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Thread: Howdy from Needlehole

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I'll do my lolly if this stupidity continues! :x :x :x
You'll do [i:2qb3yioe][size=150:2qb3yioe][color=#BF4000:2qb3yioe]what?[/color:2qb3yioe][/size:2qb3yioe][/i:2qb3yioe]... :shock: :shock: :shock: Please Odo...not here on the forum...blechhh :P !!! That's Unrespectable! Save it for the porn sites! <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> :mrgreen: [b:2qb3yioe]GB[/b:2qb3yioe]

Lose my temper, GB, that's what it means. Oh goodness me --- do you watch "****"? :oops:I've heard of it but never ever watched it... I haven't... trust me... you must... err, it doesn't sound respectable at all... anyway, Primmy and Bella insist I have no need to watch that kind of thing... they saw it once --- I think... :oops:accidentally --- I think --- :oops:

:roll: What's that? Is that a boat? I think it is! Where's it going? Into the west? Who's on it? Odo's Respectability! Farewell! .... Porn gentlemen??? really?
:lol: I warned you you would pay Odo for rattling the womens cages on here. Ouch Tin! I felt the sting of that one from here. :lol:

This actually was an awesome thread... Sad Smilie

Yes, I hope that we're allowed to continue it, despite it being rather frivolous and silly. Big Smile Smilie

No, not silly! I find Odo's clan's passion and insightful talk most riveting! Smile Smilie

I just hope they leave us be.... This is a strange new place. Having been alive for so long, you'd think I'd be used to change by now, but....

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