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Fionw’ saw Corgan's movement, and intervened. "There will be none of that here, in the White City," he said firmly. "We are here not to fight amongst ourselves, but amongst the enemy. Settle your quarrels peacefully. All who desire to join are welcome, and shall not be hindered as long as I am around, and I am not one to be taken lightly."
His eyes flashed as he looked at Corgan, daring him to make a move.
I mean no harm he has a feeling about him the same as the mage who riped my mimories from my mind. my request was simple enough was it not?
"I apologize, I thought you meant him harm," he replied.
there are only two kinds of things i wish to harm orc and that blasted mage unless someone is unfoutunat enough to draw a blade aginst me.
Laurelome sees that introductions may take some time, so she leaves the room quietly and leaps into the air to look at her potential roost before the light was lost for the evening. She was only gone a short time, and returned to the hall quietly, with a small slip of paper that she handed to one of the servant/runners who had been instructed to gather the supplies. He glances at the list, and gives the great eagle an odd look, which she answered with a large, predatory glare, and he left at a quick trot to gather the things she had requested...
Looking to Forlong, Fionw’ spoke,"All I need is some food to pack, fodder for my horse, and the name and location of the best smith in the White City. My armor and gear could use some mending."
With that, he bid farewell to the others until their departure, for he had some other business to attend to, and left the room...
* as he replaces hid dagger he sits at the table for a moment then the boy who had taken his list returned with a mid sized box and brought it to him
" the items you asked for sir." he said corgon took the box and sliped it into his bag then saw that the boy was still standing there.
" yes?" asked corgon the boy removed a long slim neaty wraped package and set it on the table "the first item on the list sir."
" thank you son thats all." and tucked the thing into hos tunic.
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As he entered the room, the glaring eyes nearly shot him down in cold blood, so he quickly glanced around and adjusted his collar and said in a happy-go-lightly way, "Sorry I'm late, it is a long ride from Northern Rhovanion, although I could have used an Eagle, it would have been much quicker" and glanced to where the Great Eagle took flight. "I am here now though, so allow me introduce the stranger stood before you, I am Loss, of Northern Arthedain, and a very good/old friend of the newly crowned King Elessar. Although I am of elf-kind, I was born and raised in Fornost, so if you know your geography, then my homeland is very near to Ann’minas, where the danger is gathering, so the King Elessar sent for me while I was dealing with issues with King Thranduil. Also, it is my personal duty to save my home from destruction, so I left almost instantly, finishing my other duties of course. So, are these all that are going with me to 'recover' the ancient city?" Then he walked over to the maps laying on the table and awaited some sort of reply or action.
Laurelome had returned in time to here the elf's introduction, and now she hop-stepped over to greet him in return. "I am sorry for my seemingly cold reception, friend. It has been a long flight, and I am so looking forward to a good night's rest...As for the others, I am a bit perplexed by the actions of our group. They seem to be a rather distrusting lot. Or perhaps it is true, and I trust too easily! Either way, give them a moment and they'll warm up to you. I am Laurelome, and I greet thee." she said, giving the elf a ...'light' tap on the shoulder with her wing, and nearly sending him flying himself. She didn't seem to notice, as the runner she had sent off earlier came dashing back with what appeared to be a fur-lined bedroll and several yards of fabric, thread, needles...etc. "Finally!" exclaimed Laurelome, apparently delighted, as she took the stuff gently in her talons. " I shall see you all shortly after sunrise!" and with that she was off again to her roost.
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Loss, as he nearly flew into the wall, controlled his flight to place his feet back to ground and thus landed lightly with his elvish grace. He turned to the Eagle, and chuckled, "Suilannad, Laurelome, this is indeed a great day of meetings. I have only had the pleasure to meet a Great Eagle once, and have never forgotten the experience, and now I have another memory to reminisce about to fellow wanderers and the like." Then bowed slightly, and watched as the man brought the materials that the Eagle was greatly pleased about. He then ran his finger around the maps, around his home country and sighed, then looked towards the window and saw that the sun was about to rest. "I think that we should carry this on tomorrow, early as possible if you like, for there is much planning and I have things to do, and sleep is not one of them, I hope you shall rest well... oh and if you need anything, I'll quickly have it seen to, for I am known by most around this city, I bid you all farewell for a time." Then walked over to the door parallel to the one he entered and put his deep grey hood over his head and walked out into the now dusking land, and proceeded down the stairs.
" I too need rest we leve first thing in the morning yes? i will see you all then and bid you all a good nights rest." bowing to each in turn then walks to the door and is lead away by one of king argorns's servents.
After a night's rest, Fionw’ was standing by his horse bright and early in the morning, waiting for those who would join him. He checked all his gear and equipment as he waited, not wanting anything to be out of shape...
* walks up to him leading his horese * good morning friend ready to head out i see is all well with your gear?
Soon a rather short, slim young woman came out of the hall, gathering up the lead of a pack pony and a sack (from which dangled several oddly shaped yet obviously sharp objects) as she came towards them. She was lightly built, with yellow-amber eyes and golden-brown hair that was held in a loose braid down to the small of her back. She wore a long, almost skirt-like riding tunic over close fitted leggings, what appeared to be a full cloak folded over one arm. "Fair morning to you, friends" She said, when she reached the two waiting figures. "It seems our companions have slept in a touch. I am sorry I could not join you in a, uhm...less intimidating form last night. There was an unfortunate occurance on my travels here, and I did not see it ...appropriate to appear in nothing but my undergarments..."she blushed slightly...and promptly tripped over an uneven paving stone as she shifted in the ensuing awkward silence...
"That was probably better, first impressions last, and you made quite an impression. A good one," Fionw’ said. "Here, you can put any bundles you have on my horse. She won't mind, will you Starlight?" Stroking his horse's mane. Fionw’ took his ocarina out of his cloak and started playing it. As the music lifted and carried far through the city, an unusually large, white wolf came running down the street towards them. "This is Aurora, I found her as a pup, and have raised her for several years now. She really quite tame, most of the time."
Morning came, and the now... revealed stranger had not slept at all, for he had a few old friends to meet once again. But he had not forgotten the main errand at hand. But before he came to the company waiting by their horses, he had paid a lengthy visit to the Lady Arwen, for they had many meetings in Rivendell when they were both young. She was pleased to see him, and he also, the last time they met was in L’rien not so long ago, but to elves it seems a small count but was in fact many years. She and Elessar gave him a gift for his journey and that once again he had helped out his friend the King. Loss then came to the company and he looked upon the Lady that stood among them, he greeted them. "Hullo my friends, I hope that the hospitality was to your satisfaction, my horse is in the stables at the present, but we pass it on the way out of the city". Then turned to the Lady and looked at her, "I know your eyes, though they be smaller than yesterday, they are yet the same this day, although I see that there is a gentle feather like spirit in your being, and I am glad that you have this side. Well, who are we missing now" then speaking to the rest of the company.
"Ah, as to that. I have sad news- Our dwarf friend seems to have been called in another direction for the time being. Arrangements have been made- a swift mountain pony will wait for him here, though I know that dwarves are not the most comfortable horsemen, this should be sufficient. We will leave hidden signals for him to follow, so that he and any other allies may join us later along our journey. We may give Arath a few more moments, but I have a feeling he may have to follow our signals as well. We must be off quickly, if we want to be started at all!"
i agree let us go it is time we can not linger here long." he said and got onto his horse and ajusted his swordand bow.
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Out through the gates of the White City they rode, and across the Pelennor Plains.
"Which way do you wish to take? We can make for the Pass of Rohan, Carhadras, Moria," Fionw’ asked as they rode. "I would advise going to the Lonely Mountain, and so to Mirkwood, both where we can possibly pick up some more people to help. Maybe go through Lorien on the way."

OOC:What do you guys think of the idea that we bring more characters into the adventure, they would play only a minor part, like the Dunedain in the RotK, they will be around, but not majorly.
I think that the gap of rohan would be best maybe we could pick up a few more companions at rohan.

ooc I think thats a good idea how about the rest of you.
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"I agree with you Corgon. The northern way is most likely the best, especially as I have seen there is a road we might follow for most of our journey- it will be both faster and somewhat safer for you grounded folk. There may be bandits along the road nowadays, but I suppose they will be good practice, to keep us fit and able for when the time comes.
I know this may be a slight distraction, but we will pass within a half-day's journey of Isengard, and I would like to see what has become of it since the fall of Saruman. My last memories of it are dark and ugly, and I would like to see what the forest has made of it since."
The Eagle-turned-woman walked along beside the horses as they moved down the road.
She had tried to mount earlier, more to show why she never rode than in the hopes the horses would stand her. "I am a large predator, no matter what form I am in, and they sense it and will not bear me, no matter what promises I make. I am used to walking and I will resort to the skies if keeping up becomes a problem for me. I do have some of my Eagle-strength in this form, though, so I should be fine for most of a day, even at a quick pace" she explained.
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OOC: I was thinking of maybe bringing some dwarves, elves, and men in to join at a certain point. You know, like at the Lonely Mountain some dwarves might volunteer to come to Annuminas. Six against an army is kinda unbelievable, this way we would have our own little army.

"Bandits will be among the least of our concerns. This gathering of evil has brought creatures out of hiding, creatures that were better left hidden. There are many dragons left in Middle-Earth; though none of the old might or strain, that was destroyed with Smaug. Trolls are coming out of seemingly nowhere; and other creatures, vanished these long years, have appeared, much to my dismay," Fionw’ said.
After a moment, he spoke again, "I was asked by the King to go to our allies, and ask for volunteers to aid us in defeating the evil. The Lonely Mountain I plan to go to, as well as Lorien. If you wish, we could go through Rohan, and so see Isengard. I would love to speak with Fangorn again. We are very good friends, him and I. Who knows, we might even find a few brave people to help us."
Loss kept a little behind the company, for he felt that they were suspicious of him so decided to keep away for a while and keep a keen eye behind and on either sides and also to enjoy the sound of the wind. His horse was dark grey and had even darker speckles on her long nose then around to her ears, she was a valiant beauty and has been with her Master for a long while. Loss said to her, "Keep me steady, I've gotta look around my bag", then let go of the reins and grapped his bag, and she did keep him steady, for he used no saddle. After much rummaging, he pulled out a small morsel he saved for his horse back in Minas Tirith and gave it gently to her, and then carried on listening to the wind.
Fionw’ pulled back from the group to ride beside Loss. "Friend, why do you ride alone? You would be a welcome addition to us," he said. "You are a friend of Aragorn, are you not? I am also a friend of his. I fought under his leadership against the Corsairs long ago, and more recently I was near him in the hour of Sauron's fall."
aye I too fought with his army thow i never spoke to him my self any warrior who fought with him is a grand addision to our party i applojise for my actions yesterday take this as a token of my friendship." corgon said and droped back and held out a small bad for loss to acept.
The two Elves pulled back, so Loss put on his smile and replyed to Fionwe, "I ride alone for no reason, but I am glad that you take an interest and more than glad that you also know Aragorn, he and I did fight together on many occasions. Not at Umbar though, I had more demanding issues to ride and sort out at that time, I stayed at Rhovanion and often with the Lady Arwen, for she and I grew to adulthood together. So when I saw her at Minas Tirith, I and she were most pleased and any friend of the newly Crowned King and Queen are friends of mine." Then taken the gift from Corgon and accepted it willingly. "As I said back in Minas Tirith, I grew up near Fornost, so I have skills of tracking like the Rangers I spent much time with during the Third Age. So, I would be more than willing to help out with those sort of things, so I would like to know where we are heading." Then stroked his horse's mane.
Silent for a moment, Fionw’ replied, "After three days riding, it is my opinion that we should go north, to the Lonley Mountain; and especially to the Beornings. We could refit ourselves at those places, those of us who need it, and possibly find out some more on what we're up against. But that is only my opinion."
it sounds good to me lets go.
Well, I beleive we have been making very good time, but I am no judge on the land. We should be seeing the Snowbourn soon, should we not? Should we take such a northern road? It would lead us through Mirkwood and then we would have to cross the Misty Mountains...however, I would indeed like to see the Northern reaches again, and I am certain we could gather aid among the dwarves and the men there, and even possibly from among the remaining Elves. I am ready to travel that way if all are in agreement..." Laure looked to the still-silent members of the group...
nods to the great bird i agree we may gather more alies at the least be able to replinish our stock os suplies. and mabey even meet some of my kin in mircwood.
"If that is how we all stand, then north we turn," Fionw’ said. Turning Starlight in that direction, he set off at a gallop, looking back to see if they were following...

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began to ride after him comeing up along side him lauralome flying over them like a great protecter the group headed north to the pass and the lands beyond
Laurelome made sure that Loss had the lead to her pack pony securely fastened to his own saddle, and stepped into the bushes to change. Bursting into the air moments later, she tossed her bundle of clothing to Loss (trying only somewhat successfully to give the horses room enough not to spook) and sprang up and ahead with a glad cry, welcoming the wind's soft touch on her feathers after three long days of earth-bound travel.
Loss looked wide-eyed at the magnificent bird taking flight, and then packed her clothes into his saddle pack, whilst fastening the pony more securely to it, clicked his tongue a few times then sped to near the front with both hands on the rope of Laurel's pony and rode no-handed on his own horse and galloped towards the never nearing shadow of the Great Eagle flying above. Then calling to Fionwe, "It is a pity that shape-shifting is not our talent, it would be much quicker", then looked up to how easy the Maiar could pick up speed.
Calling back, Fionw’ replied, "Yes, it is a great pity. But that is one reason why it is so nice having her with us."
A little while later, Fionw’ swerved to the side and got off his horse. He bent over the ground, examining it closely. Looking up at Elessar, he said, "Goblins, mountain breed, and a cavetroll. My guess is that they were hiding in the mountains, and are now heading to Annuminas."
He got back on Starlight's back, "There's about thirty of them in this group, and they passed through only a few hours ago." Then, as an after thought, he said winking, "If we hurry, we might have some company for tonight. What do you think?"
Shortly after Fionwe's statement, Laurelome swoops in, landing a careful distance from the horses. "I see a mob of goblins up ahead, and it looks like they have a cave troll or two, as well. They're very obviously not accustomed to traveling in the open, and are moving very slowly...I say we take them! I can fly ahead and wait for you to come up behind them. They're so used to fighting in tunnels they probably won't think of running to the side until it is much too late!"
Laure hops cautiously over to her horse, and removes a bundle of earthtone clothing, and the odd bundle of sharp shiny things that are strapped to her bags. Narrowly missing being kicked, she skips back away from the horses, and waits for everyone else's opinions...
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Having not tasted the fear of being outnumbered entirely by seven to one for a while, Loss made a flame kindle in his eyes, then unveiled his sword which he hid from the rest of the company and cried to them, "Show me your worth my friends! and don't let me have all the fun" then whispered a few gentle yet hard words to Laure's pony then spoke to his own horse, "Show our friends how to define speed", then taken all haste, to which Laure's pony attempted to follow. The fire in his eyes glowed as he turned back to beckon the company to his calling.....
yeah, this whole guild's kinda dead...
"Oh, I don't intend to, my friend,"Fionw’ said. "Hah."
Swinging himself onto Starlight as she ran past him, he rode after Loss. Loosening his swords, he looked back to see if Laurelome was behind him...
Laurelome was pelting along through the forest, a short distance ahead of the others (she had left a moment before the horses started their run), and came to a good spot halfway around the clearing.
Listening in anxious anticipation as she heard the horses' hoofbeats draw closer, she fidgeted, adjusting the straps on some odd, clawlike weapons attatched to her hands, and giving a sharp stamp, releasing a claw-like hook to click down at each heel. Laure grinned in anticipation and settled into a ready crouch.
Just as the horsemen burst into the opposite side of the clearing, Laure gave a huge howl and leapt at the nearest cluster of bickering orcs, and chaos ensued as the foul creatures found themselves facing threats from two directions at once.
Fionw’ rode through the clearing swinging his swords on both sides, taking four orcs out. Leaping off of Starlight, he just narrowly avoided a blow from the cavetroll, who caught him by surprise. Fionw’ called out something in a strange tongue, and while Starlight ran off into the woods, Aurora came bounding into the clearing, knocking over quite a few orcs in the process, and leaped on the cavetroll's back, biting down...
lets loose a volly of arrows from a few yards away then rides into the battel swords swinging removeing three heads as he rides in. " hail friends forgive my absnice but im returnd." and in good time for fun it seems.
Loss rode hard and straight into the middle of the massed orcs, making them fall in fear and trodden on as Loss passed by and was forced to stop in the middle of them. He then stood atop his horse and gently jumped down, orcs then covered the gap in which he made in the charge. Loss then drew his sword slowly, and let it gleam in amongst the darkness. The orcs chuckled as he was surrounded, then he walked towards one of the chuckling orcs with his head slightly bowed, and taken a swift cut to the orc's neck, in which he landed on the floor choking in his own blood. At that, the other orcs stopped laughing and all advanced towards him. Loss looked left and then right and swiftly met all that surrounded him, with various spins and ducks and taken out about ten of them when his horse neighed above all the clatter of swords and kicked then stamped on a few orcs that tried to cut her down, then she leaped over the remainder and charged into the mass of them to get to her Master.
charged into the orcs cuting down and who stould in his way untill he stould next to loss ans fell a larg orc close to him and with a nod to loss they began to saly there attackers.
thorin the dwarf joined the fray and wielded his two handed axe as quickly as he could...

ooc: anybody ever told you you write horrible english cargon? Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Fionw’ saw help come in from the sides, and seized his chance in the confusion created by it. Bringing his sword up, he drew upon his strength, leaving himself vulnerable as he charged up his power. At the peak, he yelled, "F’s'Almir!" His sword crackled, and burst into flames as he swung it with all his might at the enormous troll. With a flash of fire, the troll fell dead, crushing several goblins in it's fall. Striking both ways, Fionw’ finished off a few of them that had been scorched by the fire.
The wolf, leaping off the troll before Fionw’ hit it, was running around the edge of the battle, going after any who tried getting away.
Thorin seeing the troll fall. fell on the other goblins and fiercely engaged them along with his companions in arms. But as they thought they had won the battle they something huge approaching fgrom the west at a terrible speed. Yet it was still to far but none of the fighers doubted its evil intentions....
Laure, short as she was, had not seen Thorin join the fray from the other side of the clearing. She shot by just then, in a whirl of flying metal claws and flashing heel-spurs. "Ah, Thorin! Where in high heavens did you appear from? Welcome back, and enjoy the fray!" and with that the small figure was bustled on past in the pressing mob of orcs. She let the flow of figures carry her around the clearing, doing her part in the damage as the frantic creatures milled about, confused and infuriated by the deadly warriors hemming them in from all sides. Laure felt the wild confidence of battle flow hot through her veins, lending strength to bruised limbs.
She let out a wild cry, only to fall silent as a distant, ominous sound came to her ears over the sounds of battle. "Something approaches from the west!" she called, knowing no one was likely to hear her, as low down and muffled by the bodies of the foe as she was. She leapt onto the back of an orc in front of her, hoping to catch sight of one of her allies...
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