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I called for what seemed an eternity, a repetition of heartless cries from which once spoke purity that now barely stir my loneliness. Endless conversations with the only person who would, could understand my scars now mute; death by his own voice whilst kneeling hunched and riddled from the belief in his own convictions. I stare now into a shallow pool of memories as I watch jealousy sit on top of virgin tears, glutton in their freedom and purity.

~ Taz
That's really something, Taz.

I'm no poet myself, so cannot contribute anything to this thread. I just wanted to say what a moving piece of writing that is, however. Very dark, but very moving.
Taz, I was just wondering if you could give us a breif description of the conventions of Shadow Poetry, so that we an all join in.
I was hoping the poem would describe this topic better than anything I could come up with, sorry Tongue Smilie let me take a few lines out of it again and use that to explain the topics purpose and meaning...
Hidden within the shadows of night
Poets by the dozens begin to write
Me thinks Taz wants our poet hearted
To add to that which he has started.
Of course if I'm not undoubtedly wrong,
Others will contribute more to his song.
I think I get what Taz is saying, shadow poetry is poetry that helps you walk 'out of the shadows' and build your skills... I think... (Forgive me if I'm wrong, I took a guess)
hehe, look. It's just simply poetry by people who like to write at night, maybe it tends to have a darker feel to it but that isn't a rule. It is just supposed to be deep, artistic and thought provoking Wink Smilie
While messing about in the darkness of my loft the other day, I was mulling over something I could add to this section because Taz's poetry so inspired me. Unfortunately, an accident with a burst water pipe stopped me getting any further than an opening line.

My heart is shrouded with silent shadows of despair,
Forlorn and lonely, it calls out, but you're not there.
Darkness is my companion when you are gone,
Harsh words I once said to you. Oh so wrong.
Anyway, at that point I suddenly started getting very wet and all thoughts of poetry went out of the window.
Ok, I'll take a shot at it. Here's one I wrote the other night, but I don't have a title for it yet.

My body becomes a shadow,
My heart forgot about pride.
Eyes throw daggers of fear.
Mary's black little lamb is gone,
The doves have all died.
The clouds are all bruised,
Rain cold like tears.
I walk the streets in hunger,
My soul sold and used.
The people are dying,
Children's voices are crying.
Bees no longer hum,
Birds no longer fly.
The smell of flowers is overpowered,
By the streets filled with filth.
Bones are broken, muscles tear.
The sun no longer rises,
The stars have all burned out.
I wait for the music of laughter,
But church bells all are broken.
Our well of hope is dried and cracked,
The angels say goodbye.
The love has gone.
My body becomes a shadow.

A little depressing, but it was how I was feeling at the time.
Maybe my next one won't be so gloomy. Smoke Smilie
I usually don't write in English, since my language is Spanish, but I have, so here it goes...

I saw myself in those eyes, and they were sad, angry and hurt
I saw myself in those eyes, and I was incapable of turning my face at the mirror
I was the doctor, not the girl, or at least that's what I intended to be
But I'm the girl, not the doctor
I'm those eyes, not their healer
or maybe I am
the healer of my own eyes
Is it that I needed to see them to look at my own?
am I always gonna see me in hurt eyes?
Is this wound ever gonna stop hurting?
Do I have a hope?

I saw myself in those eyes, and didn't know what to do
save my own?
save them?
how can I keep from more being born?

I'm not the doctor, I'm the girl
I'm not the healer
I'm the one who's hurt
But my eyes have seen happiness before, and reflected it
It's not so far away
it's just a matter of looking at my own eyes right now
it's just a matter of healing my wound
and maybe, then,
I'll see those eyes again
and they will be sad, angry and hurt
and I'll be there to heal them
not denying my own wound anymore
but having dealt with it, and made it my own
I just need to love myself again, as much as I deserve to be loved
and then, only then, the wound will heal
and my eyes will no longer be afraid

(Grondy removed one of Negra's poems, which being presented in non-English, did not conform to P-T's standards.)

[Edited on 28/8/2003 by Grondmaster]
Okay, here's my attempt...

It's so very dark,
Oh where, oh where,
did the lightswitch go?
And what is that warm sticky substance on the floor,
beneath my feet,
I wish I knew where the door was in here...

heh Wink Smilie
I wrote lots of very dark and brooding shadow poetry in Polish and I even thought that I may translate some into English but after having read your bit I simply collapsed laughing like mad. It's so good to have such a hearty laugh after a busy day full of adventures and misadventures! Thank you, you are GREAT!!!!
In silence one steps forward,
wind playing with her hair,
shadowing her face though,
is a poem here and there.

born is she of poet blood,
of poet love and life,
of poet sorrow & despair,
and of poet strife.

by laura soto
Plastic Thank you, you are GREAT!!!!

No worries, I aim to please, and refuse to take anything seriously. Now back to the brooding folks, I need cheering down. Smile Smilie
’Bows before the Great Plastic’ Here's one for ya then:

I Live in a Hole

I live in a hole
I wish it was deeper
I wish it was dry
Its walls do not shelter me
It has no roof
to shade my head
But time does not pass
in my hole
And I do not hunger
or grow old
I have nothing to share
I have nothing to gain
I live in a hole
by Jay F. Ullman
rofl@Plastic Big Laugh Smilie

This is not the sort of poems I generally write, if I write anything. And I tend to sleep at night, so... They're very dark, but moving indeed. Very moving.
I am a Mole and I live in a Hole

D@mn it, you beat me!
Here is my shadow boxing with me.
He hit my bladder I need to pee.
Oh it's so dark i hit the seat.
Oh it's so dark it splashed on my feet.
LOL Ross

Around, all around, the shadows gather.
My dread grows as doom's scythe falls against my naked soul.
It smites me, and darkly my
life's blood drips
to the broken ground.
In pain I flee
while death's shadow takes my soul's unwilling hand.
Now alone, my cry of mercy falls upon uncaring ears.
This is because of you
Lol at Ross! Big Laugh Smilie
Your's was really sad Pere! Anyone in particular you were talking about, or just people in general?
I dunno, no reason in particular, I just came up with it.
THEY pass her by all the others,
None do notice her,
But if they do they stay silent,
she cannot be sure.

As the shawdows close her in,
All life did lose his chance,
To perseve a darling maiden,
In lifes hollow dance.

She weeps, why dont they notice her,
And her poet heart,
She is just a pout i guess,
Not from poems she'll part.

She'll keep on writing,In the dark,
Please do search for her,
She wants opinions on her work,
So please the darkness stir.

The sun setting. The lawns on fire.
The lost day, the lost light.
Why do I love what fades?
You who left, who were leaving,
What dark rooms do you inhabit?
Guardian of my death,
Preserve my absence. I am alive.
wow all the stuff is really moving I will post something Later

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

It would be too hard to post something now so check this out and take your pick
And Poems2

And just a little more
The meaning of life
Well I have written one Poetry, that is called "Engel der Nacht" / "Angel of night"
But I think you'll have to wait till I translated it... Wink Smilie
Ok, I didn't have time and mood to translat it in last days... ;9
Buit I have written sx poems in english! One afternoon... Well I was in a straneg mood then and suddenly hat so any ideays...
Ok, here is one of the. If you like it, I'll give you more....

The dream

Once there was a dream,
a dream of hope and peace.
A dream of laghing children and the rustling of golden Trees
of friedship and love
of a gentle kiss beyond the treetops,
of shimmering green eyes.
the dream has failed.