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Further away Thorin was engaged in a fierce fight with an orc chieftain but only half his mind was on the battle, he was thinking of the shadow approaching...
Fionw’ threw his sword at a big, brutish looking orc, landing it in his chest. Pulling out his bow, he started shooting all around him into what few orcs remained, helping out his friends by distracting the orcs. Some of the orcs took the same idea, and returned fire. Dodging an arrow that would have ended him, Fionw’ yelled to Loss, "I must give these goblins credit, they are quite brave as far as their race goes. And very good shots!" Picking the arrow up, Fionw’ returned it to it's owner, and moved on to a different orc. "Only four left," he said to himself.

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Thorin seeing that only a few orcs now remained charged into the largest one and swept his head away with a mighty blow. As his other companions engaged the remaining orcs he took a pause and watched them.
three arrows are shot from behind a tree felling the last of the orc onslaut and corgon steps out from his shadowd place " can i not leve you to go help a friend and not come back to help you out in a fight thorian?" he said laughing.
Unstringing his bow, Fionw’ walked around, picking up his arrows. "Not one of them is broken," he said. Putting them in his quiver, he walked over to where the orc lay with his sword. Pulling it out, he wiped it on the grass, cleaning it, and then sheathed it. "This will be an adventure. I haven't had a good brawl with orcs in the better part of a year," Fionw’ said to his companions.

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"I reckon we'll have hotter fights than that as we progree but where do we do now," the dwarf asked?
not sure my friend maybe we need to regroup then figure that out.
Pricking up his ears to the calls of the companions, Loss felt the tremble and seemed lost in the vibrations stemming from the West. Then hearing Fionwe, Loss yelled back to him as he sheathed his blade, "Bravery is often confused with ignorance of the unknown, my friend, and look where ignorance got them" then sighed with a smile, but soon it ended as the darkening thought came to his mind when he felt the vibrations once more. He slowly walked up to the company who were collecting from among the dead, "But we have been brave for this part, but ignorant in another" then he turned to Laurel, "Ignorant from what lies in wait in the West, I wish to go with you and scout out what is there, that is, if you don't mind me riding on your majestic feathers, I have not ridden on a Great Eagle since the time I mentioned before in The White City" Then, noticing the newly come Dwarf, he slightly bowed in acknowledgment.
The dwarf nodded to loss and got on again with his task at hand, packing his gear, cleaning his weapon and getting ready for the continuation of the journey.
Kicking aside a clutter of orc weapons, Fionw’ put his arrows back in the quiver. Knowing what Loss was feeling, Fionw’ nodded in agreement. "That is a wise idea. While you are in the skies, we will follow on foot," he said. "Though now, the question arises once again, where do we go? To the north first, to seek the aid of the dwarves and what elves remain? Or do we press straight through to Amon Sul?"
That is a very good idea, Loss." said Laure as she came up to the group, once again in Eagle form.
She tucked her belongings into a loose saddle bag lying nearby, and tossed it in the pile of stuff near the horses. She came back over to the group and tossed Loss some long strips of leather. "Loop them under my wings, they'll give you something more to hold onto once we get up. It would be a long drop, and this way will be easier on both of us than having me carry you in my talons!"
"Wait, before you leave, we must decide where to meet up again, or at least where we will go. I am for going to the Lonely Mountain," Fionw’ said. "Corgon, Thorin and myself can head there, and when you have finished your scouting, you could join us there. Does that sound like a good plan?"...
"And what exactly will we be looking for at the lonely mountain?"
with your permishion master dwarf we can scout the halls of the mountion and find suplys to restock our lost gear and maybe some coin for logeing in the man city below and meet in a inn i for one am not fond of the idea of sleeping in that forgonten place. corgon said.
"Well there's nothing wrong in staying there but if you don't like it we can stay in an inn. What do the others say?"
"It is well with me. Only, before we take to the skies, I ..must ask...where are we, and which direction from here? It is so disorienting for me to travel earthbound, without any of my usual landmarks to travel by. Or is that what we must find out from the above?
Oh, to orient yourself, Loss, you might want to bring a map up with you. Fold it with the right section out so that you can hold it as well as the tethers, but it might help you to figure things out. I understand the "bird's-eye view" can be as disorienting to landbound as the ground is to a creature of the air!"
we must head north from here to get to the lonly mountion. m'lady.
"Then north it is. Fare well, Loss and Laurelome, we shall see you there." Turning to Corgon, he said, "The Lonely Mountain is not a forgotten place, as you've put it. It is a bustling city of Dwarves. There is much commerce there, and it is my hope to find some volunteers, and information. It is unlikely that with so much travel going through there, that no rumor has been heard, and impossible that the dwarves shouldn't know something, considering their frequent travel to the mines in the Blue Mountains."
"Hmm, as long as i'm with you we should be admitted into the lonely mountain where we may hear mews from there and the iron hills. We will also get a chance to repair and rearm ourselves if need be," Thorin added.
forgive my ignorince my lord its been many a year sence my feet last trod on that place but let us be off then shalwe?
"North you shall go, and we shall go the other North... upward" Loss said to the company and then turned to Laurel, "A map is more helpful when you have a birdseye view, as that is what our view will be when up in the air, more to see and less climbing trees to see where the next mountain is" then trying carefully and not too rough, Loss climbed upon the great bird and after some moving around he felt the strength of her body and then set up his seat, "Right, that was awkward, but nonetheless you are magnificent r’n-en-thoronath, I shall try not to fall off, I'm sure that you won't let that happen of course" then smiled worriedly as Laurel chuckled to herself.
began to ride below them as they headed for the mountion and there next leg of there quest.

as he rode he saing out an elvish song thanking the wind and tree alike in there aid in there jurnys.
Thorin who was walking behind cargon did not heed his song much being lost in his own thoughts about how he could improve his own armour and weapon to make them stonger and long lasting, because he knew of their importance having thought in many wars.
Fionw’ too was busy with his own thoughts. Though, he didn't think of war, but of peace. Peaceful times that he had spent with another, nigh onto a century past. He rode along quietly, thinking of those times, and wishing for their return.

Laure looked around for the best angle from which to launch them from the clearing. Calling farewell to the others, she took off...and with some not-quite-intentional jostling (it really couldn't be helped) she shrugged Loss into a more secure position and leaped from branch to branch until she was clear enough from the trees to launch. "Sorry for the rocky takeoff, Loss...forests can be such a pain, and you really do weigh a touch more than my usual pre-I mean, uhm, cargo."
With that, she went in search through the slowly warming morning air for a thermal to carry them higher above the forest. Through the wind, Loss could have sworn he heard another quiet chuckle.
Loss held his breath as Laure jumped from branch to branch and gripped all the more tighter when she gained height and speed, zipping over the land. "It's quite alright, I shall think of this experience as one of my best, though I should like to live through it so as to think back... though my extremely fat and heavy body may force us to crash, but we will see..." he soon regreted that statement as She made some unnecessary acrobatic moves to show him whos boss... then heard some more evil chuckles in the wind. As he did not fall off the Great Bird after those spins and tricks, Loss felt more relaxed and loosened his grip on the leather straps and began to enjoy it... but trying not to make anymore sarcastic comments, he knows all too well what would happen, and so did she...
haveing finished his song and seeing the egels tricks he let a small smirk grace his face an act that was extremly rair for him and rode on ward.
After a few days riding at a fair but slow pace, Fionw’ halted the group upon entering the Gladden Fields. "This is where I leave you. You two will carry on around the southern edge of Greenwood, and I shall go to the Beornings, and seek their aid there. Go ahead to the Lonely Mountain, and make our cause known to the dwarves there, and seek recruits, only volunteers, however. Also speak to the Men of Dale, you will find much eagerness there. Those whom you gain send to Amon Sul, there to camp about it until we arrive. There they shall find a company of fifty Galahdrim, whom I spoke to before going to Gondor," he said to Thorin and Corgon. "I will join you after I have spoken to the Eagles, Beornings, and Thranduil. Namari’, and the light of Earendal(?) shine upon you."
With that, he rode off to the north, quickly out of their sight...
After many days, weeks of counciling and traveling, Fionw’ arrived at long last in the vale of Imladris. He had spoken to many people along the way, many of his friends, and had recieved much promise of aid. Giving out instructions to go to Amon S’l, he went through the mountain pass and on to Rivendell. Now he was there, but to his distress, he heard no word from or of any of his companions. They had not arrived there, nor any who had met with them. He stayed there for a long time, 'til the moon had completed it's circle at twice, and still he waited, hoping for a word from his friends....
walked into the inn and found flowin right away " hail friend tell me have the others returned?"
we where separated when a large band of ura ki and cave troles attacked us on our way here am i the first?"
Relived at teh sight of one of his comrades, Fionw’ replied, "Yes, you are indeed the first to arrive here. Have you seen any of the others since you parted?"
only our great egeal and she stayed with the wonded dwarf after we maniged to brake through there lines. i came to the meeting point hopeing to find the others here.
Silently he had come so that neither of the two had heard him coming.
"well! I am happy to see you!" rang his clear voice.

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A few weeks later, more people began to trickle into Rivendell. Everything from single warriors to large companies arrived and presented themselves for Fionw’'s inspection. He approved mightily of all that arrived. He had the dwarves and what elven smiths remained in Imladris get to work on smithying, many arrived ill prepared for head on battle, and he wanted as little casualties as possible should one come. Scouts were sent out to the Shire, Mithlond, and Fornost. Everyone who knew the north was set to work scouting and finding out what the enemy was doing. Good news came in steadily, more people were coming to Imladris and Weathertop, the army grew until he had a thousand men, elves and dwarves, and even a few adventurous hobbits(most likey some foolhardy adventurous rascals from the Tooks and Brandybucks). Fionw’ began to fear for some of his friends though, who were nowhere to be found. It worried him as the region of Angmar was still a stronghold of goblins. His vision failed him in finding them, and that made him all the more worried as only a power greater than his own could cloud his sight. And few mortals had the old power of men as greatly as he did; the suspicion gradualy came to him that maybe a Wizard was behind all this, and his friends had strayed into the land under his power...
we can wait no longer we must go our task is not yet done if it is only the three of us the let it be so what say you lord elf?
Thorin after a long absence returned to Rivendell one cold, rainy night. Bypassing the sentinels he passed through the rows of tents where the soldiers were resting and went to find his friend Fionwe.

Entering the last Homely House he went to Fionwe room, knocked and entered.

"Things are not good my friend. I had gone to visit some of my relatives in Erebor. There I heard rumours of the re-establisment of a Goblin colony in Gundabad yet i heeded it not. But on my way back these rumours were confirmed by the Beornings who have had many skirmishes with their patrols. It seems that they are feeling the ways of the Wilderlands again."

"So i propose that we send a company of our soldiers to guard the mountain pass lest it be closed against us while we wait for our troops to reach their full strength. Also i have bought we me a company of 200 dwarves, all of them veterans."
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