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Thread: Grondmaster's memorial thread

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Arwen, Ama, and Leelee, it is so great to see you guys are still active on this site! (Despite your never having talked to me, Arwen, I do believe that I've seen your name floating around the planet at the height of my activity here). Thanks for the link to the I REMEMBER thread. I have looked at it (you are so sweet, as always, Leelee! I am guilt-ridden for not spending more time here) and will answer it shortly.

I am still mourning for Grondy. What a sad thing to come back to... But I suppose he would be comforted to see that his old friends have not abandoned the site he so loved, even to his last days. This thread is one of partings and reunions, I feel. 

Cloveress, you're so true about Leelee. She really is so sweet and kind and lovely and understanding. And I think you're also very sweet, dear. I'm not sure if you have seen my name before. My first login was on 21/09/11 so.... Oh Grondmaster. I pray for you. You will always be remembered. Btw I love the I REMEMBER tread. It's lovely to see all those good memories members have about eachother. I'm quite new so I don't really know peoplefrom the old times. But still it's lovely and I think also sad, yes sad to read.

I only knew Grondmaster from reading his posts, which seemed to pop up from time to time (first few months of my first log in).  It was only those few months later that I realised he had passed away, and only then because of the wonderful things the Elders of PT constantly said about him.  Everything I've read from him is informative, full of love and soul and entertaining.  He truly must have been a great person.


Today is the birthday of our beloved Grondmaster. He would have been seventy-three....
Rest in peace dear friend.

Still our dearest Grondy is the first person I think about when I Login at PT .Congrats on your 73 birthday yesterday dear friend. I am sure you had a good party in The Shire .love you always

May you rest at peace my dear friend

His birthday soon. 75?

His birthday is the 9th of February. It would be his 74 birthday.

Ta-Daa! he is now seventy four. He is a legend, and even though I came here only after he died, I have read too many of the old threads not to be sad. If you are looking down on this, Happy Birthday to you.

I was only able to share this forum with Grondmaster for several months, but from the first post I could tell he would inspire me tremendously. After a few, I knew I'd never forget him. So easy and welcoming to talk about Tolkien with, every post taught me something new...always about Tolkien, if not also about how great the human spirit can be. I'm very grateful I was able to experience his kindness, if not only for a short time. Namarie, Grondmaster


Cur, is his birthday January or is it February? Either way, Happy early birthday/today birthday Grondmaster Smile Smilie

I thought the 'party three' said February...
Last year it was February, so I suppose it's February this year as well. XD
I wasn't able to post this any earlier. But...
The 9th of February was Grondy's birthday.

We'll never foget you dear friend!

Still one of the most influential people in my life with even a few brief encounters and kind words. Grondy is the model to which I judge every member on every forum I go to. Nobody will ever live up to his standard, of course....but if you can spot those kind and wise Grondmaster traits, you know that person is worth your time.

And here is the face I'd be making if I was at Grondy's birthday party...

Ah Grondy! Happy Birthday! It will never be the same here without you!

I too spoke with Grondmaster only a few times, but those few times were quite unforgettable. There was this one time, when I posted a lyrical work, probably one of my first ones too, and he read it through, commented on it and pointed out one some one thing in a most nice 'lecturing' way, and I kind of corrected it right away. Big Smile Smilie

It was a funny moment, but sadly one of the only times I had the pleasure to talk with him. Had I stayed when I registered sometime in early 2006, I probably would've got to know the man better and have some more chats with him.

Those of you who did know him, I envy you. I've often read some of Grondy's posts and he truly was a kind fellow and a very knowledgeable person.

I'm quite late with this, like I often am, but happy birthday Grondy. Rest in peace.. This site won't ever be the same without you.

I first visited this site in 2009, but I never became Gror until 2013. I feel the dear Grondmaster has given so much effort to this site that he is now a part of it, and indeed I feel I know him. I find it remarkably coincidental, and I feel it has attached me more to the master emotionally, but I share his birth-date of the 9th of February; however I am fifty-eight years younger Smile Smilie It really is a small old world isn't it. RIP Grondmaster, fellow dwarf of the Glittering Caves indecision

Its been years since I posted anything to the PT forum. I am Icefangs, Icey or Ice to those who remember me. I felt compelled to check in today, only to see that my dear friend Grondy is no longer with us. I like to think that he helped raise me during troublesome and trying teenage years. I remember word games and the good old Khazad Dumish Inn. I remember him checking up on me when I would post an angsty teenage girl journal. I feel like we were all family. We'll, here's to you old friend, the standard against which all others are measured and one of the greatest people I never had the chance to meet.

Oh my - so's been a long time and haven't been here for so long.  This is awful news.  Didn't realise just how long it had been.... and what a terible shock  Sad Smilie

I remember a funny conversation where I was telling Grondy about the snow in the UK disrupting everything. I told him that a flake of snow landed on the track and the UK couldn't cope...he replied laughing saying he was going to tell his friends because where he is it's real snow drifts Smile Smilie really made him laugh.  I knew he didn't keep in good health but this has shocked me.  RIP Grondy 

He is still very much missed. Only the other day I was in the PT database fixing the password bug, and the first row in the members database is Grondmaster.

I'm glad PT and its forum, although now quiet, still survives. It's hard not to find a topic he hasn't touched and contirbuted to. Great memories to go back and read his post.

Grondmaster was a legend on this site! He was the glue who kept us all together! Miss him a lot, he was a great and kindly person and a positive influence. When I joined years ago, I was around 16 and it was awesome to have a fatherly figure around guiding us.

I  still miss you dearest Grondy 


Hope you have a wonderful time in Grey Havens 

I'm sad to hear that Grondy passed so long ago and I didn't know about it. PT was my very first internet home and Grondy was an absolute constant during its heyday and for many years after. He was a sweet, sincere, and extremely knowledgable individual. I'm only here right now because I remembered him and wanted to say hi once more after all these years. I'm ashamed that I was so far, far too late.

*hugs* also to Rednell, my BFF on PT. I haven't forgotten you, my friend. I hope and pray you are well.

I was thinking about Grondy and the old chat room today. Many a serving of balrogs wings for you xx

And Gimli's Finest(TM)

For some reason I was just thinking about Grondy and many of my "lost" friends on PT while driving home from work today, only to find an email from PT waiting for me in my inbox alerting me that a post I made in 2004 had been answered. It took a while rooting out my password, but well rewarding to find many of those old friends have posted in the past few months remembering Grondy.

Be assurred I still think about you all regularly and remember fondly the hours I used to spend here chatting to you all.

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