling to about mid-back, and typically unbound, or only half of it pulled back and tied with a strip of leather. She has a pale complexion, and either burns or gets only a light tan.
Weapons: long sword, bow, spear.
Armor: She prefers chain mail.
Animals: She has a horse but sometimes she doesn’t ride.
Skills: She is extremely skilled with blade, however her power is in healing. She does not have the power to recall the dead, however she can, just with her knowledge of the plants of the earth and the strength of her will, heal an otherwise mortal wound.
Character History: Revenwyn's real name is hidden. She learned of the plants from Yavanna, and of battle from Tulkas. She served all of the Valar at one point or another, and while she was not of the Istari, nevertheless she was sent by the Valar to aid Middle Earth during one of their darkest times, the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. She fought in that battle, disguised, and was sent to heal the hurts and weariness of the Children of Iluvatar. However, instead, she scoffed at the weakness of elves and men, and as such, was taken out of the battle and summoned before Manwe.

For her impertinence, she was told she would have to live at a dangerous time in the history of Middle Earth, clad in the guise of a human woman. She would have to struggle against culture to fight for the cause of Middle Earth, marry a representative of men and of elves, and finally die upon a field of battle.

She appeared about eighteen years before the War of the Ring, in Rohan, as a baby on the side of the road. She was adopted by a Rohirrim father, a Gondorian mother, and their four young sons. She was given the name Revenwyn, and as she grew was taught skill in blade to defend herself. She grew up full knowing who she was and her mission, though her family knew nothing of it. Try as she might, she could not use her powers of healing beyond that what a normal healer could do. She was bound to the life of a human.

However Sauron sensed that a power was hidden in Rohan, and sent a servant to marry the young Revenwyn so that her power could not come to pass. Revenwyn was in love with a ranger of Ithilien named Dorian. However, her father bound her to Haraldon, the servant of Sauron, unknowing who he really was.

Some time later, that servant's human form was discarded, and Revenwyn married Dorian. Dorian fell in battle about five years after the end of the War of the Ring. Revenwyn was in a fighting company with him at the time. They had a son and a daughter.
She married Shadow, a half-elf, thus fulfilling this part of the mission. They had two daughters and a son. After raising her children, both Revenwyn and Shadow returned to active duty.