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Gwindor posted Tuesday 28th April 2009 (10:29pm)

Who's uncle was Andy?

Feel free and answer the questions in this thread and if you really truly know the answer and aren't guessing, you may pose the next question; else wait for Gwindor's reply. Thanks. Happy Elf Smilie
This is a guess: Sam, if that was the name of his rope-making uncle?
It was indeed, Andy of Tighfield I believe
Most uncles that I could remember, had Tolkienesque sounding names so I figured Andy being non-Tolkienesque, might belong to a hobbits. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Who was the mother of ’owyn and ’omer?
What steward of gondor granted Isengard to Saruman?
Beren the steward.

Which steward did Eorl the Young give his oath to?
Cirion, upon the hill of Halifirien at the hallowed Tomb of Elendil the Faithful according to UT.

What was the name of King Th’oden's son?
Correct Thinker, your turn now. Happy Elf Smilie
I'll take the turn to keep the game going

How was Mirkwood called before it was corrupted by dark things?
Greenwood the Great?
Absolutely correct Turin. Your Turn Smile Smilie
About how many days did it take Thorin's Company to transverse Mirkwood, from the day they entered it, until they arrived at the Elfking's Hall?
Wild guess - about 25?
It actually took a bit linger than that; anyone else want to hazard a guess?
Alright, 32? I don't have a copy of the Hobbit currently
I think it was 30: from 26 July to 24 August.

Go ahead and pose the nest question.
Who was Imrahil?
He was Prince of Dol Amroth. A D’nadan of Gondor, also with Elvish ancestry. A Captain of the West.
Quite correct, although the Elvish ancestry is a bit apocryphal - your turn
What did Sam throw at Bill Ferny, as Strider and the four hobbits left Bree?
A evil apple Big Smile Smilie
"Evil", like the one the Wicked Queen gave to Snow White after consulting her magic mirror?

Now it was just the apple core and even then, Sam felt it was a waste. Bill would have rather had it.

Anyway, Arath's answer was good enough and he may pose the next question.
Since Arath is not here I'll take the next turn

How were the statues bordering the road to the Dimholt called?
P’kel Men?
Correct Grondy! Your Turn! Elk Grinning Smilie
What was the name of the rock upon which the Hornburg was built?
Thriryme? (not sure if I got the spelling right)
Almost, it is spelled Thrihryne, which is the mountain upon which the Hornburg is built; however, the mountain's particular spur upon which it is built is called the Hornrock.

Thorin's turn once more. Happy Elf Smilie
How was Eomer's horse called?
"Here horsie, horsie. Here horsie, horsie. Get over here you darned glue factory reject." Elk Grinning Smilie

Firefoot was the name of ’omer's horse, I had a devil of a time finding it in the text: when Gimli rode from Edoras to Helm's Deep he was behind ’omer mounted on Firefoot. Found on the penultimate page of 'The King of the Golden Hall' in TTT.

Theoden's banner-bearer was killed during the Battle of Pelennor Fields, what was that banner-bearer's name?
Guthlaf. Had to look it up. I knew it was Guth-something but couldn't remember the last part. Orc Grinning Smilie

How was the Took's Mansion (or family house) called?
The Great Smials

During the onslaught of Isengard, which Ent became carbonized, like burned to a crisp?
Yes, Thorin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
How many men/soldiers came to strengthen Minas Tirith before Sauron attacked the city?
'Less than three thousand full told?' I found that in RotK on page 31 of the first chapter in book V (Ballantine paperback edition with Viggo/Aragorn on the cover)

I don't know if there is anything more specific elsewhere.
Yes Grondy. Your Turn! Orc Grinning Smilie
What are the GPS coordinates of the Shire's Four Farthing Stone?

Or give me at least three reasons why you cannot provide a definitive answer to this question.Teacher Smilie
1. There was no satellite at that time. (No Grondy, Earendil was not a satellite)
2. I doubt anyone would know how to use a GPS at that time
3. Saruman or Sauron were not so advanced as to have the ability of using that technology.

(That's all I can think off)
The Shire is divided into four farthings; is there actually a Four Farthing stone at their junction? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Correct Gwindor. Happy Elf Smilie As you sussed it out, you get the honor(?) of posing our next question.
What did Sam do at the three-farthing stone?
After taking the Bag End key to the Gaffer, he caught up to Frodo and Pippin there as the three of them made their back-roads journey to Creek Hollow? I had to check the text to see if this was correct, it wasn't: he met up with them at the gate across the meadow from Bag End. Ah...I remember

The Three Farthing Stone is where Sam cast the remainder of the dust from Lady Galadriel's box after he finished planting the replacement trees around the Shire.
Very much correct -

Your turn then
What instruments were played by Thorin's two nephews?
Nope, Thorin played the harp.

Hint: they have four strings.
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