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Thread: Tolkien Psychological Wording

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Visions and dreams
superb imagination

Are we getting away from Tolkien centered here? Maybe, maybe not.
Are we getting away from Tolkien centered here?

i think so Grondmaster Paranoid Smilie
JRRT, begins writing "The Simarillion". 1917
CRT edited The Silmarillion, published in 1977
I have mist the link. How are these relevant to this thread?
Me thinks they are Tolkien authors of some renown.

The Children of H’rin
So be it... Unfinished Tales
The Israri
Big Smile Smilie Back to the straight line: Curumo
Saruman of All colors
Gandalf the Grey
The Grey Pilgrim
Encircling Mountains
Ekkaia the Encircling Sea
Echoriath which is again the Encircling Mountains now in Sindarin
The Great Eagles
Meneldor young and swift Serching Smilie
Gwaihir, Lord of the Wind or Gwaihir the Windlord
Ulmo, Lord of the Waters
Irmo /L’rien/, Master of spirits
Malgalad, the mysterious first lord of Lorien.
Amroth, Lord of Lorien
Nimrodel lost lover of the above elf
Bay of Belfalas, where Amroth, (on a ship to Valinore) thought he saw Nimrodel on the quays, jumped to go (swim) back to her and drawn, never to return in Valinore.
Bay of Belegaer the great bay south of the Mouths of the Sirion in Beleriand
Gulf of Lune
Grey Heavens
Tol Galen
River Adurant
Land of Seven Rivers
Goldilocks Took daughter of Sam and Rosie; wife of Faramir Took
Nienor, she who was Niniel for a time, daughter of Hurin (who was cursed by Morgoth);

Ve rosse n’rinye lantar,
Ai Niniel, Hurino yende!
Masse s’ n’selya?
Vanwa. I hl’nan antanietyes.

meaning like:
Like rain my tears fall,
O, Niiniel, Hurin's daughter!
Where is now your youth?
Lost. To the river you gave it.
Nienna the Vala concerned with mourning and who pities the suffering of others.
Her lesson is one of pity, hope, and the endurance of the spirit. Gandalf was her greatest pupil.
Este is the wife of Irmo and her gift is rest.
Estel Aragorn's childhood name.
Elessar- Aragorn's name after he became king of Gondor
Elostirion the tallest of the White Towers where the Undying Lands looking palantir was located.
Amon Sul -there was also one palantir, was there not?
Osgiliath there was a Palantir in Osgiliath also. it was the largest and the main Palantir.Yes there was a Palantir in Amon Sul.
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