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Yeah, I'm more interested in Saldaeas farm girls. Maybe it's just the nobility who's psychotic. Faile in the snow got old for me. Actually, it was more Perrins reaction, but, oh, well. Soon you'll hate that whole unfortunate episode as much as all the other fans. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I did actually like the Rand parts, too, but it seemed like they didn't really go anywhere, ya know? And I'm definitely a Logain fan; personally, I've always expected him to be the one to put the Black Tower in order. The Bonding thing... well, that's gonna get VERY interesting before all is said and done.

As to the Wonder Girls and Liandrin, I'm assuming the latters orders were from Mesaana, though it's hard to be certain. And like as not they were sent to the Seanchan 'cos it was the best way to be certain they'd stay out of the way (why they weren't just killed once away from the Tower I have no idea, save that it would've screwed up the plot. Elf Winking Smilie ) General connections between Seanchan and Black Ajah I attribute to the Tower and the Crystal Throne being the dominant forces on each continent, so it's only natural the Darkfriends of the world would stay in touch, most likely via their Forsaken minders. I mean, our first introduction to the Seanchan was Suroth, IIRC.

Meanwhile, the MIA Forsaken seem to be just that, but I'm hoping that's just because the less adept are rushing in foolishly and being offed. 'Cept for Lanfear, she did alright, but she didn't count on Moiraine going to Rhuidean, eh?
I mean, our first introduction to the Seanchan was Suroth, IIRC.

Are you saying she's a Darkfriend? I didn't think so..

(why they weren't just killed once away from the Tower I have no idea, save that it would've screwed up the plot. )

They were almost killed in Tar Valon too... but the killer failed badly (he was even killed by Isam, wasn't he? I wonder what the hell that was about). Perhaps this killer was the first plan of Mesaana, but when it turned out badly, she decided to just hand them over to the Seanchans, as to not alarm the Tower about Darkfriends hiding there?

'Cept for Lanfear, she did alright, but she didn't count on Moiraine going to Rhuidean, eh?

No, but in the end she was downed by that typical human weakness : jealousy.
Tonight I'll start Winter's Heart. Any word on Jordan's health?
I've nearly finished WH and I liked the Rand and Mart parts. The Perrin parts, however, were as dreary as ever.

As for Mr Jordan's health, I guess no news is good news?
This is from June 12th; it's the most recent info on Jordan that I've heard. Apparently things are looking up. I'm looking forward to a '2000 page monstrosity' for book 12 Winking Smilie
I've now finished WH and I find it a very good book, safe for the Perrin chapters in the beginning; I wonder how exactly Perrin is still ta'veren... he hasn't exactly done anything even remotely useful since TSR. Or maybe this whole mess is needed to sort out Sevanna & Co, I don't know. I just don't like it.
Last night Elayne just tried to get herself assassinated in Winter's Heart. Maybe now she'll let the Bridgling provide her with a close bodyguard. (No Morambar you may not volunteer.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Finished Winter's Heart this morning and was satisfied with the story so far. Some one we like is in a family way; Rand may have found a way to stop the madness (or enhance it); Mat while escaping has kidnapped the royal fairy princess; Lan is enjoying married life, the Wolfman hasn't a clue; and the Twp Towers whose magician types have been infiltrated by their enemies. I haven't any idea how Jordan's going to pull it all together, so I guess I'll have read the next one.
Lan is enjoying married life

Nynaeve does seem to have mellowed down quite a bit... maybe that's both because of her quirky marriage following the customs of the Atha'an Miere, and because she has found that there are some female channelers who are even stronger than her (Alivia, for one, who is even stronger than Lanfear ever was)...

Unfortunately, though, while Nynaeve has softened down, the opposite has happened to Egwene, whom I've come to truly dislike, even more than Faile. I'm not even sure if I want her to succeed in throwing down Elaida. I think a couple centuries as a damane would do her quite some good.

I do like the lil fairy princess, though.
I've finished Crossroads of Twilight recently. The ending sucks, to say the least.
I'm waiting for my foot surgeon to recover from shoulder surgery before he can loan me his copy of the next book after Winter's Heart. He got himself involved in an automobile accident and went under the knife last month. He dropped by his office this morning, but had left before my appointment with his temporary replacement. Maybe I'll email him to drop off the book, if he has any spare time while he recovers. So I'm again reading Small Gods by Terry P.
Some wiseguy took Knife of Dreams from the library before me. Nice.
That was probably Miruvor, trying to get a jump on you. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
It does seem my alter ego is a fast reader. I already managed to get hold of the book.
I'm more than halfway through Knife of dreams. Contrary to the previous books, there are actually some (mildly) exciting things happening! Imagine that!

But I fear that soon I'll have to wade through another dreary episode starring Perrin & Faile... I shan't even mention Egwene.
So then, I have finished Knife of dreams... it was nice that in this book at least some (major) things got cleared out, although the book does end with an annoying cliffhanger...

The finale of the saga could prove to be quite scintillating.

P.S. : somebody should really tell Mr Jordan that prologues are usually not meant to consist of 100 pages...
I found a copy of Crossroads of Twilight yesterday, but only had time to read a few pages. The paperback of Knife of Dreams is coming out here on 28 November, I'll wait until then to get it.
P.S. : somebody should really tell Mr Jordan that prologues are usually not meant to consist of 100 pages...
I agree, what the heck did all that have to do with the story anyway, other than to keep us from learning if Mat and his lady friends ever got safely out of town.
I just read from Eye of the World to Knife of Dreams in a couple months. Now I'm awaiting A Memory of Light... unfortunately R. Jordan doesn't seem to be doing so well fighting his amyloidosis.
I preordered the paperback of The Knife of Dreams this morning and only have about a hundred pages until the end of Crossroads of Twilight. If I don't finish it tonight, I will tomorrow.
I finished Knife of Dreams this morning and had to get up and go online to find out the status of Robert Jordan's illness. It is terminal; however, so is life. He is being medicated to slow it down and sometimes can write two hours a day toward the completion of A Memory of Light, the final book. Anyway, the following link is to a 01 December 2006 article profiling Robert Jordan that explains it so much better than I'm able.

Knife of Dreams was the most satisfying book in the lot, especially as it didn't end in a cliff-hanger like the last ones.
Knife of Dreams was the most satisfying book in the lot, especially as it didn't end in a cliff-hanger like the last ones.

But it did! At least, I didn't get it..
I'm reading New Spring, the/a prologue to WOT, and it's not bad. Not bad at all.
That was the first of the series that I read; it hooked me. Has anyone heard how Jordon is doing, both physically and on the final book to end the series?
No news is good news, I guess.

Considering the spinning of the Wheel, making every Age coming back again (albeit changed), we of course know that the Light is going to prevail over the Shadow, we just do not know the how.

I guess Perrin's task in Tarmon G'aidon is fighting the Darkhounds with his wolves, Mat's task commanding the Seanchan armies in the name of his sweetheart, and Rand's task taking on the Dark One himself.

Then there's the girls, who'll either sit back at home biting their nails, or joining an Aes Sedai army (at least the Green ones) into Tarmon G'aidon.

But of course, before it comes to Tarmon G'aidon, Mr Jordan still has a plethora of loose strings to tie up.
Terrible news: RIP Robert Jordan

Sad Smilie

Hopefully Mr Jordan left his notes/manuscript of the grande finala of the series to his wife or somebody else he deemed fit to wrap up the story.
Brandon Sanderson to finish the Wheel of Time series: Article
Thanks Vir, we needed that. Happy Elf Smilie
Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has said on his website he has begun writing the final book in the series. He also stated that he wants to finish the series in the final book as planned, but later acknowledged that the book may be up to half again his originally-planned length, and publishing in one volume may not be practical.

A Memory of Light is slated for publication in Fall 2009.

I should try his Mistborn trilogy some time.
Yes you should, You might like it. Happy Elf Smilie
"The Gathering Storm" out on November 3, 2009?
In the USA, is today bringing out The Gathering Storm. I haven't ordered it as my foot doctor has it on order and is building the complete set. He will let me read it when he has finished. Now we only have to wait for the other two volumes, that with this one, will make up the three parts of the late Robert Jordan's twelfth and final book, which is being finished by Brandon Sanderson.
I'm finally reading The Gathering Storm, it is such a thick tome, that my arms get tired holding it up.
Haven't read this book yet, but tried some other works of Sanderson and I don't really like his writing. It feels like reading a poor man's version of Guy Gavriel Kay.

It's been far too long (for many reasons...) so bear with me since I've forgotten just about everything there is to know about posting on PT (hence this is my fourth attempt at this post, and I'm writing it in Notepad because I'm tired of losing two hours worth of post when I click the wrong thing and can't just backspace).

Regarding the certainty of the DOs defeat since the Wheel guarantees an endless cycle:

In a word, no.  Recall the dying Aiels warning to the Tinkers early in the series: "Sightblinder means to slay the Great Serpent".  If the DO is free, he will break the Wheel of Time and end the cycle forever.  One can be forgiven for missing this, since all of the Forsaken save Ishamael seem to have done the same, but a conversation in TGS eerily like one I've often had with a fellow WoT and philosophy fan removes any doubt.  The real question is, as Rand continues to lose more of himself (literally and figuratively), how long before that option becomes appealing to him...?

Regarding Alivia being stronger than even the Lanfear who hadn't fought Moiraine:

Lanfear does say this when they fight, but she doesn't know Alivia is using an angreal.  Given their scarcity in the Third Age she probably never considers it; all Forsaken have sought one since they escaped the Bore, and only Sammael seems to have found one (much good it did him).  The unanimous consensus (I'm not aware of RJ or Sanderson stating it, though they might have) is that Lanfear remains the upper bound for female strength.  Some speculate she may have visited the Finns during the AoL and made that one of her requests.

Meanwhile, the world keeps going.  Some of you may already know my beloved wotmania does not, but may not know its torch has been passed to (et alia; wotmanias FAQ Mistress maintains much of the internets best WoT reference at The Thirteenth Depository: and wotmanias primary Other Fiction Admin started The OF Blog: several years before the end of wotmania).  RAFO is almost a twin of wotmania in terms of layout and interface (except Default Blue is now Default Green, and yes, I hate true threading, too, but 95% of members don't, so it stays) but its focus is all SF/fantasy rather than WoT.  Instead of a WoT site with an OF board, it's a SF/fantasy site with a WoT board.  It's not wotmania, but trying to make it so would be unfair to both sites, and it's still a good site in the making (though now it's being run by shifty Brits instead of decent Americans it will bear watching, and the clock's no longer right. ).  Contributions on WoT, other books or whatever are welcome and encouraged; it's only been a year, so it's still a work in progress, but the old community has provided a good start as well as some capable, experienced and dedicated Admins and reviewers.  You can also find a link to Towers of Midnights pre-released first, second and eighth chapters (the last was apparently a coded promotion for Sandersons "The Way of Kings" ) here:

In Randfanland (a word I immediately regret coining) over all things are better than they've been for some time.  After a four year drought TGS hit stores last fall, and Towers of Midnight is already due out 2 November of this year.  The time table for A Memory of Light has been pushed back, but the final volume is still slated for a spring 2012 release.  Far more importantly, Sanderson's doing a good job with the series in the opinion of most; KoD was the best book since ACOS, but TGS is the best book since the high point of the series in books 4-6.  This is a welcome change from what I can only call the tedious drudgery of reading 8-10; a lot of people are doing pre-ToM re-reads, but most of them are starting with KoD rather than at the beginning.  It's not perfect, of course; at one point in TGS Sanderson has an Aiel (Rhuarc or Bael, IIRC) refer to the Three-Fold Land as "the Waste" which Aiel, of course, never do, but all in all the series is noticeably improved.  For those who've not read the latest volumes: Do so, if only to cleanse your palette of things like APoD and CoT (I still say the former is the worst in the series, but most choose the latter).  For those still plodding through books 8-10: TGS will remind you why you love the series, often.  I literally couldn't put it down, which was unfortunate since I read it in between 12 hour shifts (I think I got all of 90 minutes sleep that day).

I think that's all things WoT until Towers of Midnight hits stores 2 November.  Yes, I know about Dragonmount and Theoryland but, while I've nothing against them, I visit neither.  I really hate not being able to talk WoT with Grondy anymore, but I have to admit I smile a little knowing he got to find out Who Killed Asmodean? straight from the horses mouth before any of us.

It's been so long since I've been into WoT that I'm not sure if I remember correctly who exactly Alivia is.

Alivia is the Seanchan damane who's over 400 years old (and thus older than any living Aes Sedai, thank you very much Mr. Oath Rod).  The one who's forgotten more than Aes Sedai know about battle weaves, and who Mins viewing says will "help [Rand] die".  She's quite strong in her own right, moreso than Nynaeve IIRC (and since SHE'S Moghediens equal that makes Alivia easily Forsaken strength; augmenting that with an angreal means she should be able to wipe the floor with anyone who's unaugmented, even Lews Therin himself).

The Gathering Storm>The Towers of Midnight>WoT POST ACoS.

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