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Hullo, my tolkienish fellows! This is the day of death metal, for I've something new to share with ya all.

We recently took up arms and went to a good local studio to record a 3-track demo-ep, called 'Cold Oblivion'.

You may download the whole thing from our bandcamp site right here:

Rock on, my friends! Smile Smilie

Embrace the aggression! Support a groovy bunch that is Verjagen.

- Oerath.

I'm working on recording one of Bilbos songs "The road goes ever on". I'm hoping to have something reasonably ready soon. Smile Smilie

Love the metal oerath!

Greetings, Arath. Long time no see. Bilbo's good ol' songs. Tolkien's poetry never ceases to amaze me no matter how far I go in my own celestial conquest of fantasy. I will take Galadriel's Song on rec at some point this year. Now you must be thinking, can a guy sing something like that? Well, I can, since my voice is.. versatile, to say the least.

I quit my job as the singer of Verjagen some six months ago, and went on to form my own project (Deos), of which the world will surely be hearing from in the future.

We are a band of three, and we will focus on releasing atmospheric/ethereal/demonic fantasy gaming music, including some of the stuff written by me. The first releases will be all about The Elder Scroll series, mostly Skyrim. I sing and play percussions, including my shaman drum.

I will try to post some links, once I get the songs up on YT sometime in next month. 

This is one of the last songs I did with Verjagen, and out of all the four, I like this the most too:

Thanks for liking the past songs. Kiitokseni. Big Smile Smilie

Those with a taste for metal music, neoclassical and haunting things, step forth and journey on:

My first of many special gifts to hail the world of music with.


Lady Ocean Moon

Dark Messenger

Elder Shadowsoul (me)

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