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Hello, folks, this is 'A Journey That Never Ended', and I will strive to keep this a pure RPG thread, in which you all can have your own characters and join me for a journey that I never was able to finish.

We shall all start out with creating our own characters, so here I go. Once you all have your characters, I will decide a place of meeting, and from there we shall begin our journey towards the cold lands of north.


My name is Oerath Windsoul, but I often use one of my many aliases/secret names, so when I walk amidst ordinary and common folk, I'm known as Saegron Ithael. In truth, I'm a very powerful wizard, who has been in hiding for countless of centuries, if not for whole ages. I was one of the few to ever escape from the hands of Morgoth, and after all this time, I am still afraid to reveal my true identity, but a few know me nonetheless, and more than many have already forgotten, who were the men that once formed 'The Red Circle of Magicka'.

All of those wizards from the past times are still alive, and if I'm right, some of them may have something to do with the disappearance of my apprentice, Xathor.

I've sent out many of my trained crows to deliver the letters of introduction. Those of you who want to come to the secret meeting, follow my instructions and come alone, if you've an apprentice you can truly trust, then he/she may come too. I shall be waiting for news of your arrival, so if you have received the letter, answer either yes or no, and if you choose to come to the meeting, be sure to introduce yourself in the letter of response.

With best regards.

- Oerath Windsoul.


PS. Once we're 5-10 in number, or maybe more, more instructions will follow.

These first posts are about planning and figuring out different things.

My name is Mim, the second to be exact. My ancestors before me were petty dwarves and so I am one as well. My ancestors were nearly killed off because they were banned from the rest of the dwarven world. Although I have been excepted back in the dwarven mines and such, I travel with my two sons still. I have a son that follows me everywhere and the other usually goes off on his own. The first son's name Ravun and he will accompany me on this journey. Its always good to have a dwarf with you on these types of excursions. I have to the northern lands many times and I know all the secrets it holds. I will lend my axe for your cause 

Greetings, Mim. I received your letter of response, and I've accepted you and your son to the company of heroes.

I hope he's ready for a long journey and I also do hope that he has good arms to swing an battle-axe.

I shall stay here and wait for more letters to come, no matter how long it shall take.

- Oerath.

I am Fjorgyn, and I will aid you. Not that I much enjoy traveling in a world with no ceiling, but you know how I hate to be left behind. And I suppose I really ought to be used to it by now. Oh, my, but I seem to be rambling. Anyway, I'm a dwarf,  as you know, and I do a lot of traveling though I don't really know the surface roads as well as I probably should. Mostly my talents fall toward fixing things, which is how I make my money - it's amazing what people throw away - but I'm bloody good in a fight whatever anyone says, too. Are you aware that if you hit an orc in the head hard enough its skull explodes? Because it does. Also, I'm not mad. You'll probably wonder at some point, but I'm not - I just talk a lot. Except when I get quiet. Which happens sometimes too.

I'll bid you farewell before I start rambling again, and I hope to see you soon. Until then, be safe.

I am the Lady Alyss, Lady in the realm of elves. I hope you'll welcome me into your company, i have always loved traveling with wizards, very good company they are. I traveled far myself but now would like a group to join. i hope i can be of assistance and that you accept me though i warn you i can be quick to anger but then T's hard to be angry with wizards and i see a dwarf!

You're both most welcome to join the company of heroes, Lady Alyss and Fjorgyn.

I am very glad you both decided to come, and I hope the letter came to you in due time.

We're now four in number, but I believe that we should wait for more letters.

So, until then, be safe and remember to avoid the darkening shadows.

- Oerath.

Good late evening, my friends. I've been thinking, and in my opinion, it would be best to wait for one more week. Whoever enters, whoever replies, he shall be welcome, but only as long as he's not an orc in disguise.

So, week it shall be. The countdown begins now, and after seven days have passed, our journey shall begin.

More instructions will follow on that day.

With honor and wisdom.

- Oerath.

I'm sorry for the delay, my friends, but I've to go through a couple more plans and things before I can start this RPG.

My apologies, I'll try finish it all in 1-2 days.

- Oerath.

PS. I've to ease it all due to christmas and holidays, I may not have access to computer for a while (1+ week).

Greetings from the Trees of Lothlorien.

I see there is already an elf in this company, but it will hurt none if one more joins, I hope. My name is Wenlesael, Wen, for short. I'm a young elf, with ambitious ideas that is in the Lady Galadriel's service. She herself has given me the permission to accompany you on this journey.

I am tall, even for an elf. My hair is sandy colored and my eyes shine blue. I wield a long sword named Foriel and wear a silver green tunic. Yes, I like style.

At your service,


I am Finrod alThor, a wandering Noldo that escaped Gondolin with quick wit and strong right arm.  I have a well of strength that I can share if asked to accompany this band of travellers.  I have just returned from a quest for triflings for the children of my house and am eager to embark upon another...

I am Leelee , an elf, with pale blonde hair and amber eyes. But what house I am from I do not know. I did know, but all that I remember is the sun beating down upon me and whoever I was with, a great company, and then black clouds, screaming winds and then............nothing. i awoke to find myself upon a slate ledge high upon a rock face overlooking the churning sea below. It was my only comfort , the sound of the water and the gulls overhead. I was frightened and tired and terribly thirsty and my turquoise blue hooded cloak was comforting against my shaking form.

For days I lay there without food or water and constantly falling into a lonely troubled sleep. When I at last came to myself I staggered somehow to the top of the granite hillside and then down the southern slope which became more and more carpeted with grass and trees and flowers. And so I have wandered until this day here and there, asking any passers by if they know me, or of me, anything. I want to know my identity and find my people if there are any left to find. Please let me accompay you and you shall have the benefit of the large bag of gold coins I found inside my Elven cape.

I'm somehow glad to see so many elves willing to join me on this journey, and I gladly welcome each of you. Wenlesael, Finrod Althor and Leelee.

I've much experience about elves and I've even lived with them at one point of my life.

And as I see it now, it seems that we're quite many in number.

We've magic, we've strength and we've spirit to make this a good journey.

And it shall all begin on the 3rd day of  the forthcoming year, be aware of that.

For now, I shall sit down and write down some notes and see if I can make something out of it. A poem, perhaps?

- O.W.

A Journey That Never Ended

Rules: There's no posting limits, so post whenever you want, but as it goes for many other threads like this, we'll use the 'post and continue' method, so when I post something, someone of you will continue it from your own perspective, making the whole story intact. I cannot promise I would be here everyday, so those of you who have time to post more often, keep the story in good shape. Add new twists, but always remember to tell something about the other characters too.

Use your imagination and creativity, make it a good tale!

- Oerath.


So it begins by Oerath


It was a terrible evening. Rain poured heavily down from the skies, as he stumbled his way towards the familiar doors of The Prancing Pony. With looking to each sides and behind him, he finally opened the door and entered. Mad laughter and sounds of tankards hitting each other. He was used to it all, so he only smiled as he walked across the entrance hall and sat beside the bar desk, saying:

'Good evening, the usual one and keys to my chambers, if you may.'

'Of course, Oerath.' said the innkeeper, and with that, he was on his way to get a beer and the keys.

Meanwhile, Oerath sat and stared at one of the paintings on the wall, it described the flight of a raven.

'Good memories, good days.' he thought, and wondered could the painting be about himself.

'It's not so rare to transform into a raven.' he thought and laughed silently. And as he turned his head, he could see the innkeeper returning, stumbling across the unclean floor, yelling:

'How many times I've to tell ya, maggots. Drink the beer, don't spill it on my floor!'

'Having hard time with all these customers?' he asked.

'Aye, it's quite annoying, but there's hardly nothing I can do about it, except to clean it.'

'True.' Oerath nodded and finished with his beer.

'I shall be going to my room then. I suppose I gave you all the needed information and advice about those travellers?'

'Aye, you did, Oerath. When each of them arrives, I'll give them instructions and direct them to your chambers.'

'That's right, my friend. Off I go.'

And with that, Oerath walked into his chambers, took his old wooden flute and laid on the bed.

'Now, all I can do is wait, and I might as well take a nap. I'm sure they'll take their time to arrive, though it didn't take so long for me.'

Laughing, he said: 'So it begins, though it never did end.' and started to play his favorite song.


That was the first entry, figure out what happens next and share it!


I suppose I forgot to mention that the last instructions were behind one of those notes all along.

Search it up, and if you're not already coming this way, be quick about it! Wizards like to sleep, but when they've to wait and stay awake at the same time, it invokes bitter anger in them.

Leelee shivered and drew her long elven cape closer about her. She looked at the light streaming out of the windows of the tavern and wished the pouring rain would melt it away to be replaced with an exquisite apartment high upon a flet , a memory that had just swooshed on to her brain though why she was not sure. How the elf longed to know for sure who she was, have the shroud lifte from her memory. She had a knot in the pit of her stomach, she wanted to go home whereever that was.

Lee;ee entered the bustling place, noisy, the smell of sweat mingling with beer and spirits and the comforting smell of fresh baked bread and some sort of homely soup, its inviting aroma beckoning the very cold elf to come and sup and find rest.

Many in the place filled with men, a few dwarves huddled together dark talk more important than the food at table only half eaten, some little folk a shade too loud and acting a little foolish and finally a couple of elves , fair of face and dark haired and eyed, staring at Leelee in a sort of familiar way. The elf was about to go to their table and ask if they knew her or of her, but hunger and fatigue won over and she made her way to the rustic desk. The owner, wiping his hands upon his once clean apron of the morning shift smiled and asked' and what can I do for you lass, er ah her look and dress he assumed she was from either the house of Elrond half elven, or kin of Galadriel and Celeborn.

I am Leelee and I want a very clean room , large and a full dinner , plenty of vegetables and plain water if you please. And the leader of my party, my, well the expedition I am to leave upon Oerath his name is said he would meet us here and I was to depart with him on the morrow. Has he come then?

The owner smiled and nodded his head vigorously up and down. 'Yes your, well your ladyshiphe has retired for the night. I will see to everything. And let me escort  you to your room.

The room was large, clean and the bed inviting. Leelee ate the good and nourishing meal at a plain table with chair and afterward fell upon the bed and was asleep at once.

Fjorgyn hurried into the inn, glad to be under a ceiling again at last. Ah, much better. Once inside, she relaxed and shook out her cloak, loosing her grip on the repair hammer (that often doubled as a war-hammer, thankfully being strong enough for the job) she kept tucked in her belt. Making her way to the bar, she called for some cold beer, some hot food, and directions to Oerath's room in that order.

"y'see, little missus," the keep told her, "He's already bedded down. I'll show you to your room, and you can meet him in the morning."

With a cheerful nod, Fjorgyn grabbed her meal and headed to her room. It took little time to finish the food and less to finish the beer, and soon she was perched on the bed tinkering away at a trinket she'd found abandoned on the road. After a while she set it down, satisfied that it was fixed and saleable, and stretched out under the blankets. She'd see everyone in the morning.

Mim was not in a well mood at all. His son had attracted an odd rash on the voyage to this inn and had departed to go back home to the mines. Its pouring like a never ending rock slide of water. A group bandits had attempted to rob him, luckily he had his trusty war ax and throwing axes. Last time they will walk this Earth again. "By Aule, where is this the inn!", he yelled. This made something move in the bushes to his right. Unlike his ancestors, Mim, was not slow. Like flash of lightning, he dashed to the bush and grabbed ahold of some kind of hair and yanked. 

Mim already had his walking ax ready,"a spy 'eh, us dwarves don't take kindly to bandits, thieves, and especially spies". The young man remained quiet.

"Speak you maggot!", Mim shouted while shaking the boy.

"I live in Bree and I heard you yelling, so I was seeing if you were alright", he said quietly.

"So ya' weren't going to try to rob me?", Mim asked.

"No sir, I know where the closest inn is though", the boy said.

" What are ya' waitin' for then show the way", Mim exclaimed.

On the path to the inn Mim found out the boys name was Ermin and his family was killed by a group of bandits and then they burned his house to the ground. Lucky he escaped the blaze and found a cave above Bree to stay in. When they got there Mim told Ermin to follow him inside. The inn was warm and the laughter heavy. Mim took off his outer coat and the inn keeper came up to him.

"What can I do for you two", he asked politely.

"I am here for Oerath and his voyage", Mim answered.

The inn keeper now turned to Ermin and told him that he either had to buy a drink or room, or leave. As Ermin turned to leave because he did not have the funds for either, Mim spoke up.

"This boy has help on my voyage and i demand he gets the same treatment as me", Mim the said loudly.

"Fine fine, I wish no trouble", Said the keeper.

"I will for for three days of his room if it is needed then he shall come with me on our voyage as my companion", Mim pronounced.

They were led back to their room which had two beds and a lit fire. On the table was a fine meal for both of them and glass beer for each.

" Would you like to come along me on this voyage, it will be hard but rewarding", Mim said.

"It's better than what I am doing now", laughed Ermin.

"Tomorrow you will have to find your self a suitable weapon and gather all your supplies needed for this journey", Mim explained.

"My father gave me his sword before he died and I have been training with it so some day I may avenge my families' lives by killing the bandits that killed them", Ermin pronounced.

"That day will come, till then you shall accompany me", Mim ended the conversation and they said goodnight and laid their weary heads on the soft pillows.

Leelee awoke while the stars were still glistening in the fading black of night in preparation for the sun to come forth from her pavillion and warm the earth with daylight. She went to the rustic table and taking the large water jar filled with clean water, emptied all but a small amount into the bowl. Then she  undid her cloak and lay it lovingly down upon the bed and reaching inside of one of the numerous pockets cunningly sewn so that one did not notice them and only found their depths through skillful feeling, she took out a small sponge, a skin of fragrant smelling cleanser , a comb of gold and jewels and some tiny precious stone attached to thin ribbons. After a careful and thorough sponge bath Leelee poured the soiled water over the balcony that gave off from her large airy room.It splashed softly onto the grass below. After seeing to the combing and dressing of her hair with many tiny braids over the long hair and finished with the tiny jeweled ribbons she again made her way noiselessly to the balcony and stood staring into the now light grey and amber sky. And then she clutched her heart . She remembered. She remembered just who she was and the relief was beyond any joy she had ever known.  I am Leelee of the house of Celeborn, husband of my lady Galadriel. And I have been living with them these two years as guests, awaiting my betrothed to finish his battles in the east before we retire across the sea. Oh thankyou oh thankyou, the words were whispered to Erus and joy coursed through the elven maiden's heart and her amber eyes danced with joy.

Hunger assailed her now, hunger born of relief and happiness and she once more donned her beautifully crafted eleven cape and made her way out of the room, silently down the hall then the stairs and into the great space filled with tables and benches before the enormous fire place. Only two travellers were present in the eating room, both young and by their look and coloring were from the glorious city of Gondor, perhaps young soldiers on their way back home from some mission.

Both young men stopped their quiet talking and stood up and bowed. 'Greetings to you lady Leelee of the house of Celeborn and Galadriel. What are you doing alone in this humble place?" The older of the two Gondorians looked with some anxiety at the elf and waited for an answer.' The other bowed once more and indicated Leelee should take a seat of honor with them. At that moment the owner staggered into the room , eyes still red from fatigue and putting on a brave smile asked what the three would like for breakfast. 'Fresh bread and butter and strong tea for us; said the younger of the two men , and for the lady also fresh bread, your very lightest, and butter and honey and a hot glass of strawberry tea.

The owner hurried away and Leelee studied the two young men. They too studied her. " Until only minutes ago I could not remember who I was and so forgive me, obviously you know me well- you ordered my usual breakfast, but I cannot say I know you.'

'I am Ganamir and this is my cousin Wheldyn lady' said the older of the two, concern filling his honest clear grey eyes and also the bright blue liquid eyes of his cousin. 'How came you to not know your own identity, for the last time we saw you two months ago you were safe enough in Lothlorien, seated with your kinsman, Gandalf the wizard and the lady Galadriel. What could have happened to separate you from their company and find you here six days journey away?

Leelee was silent for a few moments. I only recall waking up high upon a cliff straight above the sea and feeling so cold and thirsty and very very terrified, for nothing came to my mind but the faces of hideous things and screaming to my ears and nothing else, not my name, nothing.

:But this is terrible, surely you must have been accompanied by someone from Lothlorien lady, what could have become of them, for we have heard nothing of parties of orcs in this area since last winter, if that is what happened why were you not murdered? This is truly alarming and..

Ganamir lifted a finger to his lips and the three turned to see a pale youth standing awkwardly in the doorway. He turned to go and Ganamir said' hail , come this way and join us if you like young sir.

The youth came, head down and after calling himself Ermin explained how he had come with Mim and offered a job. Ganamir said' that was fortunate for you and I am sorry to hear of your grief. Would you like, when you are finished in the service of the good Mim , to accompany us to Gondor, for you would be warmly welcome and could enlist in the military under us and have a permanent home for as long as you like.

Ermin's face lit up. 'Oh that would be wonderful. As it happens three years ago we travelled to your illustrious city and I met and befriended two boys whom I was loathe to say good bye to. Perhaps I could find them once more. The owner came bearing breakfast and drink on a large tray and Gnamir ordered also for the lad. For a few golden minutes only the sound of eating and drinking and the feeling of peace and comradship prevailed in the still quiet eating room.












The stars were shining bright late in the night as the lone Elf hunched beside his small fire.  He kept a watchful eye as there had been bandits around.  Had been. "They shouldn't have burned the family out," he thought as he rubbed kingsfoil into his cut.  It wasn't getting any easier to live with, but with every act of vengeance for others the heartache lessened.   He knew one day whether here or in the Halls of Mandos she would ask him why he wasn't there and he just hoped by then he would have an answer.

After cleaning his sword and retrieving his arrows, he put out his fire and continued on his way.  As he skirted the Barrow Downs on his way to Bree he thought of the cryptic message from Oaereth.  It had been years since they had parted ways after the incident on the Greenway.  He smiled as he thought upon it.  Nothing like fast horses, kegs of mead and that plant the Halflings smoke to start a ruckus.  The smile was fleeting though, most of their adventures weren't so lighthearted.  And that made him think of the message one of the wizard's ravens had delivered.  MEET ME IN BREE IN A FORTNIGHT.  YOU ARE NEEDED. 

He stood under the eaves of the main hall of the Prancing Pony in the shadows.  After listening a bit and watching some of the townfolk stagger their way home he eased in the backdoor and went to the corner of the tavern.  His gaze passed over a few latestayers and recognized no faces though he heard a voice at the inn's desk that rang familiar.  He quickly removed his cloak and quiver and propped them against the wall within easy grasp. 

As he sat down, the barman was already placing a tankard of ale on the table.

"Master alThor!  What a surprise, although not a pleasant one considering what happened last time you were-" he stopped talking long enough to accept some coin and continued with "Oh happy to see you again!"

"I wouldn't think of staying anywhere else," the Elf replied looking apprehensively toward the desk with the thoughts of another age on his mind as the fleeting voice echoed in his head.  "More ale and a trencher of whatever is left worth eating."

He drank deeply and looked more closely around the room.  He noticed a few eyes looking back at him and wondered if any one here was involved in the wizard's business.  He ate like he was starving when the food arrived.  He finished his meal and retired, wondering what the morrow would bring.



Lady Alyss hurriedly walked in to the The prancing pony as the rain showered down on her, she hoped she hadn't arrived to late for the meeting with the Oerath; she still remembered the last time she had kept a wizard waiting, it had taken her weeks to rid herself of the bees and midges. She had only got the message a few days ago and  had rode all the way with her two guards who had left when the inn had come into sight. she had been sad to part with them for they were very loyal and the last of her family for miles round. she hadn't shown this of course, it would of shown weakness and her people definitely didn't need a weak leader.


"I am here to see the wizard Oerath. He is still here isn't he? O i do hope he hasn't been waiting long." Alyss spoke in an undertone with the grubby looking inn keeper.

 "Ah, don't you worry. he's still here an' waiting. Lucky you've come when you have, he hasn't bin here too long. Probably asleep,"

"Could I please get something light to eat before I retire?"

"Of  course," and he handed her a plate of bread and cheese minutes later. "Your room is on the right, to doors across and if you'll be needing anything just call." he bowed and stepped back to grab a pair of keys and handed them to the Lady.


"Thank you ever so much," and with that, the lady spun on her heels and walked majestically towards the door; her grey, elven cloak flapping behind her like wings.


As she walked she noticed many people lying around, drunk. This unexpectedly reminded her of her people back at home. Her people were loyal and obeying citizens' when her father had died they had personally selected her and she was very honored. She had left them with her brother but he wasn't exactly the most mature and sensible elves. He was one of the few exceptions but had a brilliant mind and so she had left jumping, happy at the fact someone had trusted him enough. She shook her head at the thought of his vanity then entered her chambers to eat and then hopefully get some sleep.


The past few days she hadn't been able to due to the constant encounters with bandits and thieves. They had come unknowing who they were trying to rob: t'was a nasty surprise for them indeed when their leader was killed, they ran as if hell itself was at their heels! Probably thought their leader unbeatable-- they were most definitely wrong. She had felt pity for them but she had to do what she had to do though she hated herself for it.


She sat down upon her bed and ate slowly then fell asleep.

The air was full of smoke, grime, and the sound of many voices crying out in agony and disbelief.  There were Orcs and worse in the fair city.  A struggle of duty or safety for his family were eating at an Elf fighting for his life as he pulled his bloody sword from an Orc just in time to parry a whistling stroke from another.  He quickly dispatched it with a quick thrust.  As he pushed the dead foe from his blade he heard something unmistakable yet unbelievable:  the sound of trumpets calling for retreat and regroup.  He smiled at this, not a happy smile, one that said his mind had been made.

He hurried towards his home, avoiding groups of Orcs when he could and killing the few who got in his way.  The smoke he saw as he turned the last corner stopped him cold.  It was what he feared the most.  His home.  Where he had left his beloved and their new child.

Just as quickly as he had stopped, he lunged forward and ran with renewed strength.  He saw the bodies of Orcs at his doorway but the door was in splinters.  He rushed inside, frantically calling and looking for them.......

The room was dark as the Elf lunged up in his bed.  He had been dreaming.  And the sorrow of the dream lay heavy on him as he arose and plunged his head in the basin of water beside the bed hoping in vain it could wash his grief away.

He knew he was not the only one who lost much when the Hidden City fell.  He knew he had done all he could to get to them and get them away, but that did little for his grief.  Throughout the long years since he had devoted his everything to stop the Enemy and try to bring peace to the land so others would not have to know the pain of loss he did.

"It is mine to carry." he said aloud as he sat back on the bed.  He looked out the window and saw that it would be morning soon and with it a meeting with the wizard.






Leelee and her companions talked quietly as they drank their steaming cups of refreshment and the talk turned to the mystery once more of Leelee's amnesia and who could have possibley been with her at the time of her setting forth on her journey. Leelee closed her eyes and in her mind went back to the last full day she remembered at Lothlorien.  "Well,The day as usual was gentle, a warm sun, the air and the earth beneath her elven slippers clean and fragrant and so very healthy smelling. Galadriel had excused herself after the morning meal in her flet , she had business to conduct with two of her runners, a long letter was to be dispatched to Elrond, half elven prince at Imladris. Dark rumours had been swirling about Middle-Earth about some sort of secret co-operation of Saruman with those in employ of the dark lord Sauron. Galadriel is terribly worried, that much I know. I believe she also sent a missive to the Steward of Gondor.,

That is correct lady Leelee, for in truth my brother and I went ourselves to receive the letter from her own hand and rode like the wind back to hand it to our Steward. Somehow though he did not act like all this was big news to him, it seemed eerie the way he calmly read the letter and set it down as if dismissing it.

Leelee listened to this in astonishment. 'Well all I can remember is breakfast whatever day that was I was last in Lothlorien and then waking up on the ledge. Oh look a small party is coming into the eating room, two female , a couple male, and the tall one there looks like he must be the leader. I wonder if that is Oerath, for in truthI only sent him a short note when I saw his invitation to any who would join on the door of the inn before this one and offered monetary help if I could journey with him  and perhaps find out who I was I did not meet him nor know what he looks like. But now that i remember my name I shall go just the same, at least a fortnight's journey before perhaps ending and returning to my people if I find out nothing about what occurred to me and if there are any of my party that are injured and still in this area.  See they seem to be headed toward our table.


The lady Alyss woke a little pass early morn to the sound of drunk laughter and muffled conversations. She tried to fall back to sleep but found that the noise around her seemed to have grown ever louder and so she went to investigate. As she walked down the stairs the talking got louder, she entered unnoticed and saw that there were people dancing and singing, loud and off key.

“Sorry to have awoken you Lady but I couldn’t stop them. ” The bartender apologized.

“Quite alright, almost full light and so Oerath will soon awake and call for us,” Alyss answered. “I’ll stay here until then,”

“Shall I bring you a drink Lady?”

 “Yes, thank you” So she looked around for a spot alone but found that the only table nearly empty had a man sat at it.

“May I sit?” she asked. The man looked u p and nodded. He wore all black and had a dark, grey beard and black eyes.

“I am Baldor the storyteller,” he said in greeting and paused, when he didn’t get a name in respond he continued,

“You are lady Alyss are you not?” she studied him a moment before nodding,

“I thought I recognized you, I once worked up in the house before the war, you were just a youngling then but still as beautiful. ” Alyss smiled and nodded,

“I believe I vaguely remember you, you worked as the gardener. ” He nodded in reply and so talk turned to the lady’s childhood.

A Morning and A Meeting by Oerath


The morning had been good so far, but he was a bit annoyed about the fact that someone awoke him. It had not happened for so long, so he hadn't used to it yet. Shaking his head, Oerath thought about his dream as he walked towards the dining chambers with the others.

The sun shone so brightly, the river's bathed in it's golden light. It was a beautiful sight. I was sitting under an old oak, writing a new poem, listening to the birds and their singing. A perfect harmony, but..

Everything can surely be interrupted.

Still, it was a morning, and he was glad they had all arrived. And as he entered the dining halls, he noticed that some of them were already sitting around the table. And by bowing to each and everyone, Oerath spoke for the first time: 'Greetings, my fellow travelers. My name is Oerath Windsoul, and I've summond you all here for a journey. It will be a dangerous journey to take, but with this number of us to take part in it, it should be a good tale to make songs about. And oh, before I go on, please, have a seat.'

And so they all took their chairs and sat down to eat. And as they kept talking, Oerath suddenly arose his glass: 'May I have your attention for a moment? Good. I already told you all my name, so now, I would be very glad to hear your's.'

And in a good order, they all spoke out their names: 'Mim, Ravun, Fjorgyn, LadyAlyss, Finrod althor and Leelee.' and before Oerath could say anything else, Mim's son, Ravun, asked few the most clever questions: 'Hey, Oerath, if you're a very powerful wizard, then why do you look so old and weary? Are you capable of casting spells and conjuring magical creatures?' - and before Mim could stop him, Ravun jumped on the table, dropping a few mugs and glasses to ground, shouting at Oerath: 'Can you show me a spell!?'

A silence followed, and then smiling, Oerath arose and said to Ravun: 'Hmm, you surely know the right questions to ask, lad, but me, old and weary. I can assure you that.. Oh well, I guess I've to show you some proof.' and so he looked at a candle, and suddenly, it was lit. Then he placed his hands around it's flame and murmured some ancient words, and then he put his hands together, and as he opened them, a crimson colored bird flew off from his grasp, doing a few circles in the room before flying off through open windows.

Ravun was amazed, and said: 'Alright, I believe you, Master Oerath.'

'Good, now, let us continue our conversation.' but before you could say anything, Leelee asked to speak and then said: 'Aren't we missing someone, I do not recall her name, but I'm sure about it.'

Wondering for a few seconds, Oerath suddenly remembered: 'Oh yes, yes of course. Wenlesael be her name, and well, I haven't met her yet, so I guess we should wait for her. What do you others think?'

As they all nodded, Oerath only smiled and said: 'Well, then, let us drink some morning tea.'


Next events to occur: We should wait for Wenlesael to make her move/entry. Then we can go forward in the storyline. Sorry for being unable to post this yesterday, I had some things to do. But, we can always play on for a while in The Inn of The Prancing Pony. A evening and some beer, perhaps?

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Finrod alThor sat on a stool under the sprawling oak in the yard behind the inn honing his sword.  He hadn't learned much from the day's meeting except the names of his fellow companions.  He nodded greeting to Leelee of Galadriel's house as she she walked by still talking with the pair from Gondor.  It had been several moons since he had visited Lothlorien.  When there last the Golden Lady had warned of dark stirrings in the land.  A heavy foreboding was on her yet she would say nothing before she spoke to Olorin, or Gandalf the Grey as the halflings called him.  These thoughts had planted a seed in him and he wondered if this quest would shed any light on the many rumors on the winds. 

As he stood and sheathed his sword, the bird from the wizard's demonstration squawked and jumped from one branch to another.  The Elf looked up as it settled down and smiled at the insolence of the boy as it reminded him of how his youthful days were spent in the times before the Shadow.  And he of all people knew how much Oareth loved to entertain.  

After returning his pack to his room, he followed the sound of a harp into the main hall of the Pony.  He saw that a gleeman was in front of the hearth nimbly plucking the strings in a quick melody.  He saw the Dwarf Mim and the boy at table eating. 

"If you are hungry, you should eat now before this boy gets to it!  He has barely stopped long enough to wash it down," Mim laughed and motioned for the Elf to sit. 

"After the tale you told of him, he deserves it.  The downs are no place for a child alone. How is the ale?" Finrod said as he sat where he could see most of the room.

"Not bad, if you like yours watered down," Mim answered.   

"Watered down ale is better than no ale I say," Finrod chuckled back.  "Has the wizard given any clue as to what he has planned?  I only had a moment with him and he was only interested in hearing about the highwaymen I came across on my way here."   

A barmaid plunked three tankards down before the dwarf could answer.  She gathered up the empty platters before returning to the mugs she was working at cleaning. 

The ale was watered down, but that was fine since they would be leaving soon.  Or so the Elf thought.  He looked up at a sudden noise at the doorway....

Ganamir and Wheldyn studied the wizard intently as did Leelee. Ermin was still tired and the good breakfast made him drowsy. While Oerath Windsoul spoke to the assembly gathered at tables closest to the fire crackling comfortingly in the great stone fireplace the boy slipt into a deep sleep. Leelee looked down at him, his tousled dark hair across his still boyish unlined face, his long lashes still over the slumbering eyes, she smiled. How like Celeborn she thought, when he was young, how strangely like him.

When the wizard had finished his discourse and decided to wait at least one more day for the remaining rider and had sat down to talk quietly with Finrod, Ganamir said quietly' I hope this will not be bad news, I hope there is a good reason, a safe and simple reason for her delay. The roads seemed safe enough two days ago when we arrived at this inn, but there are strange rumblings from the east and small parties of orcs have been seen by some of our aquaintance. They were driven off, but where they went to we do not know."

A sudden noise at the door turned all eyes except those of the youth toward the commotion. A runner, one of the Dunedain had rushed in , dripping with rain , for the downpour had started again about an hour ago. He held a pouch that housed a letter inside and he motioned for the owner of the inn to hurry and take it from him. This was done and the runner said something to him. The owner then turned and pointed to Oerath Windsoul and the Dunedain took back the pouch and hurried over to the leader of the expedition

Fjorgyn was happily tinkering away with a number of cast-off, broken trinkets she'd found along the road on her way to the inn, listening (but not eavesdropping, mind you) to the various conversations going on around her. Most of the party seemed half-mad - which was just as well, as she'd fit right in - but capable. And elves didn't tend to get lost, which meant as long as she stayed close and didn't wander off she had nothing to worry about.

She heard mention of one of the elves. . . Which one was it now. . . Leelee? Yes, that's the one. That Leelee was missing a chunk of her memory, and wondered if any of the throwaway oddments she'd come across recently might belong to the woman. She was just gathering them up to ask when a sudden commotion at the door made her drop them in favour of her hammer. She watched suspiciously as the stranger rushed to deliver something - damn the bloody tall people, she couldn't see what was going on! - to Oerath. As quick as that, the stranger disappeared with him leaving Fjorgyn to stow her hammer and scoop up her things.

She sidled over to Leelee and spread her assorted oddments across the table, hoping to get two birds with a single stone.

"I was wondering if any of these might belong to you," she asked, "And if you wouldn't mind telling me exactly what just bloody happened?"

It is shameful for an elf to be late, but here I was, hurrying to Bree, to the Prancing Pony to be exact, and I was late. My long sandy hair streamed behind me as I ran, unstopping toward th inn. To clarify, I am a male elf though some think my name feminine.

I arrived, late to be sure, and I charged past the inn keeper, pausing only to ask him the way to the Wizard's room. The wizard, Oerath he was called, awaited me in the door.

"You are late." he said simply. He, like most, was somewhat surprised at the fact that I was a male elf.

"My apolegies, master. I was waylaid by a company of the most disturbing orks. Quite troublesome!"  The wizard smiled, and said that he was glad I was here anyhow. Then he updated me on the latest goings on. What I nice old gentleman, I thought.

There doesn't seem to be anything going on here.. .Anyway, I won't have computer access for about a month.... maybe I should die a heroic death or something in this story, up to you! Just get me out of the way.



Dear Wen, don't fret, these sort of threads don't go very quickly. Each person is terribly busy with his or her life, so many committments and duties. So just relax and think of it sort of as a monthly chapter of a great series, much like the Sherlock Holmes stories in the Strand Magazine. And please don't kill yourself off , you are important and who knows but that you might save one or all of us in the future


Leelee listened intently to the lovely dwarf Fjorgn and looked down at the interesting objects the other had collected in her travels. Finally with a sigh she shook her head. 'No, nothing seems to be the least familiar. But thank you so much. It is a lonely frightening feeling to not know what has happened for a space of time, I feel so vulnerable and nervous. I wonder, she changed the subject, 'I wonder what can be keeping our leader , we need to go, at least I need to go. I will travel three or four days journey with you all and then turn toward Lothlorien. I absolutely must find out what happened to any who were with me on the journey, for it is forbidden for female elves to travel alone since two of our people, both young in the way of elves were attacked and barely escaped with their lives two months ago as they journeyed to Gondor. They are still or were when I was there, traumatized and refuse to leave home for any reason . So under law I had to have been with someone. Only what is the matter with our leader, he called for volunteers and he seemed so filled with purpose and now we sit and waiti. In eight hours I will depart if we do not leave as a company.

She finished speaking and the dwarf nodded in agreement, for she too had pressing things that needed doing as soon as may be. It was then that the elf Wenlesael walked softly across the wood floor and bowed slightly to the women. 'How are you cousin of Celeborn, I wanted to greet you and speak to you privately ,for i am amazed to find you here without any of the Protectors of Lothlorien. Although I have not spoken face to face with you ever I have seen you twice at the table of Celeborn and Galadriel and always you had several at your side when you walked about at Celeborn's request. Is everything alright?



Good evening, my fellow travelers. I'm sorry for my absence, but I started a new job as a trainee on monday, and this one will last for months to come. It's a day job, so I've early wakes, so I usually sleep after a work day or go to see some friends of mine.

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- Oerath.

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In a perfect world dear we would have entries each day. But just as in The Hobbit every conceivable thing went wrong and delayed the journey, so too in our lives we have work, children and their needs and activities, obligations to family, journeys to take, health issues, etc and sometimes we find it hard to make time to eat or sleep. Don't worry just pick it up and infuse something into the characters yourself, being careful to keep their activities as true to the character as possible. We will get there, don't despair.

Another morning dawned and Leelee was already up , washed and had gone for a walk. She was restless in spirit and anxious to move . Home was calling her and she now became aware in her mind that someone in fact was truly wanting her home, she could just feel it. The only thing was the elf was loathe to leave the area without finding her companions or at least news of what befell them.To go home without trying to find them was unpardonable.

The smoking sun was just beginning to warm up the earth and the newly budding flowers everywhere when Leeleee entered the inn. The owner, eyes red and tired from starting the fire in the dining room and from a general lack of sleep, was softly muttering to himself while he wiped down tables and set out small linen covered baskets of fresh baked bread on tables. He always did this as it served to calm down hungry patrons and stopped complaints as they waited for their food to be prepared.

The elf ordered a large tray of fruit in season, a pitcher of cream and helped herself to the bread. 'This is very light and good innkeeper' she said and the large man colored in appreciation, a compliment from an elf was a rare thing for such as he. 'I thank you my lady, eat up and I shall refill the basket as needed'.At that moment a burst of activity struck the dining room. All of the travellers for the company of Oerath had trooped in as well as the two from Gondor, dressed obviously for the long journey still home. Only Oerath himself was missing and Leelee sighed as she ate her fruit. The two Gondorians hurried forth and asking to be allowed, sat with her at the table.

For a while there was the sound of dishes and silverware and soft conversation and a  lot of eating. The little dwarf came also and joined her at the table and said' well I have had it , our leader has somehow disappeared, I asked the good innkeeper and he said after the message The wizard paid for another three days, asked for a fresh horse and disappeared and had not returned as yet. I am for striking off myself, I have kin to meet in a fortnight and I must get going. Enough of this.'

Some at the next table heard her talking and listened intently. Wenlaesal stood then and said in a loud voice, fellow travellers, I have just heard that our wizard guide has gone out and not returned. I do not know that i wish to stay though he has paid for our keep another three days. What say the rest of you?

There was a general grumbling and then Leelee stood up and all stopped talking "Friends, I believe Oerath would not abandon us, this does not make sense. I say we start off and leave message and leave it at that. I myself would only be with the company three days ride anyway,. I will turn back if I don't meet up with any who may have accompanied me to this area. I would turn back and look in the other direction. I cannot bear inaction. I must away in either case. I will be ready to leave in an hour's time.

"I don't presume to know the wizard's mind, but I do know it must have been dire news indeed for him ton take to his horse and ride so suddenly," the Elf Finrod stood  up and said, "I will give him the three days he has paid for by scouting the area.  If Oareath has not returned or sent a message by the end of the week, I will take my leave of Bree." 

He looked around at the faces of the band of would be companions.  Each acknowledged him with a nod or wave of the hand.  He then strode over to the table where the Dwarf Fjorgyn had spread a few things out and the Elfess Leelee was looking through them.  He tossed a child's doll onto the pile.

"I found this outside a burned homestead on my way here.  My steel and I had a meeting with some bandits who had the misfortune of being near the farm.  If I have to wait on Oareath, I will do so by making the local woods safer.  I found a campsite by backtracking the three I finished off.  If any of you would like to accompany me to question whomever I might find there, you are welcome to come along." 

The Elf again looked at each of Oareath's band and left the room.  A very cautious bunch he thought.  A smile creased his face when he said to himself, "Cautious, and very capable I'm sure."





Fjorgyn started when the elf. . . What was his name now. . . Finrod tossed a child's doll on the pile of assorted oddments she had spread out on the table. Something tightened in her chest and her eyes burned when he explained where it had come from, and she hopped off her chair.

"I'll go with you. I'm a decent fighter, and a dwarf's a good companion to have in any case. That is, if you don't mind having me along." She cleared her throat and scratched the back of her neck, grimacing. "And, erm, if you don't mind riding double if you're taking a horse. I'm a lousy rider myself, but I won't slow you down. Besides, animals like me, not that I really know why, and I'm babbling so we should probably just get a move on, yeah? I wanna go knock some heads. And find whoever this doll belongs to, if she's still alive to be found. Or even if she's not, a child should have her dolly with her."

She cleared her throat, scratching at her neck again, fully aware that she hadn't actually stopped babbling. Making a conscious effort to shut up, she followed Finrod out the door.

Leelee had not heard anything about the doll, for she was removing the little she had from her bedchamber and had filled a bottle etched in silver blue she had found in another of the secret pockets with cool water. It was time to go and she felt adrenaline surge through her. And yet a small part of her mind dwellt upon the wizard. She had long friendship with two others across the waters ages ago and she was confused just who this one was. She knew what he looked like, if he was a true wizard was indeed not what he looked like before being sent on his mission. She wondered what he was called before he was made older and less beautiful to begin his serious task. And did Mithrandir  and Saruman know him and who had sent him, who was sponsoring him? It was not a thing to discuss with men or dwarves, and not even some of the elves. She longed to be with Galadriel and her beloved Celeborn, but she was on a mission to find out what happened to her companions. If only all her memory would come back. If only.

She finished her toiletries and hurried back downstairs. She would go with her fellows for a little anyway and it would feel so good to be on the road once more. Not happy to have to ride, she wanted to run and feel the freedom of her legs in motion. But she knew she would hinder the others so a horse was bought and it immediately became gentle and content under her skilled touch. One more word with the innkeeper and she would mount her steed and wait for the others. As she was passing the table where the dwarf and a few others lingered talking she glanced down and stiffened and the look on her face caused the others to stop talking. Lady what is it what is the problem' asked the dwarf, her heart beating faster.Have we offended you, we only came back in and sat down to work out a few details for the road ahead.

The little doll, from where does it come, i ask because suddenly my memory made me realize i recognize it. It belongs to my only child, my Naned. Where did you get it? The elf's voice came in gasps, and as she began to fall one of those at the table jumped up and held on to her, carefully putting her into a chair. Leelee put her head down upon the table and her hands shook violently. She saw something in her mind but before she could make it out it vanished.

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In minutes all those to join the company knew of the incident and gathered around the elf in kind support. A glass of cool clear water was called for and after drinking a little Leelee straightened up and with closed eyes said" you will excuse me dear travellers, but I must make haste and see if I can catch up with the Gondorian brothers that set off hours ago for home. I think I definitely came from that direction, and it may be that they will take a day or so to assist me in scouring the area for any trace of my child or at least what may have befallen her. I am cold with dread, but not knowing is torturous. I cannot promise I will turn back before I have found out what my heart screams silently to know, but I will try. May only good things come to you and please tell the wizard Oerath that I am sorry. I would like to leave in the care of this good dwarf some of the gold pieces from my bag to help ensure you will all be well fed on your journey.  She arose from the chair, still a little unsteady and walked over to the lovelly dwarf wno stood deep in thought. 'Here miss take this money in good fath and make sure you and your fellows and horses are well cared for. I will depart from you all now.

Let The Journey Begin by Oerath

He awoke to the familiar noises of the prancing pony. Door opening, door closing, footsteps, all it made sense, but why he had been sleeping in the first place? He didn't seem to know, but then he remembered that he had greeted some of the people who were late and then headed towards the living quarters of The Prancing Pony for a nap.

It had surely been more than just a little nap.

A bit ashamed, he arose to his feet, staggering a little and walked back to the table, where others were waiting anxiously. And as they saw him again, Oerath took his hat from the table and said: 'I've thought things through, and well, let the journey begin!'

And with that, he headed to his chambers, and the group of traveler's followed him, looking a bit confused, but still, they all smiled and agreed that it was a good time to leave.

After taking his bag and other stuff, Oerath headed towards doors of the inn and said to the innkeeper: 'We'll be leaving now, and I won't return for a long time, my friend. May your days be at ease. Farewell.'

'Farewell, Oerath. I hope you'll find what you're looking for.' said the innkeeper, and as Oerath nodded, they walked through the wooden doors and by doing so, he knew that this would very well be one of the longest journeys of his whole life.

The weather was good outside. Sun shone brightly and there was hardly clouds to be seen. A warm summer day, and as they took the road towards the mountains, Leelee walked beside him and asked: 'Where should we head first, Master Oerath?'

Taking his flute out of his pocket, he said: 'We'll be heading towards the great mountains that lie ahead of us. And when we get there, our next destination.. Will be Mirkwood.' Looking a bit confused, Leelee asked: 'What business do we have in Mirkwood, I've heard it's a very dark and dangerous place.'

Smiling, he said: 'I've a friend who lives in those woods. He has been traveling from land to land for his whole life. I don't know why, but for more than ten years, he has lived in hiding. He only sent me a letter, which said: 'They are after me, Oerath. I know I haven't been in contact with you for some time, but we have to talk face to face. Meet me in Mirkwood Forest with your companions. I'll be waiting.'

'And that's precisely what I intend to do.'

'Alright, but I think we should still be careful. Even with you around, we have to be very cautious.'

'Trust me, Leelee. I've more in my pocket than just a handful of simple spells.'

Nodding, she glanced at the sky and as few drops of water fell against her face, she said: 'Maybe we should find some shelter. It's about to rain.'

'Hmm, very strange. Maybe we should find some shelter indeed. This way, my friends.'

And so they stepped out of the common road, and walked deeper into the forest. And Leelee was right, not more than a few moments after that, it began to rain.

And when they found a few strong and long oaks, Oerath dropped his bags to ground and said to the lot: 'We'll set up a camp here. Let us light a fire, the night will be cold.'

They all nodded, and as Oerath looked to the north, he thought: 'This rain is very unusual. It hasn't rained for two weeks, so why now? Something strange is going on, but I'm afraid that only time will tell.'

And so he lit the firebox of his pipe, and went to help with collecting some firewood.


This was my little entry. Short winded, but still something.

Do continue from this point with describing what is happening around in the camp. Explore a little, talk about yourselves and tell some stories. I shall be singing and playing my flute.

- Oerath.

The rain was light, warm, and caused the trees and wild flowers to send forth wafts of lovely perfume and pine and other tree scents. Leelee breathed deeply and for a few moments felt peace invade her mind and heart. Only a few others took shelter, the rest of the company too anxious to be off to bother doing other than waiting for the few to decide to come forth and go on.

There was murmuring among the company; some were troubled that the journey was beginning with someone in trouble. The wizard had kept his own counsel about the 'friend in trouble in Mirkwood' and already some of the company were loathe to go there. They wanted to go else where, where the riding was good, where they could become one with the horses and run like an arrow shot with skill and great speed. A few were interested in the intrigue and weary of one delay after another. It was not a good start.

Leelee looked skyward and noted the rain already stopping. 'Please let us go sir, for as it is I can only accompany you one day and then I must turn back unless I get news that my child and the party I was with  were even in this area or toward the north. For me every minute counts. She looked in earnest at the leader and without meeting her eyes he nodded slowly. 'I understand, you have your mission and now I have one not counted on. Do what is good in your eyes."

Yeah, well, that is leading to a unfortunate direction, but if you folks do not have time for this, I can put the project on hold. I already apologized for my part, but I guess you all understand that I have a lot of stuff going on. This new job ain't making it easier.

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Meanwhile, if you find it interesting, follow my progress with 'The Secret of Three Graves'.

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No dearest it is not like that. You told us to go ahead and we have. For me, I chose the amnesia thing and I have to follow it thru for continuity. I would, of course weave my story in and out with yours. And hopefully the rest would too, I think that the problem is dearest that the others were expecting you to be on daily or at least frequently and since you thought it up, they were expecting you to lead us and set the story line. We have no clue where this is to go, so we improvised. And even in that we varied so greatly that there was no agreement of where to go, how to get there. So, I for one am certainly not leaving you Oerath, but you are going the opposite direction to me, so I would have to pursue my line of search and then, due to circumstances meet up with you at some point. Don't be discouraged. But you alone are the wizard and you alone are the leader, no one else. So in real life, here or Middle-Earth there would be grumbling and quarreling just as in The Hobbit. Only Gandalf kept things smooth and he left from time to time. That is all.

To me, our company looked a bit less cheery than they ought to have looked. The drab, rainy sky didn't help, and it seemed to be up to me, the young, dashing one, to get them back into an adventerous, lively mood.

Though I was from Lorien, my ancesters were the Teleri, the Elves of the Sea. The songs they sung had the tendency to sound like the lapping and crashing of waves and of the wistling of the lonely wind of the ocean. These songs we got from Ulmo and thankfully, I was blessed with the gift of a voice that brought to life these wonders.

So, in the middle of this dreary camp I stood up, and I sang...



ael stood under the dripping sky and his voice commanded instant attention, especially from Leelee , for she knew these songs. For the first time she studied the elf and then strode away from the wizard and stood beside the elf and listened to the remainder of his song , drinking in the words and music like a dry and cracked ground receiving warm rains which released the dormant seed of flowers to spring to life.

When he had finished Oerath commended his voice and a look of some sort of remembrance filled his dark eyes and he was silent a moment before saying' well I am taking this journey and anyone wanting to accompany me can go the distance, even I don't know what that will be, or come for part of the journey. Welcome to all and let us see where this takes us. i well know many cannot simply leave all behind and wander whereever, but for those that can or dare to for as long as is profitable , come let us go then. He rose up tall and beautifully dressed in garb so ancient in style that it was like watching a living legend , a dream passed down through the ages . The company all began to remount their steeds, but Leelee touched the sleeve of Wenslael and he bowed his head and listened.

"Friend do you not recognize me from Lothlorien, do you not know me at all?"

"No lady, for give me but I was away these two years on an errand secret and grave for Celeborn. With two others of his house I travelled and only came back three weeks ago. Small time i had to visit with my kin before urgent news travelled to us from the house of Erond Half Elven. I searched for a company travelling the direction I need to go for safety and to be more incognito and so I joined this one. I wish I had information for you, my heart hurts, and if not for the supreme urgency of my ride i would turn back and help you look for your little one and the others unto my death. I admit i am torn of heart in this matter. But let us mount our horses, the others are a ways ahead. " We can talk as we ride.

They talked and found out they were third cousins and so a bond was made and a sorrow enveloped the two, for Middle-Earth was becoming no home to the elves.

Ah, alas! I wish... if only I could help her. That poor lady, so desperate, so kind.

Leelee and I had talked for a god while and what she told me gave me such a passion, a passion to do what I could for her!

Eventually my thoughts followed another course, one more near and real to me. The quest we were on, the friend of the wizard's whom we were to meet in Mirkwood Forest and free from some grave danger. Yes, it was a good quest, one that had promise. I enjoyed my companions, and the wizard was good... only, those Gondorians... they troubled me.

Lady Alyss sat on her brown, proud stallion and it started to trot slowly beside Mim who said,

"You are a lady of the elf realms? I thought they rarely traveled out."

"Yes that is true but I am amongst those who cannot stand being far from the wild. My mother died in the wilds, I believe that is also amongst the reason's of my love for the outside world." she answered with a melancholic note.

"That is interesting. My mother also died in the wild but by choice, she was old and didn't want to die within the great caves and so she left without a word of parting."

Lady Alyss nodded in understanding and  they talked of sorrows of their people and past, passing the time quickly.

|This is all so confusing to me' said Leelee ,Wen had moved to the front of the company to discuss something with the wizard and the two elf woman ride together, finding comfort in one anothers presence. "What I mean is this, I and you and Wen all hail or reside or have resided in Lothlorien and yet until now we did not know one another. It is strange how monastic we elves are, all together and yet alone in many respects. We all resided there at different times, and yet, except for war council or special celebrations, this last twentyyears has been a strange time, each of us in his or her own way seems to prefer solitude for or writings or carvings or poems or paintings, each of us seems almost trapped in a cocoon of blended memories and longings for Middle-Earth and the Blessed Realm and we belong no where really. i long for us to come forth again and look to Imladris as example. Perhaps it is because of Lord Elrond, being half Elven and half man that he sees things differently and there is much more interchange and livliness there. Lothlorien is a masterpiece of beauty and pace and no one darest much to add or touch a thing so we are more or less out of touch with the world save our lord and lady who know everything. The rest of us are lulled into a gentle hazy world. And now I must arise and come out of it, I remember enough to know I have no husband now, he is dead, and my child is the only one I shall ever bear and I love her more than my life. So you all must forgive me if I am abstracted and seem uncaring about this journey which holds so much promise, but until my companions are found , my child safe in my arms I can think of nothing but them. I do wonder off and on though about this person we are to meet in Mirkwood. What sort of a person would induce a wizard to make a special journey and ask others to join him just for one other? It is a mystery.

 The heat was becoming oppressive and Leelee longed for a sudden breeze, one that would carry cool notes from the mountains and the whereabouts of her child in its cache; a button, a feather from her cape, anything. 'Where are you little one, oh where are you?"

After my conversation with Leelee, I wheeled my silver grey horse, Trelldor, up to the wizard's side. He looked very thoughtful as the sun shone on his face and outlined his brow as it bunched together as in concentration. But as I came up, he smiled, and without looking at me, said," You sing well, Wen, can you play the harp?"

" Not as well as Finrod Felagund, but reasonably." was my reply.  He smiled again, but his countenance settled quickly when I asked him my question. " Who, may I ask, is the man we are to meet, and what be his plight?"

The great wizard's eyes flashed but for a moment, then he said, " A friend in need of assistance, more is not known...."

The lovely dwarf was in the middle of the company and now she spurred her horse gently and turning around trotted back to where Leelee was. She had dropped to the rear and was riding alone now deep in thought. She did not even notice her new companion at first until the others horse whinnied.

 'Now listen , the dwarf whispered in barely audible tones. i have been thinking about your plight and about my store of little treasures. And a wild thought came to my mind. Will you hear it?

"I will hear anything that might give me a clue to the missing days of my life and the whereabouts of my darling , my only child.

"Well then, its like this. i was thinking.....................................

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