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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Ar-edain, wearing grondy's apron, turns from the hearth, where he is scorching the remains of some poor animal beyond recognition as something edible.
"Grondy is taking a bit of a break. As a bit of incentive to bring him back, I'll be running the inn for the next few days or so."
Ar-edain's face cracks into a slightly-not-quite-right type of Ford Prefect smile as he adds, with an equally disturbing chuckle, "And..." (More chuckling)," I will be doing a terrible job, so that everyone will fully appreciate the service that Grondmaster provides. I know that all of you value his friendship and enjoy the inn, but when was the last time that any of you paid your tabs? I haven't paid mine since 2000 and... well, NEVER! But everyone else should! IMMEDIATELY!"

No longer smiling, Ar-edain takes a deep breath, and, speaking far too loudly, announces that "To insure (ensure?) that everyone begins paying their bills promptly; I.E. Immediately after placing an order; I have hired the Guard-Troll whose services were unjustly provided and terminated before most of you received verification of the creation of your PT accounts. IF that isn't incentive enough, I invited members of the twilight fansite to stop by the inn for an Edward Cullen-drawing competition. Winner will be maimed by the Guard-Troll!"
I remind everyone that this is all in good fun, that I will probably forget to follow through with the claims made in this post, that most Stephanie Meyer fans probably aren't that bad, and that, above all, I wish Grondmaster a quick recovery.
pulls an arrow from his quiver and in an lightning fast mosion pulls the shaft back and lets it go sending the arrow through the troll's skull and has another arrow aimed at edian's skull

" my brother and many friends have given there lives to protect this inn ans well as master grond i will not let you tarnish this inn's reputation or defile master gronds honor i think you should go before my fingers let this arrow go into your head."
Sian tries to sooth Yuki's ruffled feathers. Dear Yuki, I'm sure our good Ar-Edain is in jest here; he knows very well how much we care for the Inn and it's keeper and that we pay in whatever way we can for our meat and drink. Ar-Edain is an old and honored friend of the Inn! We should all lend a hand and cook the Winter Feast that Grondy wanted us to enjoy. And we can save him some to have when he returns, may that happen soon! (Sniffing) I think that who-beast smells really good, it's going to be done soon.. Sian puts her sewing out of the way for Grond to look at later and looks around for an apron.
lets the tension off his bowstring and unnoches his arrow
" your right let us prepair the feast so that all may enjoy it i think ill make some blackberry pies to start with hows that sound? oh and you can get your troll out of here before it starts to sink up the inn edian "
Blackberry pie is my favorite, Yuki! Maybe we can get someone to go milk the cow (there is a cow out back in the shed isn't there?) so we can have whipped cream to go with it!
iv never been to good with cows i think ill leve that for some one els to do haha

' walks into the cook room and starts to prepaer is berrys '
"Evening People," Thorin said as he entered. "As Grondy is away I'll be your bartender until he is back. Anyone wants something to drink in this cold, rainy and windy evening?"

"We have our Gimli's Finest(Tm) and Hot Chocolate as well as Snacks!"

"Oh and that's some nice work you have been doing there Sian."
Do you like it, Thorin? I thank you for the compliment Smile Smilie Your cloak is ready there, too, and I think you'll probably need it as there's a storm predicted. I hope Grondy's shirts fit but if not I can alter them later.

Sian dons her apron and proceeds to check the roasting meat.
Ar-edain, who is not allergic to arrows, and, therefore, immune to all of their effects, looks Yuki in the eye, and says, "I could have asked the guard troll to leave. In fact, they are very stupid creatures and probably could not tell one of us from the other, but nooooo..., you HAD to shoot something. Anyway, a who-beast can just as easily be a what-beast, so if you would like to help me out, a large amount of reddish meat seems to have landed, quite literally, on our doorstep. Seeing as we are planning a feast and meat is not cheap, I suggest we take full advantage of the situation in order to accommodate the guests of the inn who will cease to be elusive once word of the feast gets around.
After all, the inn's "combo-platters" suggest that Grondy is very inventive and not overly peckish in regard to food."
Ar-edain takes a moment to examine the floor, and, speaking barely above a whisper adds," Hopefully, Grondy will be among those who reappear for the celebration."
Ar-edain, I guess I'm not sure why you brought the troll here to begin with as we're a pretty peaceful company. And if you think I'll help cook and eat it now, well.. think again, please! Who knows where it's been or what foul stuff it's fed on? Troll meat can't be healthy! Let's just tend the beast Grondy started roasting. Damp down the fire and we'll cook it very slowly. Please let's drag the troll out and bury it before it attracts wargs and who know what else.
"Thank you Sian. The coat is very beautiful"

Turning to Ar-Edain:
"If your troll comes near me or spoil my new coat then by Mahal, I Swear i will use my axe on him."
Ar-edain replies," The troll is dead, Thorin, but I am going to be childish and refuse to move the carcass. I f I had it my way, the troll would not be a carcass, and I could just pay it its wages, at my own expense, and dismiss it from the premises.
Now, if anyone requires my services, I'll be in the kitchen brewing up some Stone Soup and a nice haunch of smoked venison. Besides, several of us have magical powers. Someone should be able to zap the troll away. By the by, if we have a wizard, some fireworks might be a nice addition to our feast. Just make sure that they don't set the inn on fire!"
Ar-edain disappears into the kitchen, from whence the clanging sound of pots and pans begins to emanate immediately.
I would like to make it known that smoked venison is delicious."
Thorin, I'm very glad you like the new coat!

I'm afraid Ar-Edain has been offended; I know if master Grond were here he'd make us all something nice and hot to drink and there'd soon be peace again. Have you found any of his recipes, by chance? Can you brew some mulled wine or something? We can offer some to both Ar-Edain and Yuki and have a good feast.
"Unfortunately Sian, I only know how to brew Ale and Beer."

"Can you hold the inn for me Sian? I will go look for some people to remove this troll's carcass. This isn't the place for it to be."

Bowing to Sian Thorin left the inn and reappeared 15 minutes later with 5 hobbits
"This is the carcass which needs to be removed. And don't cut it inside, it will make a dreadfull mess," Thorin added seeing one of the hobbits going for his ax.

Thorin gave the hobbit a small bag containing silver pieces and watched them haul the carcass away.

"I'm glad it is gone Sian. I will mop the place where it laid and when I'm done could you give me a pint of Gimli's Finest(TM) please?"
First Post in the Inn Big Smile Smilie

Is a Song/Dance/Poem obligatory?!

[Whacks Karaoke machine with Uruk-Hai sword]

Because I can't be bothered.
Certainly, Thorin, I'll have your pint in jiffy. Thank you so much for getting that mess out of here. Grondy's inn would have no customers at all soon and he'd be ruined. What a get-well gift that would be!

Sian turns and wipes her hands on her apron and starts pulling the pint for Thorin. Then turns to the Inn's newcomer:

Welcome good sir to our homely hearth! The real innkeeper is laid up at the moment so a few of us are doing our best to run things. I'm afraid the rule is not negotiable, you must entertain us if you wish to stay. The machine there can accompany you but you must either sing, recite a poem or something to us. If you need some time to recollect a piece, please sit for a moment and the venison and Who-beast that's roastin will certainly make it all worth your while. My name is Sian, lately a wandering seamstress, our good Dwarf here is Thorin. She hands Thorin his ale.
Am I allowed to Improvise off the top of my head random gibberish about elves? And I want a free pint of apple juice. Now.
[Points Sword at Bartender]

Heres a terrible poem.

There Once Was an Elf from Bree
Funny Ears had He
He went to Barn
He sat down and said 'Darn'
Because he had sat on a whoopee cushion (Planted by Me!)
"Put away your sword stranger. We do not like violence here. Else I shall have to fetch my axe

Turning to Sian Thorin took the ale she was offering.

"Thank you Sian. Now let's listen to his song," Thorin said drinking his beer.

Thorin listens to the song

"It was a nice song and you deserve your free first time apple juice and snack. I'm not sure what is cooking but Sian will help you in your choice."
[Picks up Apple juice, muttering about Dwarves]

Thank you.

[Sneaks Behind counter, steals barrel of apple juice, runs back, and raises sword]

I Request a Duel with anyone in this Tavern.

I will redo my obligatory entrance song for you.

[2 legolas lookalikes jump through the window and replace the mike with a 80's one, before dancing on the tables]
We're No Strangers to...
[Saruman throws a brick at Cheesey, because a Nazg’l singing Rick Astley is odd, Saruman quickly runs out, giggling with a high pitched laugh]

(Idea for whoever started this thread, have a imaginary Gold system to buy beer, new karaoke machines and stuff.)
Cheesy, Don't forget to close the italics bracket or all following posts will be in italics. Close italics by adding this at the end of your post, but without spaces: [ /i ]
I did... ?

Anyone accepting my duel yet?

[Slams Fist on Table]

And I request a free Cheese sandwich.

[Throws Sword at the Inns Mascot, killing him in a fiery explosion]
Cheesey's sword is on the floor and Sian quickly kicks it behind the bar and under the shelves out of reach.

Here now, Nazgul! That was an evil thing to do, killing our pet and provoking one of us to duel with you for no reason! But we shouldn't expect honor from one of your kind.. Here is a duel for you!

Sian has a damp dish towel in hand and quickly winds it into a twist and snaps it at the Nazgul's face like a whip then winds it again for another blow.
[ Cheesey Leaps behind the bar and knocks over the shelves, picking up his sword, and stabs it into the bottom of the bars beer supply, knocking over the floor, making it a mess and causing the bar to run out of beer ]

I am Undead, wet towels can't hurt me! I am a warrior of SAURON!

[ Swings sword at Sian, misses, and breaks the desk in half, she pulls back Cheesey's hood, revealing a black crown on a invisible head. ]

[ Nazg’l scream ]

I am invincible! To Slay me, you shall also fall!

[ Cheesey does another Nazg’l scream, and sends a bolt of energy from his hand into the wall, causing it to vibrate and cause a section of ceiling to fall down, surrounding and trapping Sian. ]


[ Pull's hood back up, and stabs the ground, causing more vibrations, and chairs and tables begin to collapse. Nazg’l scream ]


Sian is buried in rubble. Being an older Hobbit, she is less spry than in her younger days and has not been able to avoid being hit by the falling debris and now has a mild concussion. Her heart was in the right place and she sincerely wanted to defend the Inn that she has come to feel so at home in and the friends he has made here but the realization has dawned that she cannot defeat a Nazgul and it was foolish to try. Her kinsman of old, Meriadoc Brandybuck, wounded one in the back of the leg once but he was young and strong and for her, discretion would be the better part of valor so she crawls quietly out and into the kitchen and collapses to recover her wits near the cool refrigerator.
Cheesey Grins, and kills the janitor, entering the cellar. He laughs, and cuts off the power supply, clogs the sewer and raids the fridge


Cheesey chops down some of the support beams, and the Inn begins to collapse, he then sets fire to the fire exit, and uses magic to blow up the entrance

Thorin was drinking his ale in a corner when he saw the attack on his beloved friend, Sian. His wrath knew no bound and he lept forward and knocked the nazgul over. Pushing and throwing the rubbles away he extracted Sian from them.

"Are you ok Sian?" he said helping the hobbit to a seat at a nerby table. " Do you want me to get you something to drink?"

Turning to the Nagul, he spoke wrathfully[/i[
"No one has ever fought in the Khazad Dummish Inn nor has anyone ever destroyed it's property. I request you to leave before I use my axe on you or to help clean the mess you made. Grondmaster will not be happy to learn about this when he comes back."
Cheesey puts his Uruk-Hai Scimitar back into its Scabbard,

I will help extinguish this fire.

Cheesey leaps into the air, summoning a ball of water to surround him, but it gets caught in the lighting, and Cheesey is electrocuted, and collapses,

if I can have my cheese sandwich I will be your allies...

Cheesey falls into unconsciousness
Wink Smilie
Ar-edain, having heard the commotion, came out of the kitchen, wreathed majestically in tendrils of smoke from the roasting venison. Spying the Nazgul passed out on the floor, his brow furrowed.
Inhaling deeply, Ar-edain digs a cheese sandwich out of one of the pouches on his belt. Stuffing the entire cheese sandwich into the Nazgul's mouth, free of charge, he bellows in a solemn, resonant voice, "Foul creature of Sauron's corruption, as Melkor is sealed away beyond the Walls of Night, so do I banish thee, not to the oblivion of celestial deep, nor to chasms of stone beneath the world. To a unique abyss you shall be cast, with all of the might and powers entrusted to me by Orome of the Valar. Your power shall be bled from you, and it shall be used to cleanse this place of your evil. Weakened, you shall spend all of eternity in the forums of, forever corrupted and preyed upon by the juvenile stupidity that festers in that lair!"

With this curse, Ar-edain took his hands off of the Nazgul's head. Then, lifting his left hand into the air above, he stretched his right hand back almost to his left ear. He stayed like this for the time that it would take to blink, and then, with a step forward and a twist of his entire body, he smacked the Nazgul's face with a terrifying, but curiously satisfying, force.

As the blow struck the dark servant in the face, he seemed to dissolve outward from where the hand struck him into clouds of dull, brownish smoke. As the smoke dissipated, everything that it touched was restored to its original state, cleansed of the Nazgul's evil. Ar-edain, who was shaking with the exhaustion that was overcoming him, rose from where he had knelt after he had smote the Nazgul into his imprisonment.
"Always...,"He began, in voice that was soft and hoarse,"Always read the back pages of a thread or forum in order to understand its atmosphere, so that you may participate or irritate most effectively."
He then walked slowly into the kitchen, planning on taking a nap while his venison smoked.
Thank you, Thorin, I think I'll be ok if I just rest. If I'd known how bad that Cheesy fellow wanted his sandwich I'd have hurried faster to make it for him! Please tell Ar-Edain how thankful I am he could clean up the mess and tell him I'll help him with his venison after my nap... zzz.z.z..zzz
The Person in the Nazg’l robes begins to revive, pulling back the hood and taking off his Black Crown, and pulling off the robes. A human warrior stands there in Dark Green and Dark Purple Armour, with a Orange Shield and the Crest of the House of Chas’r, who then spits out the Cheese Sandwich and puts his Scimitar in its Scabbard. He picks up a broken ornament, a statue of Elrond.

I am Eruheran of the House of Chas’r, and was the heir to Angmar; Before the destruction of my ring by Ar-Edain. I have been trapped in a curse for the last few millenniums, has the land of Chas’r been defeated yet? and I'll help tidy the mess.
Sian is still very weary but wakes in time to see Ar-Edain limping off to the kitchen and spies the tall warrior in purple and green.

Where is the Nazgul? Are you here to help us against him?
I was the Nazg’l, Sauron took control of me using the Elven Ring, but Before that I was King of Chas’r, a small region in the north of Haradwaith.

Eruheran pulls out a Map and points to the bottom

We lived on the Borders, near Mordor, and Orcs raided our home, the House of Chas’r was ruined, and I got given this ring. Does anyone know about the fate of my land? If no, I must reclaim it. Anyone going to volunteer to assist my quest?

The Tavern Bard begins to play the Lord of the Rings theme music on his lute, Eruheran pulls on his Dark Purple Cape and pulled out his Scimitar, holding it in the air for dramatic effect
Cheesey I welcome the real you to our Inn and will be happy to serve you any food and drink you desire! I've heard of Chasor long ago while staying in Minas Tirith but that was long ago. Many valiant warriors stop here so I'm sure you'll find help in your quest. If Corgon were still alive I know he would help but he is gone.
May His Soul guide me.

Eruheran looks around hoping no-one notices that he always talks like someone out of a Shakespeare play, before lowering his scimitar and putting it in his Scabbard

I would like to stay overnight in the inn, Then head for Rivendell - if Master Elrond is still alive; I could get reinforcements from him. And I want the Inn's Bard to accompany me. Here's the Money for the Room tonight.

Eruheran flips a coin behind him, and it lands on the bar, the Bartender checks it and notices it is 2 Millenniums out of date. They then throw it back.

Me and Joe the Bard shall return with tons of Gold.

Sticks Scimitar in the air for Dramatic effect, the Bard then begins to play the LOTR theme music again, before heading to his room

Because no one posted here over night, I will add more to the Adventures of Eruheran

Eruheran returns from the upper floor, walking over to the door to where Joe the Bard Sleeps

Joe, We shall leave the Inn today.

Joe leaves his room

We Shall hope to reach Rivendell within 2 days. I will write my adventures in my journal thingy, and shall return within a few months.

Points to the thing in the sidebar with the journals of people in them.

We shall return. The Kingdom of Chas’r shall return with us, and I shall talk with the Manager of this Inn to move us there.

Joe Begins to Play the LOTR theme again, Eruheran pulls on his Cloak and Hood, and walks out. Joe follows him
Thorin who was sitting near Sian looked up and smile

"Ah! I remember the glory days of old and the adventures I had with the warriors who used to come here. There was Arath the Fearless, Fionwe the Archer, Cargon Swiftblade and many others by whose side I fought with and had adventures."

Turning to Eruthar Thorin spoke
"Unfortunately though our ways have parted since. Yet I look forward to the day when they will come back and we shall have adventures, yes adventures again."

"If you want to know about these adventures I recommend you go to the archives where they are recorded."

With that Thorin drained his ale

PS: You can find the games we played back then in the Role playing section. They're pretty much fun to read again Wink Smilie
The Annoyed Heir of Ch’sor smashes through the door, followed by Joe! He jumps and slides down the Bar and lands on a seat at the end, accidentally Squashing a Drunk Dwarf, before picking up a mug of Apple Juice; before he exclaimed

My Pen has run out of ink!

Meaning the button to post Journal Entries didn't work Orc Going Huh Smilie

I have started a RPG Thread instead, now I will return to Rivendell, and continue my adventure from there!

Raises sword, Joe begins to play the LOTR theme, before a drunk hobbit whacks Joe on the head and tells them to get lost. They quickly run.
Somebody coughed. Thorin and Sian looked to the door, to see a dusty Ranger come in, a great longbow and quiver strung over his green-cloaked back. He wore a leather tunic with the Tree of Gondor embroidered on it, and a belt tied with pouches and cloths, but most noticeably a longword at his right.
'Welcome, stranger,' said Thorin, 'to the Khazad-Dumish Inn! I must warn you, if you wish to sit and have a drink, you must sing us a song or poem.'
The Ranger regarded Thorin steadily, then began a song.

'Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!
O Queen beyond the Western Seas!
O Light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees!
Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!
Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the Sea.
O stars that in the Sunless Year
With shining hand by her were sown,
In windy fields now bright and clear
We see your silver blossom blown!
O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees,
Thy starlight on the Western Seas.'

Thorin widened his eyes in astonishment.
'That is an Elven song, if my senses are not completely muddled by this fine ale,' he said, eying the Ranger. 'Who are you?'
'I am Fornad, one of the Dunedain,' the man replied. 'That was indeed an Elven song, one to Varda, Goddess of the Stars. Will it be sufficient to feed and quench a lonely traveller?'
'Of course,' said Thorin, and Fornad sat down near the bar.
'A pint of your finest ale would be much appreciated,' the Ranger said.

Welcome, ranger, that was a very fair song! Would you like some of the Inn's famous snacks to go with your ale? We have warg ribs, watcher rings and I'm working on some new recipes to celebrate the return of the Fraggle King to our board.
'Warg ribs? A delicacy that I admit I have not heard of before. I had no idea that you could do anything with those foul creatures other than kill them. Yes, I think I'll try those.'
A Character Cheesey Created because Eruheran is drunk in the Middle of Rivendell walks in, in a dark Maroon Cape

I am Artiuril, son of Aituril. I am here from Umbar, which has been invaded by some Surviving Orcs. I fled from my home town when my sword; Artiul, was destroyed, fighting their leader. There is no hope left.

Sits Down, ignoring the fact he has to do a song, before the annoyed Dwarf that Eruheran sat on a few posts ago points to a sign. Artiuril pulls out his Ipod, and sets it to full blast

[Sarcastic] Happy?! [/Sarcastic]

Gimme Your Strongest beer!!
I'm sorry good sir but the ipod may only accompany your voice, not replace it. Sian is tired and frowns as she twirls her dishcloth I need to sit and rest while the snacks are warming, please entertain me with a song and then I'll bring your beer and our best snacks!
Artiuril slips the Ipod into his pocket, and no one notices him press the on button, and he begins to "sing", fooling every body. [And Everyone within a few hundred miles was fooled, so no one can force me to do it Tongue Smilie )
Yet Fornad was not fooled.
'Sing, curse you!' he said. 'The lady hobbit is tired, and to be quite honest your other character caused quite enough trouble.'
The Ranger pulled a pipe from his side, took some pipeweed from one of the pouches on his belt and put it in the pipe, took two flints from his pocket and with one strike lit it. He took a deep puff.
'Ah, Longbottom Leaf,' he said, breathing out the smoke. Then he looked up again. 'Are you going to sing us a proper song, or am I going to have to get up and evict you with a sword?'
Artiuril or Whatever his name was switches of his Ipod, confused about who his 'other character' was. [Off Topic: Yeah but he was Nazg’l until Ar-Edain broke the ring, like I intended someone to do.], He picks up a lute from the corner, and strums the strings. Before beginning to scream inaudible lyrics about Elrond, until he gets to the end, goes quicker and begins to scream

Elrond is awesome!
Woo Elrond!

He jumps up, throws the Lute on the ground and smashes it. His improvisation unfortunately counted as a song, even though only 5 words were audible and it broke the lute.
Just a note to you guys. The Khazad-Dumish Inn is different from the other RPGs here. We usually never have any fighting here except the usual bickering or so from a grumpy customer or a suddenly awaken warrior Wink Smilie Also most us here use our PT character (like me being Thorin, Sian being Sian and so on). This is a place where we mostly relax and behave as if we actually lived in Tolkien's world Smile Smilie

I strongly recommend you guys go to one or two threads back to get an idea of the atmosphere here.
I am behaving like I would; a Grumpy Sarcastic and Drunk person Who couldn't improvise for his life. And Eruheran can't be in two places at the same time

5 Years Later

Happy? Soz if that sounded sarcastic BTW.

Eruheran returned from all the stuff that just happened, sat at the bar and asked for a drink.
"While you're resting Sian, I better go to my forge outside and finish the doors I promised to Grondy. The old ones are quite damaged. I have 3 door to make."

Bowing to Sian Thorin left the Inn and soon muffled sounds of a hammer could be heard. Thorin was busily forging great metal hinges for the doors. Once he had made 6, a pair for each door he went to fetch the wood he had earlier collected and set out to assemble the planks into doors.

An hour and a half later Thorin stood back and looked at the doors. They looked nice though rather plain. It then came into his mind to carve some designs on the doors. Fetching his tools he set out to work on them. On the first door he carved the beautiful nimpredil flower, on the second Elanor, and on the third a picture on the misty mountains. Being well pleased with his work he went back to the Inn.

Pushing the doors of he Inn he came to Sian.
"I have finished the doors. Do you want to come and see them? Oh and there's rain outside so it will be impossible to move them indoors today unless the weather improves"

Weather forecast according to PT's prediction
Eruheran marches outside, walks to his Horse, gives it some of his Rum then looks at the design on the door.

Brilliant, Master Dwarf.

However, Eruheran noticed a small section of the Inn was still collapsed, and it had been for 5 years and a few weeks, because of his Nazg’l forms Rampage.

But Master Dwarf, in your Shortness you forgot that My Nazg’l form knocked down a small bit of the building.

Eruheran mutters under his breath about Dwarves.

I'll help myself to some Apple-juice.

Eruheran grabs a mug and slips behind the bar, pouring in some apple juice, and putting some money in the till from the 5 years no-one remembers, Before grabbing Artiuril and lobbing him outside, because 5 years just happened at random and Cheesey doesn't need a space filler any more. Thorin begins work on the Inns walls
Thorin, I'm delighted the doors are done! I'll come and look as soon as I pour this ale! Cheesey, here's the ale you asked for, sorry I'm so slow and here are warg ribs and watcher rings for everyone! Sian puts several platters of assorted snacks within reach of everyone. That was quite an interesting song you sang; music has certainly changed since my day! Why don't you put your feet up and relax in front of the fire.

Thorin, just let me check on the venison then I'll get my shawl and go out to look at your doors, I don't mind the rain for myself. I'm sure you'll get them put up before Grondy gets back.

Sian peeks into the kitchen and sees that the roasting haunch of venison and the whobeast are still slowly roasting over low fires. She ladles drippings over each to keep them from drying then tosses a green shawl over her shoulders and heads outside. She pats Cheesey's horse and then ducks inside the forge.

The doors are works of art and Sian catches her breath as she traces over the designs with her fingers. Grond really loves this old Inn and he'll be so pleased to see it with these doors! It's time to go back to the kitchen, though so she heads to the door. "What am I going to do with that Cheesy fellow," she thinks. Grond would know just what to do but I don't. I'm not really a bartender. I've worked in many a kitchen but the lords and ladies I've served never bothered the help!

Sian goes out and sees the horse still standing in the rain. She unties it and lead it behind the Inn to the barn. She puts it into a big stall and then gets a stool to stand on. She unsaddles it and takes off the bridle carefully hanging the tack on a saddle stand. Grooming tools are close by and she carefully currys and brushes the horse and picks out it's hooves. It's legs are caked with mud and it needs to be walked until it's dry and then fed. She does these things and then sits by while the horse has a hot mash and hay. It looks at her and seems to have a grateful expression in it's brown eyes
I'm even more tired now, horse, but I couldn't just sit by and see you standing in the rain. I'm sure Cheesey means well but he needs to hire a groom to take care of you. Lots of fine gentlemen have squires and such to look after their horses and armour. I know I need to tell him where you are but maybe I'll wait a little so you get some rest. Maybe he'll stay the night and you can both get a good night's rest.

Sian heads back to the Inn with her shawl over her head to keep off the rain.
Eruheran quickly empties the mug, annoyed that no-one is accompanying him on his quest. He stood up, and walked to the door, going outside to have another look at it. "Brilliant Doors Master Dwarf." He said again. "Out of extreme Boredom, I shall make a statue of Me from Pure Dwarven Emeralds!" He announced, setting off to the mines to buy a slab of Emerald. (Or Steal them, he Doesn't have much money)
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