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Thread: Tolkien Psychological Wording

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Ann’minas [read: Ann’(u)minas], another place where seeing stone was kept for the kings of Arnor. It is believed for this palatir to be lost under the ice of the Northern see cap along with the palantir of Amon Sul.
Inzilad’n grew up to be 23rd King of N’menor; he was then known as Tar-Palantir, the far-sighted.
N’mellote- there was tradition among the kings of the North to have elven names. This is the name of Inzilad’n (Flower of the West) spoken in Quenya
Noirinan, the valley of the tombs of the Kings and Queens of N’menore.
Nori, brother of Ori, both members of Thorin and Company
Bilbo Baggins
The one Baggins with whom the part of Hobbits in shaping the fortune of Middle Earth begins.
So, carefully! carefully with the plates!
Many hoods, and colourful too...
You do not mean for Deagol to be the one Hobbit to start shaping the fortune of all...

Wandlimb/Fimbrethil- long lost wife of Treebeard if I remember well...
In the Willow-meads of Tasarnian
where golden fall the leaves at autumn in the river-flood...
or after thunder golden showers came falling like a rain of flowers. - the end of Sam's addition to Frodo's lament about the fall of Gandalf.
Few mortal eyes have seen the light
That lies there ever, long and bright.
(from Gandalf's song of Lorien)
the countless stars of heaven's field
were mirrored in his silver shield.
from Sam's song about Gil-galad.
Tall grows the grass there. In the wind from the Sea
The white lilies sway,...
from Lebennin by J.R.R.Tolkien
A star in flight, ere Yule one night flickering down he fell
From his ladder path to a foaming bath in the windy Bay of Bel.
- from 'The Man in the Moon Came Down too Soon' found in The Tolkien Reader.
The Prancing Pony
Bill the pony
Bill Ferny
Applecore - what Sam bounced off Bill Ferny's nose.
Orchards of the Ent-wives
Ent-draughts to make one grow by
Ent Moot
Old Forests of Middle Earth
High Hay the hedge separating the Old Forest from Buckland
Brandy Hall - the main dwelling of the Brandybucks
Tookland homes of the Tooks in the Southfarthing and Westfarthing
Bucklebury Ferry
Brandy Hall
Bilbo's going away gifts
Silver Spoons
Lobelia S-B
Bag Ends
Big Green Door - Or should I say, 'Little Green Door' Happy Elf Smilie
Smoke Rings

(the door made me think of them Elk Grinning Smilie
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