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Very nice photo of the cactus flower Luthien79, probably a lot easier to pose than your pup dogs too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Good job! Cool Elf Smilie
I'm here.

Not been in this site that much recently because there's not much going off. The threads I like are all so quiet.

Anyway, I took my first proffessional looking photo of the first desert cactus of mine to flower. It looks great.
Can't wait for the others to start flowering.

Here is a link to the photo. Hope you like.
Let me know what you think.
That is a beautiful photograph. You certainly have the eye of the artist and photographer. Keep us in touch with your work.
Thanks guys. Heehee! Smile Smilie

I'll post more pics up soon. Been taking some nice sunset shots as well. I'm going to make a website with them all on, I think.

The dogs are really well behaved in front of the camera. They do great, but I must admit, cacti are a little easier.
I saw your pics, Luthien they are really wonderful. I always enjoy looking at your work. You are a very talented young lady.
That looked great Luthien.. Did you do that with a black background in a studio? or with a flash with a dark area behind or what ever?

keep it up Big Smile Smilie
Right, here's how I did it. The photo was taken in the porch so the sun could shine on the plant. I found an old pair of black trousers and draped them over the shelf and then stood the plant on the part at the bottom so it had a black backdrop. The camera metered from the plant and flowers so the black trousers came out underexposed and made it seem even blacker.
The camera used a touch of flash to light up the plant. That was taken with the digital using the macro function. I also took some with my normal SLR but I don't know how they will turn out yet.

I have another similar cactus that has started flowering. when it has more blooms on it, I will shoot that one in the same way.
Well, I took another. Closer up this time. The flowers look like satin when the sun shines on them.
Here is Rebutia graciliflora.

Hope you like.
Beautiful! Luthien79 Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks. Smile Smilie

I got some great sunset shots the other evening. I'll have to get those posted.

Anybody else got anything to show?
Excellent work! Yes. I have some new stuff.. but its all on teh computer at work, so I need to get it uploaded.. this week ill try to do that and post the link here.
where is everybody? I have some more pics to show but I'll wait to see if anybody is going to bother coming back in before posting them.
Luthien79: I'm here. I went to smartgroup to view your album today, but my broadband is so slow this evening that I couldn't get past "your eyes", needing to finish moderating the forum. I'll try again later.
LOL, Smartgroups is down for maintainance until around 9pm this evening so I can't post any pics in here right now.

Thanks for looking though. Smile Smilie
Im here.. sorry, been out of town since your last post.. Smile Smilie
I didn't know where to put this best, but maybe here is a suitable place. On one of our vacations I made the picture which is now in the Fan Art section. It's a crater lake, called Lago di Fogo (Fire lake). I had send it to Eryan and she told me it reminded her of ME. She asked me to share it with all you guys at PT because she wondered if it reminded someone else at ME, too.

So feel free to post any comments or impressions.
Great Gnampie!
I am so glad that everybody will be now able to have a look on this fine photo!
I know that it was taken on Azores, but it really reminds me rather of some Northern landscape. It has a "Silmarillionish" look for me. I can almost imagine Turin standing on the slopes of that hill oan looking down on that lake! Smile Smilie
That's a great photograph, gnampie. It's definitely got that wilderness look to it. Reminds me of Tolkien's descriptions of Mithrim. Very easy to imagine small bands of outlaws taking refuge there from Morgoth's Orcs.
Just compare that photo of Gnampie taken on Azores Islands with the picture of Ted Nasmith showing Turin and his men approaching Amon Rudh! You will be astonished by the similarities!
The picture of Nasmith can be found at
Did I mention I've met Ted Nasmith Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
Me too! Smile Smilie
oh, I did I mention that I met Gimli, too. Jumping Flame Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The Gathering was really great!
Even though the last post in this thread originated from March 2004, I still want to say some stuff.

I'm an amateuristic amateur photographer. I'm still into the old-fashion film camera's. I currently have to camera's. A Praktica Super TL2 from 1976. I have a few lenses for it. It's fine to have to controll everything. I tend to be busy focusing, controlling diafragm etc, for a minute and then finally I'm ready to take the shot.
And then I have a Olympus OM-2 with two lenses. The Olympus is a bit easier, because it has an automatic time-controll on it. I only have to adjust the diafragm, and focus.

I don't do digital photography yet, because digital SLR's are out of my budget range at the moment. But when I could afford one I might consider buying one.

If anyone is intersted in seeing some of my (lousy) work I will see if I can put some stuff online.

This is actually the first forum I visit where there is such an amount of photographers. Nice.
Is this thread dead then? :P
Not if you post something relevant. Go on, talk cameras.

I don't do relevant.... er.. btw.. what happend to the beginning of this thread anyways.. First post seems to be missing!

Anyways. lets see.. relevant.. relevant.. umm.. I got a new camera a few months ago.. Canon 5D. It's Canon's newest full frame digital camera! Sure is puuurty.. Though I discovered yesterday it seems to be having a problem with the power.. keeps flickering on and off. NOT a good sign. I'll check it at work tomorrow and see what happens..

Anyone use Flickr? I am thinking of trying it out a bit. Not sure yet..

Well. that was a lot of random sentences wasn't it.. :P
Um, yeah, photography... ... um... photography is really cool, even if all I know about it is I need an SLR (not to mention a T-Ring, and a camera wouldn't hurt) before I can do any astrophotography of my own. I'm mainly chiming in to voice the fact I'm perfectly sick with jealousy over Gimlis 8 inch Celestron. Worse still, given how old the post was, I'm guessing it's the Celestar 8, which I'm not even sure they still make anymore, rather than the Nexstar 8 I consider long on gimmicks and short on value. Don't get me wrong, the idea of a star catalogue sounds convenient enough, just not enough so to justify dropping another grand. If you can't find what you want easily enough to center it and switch on the motor, it's quite possible you shouldn't be spending the dough to get a Schimdt-Cassegrain in the first place. Me, I have to content myself with a piddling ol' Firstscope 114 (4.5" for those of us still using English Standard measure) and I can't even hook up the motor I bought without drilling and tapping holes because the motor ready mount didn't come out until a year AFTER I bought mine. Sigh.

What does all this have to do with photography? Simple: if you want to do any serious study of anything extrasolar you MUST have a camera (and motor) so you can do time lapse photography. Nebulae in particular are so faint that long exposures are the ONLY way to get anything worth viewing. So that C-8 has been on my wish list for some time, but I don't have $1200 I don't need. Given your knowledge of photography, Gimli, I recommend throwing it in the trunk or back seat (well, not THROWING it) ASAP and getting out to the wilderness, preferrably mountain wilderness. Just make sure you check the weather; there's nothing worse than setting up your scope only to watch the clouds roll in and destroy the night, or forgetting the full moon's going to be in the sky 'til a few hours before dawn. Maybe you can take a high powered lense (don't want to burn your mirror, after all) and do a time lapse picture of the LEM to put paid to all the rumors. ;-p

Anyway, happy photoing; what I really need to do is get you all to educate me so I can get a job at Precision Camera and Video....
I use It's not bad. Simple enough for even me to understand.
er.. btw.. what happend to the beginning of this thread anyways.. First post seems to be missing!
When the old threads (inaccurately dated 01 January 1970) were transfered over here at the beginning of 2004, the first threads of many were lost. The CMs cut and pasted those from still active threads after retrieving them from the old data base, but that source is no longer available to us, sad to say, so there are a few that are gone forever.
How beautiful this thread is and I grieve for the lost posts.Sad Smilie
I went digital although I still prefer a good camera with some choice lenses. Still you can do many different effects on digital and that is rather fun. And here at least it is not that totally cost prohibitive to purchase a kit to develop your own pictures with the printer. So you can make them as you want them. At our local drugstore if you want you can ask them to turn in your most gorgeous ones into an 'oil' painting. They use a canvas and when you get your work back you will be amazed. It seems that the reaches of the human imagination know no bounds.
Pardon me if this is a trifle to the left or right, but speaking of photography, I was wondering why we don't have a thread for photos of the members. Every literature forum I attend has them and there are scads of near toddlers on their sites. It is so much fun and rewarding to be able to see one another, well those that wish to participate. It brings a group that much closer I think.
Please please please , can we not do that Grep ? Oh Please. I will give back all my mithril if you let us. Smile Smilie
You might get a better response on your query Leelee, if you send it in a PM to Grep. This is beyond the Council's authority; however, that is what our avatar's are supposed to represent and we don't want give dirty old men any opening to the identity of our members. We used to have a page with the photos of our council along with their bios; however, rather than updating it with the new info we provided, Grep just took it down without a conference.
Ooh! I 'just' got a camera (for christmas) and it's not too bad, but I've been having a lot of fun with it. I have some of my pictures up on my deviantart account right now...along with some of my hand-drawn nonsense. I promise all of my content is family friendly, and with that said, here's a link to my stuff...

I'd like some comments from those of you more knowledgeable than me in the art of photography, if you have the time!
congratulations on your new aquisition. As soon as I have time I will take a look. I am excited about that. Smile Smilie
I really like your photo of the cool wood Laurelome, lots of texture and color. Thanks Happy Elf Smilie
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