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To quote the pharoah in waiting from the Ten Commandments dear Grondy-let it be written, let it be done. You are always in my prayers.
Can you share what the little one's name is, name's are so important. I am sure professor Tolkien would have something entertaining to tell us about the origins of baby's name, being the stellar philologist he is.
I love this thread above all others, and I always will. Grondy has come home to us. Smile Smilie
Cloveress, I hope all is well with you dear one. I am sure you are causing a stir whereever you go.
Grandaughter's name is Marley Grace. Not sure where the first comes from, but I like it. The second was her maternal grandmother's mother's first name, (my ex-wife's mother's name.) I will probably call her Kidlette, as I call my daughter Meglette. They both have red hair, though my daughter tries to keep hers blonder than carrot-top.
That is a very unusual and beautiful combination of names. I like it very much. My little Hasia's middle name is Peyton, named after a most shy and humorous priest that we love. He actually was a hermit at one time after his only brother was killed in the war. People always seem a little surprise by that middle name but it suits her perfectly.
Just diverting a bit i had no idea you were so sick Grondy.I am really sorry about all this painful medications.But i guess you are better now.And now i get people when they say they miss youSmile Smilie for i log into PT majorly because of you.Such a great human being.Rock on Grondy.

and names dont matter i think but Grondy why didnt you chip in with a nice name from Tolkien's stable?I am sure you have a nickname pickedSmile Smilie
Yesterday I was missing as I went to the ophthalmologist who dilated my eyes and I couldn't read the computer screen.
Yes, do get better soon, Grondy!
But I would rather hope that my well wishes be unreceived for another few days, as you really shouldn't spend too much time wearing your eyes out on a computer. And besides, last time I checked, screen tanning was still at the height of "uncool."

So, when you do come back from a well-deserved rest and healing break, know that I have been wishing you well in my thoughts every day. You know those moments late at night, when everything is quiet and you just sit motionless, reflecting on the day? I often think of PT during these times, and every time, I wish for your health, and though I am not religious, I thank an unknown entity (as well as Sir Timothy Berners-Lee) for letting you into my life.

Much love from Baltimore!

PS: I am actually not causing much of a stir here, Leelee. But I plot my comeback meticulously in the form of a master engineering plot, which I will pull on my room mate on her birthday in February. Oh, my aspiration is to have it look like something out of Home Alone Very Big Grin Smilie
Thanks Cloveress. Happy Elf Smilie
Well, I'm going back into hospital today for more tests tomorrow (trying to find cause of anemia). I may not be back here until Friday. Orc Sad Smilie

@Rho: would you please cover The Party Tree for me. Thanks
I'm back and the antibiotics are really making me tired, but I can't stay in bed all day, not having a lap top. Elf Winking Smilie
Glad to hear you're feeling better Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Antibiotics, Grond? Did they find something more than anemia? I hope nothing serious and that you are back up to speed again soon..!
Wishing you a speedy return to full strength dear Grondmaster. I'm sure the lads at the Prancing Pony will raise a mug or two in your honor! Big Smile Smilie
It's nice to be back here and i hope you get well soon Grondy, take care
I am glad that you are back home, Grondy. I sure hope that the medication addresses the issue! In the meantime, I think a very special dwarf should add a laptop to his Christmas wishlist. Elf Winking Smilie

Thanks Nell, may need it sooner. They are hauling me to the ER after dinner as I have another pressure sore that is too large for them to handle here.

Meanwhile, I may be able to make a post a day via the experimental browser on my Kindle2. I know I could post on my original Kindle, but it took forever. had to load 4 pages per webpage.

If you need me to do party tree just let me know mate.(sorry I missed your last message)

Take care Grondy

I didn't know that Grondy was having all these problems too, and i hope that you get thru them well! I had an appendix operation last year (to take it out) and that was pretty bad, so I'll give you all the best wishes for a quick recovery. 

As Grondy mentioned in his previous post, they did haul him off to ER and kept him in hospital. His daughter is going to try to get him set up with some type of communications device so he can continue to work on the website.

Get well, soon, dear friend!!!!!! *hugs*

Good Luck Grondy. 

Grondy I really hope you are not in hospital as long this time and that the pressure sore issue can be solved for once and for all.  Best wishes!

Oh Grondy, hope you feel better soon - we miss you when you're away!

As Grondy's former spouse I've been in touch with him (and with our daughter, of course,) regularly.  I'm very sad to report that Grondmaster has just been diagnosed with cancer.  The outlook is not very good.  He is currently in hospital quite near our daughter's home.  He has been visited by family and is attended daily by our daughter. 

I know that Grondy has been very devoted to PT and has tremendously enjoyed the communication with you all through so many years.  Thank you for your prayers and loving concern.  I will let you know as soon as I have any further information.

 Thank you for letting us know this - my thoughts (and I'm sure everyone elses from this site) are with Grondy and his family. I hope he feels lots better soon.

Well i'm just getting to know people here, grondy my friend, I havent spoken to you yet, all i know about you is that everyone like you and you seem real nice. From what I've read, your getting better and I'm happy to hear it. You've got my prayers and I look forward to conversing with you in the future

I'm sorry to hear this Polly, and hope the old boy pulls through.

I am deeply saddened and yet I believe nothing is impossible.My prayers and tears and hopes with your family Grondy.

Love you so much and I have been missing you so badly this time I thought of making a thread called "I MISS GRONDY"

Take care Polly.

Bad news indeed.  I've known Grondy as long as I have been a member.  I give my sincere sentiments of good health and well-being and thank you for the post Polly.

Welcome to the Planet also, he has a mighty legacy here.

Thank-you for letting us know, Polly. I have known Grondy for 10 yearson these forums and our old chatroom. Your news breaks my heart. I will continue to hope and pray that his cancer will go into remission and we will have our dear friend back again.

Give him and your daughter my love and hugs of comfort. Take care.

This is terrible news. Sad Smilie

I don't want to post here now, beacuse that means I can't pretend I never saw what Polly said. Orc Sad Smilie 

Keep fighting, Grondy! You mean a lot to us here at PT and you mean a lot to me.

Grondy dearest, I just want to say how very very much you mean to me, to us. If love can give you the strength to overcome, then accept a mountain of love from the people on this site.

You have and are and always will be a jewel shining in a dark night here on middle-earth. Someone I deeply admire and look up to.

Fight dearest and come back to us.

Thinking of you Grondy. 

Grondy, keep up the fight, and keep hope.

So sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with grondy and I hope he can keep fighting.

Hello all this is Megan, Grondy's daughter- i am here with him in his Room.. Were using my portable laptop to leave you all this message. Grondy misses you all and thanks you all for your comments. He will try to get well and back to you all as soon as possible. I think that's it.

Thank-you, Megan and Grondy!!! You have been on my mind all weekend. I am so glad that he has the laptop so he can see how much we really love him and miss him!

Take care, dear Grondmaster and get well soon. We need your presence in the Inn. Wink Smilie

Lots of hugs.

Yay! So,so,so happy to hear from you (both)  Get better soon Grondy.

It is SO good to hear from you, Grondy and Megan!  I am glad you can check in on us, Grondy. Get well soon!

I'm so glad to hear news of Grondy.Thank you Megan.


Miss you grondy.We are waitingSmile Smilie

I've not managed to get online much in the past couple of years, but you, Grondy, and the other Council Members, have been my online family for the past ten years or so. My prayers are with you and your family, until you've fought this off and are back here among us once more. Take care, Old Friend, and may Eru smile upon you.

Thank you so much Megan.

Grondy , just knowing you are around, even from a hospital room , instantly makes the very air I breathe seem so much sweeter. I hope everything there is to your liking and you are eating well.

I have sent a message of cheer and hope and peace to you with one of the eagles. I hope it reaches you soon.

hugs,if that is permissable. Smile Smilie

I hope you get better Grondy. After 4 years on this sight, its just not the same without you. And thank you Megan for keeping us updated, my prayers are with your family.

I am so sorry to have to tell you: Grondy passed away yesterday evening. Sitting with him were his daughter Megan, his grandson, and a close friend of many years. Grondy had said his good-byes and was clearly at peace with going now. We were all glad that his relief from pain came as quickly as it did. Nevertheless, everyone who knew him surely knows that this world is going to miss a truly "nice guy." I'm sure he would wish P.T. to persist in strength, friendliness, and wisdom.

Bright blessings, Sister Polly Bramble

Goodbye Grondy, you were an integral part of PT and you will be sorely missed.

Your quick wit and humor made me laugh, your wisdom and intelligence made me look up to you.

I hope where you are now you are in peace and feel no pain, I'm glad to have known you.

Goodbye mate

I don't think there is anything I can say that truly describes how much an integral part Grondy was to PT and our lives. I will continue to pray for his family in their time of mourning, and for the members of this site.

I admit I'm still new to this site and didn't know this man very well, but just through the way he would respond to others questions or contribute to other conversations I could tell that he was a very kind soul, only wanting to spread knowledge and appreciation of great literature. And the way all the regulars on this site loved and respected him says even more. So basically I'm saying that even to those of us who didn't know him very well, it was very apparent that Grondy was just a genuinely great guy. So I wish his family the best and my grief goes to all those that knew him. I'd like to end this post with another Tolkien quote that came to mind...

"The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater." -Haldir, The Fellowship of the Ring

Grondy, you went where I cannot follow right now, my heart is broken. There are no words to describe the pain, my tears could fill an ocean. I admired you and looked up to you. Every word you put down was pure mithril.

Good bye and I hope you indeed saw a swift sun rising and all was green and full of peace. Because if anyone in Middle-Earth or any other deserved good things it was you.

My and my family's prayers for you Megan and your children. You had the very best in Grondy. I hope that in the weeks and months to come everyone that comes on planet-tolkien will search through the threads and 'listen' once more to Grondy's thoughts and feelings on the different. threads and topics and rejoice in him over again.


When hearts are crying words are only bitter. In my faith we say: "... take our brother's soul into the holly realm, in the kingdom where's no longer pain, no crying, nor wails of grief and all is life eternal. And hold his tender soul with love into the light until the day of your return, when all shall be reborn and death shall be no more...". May this be true for Grondmaster, friend of all kins. Rest in peace!


Nai hiruvalye Valimar! Nai yelle hiruva. Namarie!" (JRRTolkien)

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