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Ok, here is the story:
Sauron fell a few years ago. The forces of Mordor have been scattered, but not entirely destroyed. Rumor of large concentration of them gathering in Annuminas has reached the ears of King Elessar. Eriador must be taken back for Gondor! Gondor has no armies to send there, it is already busy taking back Umbar. The Rohirram desire peace, they do not want to fight another war unless necessary. The majority of the Ghaladrim have departed, Thranduil is busy purging the rest of Mirkwood. The Dwarves of Eregion are occupied with securing the land to the east. The Shire has no might for an undertaking of this kind, and the Grey Havens can't spare nearly enough as they are needed for the defence of Mithlond. So the King has decided to rely on single warriors, wanderers of great might and valor. He has sent out a decree, asking that all warriors who desire an adventure or challenge come to Minas Tirith...

Hope this turns out well, if not, well at least I'd have tried.
> nice it is to be in the White City once again, ecspecially now after the war..< thought Etharion climbing the streets upwards. And on what a purpose to! The king himself seeking a group to aid the kingdom of Gondor..a task worthy of undertaking.
Seeing a guard he stoped and asked where and who he should see about this matter...

I hope this is ok.. Should i post a bio too? I have one in the bio thread already thou..
*aproches the elven man black cloke swrling about in the slight brez*

"greetings my friend rumer has reached my ears that you seek a party to elimanate the last of the bloody orcs and the rest of the demons armys my blade and bow are at your sirvice. and perhaps i can find some of the answers I seek wile we setabout this task at hand. my name is corgon swiftblade i come from the house of dra don from gray havens. corgon says with a deep bow.
the lord of the mighty city of gray havens as sent me to aid gondor and men there may be others come along but i asure you none will be as skilld as I we can not tarry for them we must make haste in finding companions to aid us and move as quickly as we can. my horse is waiting at the edge of town when you are ready we will go.
*the sound of boots clattering on the paved alleys of minas tirith echoes as a dwarf comes up the path*

"hello my good elves," says he to the two elves standing in front of him. "i've heard that there was to be an armed expedition to the north and i have travelled many leagues from my city of khazad-dum to put my axi in the service for the king for a short whilr. Do you know where the warriors are to be assembled?"
No one sees as a very peculiar elf moves silently throught the busy streets of gondor. he makes his way to see the king for he has heard of a very interesting job to be done.
He sees the odd party talking of a assembly of warriors and steps up to them.
"I bring greetings from eriador and i offer my aid to the king. Is this where i am supposed to be?"
"the dwarf turns and looks at the newcomer.

"oh hello arath. this is way from our first meeting in rivendell but it's good to see you again after so long. And i'm also asking the same question as you were"
What race exactly is Corgon?

Etharion observed the strangers. Thorin, Arath and Corgon.. The dwarf seemed honest, the elf was rather peculiar in his behaviour, and this Corgon..he had a strange accent he couldnt quite fit anywhere..
"Aye..i am here as well on the King's summons. But no, i do not know where we must go. So i stoped here to ask this guard for directions. But as he seems rather busy..maybe we should simply head to the Great Hall itself and ask for the King's audience?" he said.
i agree with you let us go and inquier within as for the question of my race i am elven as are the two of you there are things that i do not know i lost my mimory many a year back and even i do not know where my true roots are from but there is no doubt of trust in my words i am a honist compainion and have no reson to strike you down. ( it seems that i get the acent alot thow i do not exatly hear it my self)
"Good idea," said the dwarf. "and once he's finished briefing us we should go to the great library and have a look at maps to choose the best way. No doubt most of us know the land weel from our many journeys yet we should all debate and agree on the best way."

"and by the way what's our renuumeration gonna be?"
There's a slight commotion coming up the hill behind the group...the voices grow clearer as it gets closer, and it becomes clear there is an upset of some sort...
"Halt, you can't go any further!"
"You've been saying that for the past eight minutes. *indistinct grumbling*"
"Halt, or...or I'll shoot!"
"You've said that, too."
A disgruntled looking eagle is golloping up the street (hey, land is not nice for eagles, and the close in buildings make it even more interesting...), and is followed, at a cautious distance by a small group of gaurds, one of which is carrying a small bow, obviously uncertain quite where to aim it...
The eagle spins around suddenly and confronts the guards. "Here is the call sent out for aid against this new threat. You tell me it isn't authentic" she said, thrusting forth a large, heavily taloned foot. The gaurds backed hastily away from the extended talon. A small, tattered scrap of parchment tangled from one claw. She shook the claw lightly, *humph*ed, curled the claw back in again, and turned back to stumping determinedly up the hill.
"W-wait!" called the guard with the bow as he found himself being left in the dust...

ooc: you guys don't mind a bit of a comical character, do you? It won't be all the time, so it won't get obnoxious.../ooc
*waches this event and is unsure of its meaning but turns away to thorian
" i agree with you lets get going so we can get the fun started my blade is thursty for orc blood and my hand is iching for a good bral or two."

" ooc.... i think thats a good idea every once in a wile we need a good laugh in the game to keep in intresting.......ooc/
I dunno..roleplaying a eagle.. Maybe it would be better if you were some more common Middle Earth race..cause this is a bit..well wierd. But ok.. i didnt start this thread..
an eagle would be cool as we would have a great scout and heavy air support
But common..its not really Tolkien like. I mean..eagles dont descend from their lofty mountain peaks. Their not supposed to go around adventuring and, well talking. We could as well say, "Hey, ents are huge and strong, they'd make a great additon to our party cause they can smash a lot of enemies at once with their big hands!" but that isnt a reason to have a ent in the party strolling about cities and whatnot. Its just a bit too odd if you ask me..
thats unfair to those great bords who helprd us so many times; in the battle of five armies and at the black gate and anyway there mus be some adventurous eagles somewhere and most of the eagles of LOTR talks without mentioning the hobbit.
When did a eagle ever set foot in a human setllment? They did help the people of Middle Earth, but they didnt hang around. They dont feel comfortable on the ground at all, escpecially in human cities and such..
Wouldnt you object if i said "Ok, i'll play a ent. Im huge and i can smash entire castle walls in a matter of moments. No biggie."
And hey! Someone can play Beorn. Or perhaps a good dragon, or a Maiar! if there was something like a good Balrog, it would be ok to take one of them on a adventure too.

Im just saying its a bit daft..
anywat its a game who cares if we kill sauron or manwe? or if morgoth helps us?
OOC: Maybe, Laurelome, you could be an eagle with the power to change into an elf, or more human like form. That would solve a lot of problems in the future if the thread goes into caves and the like. But it's your character, and your choice. Etharion, could you close your italics please? :OOC

A cloaked figure glided up the streets unnoticed, watching all the commotion as the summons was being answered by people from all over Middle-Earth. "Hmm, things are looking pretty well with all these warriors," he said to himself. Walking by the guards, they saluted him and let him pass. He saw a lot of familiar faces, and some that he didn't know as well, but he kept to his purpose and kept walking to the citadel...
Ok nevermind.. It was just my opinion anyway. But count me out of this one. Iv had enough of these fairylike roleplay threads where "everything goes". The only thing it has with the real LOTR world is the setting.
I usually have nothing against this kind of thing...hey, have fun however you want.. But lately the only kind of threads i see are of that kind, so i dont have any chance for a bit of good old LOTR roleplaying.
"to the king huh?.... where might his quarters be? I have seen master elesser many times from afar but i have never visited this city." Arath said to the others and turned to Thorin.
"Greetings master dwarf" He said bowing down.
"How wonderfull it is to see you here" He said.
"My friends do you think that we will catch a climbs of the white tree i have been hearing for my heart longes to see it" He asked.
Watching the newcomers, the shadowed figure looked with regret at the elf who had decided to leave. "We will need all the help we can get, and here we have people leaving. It's a shame," he thought to himself, as he walked up the stairs to the citadel to see Elessar, who was a personal friend of his.

OOC: Etharion and Laurelome, could you two work out a way that satisfies both of you? I mean, the more the merrier, and apparently Etharion has a problem with the whole giant eagle thing. I don't quite understand what the problem is, but there is a problem. I would appreciate it if the two of you could work out your differences, thank you.
let us be going then i am on edge now. * enters the main hall and requests information about the call to arms from the king after introduceing him self he names the others who had gatherd to th answer the call. the gaurd nods and points to a larg side door " in there" he said gruffly. (corgon waves to the others to flow him and walks to the room)

ooc some one can take this from here im out of ideas at the moment.
ooc...Sorry that you're miffed about my character choice...I went with it because, well for one, that's my character ^^^ and just because I always liked the eagles, and they never had much character in the books beyond the brief appearance in the Hobbit. They did appear in the trilogy, but they never got any 'airtime'. No character building. The one eagle that carried Bilbo from the wargs always caught my interest, as he seemed to me to have a bit of a sense of humor. I've always wondered what they would have done after the end of the Age, and it's my theory that some went home to the Halls, while others stayed to keep up thier duties, spreading out and going thier seperate ways... but now I'm just babbling. You want me to just be an elf or something?
"what a mighty hall" arath said thinking outloud.

soon another guard came to inform them that they had to wait for a while before meeting king elesser. The guard also required that all should leave their weapons to a guard for safe keeping so none of them would threaten the king.
* laughs to him self and removes his sword belt his bow and quiver and 12 of the daggers and knives hiden ofer his armor. * hands them to the gaurd care for these afects is if they are your children. or it will be your head understould.
Oy, i dont have any diffrences with Laurelome. She can play whatever character she wants, thats fine with me. But in a normal roleplay i just dont think a eagle fits in. No more than a ent would..
That's why i dont feel like being in this RPG. No worries mate Orc Smiling Smilie
ooc if theres any probs with it then take care of it on another page plez and if you dont want to be here ur not chaned to the room you donot have to stay. rember that.
I liked the way this thread was going until you started having arguments about the Eagle...granted, I see where you guys pretty much don't care, as long as no one has godlike powers, but I also see how the Eagle kinda doesn't fit genuine Tolkien RP, please no one take offense, I love you guys Big Smile Smilie But either, Lauralome's here, her chara is an Eagle, and that's who she is, I'm not gonna dog her for it, and I think I might join this RP, that is, if you guys want me...
occ you are more than welcome the more the marryer i say and lets continue with the rp plez.
Well, if you guys really don't mind...I am ready to find some way to change in the story if you want me too, but I would really like to stay as an eagle (i've already kinda written out the character and everything, but that's just me being lazy...) I just don't want to drive anyone out Orc Sad Smilie
Icey, you should come join us!

...thanx for closing that tab...guess I could have done it, huh?/ooc
A few moments after the group had been informed of thier wait, the eagle joined them, slightly ruffled, and looked around curiously. "You have come to answer the call as well?" (here the guards arrive, also looking ruffled. The eagle ignores them.) "I have no weapons to remove, so may I enter and join my now-comrades?" she said to the gaurds outside the door. They looked sligthly doubtful, but let her pass all the same.
I may join..... sometime when you set out or at a dramatic moment DUN DUN DUUUUUUHHH!!! But for now, I'm closing the italics Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OOC: No, I think you should keep your character Laurelome, though possibly give her the ability to change into a more human like form at times, as I did plan on leading this thread into Moria and other places like that. An eagle would have a huge disadvantage fighting in those places, but it is possible; it's your choice, keep it as a surprise whichever you choose. For now, I think this argument should be over, so we can continue with the story. OOC

The cloaked figure walked into the room as the wind blew the doors open with a bang. "I thank you all for showing up, first of all. I am not here to lead this adventure," he said, "That is for everyone to do. In this, we are all to use our experience and knowledge for the benefit of the cause. I do not need to explain what that is, for you would not be without knowing. I keep my name a secret for the time being, as it is wound up with many things."...

OOC: Someone else take King Elessar at this point.
hm...mebe King Elessar could give me a bit of elf magic that would turn me into a 'human' for a time, limited use sort of thing so it isn't all powerful...or something like that. I say Loss should do Elessar.
Arath bowed deep when he saw the king.
He first thought that he should remain quiet but he was too eager.
"Greetings aragorn son of arathorn!" arath said.
OOC: No, I meant someone else take the part of the king, the cloaked figure is my own character, the king enters at this point.

The figure stepped aside into the corner upon the entry of Elessar, who then started to speak...
After realizing hes mistake arath steps towards the robed figure.
"I know you" he said and then was silent for the king had entered.

I could take his part what should he say?
Would he tell more of this quest or maybe join us?
no, I don't think he'd actually join...for one, think of always trying to fill in what he'd say and do! also, he's calling for adventurers because he can't actually go himself. I think I can fill in for him...oh, and we're in the throne room, right? I'm just going to run with the one from the movie, since I can remember the lay of it.../ooc
As Aragorn enters the throne room, all conversations fall silent. He is dressed majestically in the traditional clothes of the King- the black velvet seeming to swallow all the light around it and fling it gleaming out through the carefully crafted silver embroidery. A long cape flows from his shoulders.
"I am sorry to keep you waiting, friends. I was in council, concerning the very matter that called you here."
Instead of going to the dais, Lord Aragorn strides directly over to the small band, greeting them warmly. "Ah, I see the Eagles have answered my call as well! I feel I must thank your people again for the help they provided in the fight against Sauron." He turns again to the rest of the group. "Such an odd group we would never have seen before this last war. It is good to see the elves and the dwarves once more in friendship, instead of coming just shy of bloodshed with each meeting. I must thank you all for answering my call. I trust your journeys were as safe as may be, with some of Mordor's foul ilk still roaming the land." He gestures towards a small circle of chairs being set up around a table to the side of the hall. "We can speak here of what must be done, and hope that more may join us in this endeavor as we council."
The group moves over to the table, seating themselves around it. A log is found for Laurelome to perch on, and after some awkwardness (the servants had not thought of the fact the log would roll when perched upon...) some chocks are brought, and all are settled comfortably around the table. A map is brought.
’As my letters stated, there are not many who are able to join us, and so I am calling for the strongest this Middle Earth has to offer in order to send a small force to deal with this threat. I do not feel that much will be required to discourage this new threat, at least considering how many of the foul creatures have likely gathered already. I am not in any way saying that this task will be easy, or that there is not great peril to you all, I merely wish to say that it is a task that may be accomplished. I will leave you for a moment to plan your way. Food and drink will be brought, and you can make a list of provisions you will need here. They will be fetched for you. Horses are being selected from my stables as we speak. I will return shortly.’ Saying this, the King rose from the table and, gesturing to a servant to follow, left the room.

wow...aragorn talks a lot. sorry 'bout that...
*studys the map a moment the looks up* "Iv never been good at planing rutes I mostly just wander I think I'll leve the path makeing to the more suted among us. he said and reached for his pipe * " anyone mind? helps me think,* he said looking around the table.
King Elessar could give me a bit of elf magic that would turn me into a 'human' for a time, limited use sort of thing so it isn't all powerful...or something like that. I say Loss should do Elessar.

OOC: Thank ye Laurelome, although the King Elessar indeed could not do this errand himself, you are correct, but I have an idea, although I do need to know more about where this quest is going, I know that we are going to re-take Eriador??? So, are the hobbits captive??? As they have no might to take them on??? I was thinking, I could be kind of like King Elessar, a ranger perhaps, who could help with tracking and the like, could add a twist to the story, a personal companion of Aragorn??? Just need to know route, then I'll add my character Orc Smiling Smilie

Laurelome: Elessar isn't an elf, therefore no elf-magic, but you could use your "Maiar like Spirit" and simply change just as Beorn does Orc Smiling Smilie but you of course decide what you "morph" into Orc Smiling Smilie
Well, Elessar is married to an elf, and though she no longer has the Grace of the Valar upon her, she could have some skills still remaining...That was my thought, that she could make a brief appearance and do the traditional elvish send-off--giving out random gifts that in the end turn out to be invaluable...But I think I like your Beorn idea even better. We could still have Arwen show, but I like the idea of just transforming...thanx for that! I think I'll take it!
oh, also, you guys need to get on and say where we're going...I'll bring Elessar back as soon as I know you're all ok with what I've said...
Wink Smilie
OOC:The final destination, at least for now, is Eriador, particularly the area of Annuminas. The northern part of Eriador is what's in danger. The adventure will kind of wander around ME, where it goes exactly depends on what people bring into it.

After the king left, the cloaked figure stepped up to the table and studied the map. After a few moments he started speaking, "The Shire is very close to where we need to go, but I don't think it's in danger yet. Were the orcs to grow stronger, then I would be worried about it, but as things are, they wouldn't dare to invade it. Orcs by themselves are stupid for the most part, so this organized action on their part is most unnusual. This indicates that there is a central figure who is in command, whom we need to find." After this he stepped back again, and allowed some others to voice their opinions...
"you are right" arath said but he did not look at the map because he had trvaled alot in eriador.
"i am not much help to you in these lands but i will prove my worth once we get to eriedor" he said.

"who are you your voice seems so familiar?" arath whispered to the cloaked one.
(well my friends i have to quit playing now because i have to get myself to the army first thing tomorrow! but ill be back on weekend holidays and ill post here then! bye!)
I agree with our hooded friend there orginashion is most unnaturaly. almost fearfully so. we must fouses on elminating the orc's first hand but this idea of a stronger mind behind these moves is a logical idea to me we must descover who he she or it is as soon as we can and maybe we can find a way to brake whatever unearthy hold he has over the monsters. do any of you have a idea who could hold such power?
He replied quietly, "I am Fionw’, I hide my identity for the cause, having many enemies, even among our allies."
Speaking louder, he said, "We will find that information when we get there or on our way. But for now I think we should set out. I travel tomorrow, and so I ask, who's going to Eriador?"
Aye, I'm with you." said the eagle, thoughtfully. As Lord Aragorn had said, it is indeed a strange company gathered here. Four elves, one of which is careful around even his own kin, a dwarf, and an Eagle. Who knows what else we might encounter throughout our journey, as well. "To Eriador it is, then."
At this point Elessar comes back in, glances around, judging the mood and making sure everyone at the table was in accord. "You are acquainted now, and are prepared to leave? Good. I have had lodgings arranged for you for tonight, and everything is in preperation for you to leave in the morning." He beckons a servant over. "Forlong here will show you to your rooms, and will take any further supply requests. Take your ease tonight, rest well, for where you go now you should not sleep with ease. Now I must leave you again. I am sorry that I cannot give mre time to you, the brave and true, but these are still dangerous times, and there are many matters for me to attend to. So for now, I bid you a quiet night." With that, he turned and was gone again. Forlong stood by the table, waiting for everyone to follow.
"I can see to my own lodgings tonight. I saw a safe looking ledge under the eves of one of the towers, if it is all the same to you, that is." The eagle waited for Forlong's nod before stumping off towards the door. "I will write out my supply needs and bring it down shortly." she said over her shoulder as she left the Hall.
*stould replaced his knives and daggers in there places buckeld on his sword and reached into the pockit of his shirt and walked ofer to the boy* I antisapated the kings offer here are the things I will need for a quest take it to the wizard who resides on the western outskirts of town he will give you all of them but one the first and most important thing on that list aragorn has this make sure you get it first and bring it strate to me my young friend. * then stould by and waited for the others*
OOC: Right, thanks, I'll improvise now Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

As The King Elessar left the room, the door which he was then about to enter through, opened. An average height person, in a dark grey hood and cloak came through, and as The King Elessar started to smile, he revealed the hood and let his silver yet deep grey hair flow down above his shoulders. He too smiled, and stopped where he stood and crossed armed towards the king and said "Aran th’r sui pen, Aragorn sen ’? Mellon n’n ingem r’ thurin adel sen?

Then slowly laughed together, and they embraced, then the King replyed, "My friend, I am still the same man as I was before, and yes, the same when we knew eachother back in Rivendell, but I am glad you came, the rest of the company are just in the room I just quitted, shall I introduce you or shall you just go in and do it yourself?"

To that the elf replyed, "I shall introduce myself properly alone, I don't want you to embaress me" They both shaken hands and the elf turned away and went to open the door....
As she heard the door behind her open once more, and another figure enter, Laurelome paused and turned, and stood waiting for the figure to introduce himself. He looked familiar, as if she might have spotted him during her wandrings, but no more, snd this made her even more curious to find out more about this stranger.
* waches as the hooded figure enters the room geting a strange feeling as he passed by he loosed a dagger in his sleve ready for any sigh that the man was who he beleved him to be.*

" remove your hood sir if you would and state your name." corgon said as he stould from his leaning aginst the wall.
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