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Thread: Tolkien Psychological Wording

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Nan Elmoth - the home of Eol
Mt. Erebor the Lonely Mountain
Lake Town
Lake Nenuial located just north of the Shire; the River Brandywine flows out of it.
Lake Evendim
Lake Mithrim = located about 100 miles NW of Gondolin
Kheled Zaram - fair and wonderful
Kuduk = "hobbit" in the language of the hobbits.
Hobbytlan - hobbit in Rohirrim tongue
Stybba = Merry's Rohirrim pony that he rode to Dunharrow and the Muster of Rohan.
Scatha the Worm
Master of Lies = Melkor as named by Amlach the Adan
Master of the fates of arda - as he declared himself
Master Gamgee
Taters and onions
coney stew
Raw Coney
sushi Gollum's favorite food made from the raw fisheses he caught in the pool below Henneth Ann’n, the Window on the West.
Fastitocalon - A sea monster mentioned in a poem well known to Hobbits... He would look like an island, only to wait for sailors to make camp on his back, only to be drowned when the monster dove into the depths, taking the sailors with him/her... Super Scared Smilie
Tales told by a Took - to frighten Bagginses
The Mewlips, one of the scary poems they told in the dark of night. It starts out as:
The shadows where the mewlips dwell
Are dark and wet as ink,
And slow and softly rings their bell.
As in the slime you sink.
- Found in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil that is included in The Tolkien Reader.
farmer Giles of Ham
Smith of Wooton Major
Old Tom Bombadillo
Boots of Yellow
Must hide from yellow face precious
evil-smelling fens
Dead Marshes
Midgewater Marsh Midges
Mirkwood's creatures
black velvet flutterbys
Desperate Dwarves
Racing Rohirrim
Running Uruks
Three Hunters Tracking
Wingfoot - i nameth thou
’adig - ’omer's Title
White Horse on a Green Field
White hand on an Uruk shield
White Tree on a Sable field
.....and a crebain in a pear tree.
Dwarves (dwarfs for the ignorants) Orc Grinning Smilie
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