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Hello everyone, I decided to create this thread, so everyone of you, who are musicians or artists, working in different bands or by entirely yourselves, could come to pay a visit - and perhaps share some talks with me. Smile Smilie

I am a self-trained vocalist and drummer by myself, I am vocalist + partial lyricist in one metal band called 'Agarwaen', and I also have my own project, in which I aim to perform all of the required instruments with a good friend of mine in the near future/years.

Have a nice day. - Oerath.
I love music and especially the guitar, but unfortunately I lack the self discipline to learn to play.
Pity Plastic Squirrel isn't here any more, he plays in a band and is reasonably successful I think.
I make classical music from score to PC using a Commodore 128/64 program called Craig Chamberlains SID editor. With the use of a stereo cartridge in C=64 mode I can play back 6 instruments at any one time in stereo mode, three to the side. It works very well for the Vivaldi and J.S. Bach concerti. I have a PC program that emulates the C=64 and can play the music via it or another program called SIDplay2 for Windows, which can do the same while running other Windows based programs. I have done works by Beethoven, Bach, Smetana, Mozart, Handel, Ravel, and various works for guitar, including Joaquin Rodrigo's Concerto de Aranjuez.
Thank you both for sharing a bit of your knowledge, and Grondy, classical music is truly good. Smile Smilie
I practise some operatic vocals by myself and like a lot of basic classical music, but most of all, I like of acts such as Therion, which is one of my favourite bands too, just so epic.
I spent two weeks back in June of 1997 working out the 97 seconds of Ravel's Malaguena from his Rapsodie Espanola. It sounds quite good too. LOADSTAR published it on one of their disks for Commodore 64. Most of the time it doesn't take so much work, but to minimalize a score down to only six instruments playing at any one time, was hard. This considering the variety of instruments Ravel scored it for; and he shifted from one group to another about every two measures.
I have been taking piano lessons for 8 years, I can also play the guitar, ukulele, drums, bass, harmonica and I plan to take saxophone lessons when I get some spare time.
That is an amazing line up Hrogni.Did you introduce yourself?Guess I missed out.Anways hi and I am learning piano since age 10 under the Royal Schools Of Music,London,though i enjoy listening to music more than I like to playSmile Smilie
I love Josh Groban,Enya,Indian classical music,hymns,Green Day.Every good sound really.Even the crystal like drop of rain throbbing at the tip of a leaf.Alive and full of music.
I am glad to see that all of you came and stumbled upon this thread Smile Smilie
To speak about favourites, I by myself like mostly of classical music and different sorts of metal, mostly classical influenced, folk/viking/pagan etc.

I am not that beast as a drummer, but I've always liked of singing, and I draw inspiration to my singing from many different bands and acts. My best styles are: Low based vocals, clean styles, more higher singing, screams/yells, hymns, grunts and some operatic, but more experimental vocals of the classical side. In the other hand, I would like to take singing lessons, but then again, I can take care on my own too.

And lately, already quite a few years, I've been training my operatic vocals a lot, and I've made some success in my own eyes, and eventually developed a good bunch of styles, which I am going to use in my own band-project in the near future Smile Smilie

Well, that's a bit of my singful side, and cheers to all of you, and spend a glorious evening.

- Oerath.

I wonder... Is there anyone else beside myself who plays guitar? Smile Smilie

Hello every one!!

I play bass and a little drums and keyboards, write lyrics and sing.

it is metal music that I play and sing but i enjoy all music to listen.

Been in a band called Dead Center Universe for over 10 yrs.


I play piano, keyboards, some guitar, not much though, and am just starting to play my beloved violin. I was in a street band for about four years, lead singer, and oh yes I am just preparing to make a few cd's with my own music and lyrics. That's about it really.

Isn't Violin incredibly difficult to master? I'd be glad to hear some of your music when you get your CD's done ^^

Wow, I am very impressed at the incredible talent we have in our PT family.

Estel, I am not at all surprised that you write the lyrics for your band. I have seen the evidence of your skill with words in our poetry section.

Leelee, your love for music goes so well with your sweet, insightful nature and your obvious appreciation for the poetic talents of our members. I, too, will be interested in a copy of your CD. A member, Elfstone, is a member in a blues band and he sent me one of his CDs. I loved it so much, I purchased one for a friend who really appreciates music.

Yes, Arath, the violin is a difficult instrument to master but one of my very favourites!!


I'm glad to see so many musically talented people here in PT, I'm also in the middle of a good process, I've began to practise some stuff for my second project, which will be musically folk influenced melodic metal with a melancholic feel to it + of course some enchanting low vocals (maybe even in a little gothic way), and I've two drum tracks that are nearly ready, but since drum-skin of my bass drum broke the other day, I just have to collect a bit of money to buy myself a new one, and some other stuff too, my set is quite a mess. Smile Smilie

But, as I've mentioned, I'm a singer in one local metal band, called 'Agarwaen', and we've had our first demo ready for over two months now, but there has been some problems with publishing, and especially as our guitarist/frontman is serving in finnish army at the moment, but those with interest towards metal music, be sure to ask when and if the demo is out, our music is kind of progressive oriented melodic metal, and my vocals go from low gutturals/grunts to high screeching/screaming.

I play guitar and drums.I just bought a new electric guitar last month , The EMG-81 pickup really sounds good :P  And I'm in a band called ''Les Efreyables'' , and I'm playing a show this week end. and were play all kinds of music from guns and roses to aerosmith ect.. 

All my family play music, my two brothers play guitar and bass and my father plays guitar, my sister sings, and my girlfriend is a real master on the piano, so hot ..

Oerath I'm happy to see we have pretty much the same taste in music, I also prefer folk metal and symphonic metal and such. Did you ever listen to Ensiferum, Wintersun, COB or Eluveitie? cause im really into that stuff.

The Finnish army you say...

Im so happy I don't have to go back there for a long time ^^

I've always enjoyed violin since I first heard it in a old Sherlock Holmes movie Smile Smilie

As for myself I play merely for fun.. Mostly Jimi Hendrix and such. Only recently I've started learning the fine art of Blues Smile Smilie

I am also glad you don't have to go back there for a long time Arath. I felt a wreck when last you went away.

I am terribly impressed with all of you also. And Rednell dearest, the LEAST I can do when we get our cd done is send you a copy. Especially since I thought you were a boy and called you a different name(blush). You know, if there is a blunder to be made, well just look over here and it could just be me(sigh)

I've talked about that one metal band I'm in as a vocalist, well, if anyone is interested to hear some progressive oriented metal with my usual metal vocals, check this out.

I found a way to upload it easily in Sendpace.

Here's a link to the song. You can download it to your computer. But remember, it's unmixed (pre-version), so it's not even nearly in perfect shape yet.

I hope it works.

I`ve been taking professional lessons for singing around 6 or 7 years. I dont have a band..... yet :] But its in the process of forming and I applaud the metal bands!

I`ve been taking professional lessons for singing around 6 or 7 years. I dont have a band..... yet :] But its in the process of forming and I applaud the metal bands!

Very cool, you'll find plenty of great musicians here. I'm a bass player of 10 years, drummer of 5, grew up in a very musical family. What sort of music do you listen to? As I'm sure you've noticed, most musicians in this thread appreciate a good break down or two (and of course many Tolkien themed bands are metal)...

Listen to Oerath's band (link above your post), good shit...

In my youth I played flute for several years. Sadly I forgot a lot. I would be able to pick it right back up if I did a few lessons though but I just don't have the interest. I do currently sing in a contemporary Christian rock band. So if I were to ever pick up on an instrument, It would be either acoustic guitar or the piano.

But being a mom, my kid comes before me and we are already dishing out much $$$ for her equestrian lessons and all the gear that goes along with it.

It's indeed good to see that there are so many musically talented people here in PT.

I enjoy drumming a lot, since it has always been the most natural instrument for me to play. Mainly I'm a singer, and well, I began to take this more seriously bit over three years ago, and I've evolved a lot since then, and learned a bunch of new vocals, but since one can't be the master of everything, I usually stick to vocals I enjoy the most: clean ones, power metal vocals, gutturals, screams and that kind of stuff.

As for future and other instruments: I've thought to buy myself averagely good keyboard, and begin to practise. It would help me to record some darkwave oriented songs on my own, by featuring only drums, keyboards and my vocals. I'm not sure about other instruments, but harmonica and flute would be very good choices, since I'm a big fan of folk music, whether it's traditional or metal, it's always fantastic.

Okay, that was a little piece of information. I'm Oerath, a metal singer from a small town in Southern Finland, and I sing in two bands, and have some projects of my own, which are under slow progress until I find some fresh band mates and money to buy a lot of new equipments.

Way to go Eowyn, I applaud you. And you are a good mummy, putting the child first.

I have always thought that Finland is so mysterious. Of course the 'fin' makes me think of deep dark fjords and fish, tons of fish. And tall men with sort of Vikingish clothing and very long hair.

Have any of you viewed Confessions of a Shopaholic? For some reason the heroine Rebeccah Bloom always pretended she cook speach Finnish and was part Fin. It was totally hilarious and rather nerve wracking when her employer introduced her to some influential Finnish guys at a party. After they greated her in their native tongue she kept saying' ya ya and then she rubbed noses with the one. I thought I would faint from embarrasment.

We are teaching the little one guitar, harp, and voice and it is tiring. But what she really wants to do and needs to wait is to be a Celtic drummer. I don't sing lead in our rock band any more, but I am in the process of writing some music and I am going to use some of my songs along with some of my children's stories to make children's Fairie Stories with musical accompaniment an a little fairie I shall make for each. It has been something I wanted to do for a long time.

Good evening to each and everyone of you. I just went to my regular / daily site, Metalstorm, and I found out something very outstandingly happy.

Kim Bendix 'King Diamond' Petersen has completed Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, which he had to finish after he underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery about three months ago.

He is one of my most favorite singers, and a very talented musician, and I hope that King can make a full recovery and continue to make divine music.

All hail The King!

I hadn't seen this thread till now.
I've played in band, I sing and play the guitar, but I'm not a virtuoso at all. I enjoy writing my own songs, record and play them.
Where I am now, I only have my bass and my acoustic guitar, but I sometimes record some demos, some in Spanish and some in English.
I'd like to share with you all some of them, but I don't know how to insert the songs here from MySpace. Anyone knows how to do it?
Good evening.

That sounds good, Fingeor, and if you want to share a bit of your knowledge, then be sure to throw me a message sometime.

Thank you for your interest.
I tried you insert some song but I think there's no possibility to do that in this forum. So I'll just give you the link to MySpace. The first song is in English, is an adaptation of an Edgar Alan Poe's poem (I think I pronounced wrong a word, but I hope you would forgive me ) I made in the last weeks. Well, It's only a demo, I have to change a lot of things and introduce some riffs and other instruments... I I don't like the sound of the bass, I have to record it again. I hope I can finish it soon.
There are some other songs below, in Spanish, if someone wants to check them. Some are also demos and other ones are recorded with more care. They are not professional stuff at all, but I like to register them, because sometimes we play in concerts and things like that.

Good day all.

Music is certainly my most favored form of art, as it seems to be for most of us here. I've had a lifetime dedication and obsession of it, and I don't really do much besides practice my instruments, record, or play minesweeper (rise all geeks!). I play drums and piano mostly, and I act like I can play guitar and bass, but my acting doesn't quite cut it. I've been trying to write music lately and it's not bad, I don't think. But I mainly like to just play the piano. It inspires me the most, and my piano and I have come to some what of an understanding, if you take my meaning. It's a little different with the guitar. The guitar doesn't treat me very well, and I don't like arguing with it. But enough about me.

Fingeor, I listened to your song, dreams. Well done! I enjoyed it, and I really like your taste.

LeeLee, could you possibly spare sending me one of your recordings as well? I always love hearing the hard work of our fellow musicians. Don't worry, I'm not very critical.

As Oerath already knows, I play the guitar, both electric and acoustic, but primarily I'm a bass player. Wink Smilie 

I do some singing as well, but I'm self trained too and could of course use some technical guidance. Big Smile Smilie

For me, music is my life. I HATE it when I'm on the move and my I-pod is out of power, or my head phones get lost or doesn't work anymore. I go crazy. :P

As for The Lord Of The Rings, the music for me is 60% of the movies, and really speaks to my heart and soul. I love listening to it anywhere, anytime. It makes me feel strong and beautiful. Smile Smilie

Oh, and by the way a wise man once said that 'The worst thing about reality is the total lack of background music.' Wink Smilie

Well, many of you already know me and my musical interests, but I'd like to give all of you a chance to hear one song from our band's up-coming demo. All of the songs that appear on our first demo, are still waiting to be mixed and mastered, so this is more like a 'raw version'.

I'm the vocalist in that band, and also partially responsible for the lyrics.

I'll keep the file up for a couple of days.

Wow! That was very orcish indeed! Good work!

Thank you, Rorimac (is that your calling name here on PT?). Considering that it's our first demo, I did quite good job with my vocals, and it was recorded fairly over 9-10 months ago. And since then, I've evolved a lot, and I can do damn high screams these days, but they require a lot of power and balls.

My voice is quite low, so it allows me to use my vocals more diversely. From low, a bit baritonish (maybe a bit gothic too) singing to high pitched yells and screams.

So, that's about it.

Today I did my Grade 2 flute exam! It was scary but I think it went well. It may not seem a big deal but for me it was quite a big personal challenge, I've only been playing for just over a year. My musical ability is far inferior to the rest of you I know! I ordered a music book for flute solos from the music of The Lord of the Rings, I can't wait for it to arrive!  

Hello there, Communikate, and to be honest, I consider flute to be a extremely good instrument, and I'm going to get myself one too, and begin to practise, when I've enough time to do so. Smile Smilie

Flute is one of the key elements of good folk music, whether it's metal or just traditional folk music with additional forest dancing mixed with spiritual and mystical thoughts and a bit of moonshine.

Thank you, OldRory

Good recording, Oerath. It's not my favourite type of music (a bit scary for me indecision), but it's well done.

Wow, sounds like a lot of musicians - amateurs, aspiring, students, and pros mixed in together.  I'm a music teacher - and a sometime performer, mostly at church but also sometimes at weddings and parties and such.  But teaching comes first:  Viola and Violin, classically trained.  

But interested in all genres so long as I find (or someone can direct me to) something interesting or beautiful or honest or good there.  

I'm a student too, just started learning to play the organ about 7 months ago.  Good luck and God Bless you in your musical endeavors all!

I play drums




Good to see more musicians! Welcome, welcome and play it well, sing it well, and enjoy of your stay.

I'm glad this thread has so many replies already, I didn't originally think of that.

Thank you guys, and if more people should feel up to it, tell about your musical experiences. Which instrument you play, or do you play in a band or do solo, it all counts!

I'll try to oversee this thread from now on.

- Oerath.

Hello, fellows. I've just started to post my vocal covers on my youtube channel. I've only my phone's camera, but luckily I've a mic + amp, which allows me to sing it well at least.

My channel is: Oerath01.

There'll be other covers in near days.

I made a couple mistakes during those ones, but phew.

I finally decided to upload one vocal cover on my youtube account. I've uploaded some in the past (deleted), but this one worked out quite well.

If you want to go the easy way, just type 'Oerath01' to youtube, and find it out that way.

I used my basic vocals on this one, which are my favorite singing ways these days.

Smile Smilie

I like music of almost any kind, and I am learning to play guitar!



Good, good, Wen. Guitar is a good choice. I'll stick to drums by myself. ^^

Speaking of which, me and a good friend of mine had a jamming session today, and we recorded some shorties for my 'The Oerath Windsoul-Project'.

Nothing serious, but it's quite good, reminds me of some old rock/heavy metal game music.

Rock on!

I love music, and am learning to play the piano. I've also taught myself ocarina, which is like a flute, but I can't read any music. Oh, well, I think I'll learn some time or another.

Hi! I've been writing lyrics for years but I cannot make any music. I have taken some guitar lesson but I cannot.... I will give it another try when I feel I have enough patience.

Related to music I love heavy, medieval or celtic music with bagpipes and all that stuff. I listen to classical music sometimes, it depends on the moment and mood... of course.

Anyone knows Blind guardian? Last year I went to Wacken festival in Germany and the band signed me a vest. It was really funny when the singer was writing my name and I told him, "just see, I have the ring, I have the power, hahahaha". I was wearing "the one ring", you know, a friend of mine gave me it to me for my birthday, it's a silver one with the markings and everything.

Nice experience!



That's good, Elbereth. I've been partially a lyricist for many years. I've written some lyrics for the band I sing in, and I've a lot of 'song' lyrics of my own.

And yeah, I've been into metal since I fulfilled 10 or 11, or something like that. So, over 10 years of listening, and that's how it will be.

I could name Blind Guardian as one of my all time favorite bands. Songs like Mirror, Mirror are timeless, and nice to sing from time to time. Unfortunately my higher vocals are quite typical, so I stick to more classical stylish singing, if I'm gonna sing some BG or anything else from a more 'power' metal category.

So, good to see someone who enjoys their music. Hail.

Wow! There is a big bunch of talented people in PT! Congratulations for those who can master a musical instrument or sing properly!  I can write lyrics only. I began when I was 14 years old. Despite some people say my lyrics are quite depressive, they like them! I use to write when I need to say something painful; I cannot leave it closed inside of me because it hurts too much. Writing, playing music, painting or creating whatever takes us to our deepest feelings.

Now, my little guildies, here's something to dig. If you want to support me and my rocking ways, head to and listen to TOW-Project - No Time To Mourn.

Here's a proper link. The song lasts for 3 and half minutes, so it's a full song, if one can say that.

Yeah, it's a good track! I listened to some of your stuff and in one song your voice seemed as Pete's Steele. You will reach far man, go on working like this!

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