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Hey, that's cool. Well, ever since I got a camera for my 16th birthday, I love taking pictures. I tend to shoot about 90 pictures every holiday. Cool Smilie

I hate being photographed though... Tongue Smilie
I think every photographer hates being photographed.. I personaly cant stand it.... There is one photographer friend i have that I allow to photograph me, because i know he will do a good job and he knows what i like... but no one else!

90 pictures eh... not bad not bad... a very respectable number! Cool Smilie I went to Zion National Park in Utah last summer... in three days, i shot i think 9 rolls of 36! and that was going easy.. the only reason i didnt shoot more was i ran out! :P
Sounds good Gimli! Cool Smilie

I hate running out of film Sad Smilie Something I really want to take a photo of is sure to turn up Very Sad Smilie
I used to be a great fan of photography but in 1996 I bought a video camera and it is so much much much m,ore funny, with movement and sparkling light... Since that I am recording practically everything whiich catches my eye...
I would like to shoot more pictures, but the costs of developing them is so high, I simply can't afford it. Very Sad Smilie But 90 pictures is about enough for me. Big Smile Smilie
I love photography...but, like Tommy said - it cost so much to develope them that I don't often take too many pictures.

hey, if anyone had any pics they'd like to show off, they should email them to everybody here...I know I'd like to see some of your work, if anyone's got anything nice.

those are my two sites.

I do have one suggestion, because i agree that film is expensive.. especially when you start shooting professionaly... my film at cost since i work at a camera shop, is still at about $7 a roll!!! anyways.. my suggestion is that you might look into digital... you can get a pretty good one now for around $500 or less... thats kinda pricy i know.. but when you think of all the pictures you can take and put on the internet to show off or what ever, its not that bad.. as opposed to film and processing fees.... if you get something around 3megapixels, you can get 8x10 photoqualitiy pictures out of them.. You can either print them at home on the computer, put them on a website... i do both as you can see... many on the web, or, now, many photo processing labs offer a service where you bring in your memory card from the digital camera, and they can make prints from it!.. just pop it in you computer, pick out a couple you want to print, and take them a CD, ZIP disk, or the memory card, and they will make a print for you!

oh, PS, if anyone goes to my msn site.. can you sign my postBodyboard.. basicly its a guestbook... i think you have to register though, so i understand if you dont want to do that....


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checked out your sites, gimli...good stuff - I like the 'urban landscapes' section in the one.

Anybody into astrophotography? I've been poking around with it a little bit...planning on staying up tonight and seeing what I can do Smile Smilie
Anybody into astrophotography?
I like viewing the results, the Hubble images are wondrous. Can't do any direct viewing myself as Seattle puts out to much glare. I'm an armchair (wheeled) astronomer, a member of The Planetary Society, and subscribe to Astronomy magazine.

When I was a teenager on the farm, we had really dark sky; but I couldn't afford a telescope, let alone a camera. Still, our Milky Way and the aurora were beautiful on a warm summer's night. Smile Smilie
Checked out your site Gimli, and even though I dont know anything about Photography, I liked what I saw very much! Especially the pic of your Grandfather (?), as a writer I just love faces with character. Wonderful. Big Smile Smilie

And you are not in the least bit funny looking! Although I was expecting a beard and an axe.... Wink Smilie
have the beard... forgot the axe!!

thanx for the compliments..

astrophotography... I have an 8inch celestron telescope.. but im horrible at aligning the dang thing.. so I havent tried photos yet.... and i live near in Orange County california... so its shall we say... VERY bright at night! Sad Smilie I did manage to find the Ring Nebulea once though.. does that count for anything???
I think it does, cos I've never heard of it. I'm proud to say that I sometimes take the time to watch the stars by night, and now I can already trace the Big Bear and Orion. And sometimes you can even see a satellite go by, if you're lucky. Big Smile Smilie
I start the guild and i dont even post in it! sheesh

a couple weeks ago there was a large meteor shower here in california area.. I saw several meteors aka "shooting stars" but unfortunatly i had no camera at the time..

Oh.. I just got a new camera.. Im so excited... Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Wow! I'd love to see a shooting star. Never seen one... Very Sad Smilie
last March, there was a HUGE meteor was sis and I stayed out till like 3am just staring at the an article about it later, and it reported something like 300 shooting stars visible in an hour.

I've relocated to a city now, so unfortunately, no more star gazing for me for the time being...
I have the same problem.. I live in a large city... But I still can see a bit..
I live in the country and even I can't see many stars at night. Too much light even in the country... *sob* Sad Smilie
It's a conspiracy I tell ya! I think we should all make a point of destroying any light bulb we come in contact with...

who's with me?? Wink Smilie
I am! I am!

*goes to fetch her catapult and a pile of stones*
I'll just dig out my trusty Red Ryder BB-gun.
There ya go Troops! lets just make sure we don't do anything to the power or there goes our computers!
Oh goody, I don't know anything about this subject Big Smile Smilie

Question1: What do you photography buffs think of the digital camera? Is the art ot photography lost then, since it's all computerised? Do you get the same quality & feel that you'd get using a Leica (sp?) or one of those good old-fashioned cameras?

Question 2: So if the answer to (1) is positive, shall I get a digital camera instead of a normal one? Or a video-cam? It's not for me but a (surprise) present for my hubby. What's a good one to get?


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Well a digital camera sure is fun, cos you can see the pictures immediately and thus erase the ones that didn't turn out the way you wanted them to be, and you can take a new one instead. And you can make loads of pictures with one card. I think if you buy a card of 64 MB you can put about 130 images on it.

And about which is a good one to buy, I wouldn't know, but the one I have here is a Nikon Coolpix 775 and it's a really nice one. So people tell me! Tongue Smilie
Well, lets see.. I have both Leica, and Digital cameras... Is digital the same quality as Leica? no.. but then, how many people looking at photos other than photographers would notice that anyways? First off, video and still are two different things.. Don't expect either one to do both well, Some digital cameras take small movies, but they are short, very small, and mostly useless, some video cameras can take Still photos, but again, the images are small, not very clear, and usually not worth the effort it takes to make one... Its best to have two seperate cameras, one for motion, and one for still.

now then about digital.. It depends on what you do with it.. If you like to email a lot then they are great, but dont forget that you need to have a good computer that can handle larger files with out locking up on you.. and if you want to print photos, you will need a photo quality printer.

Digital cameras have different resolutions. The higher the resolution, known as Megapixels, the larger the photo quality print you can make with it... roughly it breaks down that a 2 MP camera will make a 5x7 photo quality, 3MP makes an 8x10, and 4MP somewhere around an 11x14 etc.. now there is much arguement about what is true photo quality.. most professionals say 300 ppi.. which is 300 Pixels Per Inch.. realisticly, you cant really see a difference between a 300 ppi print, and a 200 ppi print, so who cares.. if you print at 200 ppi you get a larger picture. the numbers i quoted above for MP/ print size are based at a 200 ppi print. the tricky part is that what a professional photographer considers to be photo quality, is often more than a consumer would consider.. ie, consumers are usualy more forgiving on what the final print looks like than pros are... and realisticly, how many consumers actually print anything larger than 5x7 anyways... maybe the occasional 8x10 a couple times a year, thats about it...

The next step is how much do you want to spend... digital cameras cost much more than a film camera.. price goes up as the amount of megapixels goes up...

ok.. now about the lenses... I suggest you stick with a camera manufacturer if you get digital, that would be, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, and actually, Sony makes good ones too.. the thing is that the lens is what matters.. you may have a camera that has every bell and whistle you can think of, but if the lens isnt sharp, then what good is it.. stick with the companies that have been making cameras and lenses for a long time... the big names... the cameras people will also tell you that they have these great zoom ranges... pay attention to the optical zoom range, most are around 2, 3, or 4x... a few go longer... most sales people will say, well, it doesnt have a large optical one, but the digital is great! ignore them.. Digital zoom is worthless, the quality of the images drops considerably when you use the digital zoom, as it is doing nothing more than croping the origional image.. its like haveing an enlargement made of a small portion of your picture... it always looks fuzzier and not as clear... My suggestion is to just turn off the digital zoom function... i guarantee you wont be happy with the results you get from it..

most cameras come with a small media card for storage of the images.. you will probably want to get a larger on, ie holds more images....

batteries... Digital cameras eat batteries like crazy! most of the new ones are coming with rechargable batteries designed specificaly for that camera, it is best to get three or 4 batteries, then you can have a couple good ones ready to go, and one on the charger at all times... realisticly you can prolly shoot an entire day with only one battery, but still why not make your life a little easier and have a few spares...

if you dont want to make your own prints, i suggest you go to your local photo labs and ask them about what types of media they can accept to make prints of, how much it costs, and what the minimum order is.... it may be cheaper go go with normal film for the time being.. it depends on how new the labs machines are and if they are set up to do it... also ask them how long it takes for digital, and if they do the work in house, or send out the digital things.. if they send it out, then it takes longer to get it back, and longer if there is a problem and the order has to be redone.

That said, I love digital! I have both film and digital cameras, and neither one replaces the other, for some things its more sensible to use film, for other digital is better... You will jsut have to decide what works best for you... and feel free to post in here as you hear things from the sales people, i can probably tell you what they are talking about, and if they are being truthful or not....

P.S. I forgot something... you will notice that digital cameras have little screens on the backs of them that you can use to take pictures, or to look at the pictures with... they are great... BUT.... the little screens are just that, little.. its often hard to see if the image is really sharp or not... and if you are out doors, you prolly wont be able to see the little screen anyways.. sunlight makes them hard to see.... you will want to make sure the camera has an optical viewfinder as well as the little screen, that way if you are outside, you will still be able to take pictures, instead of just pointing, and guessing if you got it or not..... Those little screens also use up a lot of battery power, so the less you use it, the longer your batteries will last....

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I *really* want to get myself a nice digital camera, as you may have seen from I have a fetish for black & white photos and performing photo manipulation on them using Adobe... One day when I get the money I am going to buy myself a really nice one Smile Smilie I suppose I could treat myself for Christmas? Christmas Smilie
Go for it!!! I definatly have a fetish for B/W printing... im colorblind! :P I use adobe quite a bit.. I havent dont too many manipulations in it though.. Usually I am just adjusting contrast, and croping. things like that..

um... Taz.. Just where are these 20,000 posts of yours??? Shocked Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

oops.. for the spelling challenged here.. that would be coloUrblind.... Big Laugh Smilie

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Hey Gimli! Could you please reduce your signature to three lines or less. For an explanation see my post of 28/9/2002 at 02:47 in Who Is Your Favorite Character? under Characters. Smile Smilie

And speaking of photography, hour two of this weeks edition of NPR's Science Friday radio broadcast, covered photography in science about viewing both ends of the universe: space photography and micro-photography. It was very interesting. The link to today's webpage is listed below; today's actual broadcast probably won't be available on their archive for another week or two.
Shocked Smilie Don't tell me you cheated, Taz! Very Big Grin Smilie Over 20000 posts? Who's the posting freak here, eh? Big Laugh Smilie
Grondy... that show sounds cool, ill look into it...
oh... is my sig ok now? sorry, I didn't realize the size limit was changed as well, i thought it was just images...

Tom. of course he cheated! :P or else there is some moderator forum here that we can see in which he has been talking to him self.....

im thinkin its the later.. :P
Very Big Grin Smilie

Well there's always someone ahead of you, I'll have to face it. Tongue Smilie
Yes Ginli, your sig is okay now. You were next on my list, but I figured you'd take the hint without any effort on my part. Thanks. Big Smile Smilie
Suppose mine is too? Big Smile Smilie
A very informative description of cameras there, Gimli.

I bought a cheap second-hand digital camera last Christmas from someone who had just upgraded (it's a Fujifilm MX-1200). My Printer (HP Deskjet 640C) isn't up to the job of printing photo quality pictures, however so most of the ones I take with it I just store in my hard drive. I have found that when I print onto white card a get a reasonable finish (for making calenders etc). A while back though, I bought some Lustralux Top Quality Photographic Card which was supposed to retail at ’14.99/10 sheets (I'm pleased I only paid ’1.00 for it). When I printed onto this paper (I selected the right settings for the paper in the printer settings) it came out really heavily printed (very dark, overkill on the ink, almost appearing like a negative). Any idea why it would do this?

As for digital vs film..... I've always prefered film (probably because it's what I'm used to, plus I get a picture in my photo album rather than my PC). About six months ago, however, something almost changed my mind... I had gone ashore on a sandbank where I work, and in the middle of this sandbank, a mile from the water, a herd of seals had hauled on a sandy hillock. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I managed to get amongst the herd and take a film of pictures (in a lifetime of going to sea, this is the only time I've managed to get within 20 yards of 60 seals, mainly because they stay near the water and clear off as soon as you get close to them.) Anyway, excited that I'd got such a wonderful set of shots I went to take the film out to get processed, only to find there was no film in there. Sad Smilie .... Gutted Sad Smilie I wished then, I'd used the digital.
Thats horrible! Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie

I think everybody does that at some point.... But, you only do it once! still sorry to hear that! i know how you feel.

as for your printer problem.. Im not too sure... most "photo" printers have many settings for types of paper etc.... maybe your's didn't have the right setting.. though you said you did it right.... another problem is screen calibration.. your monitor needs to be caibrated to the printer. If they arent, that cant be why you are getting prints that are too dark, or the wrong colors....
Your story sounds sooo familiar Val! Been there done that. Unfortunately. Very Sad Smilie

I definetely prefer digital over film now that I got used to using the digital one. The only problem I have too, is the printing one. We have started to use special photo paper now, and the quality has improved a bit, but it's still a bit too blurry I think. I'll have to look into it again, I think. Big Smile Smilie
Hey, Gimli!!!!!

"THAT GIRL", has just found out you stole her idea. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Blokes just can't think of their own.
ARG!!!!!!!!!!! who would have thought this would happen!!! oh well... join in the fun! and dont do tellin about this place ok! we dont want another torc here!

as for digital.. being blury isnt usually a digital vs film problem.... how big is your file size... ie: how many megapixels is your camera, and how big a print are you making... if you try to make one too big, it will break down a bit..... also.. what camera do you have....
I've been waiting for a reply to that post for days Gimli. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Small world isn't it? You can imagine the evil grin upon my face when I read that first post. You can't be too careful, you know. Never thought I'd come in and see it did you? We learn something new every day eh? Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie

Hey, all the rest of you. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the girl Gimli stole the idea of the photographers guild from. I started one in TORC. It's still going, I believe.

Don't worry, Gimli, it's kind of nice and small in here. People are becoming familiar already. I won't be spreading the word.

Talking about digital. My sister keeps nagging me to get a digital point and press so that I can take shots of things I want up on my computer quick. Must admit, I am tempted.
Waving Hello Smilie Hi Luthien!

Bust-ed, Gimli! Big Laugh Smilie

Go for it, Luthien! Digital is great. It really is.
I'd like a digital SLR but there's no way I can afford one of those at the moment. Maybe someday, they'll start coming down in price.

I might go for a point and press version to take quick shots of my paintings, cacti, etc.. that I want to bring up on my computer quick.
I'm sure prices will come down sometime. They always do. I mean, look at mobile phones. They cost a fortune when they just came out, now you get one for free if you buy a phone card.
a good digital can be had for about $300-$350 now..

I have a digital interchangable lens SLR. It was about $1,300.00 used... but worth every penny!!!
Well, I got myself a digital camera. It isn;t an SLR though. I just wanted something to take decent snaps of stuff that I wanted to get on the net quick.

It is a Fujifilm Finepix A204 and it does the job fine. I paid ’199 for it but got the accessory pack with 4 rechargable batteries and charger and a 32mb xD- picture card. I'm glad I got that because the batteries that came with the camera ran out in that same day, LOL.
Hi luthien! yea you are right.. the batteries of some do go out fast.... if you get a card reader for your computer... that tends to help as you dont use up the camera batteries downloading images.

you will have to show us some photos now that you have one. Smile Smilie

oh. and I apologize for the LONG delay... ive been a bit out of it lately here..
Hello, you.
I saw that you posted a nice postBody in my guestbook. Wanted to thank you for it. Helena's comment was getting a bit lonely.

I have loads of photos I've taken in that site if you saw them. In the page about me, there are some and there are loads in the page on how to take good photos but I imagined you'd be the type to go straight in there to look. Not all the pics are arty because they were for drawing purposes only but some of the others were taken for photographical reasons too. I'll try and get more on the net as I take them. The ones in that site were taken with my normal SLRs and scanned in as photos.
ah you are quite welcome.

Yes.. I saw the photos. Smile Smilie wonderful work you have there, especially the drawing and painting... amazing!
I generaly dont come up with an idea when I draw or paint.. inevitably it never comes out looking like it anyways.. Big Smile Smilie I just let the viewers decide what it is :p:
A mate of the family works at a tip where there are large containers meant for different types of rubbish. Today, he had 3 tripods taken in, all in good nick, and brought them home knowing of my hobby. Now I have 4 tripods, LOL.

He's fetched allsorts of stuff home that other people want shut of. Brand new stuff. It's mad but great.
4! ha, dont knock it.. I went shooting in the desert a few weeks ago, and taking three cameras, I really wished I had more than one tripod... course.. I dont know how I would have carried it, but thats beside the point.. its always good to have extras just in case!

I got my new camera!!!! A new digital SLR.. Canon 10D. 6mp, autofocus system that works, metal frame...

Its beeeeyyyyooouuuuuuttttiiiiiiiiful
ok.. where did all the photographers go????
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