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Saradoc, Merimac and Rorimac.

Very Evil Smilie
Oh $&*#.
I know you looked it up in the back of ROTK, Surivan!
Anyway, you get the question.
I thought we were allowed to use the books...?

What did Bandobras/Bullroarer Took invent?
The sport of golf when he knocked off a goblin's head and it landed in a hole. Right back at ya!
And Eruheran, the point of the game is what we know or can remember without having to look it up in the books. But my question admittedly was impossible without reference, so I'll forgive you. This time.
Oh Right. Paranoid Smilie

You got that right. (I didn't look that up though Big Smile Smilie)
Thanks Surivan. Big Smile Smilie

What was the name of the tower on the river that Sauron took for his own in the First Age?
Thats a Trick Question! Sauron was known as Mairon/Gorthaur during the first age, so 'Sauron' didn't have a tower! Cheat!

Was it Finrods Tower in Minas Tirith?
Yes it was the tower of Finrod the beloved. It was on the Isle in the middle of Sirion.
I'll give it to Surivan, since he answered first.
Riddle - Thirty white horses upon a red hill, First they champ, Then they stamp, Then they stand still.
I was re-reading the Hobbit quite recently so I'm quite sure that's right.
Wait... *thinks about riddle*
Not chestnuts (I thought that because chestnuts are white on top and a sort of red colour everywhere else)......
Oh! Teeth!
Yeah. 30 White Horses - Teeth. Red Hill - Gums. The rest is obvious when you think about it.
So do I get the question?

Eruheran - look at ADTFTN planning.
You get the question.
Give all the names that were given to Sauron throughout the Three Ages of Arda.
Gorthaur, Annattar, Allattar, Sauron, Mairon, Thauron, Sauron the Cruel, Gorthaur the Cruel,
I'll give you the question, but Smile Smilie I'll try to improve on that: (in no particular order)
Sauron, the Necromancer, Gorthaur the Cruel, the Enemy, Th’, Mairon, Annatar, Aulendil, the Dark Lord of Mordor, the Red Eye, Zig’r, the Lord of the Rings, Artano, the Dark Power, the Lord of Werewolves, the Sorcerer, the Ring-maker, Mairo the Admirable and Tar-Mairon.
The Necromancer was obvious, I dunno how I didn't get it!

Where was Gollum found by Aragorn?
Near the Black Gates?? That was a wild guess. Don't really remember.
In the Dead Marshes, I had always thought.

The Lord of the Rings was pretty obvious too. Wink Smilie
The Dead marshes. And LOTR was obvious aswell.

Fornac gets the Question.
The question Fornac.
Give the name of ’omer's father.
Correct, Gwindor's turn.
Who received a case of spoons on Bilbo's birthday?
No one; though Lobelia Sackville-Baggins received an empty case to hold all the spoons she had purloined from Bag End over the years. That's what made all Bilbo's gift ironic.
It was Lobelia indeed, Grondmaster.
But it was actually a case of silver spoons - as a joke on her. I think you're confusing this with Hugo Bracegirdle who received an empty bookcase. As Lobelia put it, "Spoons, fiddlesticks".
No, I just didn't realize Bilbo was giving Lobelia the remaining spoons as well; I thought she already had walked off with all of them rather than just a few. I hadn't looked it up. Anyway...

To whom was Ibun related?
That would be our favorite petty dwarf, Mim. Smile Smilie

Who was the Red Maw?
Strictly a guess, was that another name for one of the Orc leaders, like Azog, or perhaps one of the dragons?

What was the name of the river which flowed through doriath?
There were two weren't there? One is Esgalduin,the other is Sirion the great most renowned in song and tale. It says in The Silmarillion that Melian had a part of Sirion wholly under Thingol's power in reverence of Ulmo.
Anyone there???
Nope. Assume your answer is correct and ask the next one Estel. Happy Elf Smilie
Ok. Here goes, what is the last of the Andram?
Well it probably is 'Ramdal', at the south-eastern end of the escarpment; though it could also be the 'Gates of Sirion' where the Sirion exits the escarpment, if you were fool-hearty enough to be traveling down stream on the river and over the falls etc. When you exited the Gates, that would be the last of the Andram The Long Wall) that you would encounter. I like my first answer better.
Ramdal is correct and your question Grondy?
Who were called the "Gonnhirrim," by whom, and when?
The Sindar called them by that name in the First Age of Middle Earth.
Yes, but who were they?
Dwarves were called this, i think it means master of stone, Sindar, First age?
Correct Thorin; your turn.
Maybe you should ask away Grondy!
No, we will give Thorin another day to post his question. Happy Elf Smilie
Um Grondy!!
Who was Bergil's uncle?
Iorlas? And wasn't this question asked earlier somewhere else?
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