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Hello my friends, im glaad I found "Planet-Tolkien"
i am great fan of books written by J.R.R.TOLKIEN

(I apologize for baad english)
I need your help.
Can you plz tell me where can i find site where i could learn Elf language?

Thank you wery much
Hi Loco, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

You might want to read our thread Writing in Elvish found under 'Author' for some sources on the subject.

Share and enjoy!
Welcome Loco. Actually, almost every well-known Tolkien site has an Elvish studies section.
Welcome to PT loco !!Share and Enjoy !! Merry X-mas
Welcome Loco hope you have a great time here, and almost everyone is nice to have a convo on the forums with (almost *cough*) Welcome
thank you very much for help i appreciate it.
and i would ask you if it is posible to change avatar from 70x70 to 80x80 thanx in advance
Sure you can, use any imaging software and go to edit image properties.

By the way, are you really loco(ie crazy)?
By the way, are you really loco(ie crazy)?

No, he's just another run-off-the-mill denizen of Acapulco.
i have s few good avatars but i cant place them here because they are too big and i wouldn't like to short them because i think it would damage them (blur or something)
and i am not crazy (my shrink sad that last time i visited him and he gave weird paper to my mother)