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I must apologize for deserting you on this fine adventure. I had a errand I had to run in the far reaches of Middle Earth. I hope you are are staying safe and that you get the letter.



It's time to set a right course by Oerath


A day had passed, and as the morning sun finally made it's way through the darkened clouds, it's light awoke our companions from their well earned and good sleep. But well, Oerath didn't awake, which wasn't that surprising.

But fate has always been so kind to our mage, and as he turned on his back, to face the sky, a huge drop of water fell right on his face, and so, he awoke.

'What in the name.. Oh, it's morning already.'

Feeling a bit confused, he arose, took a few gulps of his homemade 'juice' and spoke out to others:

'I think it's high time to take things further, and leave this camp. I hope you all are up for this one. It's a long way to Mirkwood, and who knows what dangers we may face after that.'

Some of them were not sure, whether to agree or not, but as Oerath started to head towards the common road, they seemed to have no choice, but to stay or go with him. And he was glad to find out that they decided to follow him after all.

By taking his flute off his pocket, he started to play a song he had learned in his childhood, it was called: 'The Path'

And as the stormy clouds began to fade from the sky, some birds flew from the trees to accompany them as Oerath started to sing:


Long is the way, the way of the wanderer

He knows the roads, but he knows that every road has it's dangers

Long are the trees, taller than some of the mountain peaks

He knows they can hear, the trees have eyes and ears


Cold is the wind, the wind of the northern lands

He knows it's chillness, it has a touch of illness, but it can also be a salvation in his hands

Cold is the night, and without any light, it may be hard to survive

He sees in the dark, high and far, with the powers of his mind


So have no fear, the end is not near, a new day will dawn

We've to carry on, we've to be strong, for the sake of us all

And the sun will shine once more, the moon will guide us through the shadows

If something moves among the trees, make haste and hide, but remember to stay near

I will take care of all of our troubles, so that the path would remain as safe and clear


And as he finished, others clapped and it seemed that the song had brought some joy to the hearts of our travelers. It was certainly a good start.

And so they continued to walk towards their destination, but it would be a long way to Mirkwood, and Oerath knew it all too well.

In his mind, he thought: 'I hope that this weather stays throughout the day, or we've to think about finding some shelter, but for now, I guess we can enjoy of the daylight as long as possible.'


That was my first continuing post, and I will post one more during evening/night, so if you want to add some twists and bits to it, be welcome to do so. Remember: We're walking along a long road, there will be many turns and many crossroads, before we get to the borders of Mirkwood.


Btw, Leelee, this time I even wrote a little poem/song to accompany the tale, a little apology from me to all of you people, who have had to wait on me.

Oerath, you are so loveable, no one would wish to turn away from you except by personal necessity. Thank you.

The sky was relieved of her threatening clouds by a sudden stern wind, cool but refreshing and in minutes only blue sky with a fast heating sun accompanied the happy party as they went their way to Mirkwood. Those that were walking soon became foot sore and Oerath called for an early lunch. "One of you find water for sore feet to be refreshed in ' he said. " Wenlaesel volunteered as scout to find a winding stream and after fifteen minutes he came back , smiling and pointing  and without saying a word he wheeled his horse about and sped off . Some of the others sped off after him, and soon they were shouting merrily at one another and disappeared out of sight  through a small patch of trees to the left. When the others arrived a fire had been started , a few fallen logs pulled around it and Wen was unpacking supplies and humming. Mim dismounted and ignoring the others sat by herself,cloak wrapped about her tightly. Despite the heat of the day she felt cold, listless and almost sorry she had whispered some bad news to Leelee. But it could not be helped. She could not go on without telling her what she had heard only two days before she had signed up with the company. The truth was better than deception and withholding knowledge the elf was calling for. Still, her stomach was sick and suddenly the journey did not mean as much. Nonetheless  the dwarf did not desire to turn away from the journey.

 Some one standing behind her offered her some fresh baked bread and butter but she shook her head and hunched down further into her hooded cape. She dared not look to the right of her, for there stood Leelee white as newly fallen snow, her keen elven eyes staring without seeing, her slim hands clutched to the reigns of her sleek steed who was quietly eating long grass, her long glossy tail whipping aside any flies that came her way. 

I guess you liked of my little comeback, and even more is to come.

Thanks for the kind words, by the way, you're all too kind to such a wandering poet as me. Big Smile Smilie


Tales at the midnight fire by Oerath


And as the flames of their campfire grew higher, the sky also grew more dim by every passing hour. It was nearing the midnight. Oerath was smoking his finest seawax pipe, as the others kept talking about myths, tales and legends of all sorts. And there's nothing more interesting to wizards than lore.

He listened carefully as he continued to smoke his pipe and drink some of his drinks, and then he said to the lot: 'I've a tale I would like to tell to all of you, if you wish to hear it.'

They nodded, and one of the elves, Leelee, asked from Oerath: 'What kind of tale is it, we've younger folk here, so I hope it isn't anything that scary.'

Smiling a bit, Oerath said: 'Well, it isn't that scary, but I am sure we all have enough courage to bear the message of this tale.'

And with that said, he blew out one last mouthful of smoke, and cleared his throat, as the others sat there, silent as the stones beneath them.

'Alright, this story returns us back to the days, when I was young. One of my friends always used to tell stories about The Specters of Water. He told me about their unnatural appearance and their connection to some of the disappearances of people, but I didn't believe him, not until I encountered a specter by myself.'

One of the younger folk, Wenlesael interrupted and said: 'I have never heard of such beings, what are they?'

'They're spirits, and they can be found from near those lakes and rivers, where something bad has happened. In present time, or in the past. And if one encounters a specter of water, it is forbidden to go near them. They try to lure curious people near the lake and make them to embrace the waters, where they once faced their own dooms.'

At this point, Leelee raised her hand and said: 'Oerath, you told us that you faced one specter in your youth, but can you tell us about that event.'

'Very well.. I have rarely spoken about that day, but alright. I will tell you. It was a dark evening, and I was collecting some firewood and berries in a nearby forest, when I heard a shivering scream. Back then, I could swear it was scream of a woman, and so, I dropped my basket and ran towards the sound. And deeper in the heart of that forest.. There was a lake, and for a moment, I wondered where that woman could've gone, and then I heard a voice calling for me: 'Come closer, save me.. Look into the waters of the lake.. Save me..'

And as I glanced at the lake, I saw a woman's hand, but as I took a hold of it, I was pulled under water, and only then I saw the true form of a specter. Horrid, but beautiful at the same time. She tried to keep me underwater, but luckily I casted a wind spell and escaped. And as I rose up to the surface, my heart was pounding and my breathing was very unstable. And from that day onward, I've avoided lakes and rivers during night time.'

They all seemed to like about his tale, and one of the elves, Lady Alyss, asked from Oerath:

'But are those specters hostile, if we go near them with a larger group?'

Oerath took a gulp of his drink and said: 'No, they only try to lure single targets to their deadly traps, so we should be safe.'

'That is a good thing to hear.'

'Aye.' Oerath nodded, and as he looked up to the sky, he could see more of the dark clouds heading their way. It was also getting very late, and some of his friends looked so sleepy that he decided to call it by saying:

'I suggest us all to get some sleep, a long day lies ahead of us.'

They all nodded and Oerath added firewood to the fire for one more time, and then he went to his tent, singing his drunken songs, but lucky for others, soon he fell asleep and began to snore.


Yehey, that's some grand update, I say. Next things that should happen: We're getting closer to Mirkwood, and some dangerous times lie ahead. Be sure to post and follow the evolving of the story!

Elves, like myself, go without sleep often. But tonight as I sat alone by the burning embers of the fire, I slowly nodded off, drifting in and out of darkness.

Light. Overwhelming light. Flickering blue waves washed around me. I heard a voice, whispering. A face appeared, feminine, beautiful. Her hands caressed my face, her hair drifted around, entangling with my own. I was drawn down, then I saw her face disfigure and she changed into a horrific, engrossing monster. Beautiful. Lethal.

I woke, shivering.

With Oerath busy and Leelee away, there needs to be someone to temporarily take the lead, so I will take it upon myself to do the honors...but only until our leaders return! Do not farske the quest fellow journeyers!



All day I contained a feeling of uneasiness, dragged down by the dream I had had. However, I put my fears aside, I occupied my mind with other things that weighed on my heart. First, the two Gondorians. How I despised them! They claimed to have some sort of connection with the poor elf, Leelee. But how could they prove it, and why would Gondorians have anything to do with an elf such as her? I had my doubts about them, and I wondered, they may hurt Leelee more than they help her in the end, that is unless they have the child somewhere and also if the child is not dead. Otherwise, no help will they bring to the mother.

The other thing that I pondered was why Oerath had chosen the story about the water spirits to tell us, did it have something to do with the Journey? All I could do was wonder...

We all, as I knew well enough, were in awe at the telling of the spirits by Oerath. It was quite amazing but Lady Alyss knew well that spirits are of different types and some like to lead the good astray.

She remembered  a young elf she had once known, he was lead to his death by strange spirits. When he first started seeming them elves thought he was mad. Now we all know of them and are wary.


She just hoped her other companions knew too...

Hey, no need to look so sad, I'm back!

Oh well, just a week off. I really needed it, but I also had to delay a lot.

New story - almost written. Poem - in progress. So forth.

I embarked on a surprising vacation, once again, and headed to the capital city of Finland.

A metal concert and such stuff. Heavy drinking, but also a little bit of writing.


I will write a new post by tomorrow, and @ Wenlesael:

Oh you young people, always rushing with things. None needs to take 'temporarily' leads. This is a free RPG-guild, so if you want to write your own twists and bits to add to the main story pieces I write, be welcome to do so.

Besides, I posted two whole pieces just before I left, and one contained a pretty neat song of mine.

So, we shoulda be happy as little boozersh! ^^

A little add:


Good to see you, O' Lady. Be sure to post more and check my next post as I get to it by tomorrow.

@Wenlesael: That night, yes. I saw a vision about those dead bodies in the swamp lakes, when Gollum led Frodo and Sam across those perilous lands in LOTR.

But, I had enjoyed a lot of red wine and so on (Leelee wouldn't approve of this), and I just wrote on.

But in this thread, you can write about this and that. If I write a new piece, which sets off forward in the story, anyone can add more to it. Evening, midnight fire, telling of tales.

+ I've this unique style of my own, and I've used it as long as I can just remember. And my favorite subjects are very visible in many of my works. Darkness, nature, love, sadness, death and myths/legends. Even in the story ones.

@ Oerath, I thought of the dead people in the swamps too! Very interesting. By the way, seeing as how we have had a few people drop out on the Journey, I was wondering if one of my friends could join us right now. She just became a member and is a good writer and real admirer of Tolkien. Her name is Rukain. Would it be alright if she made an entry on the Journey now, it would also help pick up the pace and bring something to write about. Thanks.

Fine by me. Tell her to introduce herself and the character she will be using. I cannot simply write today, 'cause I had a terribly long day + I gotta wake up at around 04:00 AM.

So hellish. ^^

Well, I have to hope that tomorrow will be a good day. Aside from that, my next entry in journey will be called:

Mirkwood is near, but have no fear

I feel for you! I have a hard enough time waking at 7:00!

Anyway, thanks. Sounds good. She will make her appearance soon.

Very nice title, I also will write my next entry soon...


I wish to thank Oerath for allowing me to join this fine expedition, and Wen for informing me of it in the first place.

 My name is Rukain, and I hail from Rivendell. I arrive here on my beloved paint steed, Rainfall, with my sword Sikanda at my side. I wear my deep green tunic and my favorite silver cloak, and I wear my long dark hair down, though my mother urges me to keep it up when I go on my many adventures. I am extremely honored to be traveling with so many extaordinary companions.

I feel first I should relate to you the situation of myself just prior to my stumbling upon your group.

I had not too long ago left my home and family in Rivendell towards, in fact, Mirkwood Forest, for reasons that I should not divulge to wanderers I have known so little time. I had stopped briefly in Bree, just after you all had left. I was riding through the forest off the path, for I love spending time in nature, when it started to rain. After considering my options for a moment, I decided that, since it was only a light rain I would keep going, which I assume is how I caught up with you. I guess we had been traveling parallel paths for some time when the day ended and all of us made our currently separate camps.

After I had started a fire and set Rainfall to grazing, I wandered a bit, and heard a deep voice, as well as other murmurs. The voice I heard belonged, and still belongs to, the wizard Oerath Windsoul, though I was unaware of this at the time. He was telling a story, I could tell, but only parts of it I made out. A specter, or some such spirit, a lake,and the wizard himself as a youth, was what I could understand. I must confess that I was a bit mistrusting, at first, and especially that night, for I could think of no good reason why there was a wizard, elves, and dwarves around a fire in the woods, all speaking of evil spirits. So I left your camp and moved my own father away, but alas, I could not escape you! The very next day, as I was just starting out, I heard the very voices I had heard the night before. You had apparently wandered closer to me during the early hours of the morning, and I hurriedly mounted Rainfall and urged her into a trot, when all of a sudden, I was staring the wizard in the face!

I cannot blame you for being cautious, but I am glad to be traveling now in the company of other elves, even if they are unfamiliar. I am indeed very fortunate to have found you. How strange a coincidence it is that we are traveling to the same place, and Mirkwood, of all places! But we all have reasons, some of them clear, and some of them certainly not. I respect you all, and again, I am honored.

Mirkwood is near, but have no fear by Oerath


A new day dawned once again. And this time, it was even brighter than a day earlier. Leelee, Lady Alyss, Wenlesael and all others awoke early to light a fire, so they could cook some morning meal, before heading out towards Mirkwood. But not Oerath. He was sleeping like a heavy log in the stream of a river.

But as always before, there had to be something, or at least someone, what or who could wake him.

And there it was, a large drop of water fell from branch of a oak tree, and in a blink of an eye, he awoke and rose on his feet, shouting loudly: 'Back off, you vile creatures. I've a staff, and I'm not afraid to use..'

And at that very moment, he realized that the others were awake and watching as he kept shouting to nothingness. By sighing, he lighted his seawax pipe and went to greet the folks:

'Good morning, all of you. It seems that once again, I slept more than I should've, but I can't really help it. It's this damn age. Though I cannot wither away, I can still feel the pain of aging. And I can tell ya, it's not pleasant at all.' Sighing again, he drank some water and began to eat, and so did the others.

And when two hours had passed, and they all were talking about this and that, Oerath suddenly arose to his feet and looked around, as if he was wondering about something, and then he asked from someone in the group: 'Hmm, very strange, how far did we travel yesterday? Because this forest, it seems very familiar to me.'

Wenlesael and Rukain were both eager to answer to that question, but Rukain was quicker:

'We traveled a long way yesterday, Master Oerath. If I'm not wrong, we're in a forest nearby Mirkwood. It should take a day to get there.'

Oerath was more than happy to hear that kind of news, and with a smile on his face, he said: 'Thank the lords of west, I was certain we had to be near Mirkwood. In any case..' Oerath paused and spoke out some strange words of power and then he let out a whistle. And in ears of the others, it was unlike any whistle they had ever heard before. Then he continued: 'I just called out for one of my most loyal companions, Faerdal. He should be here in an hour or so.'

'Who is Faerdal?' someone asked, and Oerath smiled as he said back: 'In this case, I am not sure what is the best explanation for him. He is an eagle, who can talk.'

Looking a bit confused, Wenlesael said: 'You're kidding, right?'

'No, no, lad, not at all. I taught him to speak when he was a young bird. Erm, anyway, let's gather our equipments. We'll leave in an hour.'

And hour later, Faerdal arrived and Oerath talked with him for a while, and then he gave him a sealed letter, saying: 'Take this letter to Xathor. He will know what to do.'

'Alright, Oerath. I will deliver this letter. May we meet again soon, my friend.'

'Indeed, Faerdal. Farewell for now.'

And as Faerdal, the great speaking eagle had left, Leelee asked from Oerath:

'What did you write into that letter?'

Smiling grimly, he said: 'I love poetry, and thus, I always communicate with Xathor in terms of poetry. I wrote: Mirkwood is near, but have no fear. Once we arrive, we'll talk and drink moonshine.'

Sighing, Leelee said: 'Do all wizards have a taste for strong alcoholics?'

'No, I think I'm quite exceptional for a wizard.'



And so, they were off towards Mirkwood. And as the clouds faded and gave way to sunlight, it was clear to Oerath. It would be a good day to travel. And he thought: 'I hope the others approve of my evening drinks. I really do enjoy of a little drop of moonshine now and then. But.. What if I'm drinking too much. Nah, it can't be that.'


Please do post some continue to this, if you just have time for it.

We had been on the move for only an hour, yet it was already nearing noon. But what a morning it had been! First we had been amused, as we are every morning, by the wizards waking habits. Then, after breakfasting and getting to know a new member of our party, an elf lady that stumbled across us, Master Oerath had an old friend drop in. And when I say drop, I mean drop! For it is well known that eagles do not land at all gently, rather, they plummet down out of the sky with their wings tucked back to flap out at the last moment.

I had always thought of our wizard to be fond of birds, ravens and such, but the feathered creature that he had befriended was a rare type. He spoke. Not as birds do, but in the common tongue as we do. Of course he spoke with an accent. Sort of croaky and high pitched at the same time. As if his voice was cracking all the time! But really, he was magnificent. Golden, noble, and fearsome. When he soared off toward Mirkwood, I was sorry I had not had the chance to speak with him. Alas!

So, now, our party (and party it is indeed, with our drunk wizard and his songs!) is coming in upon our first known destination. I walk my  horse alongside Oerath's while he sings his songs. I admire him, not for his love for drinks, but as a wise man, full of poems, songs and stories. And adventure....

We traveled for a few hours till about midday, when the wizard stopped, and asked us all what should our course of action be?

"I think we should move on," Wenlesael stated, "We've only traveled three hours today, and at a slower speed than I would like."

"Ah, young elf, always for speed," cried Oerath. "Tis true, Master Oerath," Wen protested, "Our speed is important, if your friend is indeed in danger."

"I agree," I declared, "We should keep on."

"And I," followed Leelee, "Time is of great importance, Master Oerath, especially with so much at stake." And Lady Alyss nodded in silent agreement.

Sighing, Oerath concede, "Indeed. So be it! We travel on." And with that, the company moved on, now in silence. After a mere half hour, however, I felt something strange in the air. Something dark. Something sinister. I glanced over at Wenlesael, and by his expression, I knew he too felt it. "What is it?" Lady Alyss stopped and looked warily around, "Such a strange, sense. An evil one." All agreed, but none could place it. But we knew something was amiss. We could feel it.

Suddenly, there was a sharp, high cackling, from somewhere in the woods. Immediately, Wen recognized it, and cried, "Goblins!"

"But so far from the mountains!" Leelee observed. More goblins laughter was heard, growing louder, closer. It was followed by the howl of wolves, and the crack of cruel whips. "How many do you think there are?" I asked of no one in particular. "Not too many for us to handle," said Oerath, "The vermin are nothing to me, and should be nothing to anyone. They are not worth the effort of worrying about them." Slowly, I drew my blade, and the others followed. The wizard raised his staff as the goblins drew closer. With every second, there seemed to be more and more of them. My horse, Rainfall, pawed the earth violently, and the other steeds, too were getting nervous. I grabbed her reigns, reassuring her, "Goblins, Rainfall, nothing to get worked up about." But she was worried about something else, and so was I. Goblins, near Mirkwood? What is the meaning of this?

That's the spirit, young lads!

@ Wenlesael: I'm glad that I managed to increase my activity on this thread. I'm also glad to have you and Rukain in the group. You fellows are quite young, but full of potential and spirit. A little reminder about my days of youth, though not that I'm so old, but I've a lot of experience in my pocket. Smile Smilie

@ Rukain: Goblins!? Very sinister indeed, lad. I like of your writing. It has something that we all do have. A certain style.

+ extra points for using all the dots, commas and so forth, just like I do. I've always seen it as the most 'proper' way to represent a story, though it's not always even necessary.

The all mighty weekend is at hand, and I know that I am going to drink (a lot?), but I'll still try to post something. ^^

And with that said, have a good weekend, all of you!

i am afraid that I will not be here as often anymore as my work seems to have become suddenly time consuming but at every chance i get i will come

Forgive me fellow travellers, but I will retire from this noble quest as my character as you have read is looking for her daughter, and it is my daughter and her possible death that has made me be absent. In view of this I cannot bear to pursue this. Forgive me. But please carry on, each of you is a thrilling character, and each of you is surely being read with great enjoyment and  and eagerness.


Leelee listened to the lovely dwarf then shook her head, 'No I will journey to my uncle Celeborn and he will know what to do. Perhaps my little one is there, safe , in the land of the living, the land of hope. Farewell,, and may every good thing come to you all.

Leelee gathered her meagre store of things , leapt on to her steed and before anyone could answer her was gone in a streak of grey and golden hair.

I understand, Leelee. I respect your decision, but I still hope that one day, you'll return back to this thread.

I will strive to keep this active for long times to come.

Be well and let's hope it all will be alright.

My sword was, Foriel, was out in an instant. Wrapping my cloak around my saddle horn, I leapt from my perch and was the first to pounce on the goblins that were emerging from the woods. My adversary rode a savage wolf. Digging my toes into the moist ground, I leaped into the brute's head, stabbed it between the shoulder blades. Then turning to his rider, I quickly blocked his ugly blade, dodged his whip, and made short work of him by lopping of his gruesome head. That done, I looked about to see my friends doing their fair share. Rukain was on her horse charging the goblins surrounding her. Well aimed kicks, delivered by Rainfall, wiped out a good many of the creatures. Oerath was calmly using his staff for double purposes. With one end his whacked them into the tree tops, and with the other end he blasted the to embers with magic. The rest were battling just as magnificently. Turning back to the goblins I artistically cut them to pieces. One swipe there, another here. Dancing through them gracefully and swiftly. Foriel making the music as his blade whistled through the air and thudded or clanged against his opponents. Beautiful.

And then it was over. Every last one of them dead. Ghastly.

So, we moved on and talked much. It was a happy company that rode away from the battle site, unhurt but for minor flesh wounds. Wonderful.

"Ha ha!" I laughed triumphantly as the last of the goblins fell. Rainfall shook her long, brown and white mane, and seemed to laugh with me. I slid down from my noble steed and wiped the dark goblins' blood from my blade. Gazing around at the dead bodies, I commented, "I feel sorry for the next traveler that stumbles upon this path." Wen laughed, "Indeed!" Oerath brushed himself off, and said gruffly, "Well, let us keep on, for that is what you young elves are always complaining about! Speed!" Wenlesael and I exchanged glances, not unnoticed by the wizard. "Well! If you've something to say, come out with it!" But he waited not for us to answer, only walked briskly off down the road. I grabbed Rainfall's bridle and started to walk along as well, beside Wen and his own horse, Trelldor. "I believe," Wen whispered to me, "that our wizard is regretting the choice to move on without stopping for rest and a meal." I smiled, careful not to laugh aloud, for fear of angering Oerath. "I think he misses his nap." Oerath heard all this exchange, though then I didn't know. He chuckled quietly, "Ah young elves, think they know everything."

Good entries, both of you. I've kept some break, but I will post my next update by tomorrow.

Edit: I haven't been around for some days, 'cause I've been visiting a good friend of mine. We're playing this and that and it's hard to focus on writing, as one could guess. But I'll get to it by tomorrow evening. Be patient. Thanks.

Update: I had a long day, and I just logged in for second time today. I don't have time to stay for long, 'cause I really need some sleep. One more day to weekend.

Anyway, I was supposed to hit the next piece of journey this evening, but I'm to tired to think about anything epic.

It will be a speed-up. We will finally reach Mirkwood, meet with our contact and discuss things further. Maybe he knows what is going on.

That's the plan, and now I only need to execute it. I have nothing tomorrow, so I think it's a perfect day to drink some beer and continue the journey.

Sorry for all the delay.

I would like to join this thread please! Can you create a situation where I could join in in your next post Oerath?

Hmm, sounds more than fine to me, Thorin. I'll think about something clever. Just tell me do you want to use your account name as character, shorten it, and well, 'this is just a guess', but I think you want to be a dwarf in this one. Smile Smilie

I'll go back to work sooner than later, so I'll be here due to evening. If possible, do a info post 'till then.

- Oerath.

PS. Have a good journey!

Thanks, I'll go along with Thorin only! Its great to see a few RPG threads coming back! I missed them Big Smile Smilie

I don't know how to apologize for this one, but one thing to be said is that my main computer was infected with a very annoying virus, it jammed my systems and it's the only one which I haven't been able to remove on my own, so today, a friend of mine will come here and we'll try to get rid off it. With no access to that computer, I've to write this piece of story all over again, but luckily I remember most of it.

I took my laptop to use this morning, and I've the entitle, but not the time to write it. Work calls.

But here's the entitle and some information about the entry itself.

A very unexpected meeting with a very unexpected dwarf by Oerath


So, with Thorin's arrival, there will also be a giant, lots of fun and some battling, of course.

And because of my endless delays and stuff, I will strive to make it a long read.

So, here it is.


A very unexpected meeting with a very unexpected dwarf


It had been silent and sunny day, but Oerath had his own doubts and suspicions. These kind of days always come with a price, and he knew from experience that when it gets too silent, things are about to go terribly wrong. And only a few moments later, he urged the others to stop by shouting: 'Stop! I hear strange noises. And they're drawing near.'

'What is it, Master Oerath?' asked Wen.

Scratching his long beard, Oerath listened more carefully to confirm his suspicions, and then he said: 'It seems I was right. They're footsteps. Someone or something is running towards us. Prepare yourselves!'

Nodding, they all drew their weapons out and felt that they were ready to face anything, or so they thought.

But to their surprise, soon a heavily armored dwarf ran through the bushes with a battle axe in his hands, yelling: 'Run, run, there's a giant on the loose!'

'Now, wait a second, there are no giants around h..' but before Oerath could finish his sentence, a big giant walked from behind the trees, crushing a few smaller trees under it's foot. With a great wooden club in it's hand, it now saw multiple targets and yelled vigorously: 'Puny little creatures, Urdok crush you!'

'Alright.. So there's really a giant after all.' Oerath said and took a firm grasp of his staff. Replying, the dwarf said back: 'Ye, think so? Well, do ye know how to take it down?'

Smiling grimly, the old man said: 'In a matter of fact, I do. Stand back all of you. I'll use a very powerful spell.'

And as the companions had stepped aside, Oerath spoke the words of power, and soon his hands began to glow with colors of blue and yellow, and as the amount of energy grew in his hands, he soon transformed that energy into a huge thunderbolt, and shouted: 'I call upon you, the spirit of lightning and storm. Let the ground tremble, cut through my foe's flesh and bones!'

And then he casted the thunderbolt spell, and as the massive ball of energy rushed forward, it tore the very ground apart. And then it reached the giant. Confusion and fear in it's eyes, it's body began to shake and as the energies exploded into a thundering burst of shock, the giant collapsed immediately and fell to the ground.

Oerath didn't hesitate for a second. He immediately muttered new words of power and striked the earth with his fists, shouting: 'I need your aid, strong and earthly roots. Trap my enemy, cease it to move!'

And the earth answered to his call. Only seconds later, long and strong roots emerged from under the soil, and surrounded the giant. It couldn't do anything, but try to fight back, but it's efforts were all in vain. Those roots were too strong for it to break. And so, Oerath had trapped the giant.

Laughing loudly, he said to the companions: 'It's alright now, come closer and behold our fearsome enemy, in mother earth's own chains.'

The giant looked ashamed and angry. It hadn't certainly expected them to have a wizard among the lot.

But at this point, the dwarf moved to front of Oerath and said to him: 'I suppose I should thank ye, lad. I tried to take that giant down by myself, but it was too strong for me to handle. In any case, I'm a very able warrior, and if I may say, you're a skillful sorcerer. Got a name?'

'They call me Oerath.' he answered sharply.

'Thorin Oakenshield at your service, Master Oerath, but ye can call me Thorin.'

'Alright, Thorin. Where are you heading to?'

'Well, I had heard news of a group of elves, dwarves and wizards moving towards Mirkwood, and I wanted to check it out by myself, so I guess I was looking for ye after all.'

Smiling a bit, Oerath said: 'Hmph, that's fine. I don't mind another dwarf joining to our company. Agreed?'

They all nodded and so it was decided. But before they started to move again, Oerath suddenly said: 'Wait a second, Thorin.' 'What is it?'

'Welcome to the journey.'

And so, their journey continued, and they had just found a new companion.

'That surely was a very unexpected meeting with a very unexpected dwarf, but I don't mind. Dwarves know how to fight and drink.. Maybe, maybe I could ask him about how to distil moonshine properly. Yes, that would be awesome!'

Luckily those were just his own thoughts.

So, there it is. I am sorry it took so long to post, and there may be some spelling mistakes etc; but it's still a new entry, and from now on, I'll try to keep this thread active. And of course, please do participate, whenever you feel up to do so, but remember to keep the story-line intact.

- Oerath.

There we stood, side by side, gazing at the dark, ominous wood before us. "Tis quite a sight," said the dwarf Thorin, our newest companion. "They are not like the trees of Lothlorien," muttered Wenlesael, "They are hostile, full of darkness." Oerath chuckled warily, "Mirkwood forest, Wen. What did you expect?" I shuddered at the sight of the towering trunks and looming branches, and at the thought of what could ever be hiding in the shadows. I glanced at the others, silently wondering at their reasons for coming. Was it simply the promise of adventure? Or did they, like me, have a motive, a secret. Truly, the wood gave me little hope. Such a strange situation, is it not? But as I stood in front of the massive shadow that is Mirkwood, I knew that , whether or not they had secrets kept and motives unknown, they were to be trusted.

Now, to find Oerath's friend. Perhaps he could shed some light on this dark question.

Mirkwood. The name itself was enough to make people fall quiet, for those who had to tread is path, it was a name of dread, darkness and ill fortune. Thorin was no foreigner to these parts and had tread its paths before, but the memories weren't one you shared in Inns or with friends.


Standing besides his companions, it seemed to him that suddenly the wind grew chill. He pulled his cloak tightly around himself hiding all weapons and armour he wore. He stood a few more gazing at the darkness of Mirkwood then turned away.


"I'll build us a fire," he called out to his new companions. "I suggest we rest tonight before venturing in there. In anycase it is an ill omen to start a journey in these dreadful woods at night."

Good going, Rukain and Thorin. I will post my next entry by tomorrow, so until then, do as many posts as you like!

Dear Wizard, you are a goodly leader and it is a nice adventure to read. I am proud of you and all those that are accompanying you, I especially look forward to hearing what my dear friend Thorin Oakenshield will have to put into the mix. Well done everyone.

"Come, come lad! Don't just stand there being a lazy elf! Now, it would be nice if I had some wood and bark for this fire, would you be able to get that for me?" Thorin scolded me. I needed no second warning, but immediately bounded into the forest in front of us.

Moss and lichen covered everything. In Lothlorien we had been able to see the bark on the trees, but that was not the case here. Every inch of the trees was blanketed with scum and dead plants. The air was foggy and hot, the wood was damp and decomposing. The kind that would smoke and stink if burned. I gazed up into the treetops and it almost seemed as though I saw the movements of some Mirkwood beast. However, I took no time to think and climbed the nearest tree with ease, striving to keep my hair and cloak from getting tangled or ripped. As I ascended, the mist parted and I was able to find a dry spot to sit and chop of the more fire worthy wood. I whistled as I watched the branches fall to the ground below. 


I knew not to act alarmed, so I slowly turned my head, "Eh, no, not at all. Just gathering fire wood." A shadow flitted behind me.

"To take back to Lothlorien? Hah! Or what elf?" The voice was slithery, soft, yet rough at times too.

"You jest. Though if you were observant, a camp of people are but a short ways away at the border of this magnificent wood. If it pleases you, we would be glad to have you join us for a meal. But I can see why you would prefer staying up here, the air is much more fresh and the leaves are greener. What say you? Will you come down with me?" I tried the friendly approach.

"You first, my lord!" And a large branch hit me with such a force that I tumbled off my perch. Falling, I thrust the sword in, that was still in my hand, deep into the trunk of the tree and held on tight. The sudden stop almost sent me tumbling down again, but I quickly recovered form the shock. Then I swung over to the nearest branch, and climbed down the rest of the way.

Gathering up the firewood, I hurried back the campsite. Hurriedly dumped it in front of the dwarf and then took a position, crossed legged on one of the horses, to keep watch on the trees of Mirkwood.

I think a few of my companions noticed my hurry and my strange behavior as I waited for the guest I had invited to eat with us. I sort of wanted him to show up. Maybe he would....

It had been 20 minutes, dinner was almost ready. I had kept my eyes on the tree the whole time, unceasingly.

Then it moved.

The colossal giant with leaves, moved. Striding quickly, it only took three enormous steps to arrive at the site. It happened that I had unknowingly, invited an Ent to partake of our meal. And now all was clear, I had been chopping off his branches, so naturally, he had flicked me away.

Standing up on top of the horse (I have no clue whose it was, maybe Rukain's) I bowed low, and spoke up our guest.  "Forgive me, I had no idea that I had been cutting an honorable Ent. Please accept my apology. " The rest of the group looked on, amazed and startled. All, that is, except Oerath. He was still stuffing his mouth with food, smiling at the scene before him. 

"Yes, you were a bit hasty. But that is to be expected of a young one of your kind. If you had eyes, you would have noticed that you were sitting on my nose. Quite itchy and uncomfortable. However, I except your apology." The Ent took a deep breath, as though it had taken a lot of effort to speak all that at once.

The evening proceeded and we went on to learn that his name was Mossbrow and that he had come to Mirkwood in seach of the Entwives. Typical. Overall, it was a wonderful night and we all enjoyed the Tree's company.  Oerath tended to his cuts, and after that the Ent seemed in a better mood. Enough to laugh at Thorin's wimpy jokes and smile at my odd remarks on his leafy hair. A good night was had....

A word of advice to my friends here: When role playing you obviously control all the actions of your own character and any other minor character of your own design. However you may not make the character of another player speak or do any action unless it has been agreed upon before hand. Smile Smilie

Of all those who were there that night, I was by far the most shocked at the appearance of the Ent. I had noticed the strange behavior of Wen before the meal, but I had dismissed it as nervousness at our nearness to the infamous wood. When the great ent had first stepped out from the forest, I had indeed been thoroughly surprised! During the meal that night, I sat as far away from our  enormous guest as I could, without seeming rude. I ate little, and spoke even less, while the others made conversation and enjoyed their meal. Wen had, of course, been the one who had invited Mossbrow to dinner, and so was less speechless than I, and Oerath and Thorin were older and wiser than myself, and learned in the ways of the world. After the dinner, as the fire burned down to embers, the group lay down to sleep, Mossbrow, the ent, doing so near us in the wood, for he would continue his conversations with us in the morning, as he had told us. I lay with my back to the wood, glancing over my shoulder at the dark, menacing trees at every small sound, until I drifted to sleep.


  I saw a face. A familiar face. An elf, his eyes a deep leaf- green, under thin, gentle eyebrows. His mouth was curved into a calm smile, and in his eyes was a friendly sparkle, and a knowing glint.

Then I was on a road, with woods on either side. I heard a voice. A familiar voice. I raced down the road, and saw before me the very elf, surrounded by goblins. His long, curved blade, pearl white under the black of goblins' blood, flew through the air, slicing through flesh and armor. outside the mass of goblins, huge wolves circled around, waiting for the kill. Beside the assailed elf was a great stallion with red-golden fur and mane, rearing and swinging his hooves and the enemies. More and more goblins surged from either side. Then, he saw me. Still defending from his countless enemies, he shouted, "Rukain!" At this I broke from the seeming trace and ran forward, racing towards him, but I seemed to stay stationary. "Rukain!" The elf shouted again,"Help me!" I tried. I never seemed to get any closer. He fell, under the masses of vile goblins, followed by his noble steed. The wolves howled in evil ecstasy, joy at the terrible death. Wrenched with pain at the thing I had always dreaded, I screamed, "Elyeven! ELYEVEN!"

I awoke, panting frantically, heart racing. Glancing at my surroundings, I realized I had had a deam. It was a dream. Trying in vain to slow my rapidly beating heart, I looked at the others, searching for any sign that I had awakened them. They were still asleep, oblivious to my fleeting terror; if they saw, they gave no signal. My breath gradually reaching normal pace, lay back down on my back, gazing at the stars, wich I knew not when I would see again after entering Mirkwood. With nothing else to do, or to occupy my thoughts, the dreaded questions that I have so often pushed to the back of my mind rose up. What has become of him? Is he even alive? Or has one of the many terrible fates I dream befall him? Where is he? And will I ever know?  I lay silent, watching the stars, trying to find a hope, however small. The most horrid question, greatest of my fears kept throwing itself in the path of my thought. Will I ever know? Could I never know?  Staring up at the stars that filled the dark sky overhead, I wondered, in a childish way, whether he could see them, too. "Oh, Elyeven," I whispered aloud into the night, "Where are you?"

Thorin was sitting quietly some way away from the camp fire. Wrapped warmly in his cloak he had taken the second watch. He mind was however wondering far , thinking of the fate of his people, their sorrows and achievements. He had only one dream, one he desired above all else, that the long deserted halls of the Great city of the Dwarrowdelf be restored to its former glory.


Like most dwarves, the images, history and songs of Moria was well known to him. And unlike many other dwarves he was no stranger to the  mines having ventured there several times, though never alone.  Yet he could hardly claim to have any knowledge of the ways of old for the mines were as reported long before vast and intricate beyond his kindred wildest imagination. If only...


A sudden muffled cry broke his thought and he heard a soft movement back where the other were asleep. He guessed, wrongly, that someone was having a nightmare related to the forest. "I don't blame them," he thought. "We're still outside and already I feel the old too common sense of fear and danger hanging around. Cursed be this forest!


With that Thorin re-wrapped himself in his blanket and continued his turn of watch...


the week-end is hear hence giving me time to post in this thread at last.


Everyone seemed to have fallen asleep but Thorin on his watch. I was restless, something seemed to be keeping me awake. I stared at the god-forsaken forest  and noticed a bat flit past. The forest stood grey and solemn before me, looking mournful, full of fear and trouble.  I had heard many a-tale of deaths taken place within it and that only few ever returned. It was hard to tell what was true and what rumors as many people add their twists to the tales; some say an undiscovered creature lives within while others say an aged sorcerer lives isolated from everyone, killing those who have unfortunately pass by his place.


I looked up again and thought of home,of Fernan who had been lost to the forest, he had left in anger and haste but never returned. The Elders had called him foolish and had said it was his fault, no-one had understood why had left, no-one but I. A tear trailed down my cheek as I closed my eyes, trying to forget the terrible past.

May I join the thread as the main antagonist of the story? Oerath, you can PM me with any details if you need to.

Yeah, Fornad, you can be the villain! Smile Smilie

I will send you some details via message, but I'd suggest you to check out the first page. I wrote down some story there + from now on, we'll strive to use Thorin's methods, to keep it more like RPG-style. So, when we post, we mainly write about ourselves and about the things that happen around us. Mentioning others by using: the companions, group, others is still allowed.

Anyway, good posts all of you. I'm going to write my next one now.


And so we meet again by Oerath


Much had happened during those days they had already spent in Mirkwood, and Oerath felt that they were getting closer to Xathor. And after wandering in a thick mist for nearly two hours, the mist began to fade, revealing the sky. It was a relief to all of them, and just moments after that, Oerath noticed a strange crow flying in the sky, and as he looked closely at it, he suddenly started to smile, and someone from the group asked from him: 'What is that you see, Master Oerath?'

Blowing some smoke out of his mouth, he said: 'Look at the sky, and tell me what do you see.'

'Well.. I see clouds and a.. Is that a crow? It doesn't look same as those usual crows you see in the wilderness.'

Smiling grimly, he said: 'Exactly. And it doesn't look the same, 'cause it's not a crow, it's Xathor!'

Feeling confused, they all now looked at the crow, and then it let out a mysterious cry, almost like it wanted them to follow, and Oerath knew the meaning of that cry. It was a signal, so he shouted to the others: 'On the move! Follow that crow.'

And then they ran through bushes and trees, stomping wet moss under their foot, and soon they all came to an open area, and the crow flew down in circles, landing on a stump of a tree. And there it sat, awaiting for Oerath to come forth.

And as the wizard moved closer to the crow, he took a sealed letter off from his pocket, showed it to the crow and said: 'I knew you'd want a solid proof, and here it is. And oh, I'm glad to see you're still using that form.'

Shrieking, the crow finally spoke: 'Kraakh.. Good to see you.. Master Oerath.'

And then it began to transform. Black feathers fell to ground, as the crow took the form of a human. Now wearing black, but elegant robes and holding a shimmering and runic staff, a man stood before them. He didn't look as old as Oerath, but as some of them looked into his eyes, they could sense his powers, know his age and see all of the events and experiences he had gone through. All of that from one glance.

It was more than clear. He was a wizard, just like Oerath.

And then leaned to his staff, saying: 'It's surely been a while, Xathor Andriel.'

To be continued..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


It's not a long one, but now we finally catched up with Xathor, and from now on, he'll accompany us.

OOC: OK, I'll wait for the PM before I post.

Thorn was getting impatient. It was obvious that both wizards had a lot of news to share. While he was eager to hear it as well, he thought the shades of Mirkwood was not the place to do so.


"Excuse me Masters," he interrupted. "Could we find somewhere else to socialise? I don't like this place, none of  us do," he continued nodding towards his other companions. "And standing here right in the middle of the woods makes us fodder for the dratted spiders of this wood. I don't think anyone would like to be swarmed by them! How about we get back to the path and make our plans there?"


The past few days in Mirkwood had been trying to them all. Despite being hardy adventurers, warriors or Wizard, the very atmosphere kept everyone on the edge. The dangers of the forest and its inhospitable residents were no fireside jokes told to scare young children. "And god knows what unknown creatures may have wondered into these beastly woods since I was Last here," Thorin muttered to himself. 

I will strive to write a more RPG style. Sorry.


I was astounded at the contrast between the two wizards. The new one was tall and hidden under a large black cloak. To me, he seemed a bit severe and gloomy. But only from the appearance. Not like our jovial Oerath.

The other thing on my mind was how dismal and scary this place was and how much I wished to leave it. I wanted this visit to me over. I had now seen the great Mirkwood. That's all I needed. Actually more than I needed.

Other than these, I was pretty content. Things were starting to get somewhere now that Master Xathor was here.

We all studied the new wizard carefully, noticing the big contras between our leading wizard and he. He was powerful but in almost a dark way, I think we all realized that as everyone was wary of him and were trying their best not to look at his eyes, they were so black, like an bottomless pit of despair and evil.


He stood tall and proud, he knew where he stood and did not try to hide it. I shivered as his glance flitted my way, those mere second were enough to chill me.


What business did our master have with this dark stranger?


That question I believe all of us wondered

This post won't be that serious, in fact, it's going to be quite fun.


When things are not what they seem to be by Oerath


To Oerath's surprise, they all looked at Xathor with fear and doubt, and it made Oerath to smile even more, as he finally said to his apprentice: 'Xathor, Xathor, I wonder why you chose that  dim and lightless color. Was it because of your crow transformation spell, or because you simply like of black clothes?'

Laughing silently, Xathor replied: 'Hah, you still have that same, old and usual sense of humor, I see. Well, should I use my original clothes then? Are you sure you want to bask in the brightness of that color, Master Oerath? If I am not wrong, you once said to me that you hate bright color's. Maybe that's why you chose grey as you own color, since it truly suits your thoughts and mind the best.'

Oerath knew what Xathor was trying to do, but luckily, he had meditated thoroughly, only to avoid his natural gift to lose his temper. So, smiling sharply, he said: 'Just.. Xathor, let's quit the talk, we're not here to make them feel even more confused and doubtful. Let us see your true form.'

'Very well, Master Oerath.'

None of the companions had understood a word about their conversation, but they all now looked at Master Xathor, as he took his staff and shouted the following words: 'Oh, sun, the light of lights, burn this disguise of night. Black is the color of death and crows, white is the color of sky and clouds.'

And with that, a massive aura of sunlight surrounded Xathor's body, as his black clothes turned into burning feathers, and only moments later, there he stood. Now dressed in robes of silver and gold, looking at him was like looking at the sun itself. Even his staff changed shape and color, and his hair too, and as he walked towards Oerath and the companions, there was no need to fear anymore.

Looking and sounding peaceful and calm, Xathor placed his right hand on Oerath's left shoulder, and said: 'You once said to me that: 'When things are not what they seem to be, look more closely, and study what you see.' - I guess that sentence fits to the situation, agreed?'

'Indeed it does, Xathor.' - By taking his seawax pipe out off his pocket, he turned around and to his surprise, they all were standing still and silent, and then he smiled and said: 'None surprises as much as Xathor, now, quit that staring. It's getting annoying. Let us move on, my friends. Xathor the Lightbringer is with us now, so the sun will shine forever.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


A little bit of detailed story: Xathor Andriel was originally a character that I created during the times, when I still wrote Arcadian-related stories. He was one of the seven children of fate, with a natural gift of light, and skills to learn the art of magic, transformation spells and all that kind of stuff. So, when I started this thread, I thought that I'd take him in as a character. I once drew a picture of him, and simply put, he is just like 'Darkness and Light'. When he uses his crow transformation, he wears the clothes of same color and acts like a dark wizard should. But when he chooses to use his real form, it's an unimaginable sight. Such is the power of child of light.

- Oerath / The Myth of Arcadian / The Fate of Light

Just to clarify the rules: You completely control every action and thought of your own character, but are not allowed to mention the other characters unless it is simply "someone". I don't mean to offend anyone, but I feel that this way of writing, the elimination of the interactions between the characters, destroys a layer of the story's depth and authenticity. It makes it seem not like a journey that we all experience together, but rather a second hand account told by one who is poor with details. This is only my opinion, which is not relevant unless shared by another. And of course, I will write in this way if that is the request of my noble companions. Please take no offense.

Well, Rukain. Instead of that, you could've just posted some new journey stuff, but I guess everyone are busy with their holidays, except me.

We know the rules, and this is my thread after all.

But, anyone can refer to others included in this thread in many and various ways, just like I said before.

Companions, group of traveler's, the lot, fellows. It's all about imagination after all.

Anyway, I'm the one to post anything about rules, and I've shared a lot of talks with Thorin, who in fact, talked to me about these kind of things in the first place. But, my exception is that I control two characters. Xathor Andriel is a character that only I do know, so it isn't a matter of concern.

No offense meant, Rukain.

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