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I thought we needed one. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Who are you supporting, and why the heck isn't it England?

-The Proper Football thread.
I am not much of a football fan and my homeland's team did not made it to the Finals anyway, but I would like to see the Sweden Team as champions.

p.s.: England's game is just not my kind of play

May the best team win!
I gave up supporting England when they drew with the USA. Smile Smilie

I think the problem with the English team is that all the big local teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, etc.) are all getting players from abroad, and while these players are very good, they can't play for the English team since they weren't born in England. Many young English footballers aren't getting trained well enough to make the big teams, and so only the very few English players in those teams - most of whom aren't the best - get to play in the World Cup.
We will beat Slovenia and get to the last 16. Rooney is brilliant, but has suddenly got a habit of falling over too much, which is why we are bad.
Germany all the way for me!
Very disappointed they lost to Serbia, but things like that do happen (look at Spain...) and Serbia's got some pretty decent players, so I don't think Germany needs to feel bad at all.

As for the English team... while I am a big fan of Liverpool and Steven Gerrard, I just never really thought that all these great English players, when put together, are all that good. They attacks were certainly not as effective as the Spanish, the German, or the Argentines' and their defense is only okay at best. Oh but who knows? Maybe they'll win their last game and surprise us all.

Go Germany!!!!
They should beat Slovenia. If they bring off Rooney for Crouch, and change to a 4’1’2’1’2 formation, with Gerrard behind Heskey and Crouch.
I'm keeping track of the goings-on with interest, largely thanks to my new son-in-law. He coaches for the Special Olympics and is very much a fan and has explained some things about it to me. Cheering for the UK, here.
England, not the UK, Sian! *winces*
GO THE ALL WHITES!!!, who'd ever believe that we could tie with Italy let alone score a point against them!!!!!
The UK includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England could beat all of them.
Do you reckon we could win on Wednesday? (England)
Its messi and company for meSmile Smiliethough i favored england in the start largely because of Gerrard and Rooney(Man U rocks) but Green broke my heart and Messi just plays like a dream.

ok,any Argentina supporters here?
I want either England (Home Team) or Argentina (Maradona*)to win.

*Only because Maradona is a legend!

England need to do this tomorrow.

Rooney --------------- Heskey

Lampard --------------- J. Cole

A Cole --------------- Terry
Garragher -- Johnson


Captain - Lampard
HOT DARN Elf Winking Smilie USA 1 ALG 0 WE ARE ALSO IN!
Who would have thought it, eh Grondy? Big Smile Smilie
England played a good game too, and I'm glad they're in.
What the heck was Rooney doing in that match? I would put him in the reserves for the rest of the tournament, and bring on Crouch.
Well i guess its going to be Brazil or (very luckily) Argentina this time.germany and england might rise from the ashes though.

And the 2nd goal set up by messi in Argentina's last match was such a stunner.

And i am very glad for Gerrard England is through.Rooney has 0 fitness.
Haha, so many Gerrard fans on PT! I'm a huge Liverpool fan myself (can't forget that EPIC comeback at the UEFA Finals against AC Milan a few years ago...)

But I'm still rooting for Germany on Sunday! Jumping Flame Smilie
If you want Germany to beat England, you can get out of this thread. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Ghana need to win it now, Ghana V Argentina final would be epic. Or England V Ghana, because we would win.
England are out...

Come-on Argentina!
I live just south of Inverness and I could still hear the groans coming from across the border! Wink Smilie

4-1. Ouch.
It was not 4-1, it was 4-2. Upson scored at 37 Minutes, then Lampard at 38 Minutes. But the Ref is blind, deaf or both.

EDIT: Argentina are against Germany! Big Smile Smilie

When does the Champions League start again?

EDIT: Should Capello resign?
I totally agree with your score and i dont know why such weird things keep happening.its the world cup.people should pay more goal being denied kind off mentally sets back a team.

and i am terrified that argentina is up against germany,but atleast i wont have to cheer against Gerrard

You support Germany then? *Cheesey shakes his head, crossing Odette off his Christmas Card list, and replaces her with Maradona*

Do you reckon that Robert Green is the reason we have lost the world cup?
Not at all. Green made a single mistake, but it was nothing compared to the antics of those twenty-three overpaid geezers and their terrible manager who are only in it for the money. Mad Smilie So Angry Smilie

Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, it was Capellos fault. He needed Joe Cole, and a better formation. The Defenders (Cough-Ashley Cole-Cough) needed to stop goal-hanging, and they needed to tackle, not run away from the guy with the ball.

If Green hadn't had let that goal in, we would have been against Ghana, and have wun that.
My point still stands. Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Rooney shouldn't have been there, but Crouch should.
I am still supporting Argentina.i can never support Germany.with all due respect to all Klose fans i cant bear his murderous ways.though Podolski is great.Argentina need to strengthen their defence.i am very worried.everyone pray for M&M.

And yes Green set England back.and rooney was sad.

but 3 cheers to Gerrard for his efforts.

C'mon Paraguay!
The long foretold defeat has come to pass and i still cant believe i wont see messi in this world cup again.sad but resigned.the germans truly outclasssed us.
I Wanted and thought that Argentina, England or Ghana would win, they all get knocked out. I might try supporting Germany, so Uruguay win it.
3 Penalties in the space of a few minutes. This is the best game so far. (Paraguay/Spain)
David Villa is so cute..sigh..
Who will win? Uruguay, Netherlands, Spain or Germany?

Spain are gonna win it IMO, No-one good left in it.
I dont care anymore but the way Germany is playing they should sure steam-roll the final.
But holland playing well too.Who are you supporting Eru,Cheesy,Heran whatever?
Spain. But Germany are going to win. Sad Smilie
Hey Cheesy,heard of Paul? an octopus who can accurately predict match resultsSmile SmilieHe is all over the news.I really hope spain goes on to win the WC but Germany will take care of my plans.
Actually, Germany need to win, because only 5 teams have won the world cup, and if any more win it, England look bad. And Spain need to loose, or I owe my mate a fiver. C'mon Holland!

(If England Won, I would get a fiver. If Spain win, I owe my mate a fiver. Sounded good at the time...)

Spain will beat Germany according to Paul... Sad Smilie
You are seriously mad.I thought you were supporting Spain.
Yes Paul predicts its Spain!!go Villa!!!Smile Smilie
Germany if they are against Holland, Spain tonight, Holland if they are against Spain.
That Octopus is amazing. Is Paul predicting the Final?
C'mon Holland!
Told you Paul is amazingSmile Smilie
Spain should have won by 2 goals in the least.Cursed Pedro.
And now i dont care who wins the WC.
Lets see what Paul saysSmile Smilie
Please don't mention Pauls Predictions of the Final until Sunday Evening. I don't mind the 3rd Place Match though.
Its going to be Germany for 3rd place.
Uruguay need to win this!
The Minute I say that, Germany score. Dang.
What a goal! Cavani is a legend!

I entered his name on Google, and Google haven't update his profile with the goal yet. Shaking Head Smilie
How did Cavani miss that?! He has lost his legendary title
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