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Sorry, Oerath. I see now how many ways you really can use other characters without using the characters, if you what I mean. It's good for my writing skills, and helps me improve, as well as being fun. And,  may I ask, if you speak beforehand with another of the journeyers, and both agree, you can add things that include those characters, using names, personality and character development, right? Of course, as long as only those who agree are included by name. Thanks, Oerath, and sorry again!

I watched the new wizard with his dark garb with suspicion. I was very cautious, and unsure of him. He seemed to be a friend of Master Oerath, but to me he seemed rather dark to be on very good terms with our friend. They spoke, and as they did so, I noticed the rest of my companions also were doubtful. But that doubt was, as least in me, rather short-lived. I should have known there was more to this fellow than I had thought. A flash of blinding light, then this wizard's true form was revealed. His clothes were of shining silver and gold, bright like the sun. His hair and staff, too had changed, shedding their former darkness. So calm was he, and was Oerath, as they again spoke to one another. I was shocked at the sudden change, but no more afraid. Light such as this can be no lie or trickery. The others, too were still and stunned as I. Oerath snapped us out of the daze, and commanded us onward. "Xathor the Lightbringer is with us know, so the sun will shine forever," quoth Master Oerath, and with that, we continued our march through the treacherous wood. It's shadows seemed less large, now that the Lightbringer was here, but still, Mirkwood Forest was still Mirkwood Forest, and it is in no way, a gentle or pleasant place.

 I hope that's alright. A tale already told, but from a different perspective. I have been extremely busy, with little spare time in the day, even to read or write. Sorry again about all the questioning, I just want to get the rules right. I'll try to write more, but you now, life won't wait for anyone!

Delightful Rukain. Oerath is a kind wonderful person and he encourages all writers to spread their wings and fly. That kindness and acceptance is what makes this site marvellous.

It's been a while since anyone's posted here, and quite frankly, I've missed it. So here I am, and here we are, in Mirkwood Forest, still, and I've no idea where our journey will now lead us. But this road I still tread... Will anyone join me?

  For however long, days or weeks, or not even that, our group of journeyers traveled on through Mirkwood forest. Although the arrival of Xathor had brought a sense of security, with the help of the wood that feeling faded, till I was just as uneasy and nervous as I had been upon entering Mirkwood. I admit that I was very jumpy, and constantly looking over my shoulder. Though I am not known to be calm and fearless, I rarely am so riled up as to loose awareness... which is what happened.

     It happened one day, or night, for in the dark of the forest we could not tell, when we were walking the path, as we had done for who knows how long. I was seeing things in every shadow, but had learned by then not to take these shadowy visions seriously. I was seeing shapes and movement where there was none, and had been for what seemed to be forever. It was at this time, when I saw what, to me, was obviously movement out of the corner of my eye. I whipped my head around, staring intently into the darkness. It moved. It most definitely moved, there could be no mistake. "Urrh," I tried to speak, but was unable to, as I saw two, no four, no six! glowing orbs, seeming to float in the shadow... until the shadow moved, one swooping movement that contrasted with the dark that swirled in front of my eyes, as I had been seeing. Suddenly, the black rushed forward, and I was thrust backward, thrown of my feet, and I slid quite aways on the ground be for skidding to a stop on my back. I sat up, but not before I heard a menacing, strange, clicking of sorts. I knew what it was gefore I looked, and when I did, my fears were confirmed. There, on the edge of the Path, was a giant, hairy spider, with its many glowing red eyes, and it's ever moving pincers. And where there was one, there was more...

Thanks for reminding me about the thread, Rukain. I've had some busy working days during the past few weeks, and I had not paid much attention to this thread's progress.

Nevertheless, that was a good post. I shall come back to this thread as soon as I write some new material for it.

So, for now, I hope some of you others will this as an opportunity to throw in something of your own. Current details can be seen in my last post. Keep the story intact.

Do some posts, surprise me! Smile Smilie

(I hate to interrupt the RP, but would anyone mind if I joined? Smile Smilie )

I shall see about that, but first, I'd suggest you to go to the page 1, scroll up and read the info posts, and then you should read all of the entries/posts, then you would know what is our current progress.

I'm planning to do 1-2 posts during this week, though I'm not sure about the exact days.

Once you've done that, you could send me a message, concerning your character and information about it, or throw in some details as a post.

- Oerath.

(I couldn't find you're name in the message area, and I didn't want to rely on the chat for offline messages, so I'll post here if that's ok? Smile Smilie )

I have just finished reading through the three pages, and it seems quite an interesting RP Smile Smilie In regards to my character, I was thinking along the lines of:

Name: Dorian De-Lacey
Homeland: Osgiliath
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Young- appearing to be in his early or mid twenties perhaps, yet with eyes that seem to belie his youthful appearance. He is strong, but well toned, leaving his muscles well defined rather than obscure masses, and this, combined with his height, of over six foot, give him a slim appearance.
His eyes are a dark brown a similar shade to his hair, which is of a medium length and extends nearly to his shoulders in a well-watched and styled way. His face is clean shaven, and smooth belying the many injuries, cuts, and scrapes he has taken to it over the years.
Darkly coloured clothing of a rich design cover his unarmored frame, and if one were to remove the clothing, a network of scars on both back and front wound be revealed. Tokens of his years at war.
Skills: A fighter by trade, and dueler by choice, Dorian's strength lies in his quick sword arm.
Special Items/Weapons: A strangely light, yet long sword by his side is all that Dorian carries.
Background/History: Born into war, Dorian fought his way as an officer through hunger, through thirst, and through pain. Not to win victory- for that was surely an impossibility- but to survive and hold ground as long as possible. To save as many lives as possible. With defeat inevitably close, Dorian decides that death has come to him. Standing firm with his men, he fights to the bitter end. And that is the irony of it all. Waking Some time late on the muddy delta of the river Anduin with but a handful of his men, Dorian cannot move, cannot speak, and cannot see anything but a reddened haze of pain. An open wound lies across his chest and he coughs. Blood fills his mouth. A face looks over his... looks into his eyes. Dorian reaches for the man. The man reaches back... reaches for Dorian... reaches for his coin purse, his boots, his very armour.
Some time had past since what Dorian can view only as his defeat. How he had survived is something he questions every week. How he had found the strength to pull himself to safety is something he asks himself daily. Yet he had. He and those few men that had fallen into the river during the battle. Together, they made their way north, once more. To their homes, expecting to be greeted with open arms. Instead they are branded cowards. Viewed as men who had fled the battle. Seeking redemption from this title, Dorian sought a way to gain his and his men's honour once more. A way is given... To journey north into Mirkwood on what could only be a wild goose chase. Leaving their homes once more, still weak from their injuries, the group journeys towards Mirkwood abandoning their armour in hope of passing as simple travelers.


Let me know if its okay or if anything should be changed (I'll quite happily re-write the entire thing if needed- back stories are fun to write, but aren't too important in my opinion Smile Smilie ), and if I can join or not etc. Thanks Smile Smilie

 (I couldn't find you're name in the message area, and I didn't want to rely on the chat for offline messages, so I'll post here if that's ok? Smile Smilie )

Than you can look in the list of people who you can add to your buddy-list. Than you add the member where you were looking for. If you look at your buddy-list you can send a message to the persons which you have saved in your list.

I hope that with this information you can send messages to everyone you want. Smile Smilie

P.S. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. I hope it's clear enough to understand.

Thanks- That's a really handy system to know! Smile Smilie

Thorin,plodding along with the others, was lost in his own thoughts and not paying attention to their surrounding. A sharp thud suddenly snapped his attention back. Turning and gazing at the direction the sound emanated from, he saw one of his companions on the groundstaring at something further up the path. Following his gaze, he met the all to familiar bulbous eyes of the infamous and dreaded Mirkwood giant spiders. 


In that moment, the warrior spirit of his people was on him. "Spiders," he bellowed. Gripping his great battle axe in one hand he used the other to haul his comrade back to his feet. "Form a circle and stand back to back! Don't let these wretched creatures isolate any of you!"


The loud cry had stopped a few of the spiders in their tracks but a bold one now advanced toward him. It coiled back and prepared to jump on its prey. But the movement was too obvious and Thorin anticipated it, side stepped and swung his axe felling the creature in mid air. The dead body of the creature fell and rolled to the side of the path and a dark ooze began to trickle out of the wound. The other spiders held their advance but it was too obvious that they were waiting to be in greater number before assaulting the travelers again.


Gazing at the pale moon, Thorin muttered, "Would that there was more light that we could see those beast better!"

Edging together, we stood strong and as tall as we could. For some reason I felt a strange emotion welling up in me. I was not afraid, almost completely opposite that. I was more furious. I had the longing to take up my sword with both of my hands and hew our way through these ghastly arachnids. I held my self back. "Foolishness" I thought. 

Tightening my grip upon Fariel, I poked its blade into the eye of an over curious spider. The brute scuttled away as quickly as it could. I grinned, in the moonlight I was able to perceive my hands and arms, which were rubbed raw, torn, blistered and grimy. I was becoming quite the rugged elf, I imagined.

The shuffle around me was more than I could bear. Mustn't we fight them now before more arrive? So I yelled, "Finish 'em off! Now! Before more come! Yaaaahhhhhh!" And proceeded to charge, my emotions taking over my sense.

"Wen!" I shouted and bolted after him. Before long, we were surrounded by spiders. While I could still hear the others doing their damage, sighting them was impossible. Then Wen and I fought the spiders best we could, back to back, blades flying. "Wen, fool, what were you thinking?!" I asked him. "I wasn't," he growled in frustration.

More and more spiders emerged onto the path. I knew not how the rest of my companions were doing. But I could not think long on them, for my thought was concentrated on none but what surrounded me. I covered Wen's back, he covered mine. Fear was nothing now, not even in me. But perhaps, in this case, at this time, not to fear was folly...we may never know.

Woah, what a long description, Dorian. Welcome aboard!

And not so bad, folks. Here's something from me.

Best post I've made in a while.



A dangerous - situation - needs a fireball spell - or a few of 'em by Oerath


So much had been going on recently. So much running, so much trouble. He was entertaining his mind with pictures of a forest river, lots of dryads. Swimming in that river, laughing, asking him to join them. But then he came to his senses and thought aloud: 'No! I have to focus, darn it..

Taking a quick gulp off his flask, he looked around and said: 'We're still running, it seems. Good.. OH WAIT! There are friggin' spiders everywhere! What is going on!?

Laughing terribly, Xathor smiled at his master and said: 'You surely have gotten much sharper during these past years, Master.'

Feeling both angry and ashamed, Oerath shouted at his apprentice: 'You darn shady little sharp-tongueish apprentice! I shall turn you into a lowsy damn lizard, once we get out of..'

But he was greatly interrupted, as a giant spider jumped off a web and landed right to front of his eyes. The others looked at Oerath with sheer amazement and thought: 'That man surely has a lot of will power. Look, he's staring at that spider right into the eyes, and he's not even moving at all. He must be casting another one of his magnificent spells!'

To tell you all the truth, he was standing there, 'cause he was afraid down to his old bones. Thinking: 'Wha-what is that spider doing here! In front of me!? I AM SO DEAD, DAMN IT!'

But then he came to his senses for the third time that day, and thought: 'What am I whining about. I'm a wizard after all.. Damn this age and all these stupid thoughts of mine..'

And with that, he yelled at the spider: 'Oh yeah! Do you wish to challenge me!? Be welcome to do so, you eight-legged mongrel!'

And so he muttered the words of power, and then he took a deep breath and unleashed it as three powerful fireballs, by shouting: 'Wrath of the dragons will burn your skin! Feel the touch of fire, it shall consume you from within!'

And as those fireballs hit the spider, it burst into flames and exploded. And while it's still-burning body parts were landing around them, Xathor said to Oerath: 'You surely know how to grill some spiders, Master.. But could you do it a little bit more professionally next time around. It's quite a mess, you know?'

'You damn.. Eh, Xathor.. I'm so going to transform you into a lizard. You just watch!'

'Um, before you do that, could we just run away from that army of spiders, before they catch us and wrap us in web and torture us, until we peacefully agree to die?' replied Xathor with a brief smile.

'Good point.. Run! All of you. We're almost out of this gloomy forest.' said Oerath.

And so they all ran, and soon one of the traveler's noticed light ahead, shouting: 'There, can you see that light?`It must be our exit out of this forest.'

'It seems so. Keep on running, it will all be over soon.' said Oerath, and soon they all saw it. They had finally found a common road, and as the clouds gave way to sun and it's powerful and cleansing light, it shone down with all of it's might upon Oerath and the traveler's. And all of those spiders that had followed them, they nearly burned down to ashes. And once again, they had been saved by the sun.

Smiling at the sun, Oerath bowed and said: 'I don't know about you others, but I think that even the sun wants us to finish this journey, and so be it. We shall go on, no matter what happens.'

And with that said, he took his usual sea wax pipe, lighted it up and said to Xathor: 'Forget about that 'I'll turn you into a lizard' stuff. I'll do it some other day.. Apprentice.'

'I'm glad to hear that.. Master.' replied Xathor, and so they all were off. With no idea what lay ahead of them, Oerath just kept singing, and the others just listened. Even the wind seemed to favor their journey, and as it kept throwing Oerath's long hair from one side to another, he suddenly realized that they had not seen the sun for a long time, and it made him to smile.

'Let us go to see some elves, my friends.' he said, and then he silenced, so he could focus on singing his songs.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

You people are surely too busy with.. things.

Anyway, I hope to get this thread started again someday. There would be plenty of ways to continue the events of my last entry, so why not?

And that first sentence was partially a joke.

I'll embark on a holiday soon, so I won't be here, like I stated in a post, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't pass by on occasions, just to check out new posts and stuff.

So, I hope you guys will keep this thread alive. I hope you see this as a chance to throw in something that may even inspire me. Smile Smilie

As the company rushed out from the shadow of the trees, the light of the sun was blinding. After the darkness of Mirkwood, the sun seemed a world hotter and brighter. "That was sure an adventure!" I gasped. 'I will hate spiders forever,' I thought to myself. I looked around, and thought suddenly, 'This journey must have a purpose. Originally, it's purpose was to find Xathor, so now, what shall we do?' Of course, my own knowledge of things is not satisfactory, and so I was left to wonder: What will we do now that we have found Xathor? Was that the purpose at any time, or was it just another piece of the puzzle? I shook my head. 'On all my journeys, I have never seen anything like this! Well, we'll keep on, and see where we end up! Who knows, we might hold the fate of the world in our hands.'

Thorin enjoyed the feel of sunlight and the free movement of air and wind on his body again as the company broke free of the nets of Mirkwood. Settling into a quick trot they walked in search of a river or spring. After an hour or so, they came upon the quiet bank of the River where they agreed to establish camp and get some much needed rest.

Dumping his travel bag on the lush green grass, thorin stripped off his armour and waded into the water. It was a nice feeling to be able to enjoy bath with clean water and wash away the muck, dirt and grit of the dark forest, and hopefully some of its horror. Once he had cleaned himself, Thorin washed the clothes he had worn throughout the Journey in the forest and spread them out to dry on the nearby trees.

Feeling greatly refreshed, he found himself a nice spot under a large willow overhanging the banks of the river and settled down comfortably. Taking out his pipe, and pouch of leaf from his duffel, he sat back and enjoyed a quiet smoke. His eyes wandered over to his other companions, some still in the water, others getting ready to rest or cooking some food. Finally, his eyes glimpsed his battle ax which he had cast on the grass earlier. It had the purple stain of spider blood still on it, Thorin had forgotten to clean his ax. It can wait he thought.

Looking at his ax, he thought about the battle event. I need to teach them a few things about battles he thought. We were lucky not to lose anyone there. A few minutes later sleep had overcome him, helped by the weariness and edginess of the past days...

Rest, finally. Little rest there had been of late. I little realized how much I needed it until I had it. The sunlight was soft and warm, the grass beautiful light green, blown to and fro by a gentle breeze. After a much needed wash in the cool water, I set myself down in the grass and watched the clouds, for the first time in what seemed to be forever. They were more beautiful then then they had ever been before.

How long I lay there, I didn't know, nor did I care. I think I dazed off once or twice; I can't be sure. All that was certain is I was exhausted. With the sun warming the fresh air around me, and the sweet smell of grass and earth beneath me, I rested, and was refreshed. After a while, I started to think half-heartedly about what I had seen in all the journey. Then, my thoughts were disturbed. I heard a thud, thud, like heavy footsteps. They were not near, but i could feel them in the ground. Someone, no, something, was coming in our direction. I sat up, and looked around for it. I realized with a start, that it was coming from the direction of the wood. I stood quickly up, drawing the attention of my companions. "Rukain?" Wen said. I was silent, as I watched, waited. Then I saw it. A horse, a white and black horse, mane tangled with thorns and twigs and dead leaves. "Rainfall! How could I have forgotten her?!"

Poor horse. I will never forget her again.

(Sorry for my lack of posts- I've just hit the exam period... I'm not sure when I will have enough time to post properly, but my exams finish around the 20th of June, so then at the latest. Most likely at some point next week though Smile Smilie )

Hey, I was just wondering, is this Journey still in the works? because it's kind of fallen out of the spotlight. I don't really have something to add to it yet, besides what I posted last time. I just want to remind whoever's part of it and still wants to be. The Journey hasn't ended, not in a way I can be completely satisfied with anyways!

To be said, many of us haven't been that active on this thread, agreed? Not even me.

And Rukain, you're quite young, but you surely understand that we've all the time in this world, if we choose so. I've always went on with that ideal by myself.

Now that I'm officially back from my little break, I'm going to activate this thread once again. Once I get to finish some other stuff, I'll write a new and longer and a bit more detailed entry post. Meanwhile, I'd advice all of you people to keep contributing, if you just have the time to do so.

That post will be online before friday evening/night.

- O.W.

The exams are over (they went well Big Smile Smilie) so I'm back as well if I'm still okay for joining? Smile Smilie

Yes, my exams are done too! Happy for both of us Smile Smilie Sure! Welcome back. Make your post and I'm sure there will be reply posts by the others, me of course and I'm sure about Rukain too.

(OOC: Hope you don't mind, but I was thinking of changing my back story a little to having not dumped the armour? Originally, I was planning to play almost a dueler-styled ex-soldier- but I've found myself already playing this style in several other role-plays, and so I was hoping to play a slightly... different style)


Dorian pulls himself across the grass. Above him, the sun beats down, mercilessly. He looks to his left, and then his right and raises a gloved hand into the air, moving his fingers to indicate "halt". He pushes himself up, until his eyes are once more above the grass line. Ahead, the sound of voices can be heard. "I knew it..." Dorian thinks to himself. "Damn it- they must be trying to flank the city and take the bridge!" He raises his hand once more, spreading his hand to make a "5", and then indicating "go right" with it. Then, he does the same- indicating "5", but to "go left". Finally, he spreads three of his fingers to indicate "3" and indicates to follow him.
His stomach groans slightly and he realizes how hungry he is... "When did I last eat?" he asks himself, "No time for eating... If we falter for food, the bridge is lost... if the bridge is lost the city is lost... if the city is lost... if the city is lost... if the city is lost... So hungry... When did I last eat?"
His thoughts continue much the same as he pushes onwards through the grass, until- with almost painful slowness and caution, he pushes himself to just above the grass line once more, his body concealed by the sea of grass. A group lie ahead- apparently distracted with the arrival of a horse. "Perfect. The others should be in position by now." Dorian thinks as he yells, "For Gondor!!!!" And leaps out of the grass. His sword flies from his Scabbard as he stands- swaying slightly. "You are outnumbered and outmatched!" He says to the group, who are some twenty feet ahead of him. His eyes seem to be focused on none of the group in particular, and his gazes lies more behind them, or over their shoulders when he looks at them. "Foul Orc's- we'll not let you take this bridge! Cast down your arms and flee while we are merciful!"
The entire event may- perhaps- have been more remarkable if Dorian had not been entirely oblivious to the fact that he stood alone, swaying unsteadily.

Good to see you, Dorian. And hullo to Wen too.

Man, what a day it has been. I gotta hate these super hangovers that last for almost a whole day. I slept for 7 hours or something, then I got up and took my laptop bag and walked 7-8 km to home, while bees kept chasing me. So damn great. And I just got over it all, only to feel heavily tired with a slight headache. Two painkillers should do it. But oh, oh, I'm done with drinking for a while.

Anyway, once again, I can only say that I'm poor at keeping my words. I'll still try to write that entry post.

For now, I can confirm the entitle, which will be: 'Murky Nights and Old Tales'.

It should be online by tomorrow, once I get to it.

Thanks for your patience. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

Murky Nights and Old Tales by Oerath

(It's going to be quite cheesy, and sorry for some parts. I realized that I was writing some things that were hard to explain in english. I hope it's readable. It's been a long while, since I made my last post. I'm feeling a bit rusty.) =)


Many days had already passed since of their encounter with those horrid spiders, but it felt like it had just happened yesterday. Well, at least Oerath felt that way. As they kept moving forward in shadows of the trees, Xathor suddenly looked at his master and he saw doubt and worry in his eyes. And by calling one of his crows back to his left shoulder, he said: 'It's been quite silent, don't you agree, Master Oerath?'

A moment passed, but he didn't answer anything. In fact, he didn't even react to the question Xathor just asked from him.

Xathor started to feel uncomfortable, so he asked from him: 'Master?'

And at that time, Oerath returned from his world of visions, and said: 'Hmm, oh, Xathor. Did you just ask something?'

Xathor didn't know, whether to look happy or sad, so he just silently replied to him by sighing: 'No.. It's nothing, master.'

'Good' said the old man, and as he started to smile, he suddenly stopped and raised his hand, by saying: 'Stop.. All of you.'

And there they all stood still, wondering what was going on, and it was then, when Oerath quickly turned around and said: 'We're being follow-'

But he didn't even finish that sentence, when two orcs emerged from the shadows and attacked Xathor. He was aware of their presence, so he simply dodged by transforming into a giant crow, leaving only black feathers as he took flight. Oerath quickly muttered the words of power and focused his powers on those feathers, and by speaking following words: 'Wind, swift and silent force, lend me your breath, give these feather's a new course.'

And at that very moment, those feather's turned to face the two orcs, and asswiftly as the wind, more than a hundred feather's cut through their bodies. All at once. It was an instant death.

Smiling at Xathor, Oerath shouted at him: 'Feathers.. How kind of you, my apprentice! But as you can see, a wizard doesn't need more than a handful of feathers to beat up a few orcs.'

'Indeed, master.'

And with that, Xathor descended down and transformed back into his human form. And their walk continued, almost as if nothing had even happened. The others looked more than just confused, but then again, the two were wizard. And none knows what a wizard thinks.. Or wizards.

And after an hour of walking, they saw a glimmering light shining through the trees. And once again, Oerath told others to stop. And he was right, they were not alone in that forest. Oerath clearly heard people speaking, and their voices were getting closer and closer. By taking a firm grasp of his staff and looking at the others, they too unsheathed their weapons. And then they all jumped from behind the trees, only to notice that they were now facing five elven archers, sharp and long arrows pointing at their heads.

And then Oerath looked at one of them, and started to laugh: 'By the lords, is it you, Vaelos?'

Looking confused, he looked at the old man, and then he realized who this man was, and so he asked: 'Master Oerath? Is that really you? What are you doing here.. And with such a large group?'

Smiling, Oerath told others to sheath their weapons, and so leaned to his staff, as he spoke: 'We're on a journey. We met at The Inn of Prancing Pony, and we have been traveling ever since across nearby lands and woods for weeks or even months. And in fact, we were searching for you, or more like, I was. I need your help, old friend.'

'Well, what can I do for you, Master Oerath?'

'First of all. Could you offer us a large tent, so we could get some rest tonight. In return, we can take care of lightning a campfire and cook us some food, once we get to it.'

'That sounds like a good plan.' Vaelos said, and so he told his men to set up a new tent. Right next to their own ones.

And by laughing and taking a gulp off his flask, Oerath said: 'Let us light that fire, so we can sit down and enjoy of this murky night and tell some old tales.'

And so they all went their own ways, some went to collect firewood and others went with Oerath to catch some fish from the river nearby.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

I would really like to see this thread take off, it is so promising. i don't know how though since O erath you alone know the story line, the rest can only go along so to speak. I hope in your leisure time, if you have any dearest, that you can come up with something all those participating can do to actually move the story line alone. The thing is you have to pretty well be in each segment as the leader. There must be something.....

(OOC: Hate to interrupt, but... well I'm a little confused as to what happened with the camp that Dorian and his "group" came across?)

Yeah, Rachel, you've a point.

It's just that, I am not used to do preparations or scripts or whatever, but I guess that writing some info about possible events, before posting actual material would help.

If I'd put it in more simple words: At times, I don't even know what to except from myself, since I often like to go along with inspirational ideas. I bet you know what I mean.

I'll get back to this matter later, it's so damn warm and I can't stand it!

And @ Dorian: It was something different and good, but at the time when I wrote my own post, I totally forgot about things. I was more or less tired back then.

Anyway, as I said, I guess I need to look more closely at this whole thread and do some thinking.

I feel a bit sad that this thread got forgotten. We had a lot of fun while writing these, even though most of us didn't follow the usual style of RPG. (I'm probably just talking about myself. /Oerath hits himself with a hammer).

To be honest, I've never been interesting in RPG etc. that much, but the idea of this thread seemed quite good at the moment, and I don't regret writing all of those posts and I surely enjoyed of reading all of the posts that you guys wrote too.

I've now a idea of some sort. If I collect all of my posts, which were definitely quite story oriented, and turn them into one piece of work and upload it, would it be a funny one to read?

You all could do the same to your posts too, just to honor a journey that never ended. Smile Smilie

Hail and thanks!

And remember, if we choose, we can still continue this thread, but maybe in a different way. So, I'd like to hear your opinions and thoughts about it.

I've had a few shots of spiritual goodness, but let me tell you all something.

If a journey never ended.. Then.. It shall go on forever!

- Oerath.

I think it would be a great idea to continue this. I never took part in it because I wasn't here when it stopped, but I'd really enjoy continuing this.

I agree!! I've always loved to write and I have some great ideas for this!! Hey even if it's just a handful of people contributing here and there, it's a great concept for a thread and should definitely be encouraged!!

Just tell me when and where to start. I did read most of the thread so I have a pretty good idea of what's going on. But we can start something new as well!!!

Oerath! What a wonderful idea, I would love to get things going in this thread again. Let's just pick up where we started. How about it? Oerath, maybe you could start us back up with one of your nice posts and we can all get back writing after that. Okay? I'd be up for it.


We could probably get this thread going again with Oerath's help. I think it would be a great idea.

Well, if you folks want this one to be continued, then so be it! Smile Smilie

I've already a good idea.

There's one abandoned tavern, not too far off from Mirkwood, but it's location is good and people often pass it on their travels. It's also near the common roads and I think that at this point, rest is something that we all need.

So, why don't we go there, clean the place and open the tavern's doors once more. There, we could all tell our stories, keep the place up and running and welcome each visitor that passes by. I would gladly be the tavern keeper so that all of you others could continue your journeys and visit the tavern whenever you'd want. I've the spirit and the magic to keep the tavern safe from all kind of evils.

So, what say you!?

Shall we open up the doors of The Wanderer's Tavern? (The Tavern of Wanderers)


The name doesn't need to be final, but how about it?

In other words, a new thread would be created and in there, we could all pass by and tell tales about our journeys. All of us here in Planet Tolkien.

In a way, it would be like 'The Khazad-Dumish Inn', but I've thought that after each post, I'd write my thoughts about your tales and stuff and I'd also post my own tales every week.

If you guys don't want to jump into a new thread, we can always continue the journey, but I haven't yet figured things out that further.


Cheers and let me know what you think of this all.

- Oerath.

I don't mind this same thread or making another one. But yea the tavern idea sounds great.

Actually the tavern idea sounds good. It might be hard to get the Journey going again. A new thread for the Tavern of Wanderers would be good. I'll be there!



Same! Can't wait!

Alright, Wen and Beredras, I'll create the thread as soon as possible.

First, I've to prepare and write some kind of introduction / starting post.

When I'm done with that, I'll create the thread and place it into 'Writer's Guild', since it will be tales that we shall be telling there.

It's tuesday now, so the thread should be up at least on thursday. Of course, I'll try to work things as fast as I can, but I've some jogging and exercises + school to keep me busy for the next two days.

Let's say that 'The Wanderer's Tavern' shall be the name, since it sounds better than 'The Tavern of Wanderer's'.

And remember, this is something that you all PT members can try out. Write a good tale and present it to us, once the thread is up and running. I'll be giving out feedback and responses to each story that shall be posted.

- Oerath.

Edit: The Wanderer's Tavern will be up during the next few days.

After some thinking, I decided that it will become partially an RPG, so it should be found from the roleplaying games, when I've created it.

Thanks for your patience.

Awesome cant wait. Durin is doing an RPGS too so you should check that out too.

Yes Oerath! I would be most honored by your involvement. And thank you dear Beredras for advertising my RPG. I am very honored.

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