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I turned my computer on one morning last week and nobody was home, nary a Gnome with his magic paint brushes, typesetting machine, and micro-clacks, nor anything. I ended up having to replace the hard drive and all the software. Still haven't got my email working. But Firefox has let me get here.

So on with the show...
This thread is for that one person who noticed I was missing. Thanks, whomever you are, I appreciate you. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have had so little time, but the very thought that you Grondy would not be on in a twenty four hour period is seriously upsetting to me. It is like knowing Christopher Tolkien was passed away, and that would be the most dreadful feeling. Glad you're come back.
welcome back mate.....what pc did you get? Me and the missus bought a Apple a few weeks back and wow, we'll never look back.
I don't do American cars but your computers rock.
Welcome back! It must have been a terrible time, my sympathy ;-)
After spending half of December in hospital and 3.5 months in a nursing home with bad pressure sores between my rear and legs, I finally felt strong enough to escape late last week. Since then have been trying to get my apartment cleaned up by reading, sorting through, and disposing all the unimportant snail mail accumulated since I left. That my daughter also stayed here and moved things around from where I expect to find them has also added a challenge, as has leaning to use a transfer board between my wheelchair and my bed. I used to sort of throw myself between them; that doesn't work anymore and the Firemen no longer appreciate having to pick me up when I miss.

I still must not sit for long hours before the computer or otherwhere, so I will slowly be working my way back through the threads and will probably limit myself to about an hour a day until things normalize.

Anyway, I'm back and would like to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes.

Also my almost 18 year old grandson is expected to have a new sibling sometime Friday, 23 April. My pregnant daughter decided she didn't want to know the little ones gender ahead of time, so we will just have to wait and see what the good Lord delivers. I'm banking on a girl, but won't be disappointed if otherwise.


Share and enjoy.
Yeah!!!! Welcome home!! We have missed you sooooo much. So glad to see you, old friend. Smile Smilie
I noticed your posts in a couple of the games threads but can't resist saying again how glad I am to see you back here! Take it slow at home and don't wear yourself out, and make sure your chair has a good memory-foam cushion.
heeeeey! welcome mate, glad you're back.
Grondy's back!! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie I've missed you!
Welcome back Grondy Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Not sure if you remember me, Grondy, since I signed up last summer, stopped visting the site after a while, and then when I came back you'd already gone.
So well met, and welcome back! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Back Grondy Big Smile Smilie

Even though I joined around the time that you went away, but I have still read a lot of your posts, and I can tell the KDI is going mad with out you (Compare pages 40-50 with the last 3). Nice to meet ya.
WELCOME BACK!!! Pary Smilie

I had just come back to the sight, and what is the first thing I see, no posts from Grondy... It was a long time waiting for you to come back, but now you are, so let's party!!! Woohoo!
Elf Smilie

Elen sila luumenna omentyelvo!!!

Soooo good to have you back! I hope you'll get better and better!
The natural order has been restored.
Big Smile Smilie

Feels like PT again Big Smile Smilie

Btw, looks like neither Grondy nor Virumor's avatar has changed in all this while, heheh.
Neither has Taz's, I think.
So happy! Welcome back Grondy, take it easy, and congratulations on your expected new grandchild.
It's a granddaughter, Baby Girl Smilie name of Marley, 8 lbs. 5 oz., born 23 April 2010 at 7:55 am PDT. Mother and daughter are doing fine.
Congratulations Grandpa! What delightful news Smile Smilie
8 lbs. 5 oz.

That's a very good weight for a baby, Vir.. Healthy but not too big.
Congrats to you and your family, Grondy!!! A girl, wow, you guessed that one right. Smile Smilie
I am sure your grandson must be thrilled with his little sister. She is going to be one spoiled little girl. Wink Smilie
Cool. Smile Smilie
Congrats grandpa Grondy! Orc Grinning Smilie
Gramdy! Or something like that Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Welcome back Grondy!! You've been missed terribly, it was so unusual to not see your avatar and name in any of the latest threads, and you come back with good news for yourself and your family!! PT is your other family though Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie.

Thanks to your daughter who kept us updated with news about you, if she didn't send us anything, we would be missing you more, if that were possible Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie.
Welcome back Grondmaster, PT hasn't been the same without you. Glad you've recovered.
I would've said something earlier, but I've been absent myself recently. Anway I hope to spend some more time with PT.
Your friend , Gwindor
Thanks peeps, I'm back in the swing of things now.
Welcome Back Grondy!!!! Pary Smilie So nice to see you about again!!

And Congrats on being a Grandpa again! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Home again after most of last week in hospital; hopefully I've got that out of my system and can spend some time daily here. Elf Winking Smilie
Good to have you back, Grondy. I was wondering what happened to you.
Oh dear Grondy,
So much has gone on in my absence it seems...
I'm so sorry you were ill, but I salute you for the bold escape from the nursing home Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I hope you're feeling much better now!
It's quite touching that you log in to PT to keep the fam here updated on things like that. Quite touching, really.

Hugs and love,
And I forgot to add:

Congrats on the little granddaughter!!!
You got it right!!!!!
To the hospital again, Grond? I wondered.. I hope the old complaint is fixed for good now. Would it help if you had someone come and check on you a couple times a week like a visiting nurse? My dad-in-law had one for awhile and girls who helped him in the shower. They were great.
A name and Avy I haven't seen in a while, Clover. Glad to see you still flutter back here, and Vir may have missed it, he would have wanted to catch you in a net or something, as usual Elf With a Big Grin Smilie.
Oh where has that old geezer been now? I did rather miss him, too.

Grondy's daughter is moving him to Everett Washington on Friday 04 June, like tomorrow. I will be keeping the same email addresses and internet provider, but I haven't any idea when they will get the broadband cable hooked up. Needless to say, I may be missing for a week or so; hopefully much less.

This move will be good for me in the long run and I've almost got my head around it.

I am surprised how much junk I have accumulated in the past almost thirty years since my last move. Way too many books to move, especially as I will start out in a studio apartment until a one bedroom unit becomes available.

Anyway, I'll be back and expect you guys and gals to keep your noses clean and help Taz out with whatever he needs doing.

GRONDY, I cannot believe my eyes. I admit to staying away from sorrow that you were not here. I tried to be brave and post as regular as possible, I just could not bearit.
To see your beautiful avy has me crying happy tears. Such happy tears. God bless you and keep you safe and well.
Congratulations on the added blessing of a dear little one. How wonderful, no gift can be greater than that. She will fall in love with you like we have.
And thank you dearest Loss for answering my pesky questions whenever I got afraid about Grondy and other things on this dear site.
I am so happy I think I shall go make some pizzas from scratch. Smile Smilie
I hope you like it in Washington! I've never been there, but it's supposed to be a site of natural splendour, isn't it?
I'm glad you aren't unhappy about moving, Grond, but it sounds rather sudden. is this something your daughter has wanted you to do for awhile?
Got the broadband cable internet running this morning; so I'm back. Still don't have my TV or stereo system hooked up or land line phone service installed, but the most important thing is now working. Still have my CDs, DVDs, and VCR Tapes in two boxes waiting for the shelf unit from the storage unit where the excess stuff from 29 years of living in the same place is being stored. I hardly ever threw anything away. The old saying that we should move every two years so we wouldn't accumulate so much useless stuff is quite evident.
The old saying that we should move every two years so we wouldn't accumulate so much useless stuff is quite evident.

That is the life of a college student Smile Smilie
hi im very new here bt i wont refrain from congratulating Grondy on becomin i jus read.congratsSmile Smilie
Thanks Odette, she has an almost 18 year old brother, so this the second time around at being a grandpa. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey, Grondy. Welcome back! How are the new digs?
Jumping Flame Smilie
Thanks Nell. New digs are not too bad and the food is good, as are my table mates, one of whom also reads fantasy. He is 89; disliked the Wheel of Time series and loves all of Anne McCaffrey's books as well as those of her son.
well wateva Grondy.u seem mighty pleased.heres wishin u get to b a granpa many more times Wink Smilie
Friday I went back in the hospital where they tried again to adjust the amount of rat poison they are giving me to thin my blood so I don't get blood clots and have a stroke. My left arm is now covered in bruises, had been swollen, and the Vitamin K brought me back to normal so they can try yet again. I got back home Sunday afternoon. Anyway, trips to the hospital are getting old and I hope they soon reach the proper balance with my meds so I can again be here every day..
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