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All is well Smile Smilie Im still keeping terribly busy with everything here though Smile Smilie
Just a few months and im free to do whatever i wish Smile Smilie
I'm planning a trip to the stonehenge and perhaps forward in june and thats about everything i can get done besides my job :P
Does anyone know a nice elvish refreshment drinks (without alcohol) for the summer: something with a lot of fruits for exampled?
Well, maybe miruvor is non-alcoholic; and maybe besides warming when the weather is cold, it also cools when the weather is hot. I have no basis for this assumption, but the machinations of Elves are difficult to grapple and this might be the case. Elf Winking Smilie
uh...wat is this elven guild?
For discussion with the elves or on them I guess.
But with the other folk (Meep) Poppin' in all the time. And Please can you start using proper grammar? This is a forum for book geeks, not hip 'n' withit pplz hu tlk lik dis all da time lid! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
The beauty of the words has been neglected, if not lost, these days now. English is not my native language and therefore I much suffer to understand some "every day sleng" (specially American). I enjoy guessing, though. Wink Smilie
And sometimes I am not sure if I am using correct words. For example: is it "elven tounges" or "elvish languages" to be used for naming (regarding) the verbal comunication tools of the elves, because I have seen both and I guess they were used with the same meaning?
Yes, according to this illiterate American, "tongues" is often used as a synonym for spoken languages. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Sorry for not being here for so long, but I have been in meditation and I have been quite lost... Duck Smilie Who could have imagined I'll go so far back into my past that I got confused when returning back and did not knew where was my life when I left it. Smile Smilie

I am looking for people interested in Elven languages, especially Quenya. Are there such fellow Elves around?

I am not an elf but find myself drawn to their languages.

I once studied Quenya and that kind of stuff, but since I don't remember much of those days, I cannot really remember any words or sentences either.  So, I would be interested to open my resource books and continue my quest. Smile Smilie - And it seems that many of us do, so, reply on this thread, and let's work out something interesting.

Good! I'd like to refresh my memory about Quenya too. I do not have much time. It's kind of fun though.

I hope I'll be able to finish the course I've started here some long time ago.

"Sí man i yulma nin enquantuva?"

Many times the leaves have fallen since I've entered what was once my asylum. And now that I am back there is so much I'd like to say. So I think I shall wait for this mixture of memories and ideas to take more straight flow, to become current.

It is good though to be back!

Avada Kedevra!

Alatúlie! (Wellcome!)

Why killing curse?


p.s. by the way Rawling's script is: "avada kedavra"

Ai! Live and let die! :arrow: [color=#BF0000:318mwtly]One that has come from afar. One that has seen from afar. One that has set out for afar.[/color:318mwtly] I am glad to be here, though I was hoping more akin to me would have dwelt here in my absence. Let us take away the dust of time and do something elvish. Are there any lovers of poetry, fine arts or nature?
[img:2awjzo34][/img:2awjzo34] Winter is a great artist. With so few means it can bring up so many unique peaces. **--Disclaimer--** [color=#FF0000:2awjzo34][size=80:2awjzo34]/image from an open source, declared to be free for non commercial use. to avoid hidden commercial I am not posting a link to the source site. for further information you may contact me/[/size:2awjzo34][/color:2awjzo34]
GOODBYE One time only I will hold your hand. Long time lonely Lays for me ahead. Tell me, dear, Where did I go wrong. Have no fear I won't stay for long. My heart broken I will take with me. One word only- That is all we need.
Eruo For all I have so far become To Thee I pay tribute And all the goodness I have done You have thought me to. So be it known by beast and man, And all the kins, and shadows, That I have done what you have planed And laid for me to follow. --- In darkness I have seen your light. In weakness I have known your might.
It's so pretty!!
Thank You, fair lady Arwen! [img:275t3f6w][/img:275t3f6w]
[Deutsch] Hat jemand dein Herz bestohlen, Das weinte in der Nacht in deinen Träumen? Ist etwas dadrinen gestorben Und du kannst nicht mehr ausräumen? Dir wird deine Seele befragen Um was du damit gemacht hast. Du sollst deine Antwort besagen Oder nichts mehr von dir dann bleibt. [/Deutsch] :::::::::::::::::: Did someone steal your heart That was crying in the night in your sleep? Did something inside you die And you can't let go from within? One day the soul will ask you About what you've done with it. You better give an honest answer Or you'll forever disappear. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::&:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: One life is not enough. Full of hate and love It goes away like wind. Abandoned then by both It takes away your dreams. One life is not enough. It looses all its stuff Like scream against the storm. You cannot ever cuff The walls of past and gone. One life is not enough...
The night falls swiftly. The stars grow stronger. The trees whisper. The moon smiles gently. The shadows come again togetger. Your kiss burns my lips. [Español] La noche cae rápidamente. Las estrellas se hacen más fuertes. Los árboles susurran. La luna sonrió suavemente . Las sombras vienen de nuevo juntos. Tu beso me quema los labios. [/Español] [Deutsch] Die Nacht fällt schnell. Die Sterne werden stärker. Die Bäume flüstern. Der Mond lächelt sanft. Die Schatten kommen wieder zusammen. Dein Kuss verbrennt meine Lippen. [/Deutsch] [Български] Нощта се спуска бързо. Звездите стават все по-силни. Дърветата шептят. Луната се усмихва нежно. Сенките отново стават едно. Целувката ти изгаря устните ми. [/Български]
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