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What was Elendil's Oath?

Hm....I want to say he swore an oath of allegiance to someone but I don't remember who. I'm pretty sure it was King Gil-Galad but, again, I'm not 100%

No. It is from LOTR and as a further hint, it isn't an oath to swore to anyone in particular!

Um,is it when at the end  of RotK,during the coronation what Aragorn sings?

Its what Elendil said when he landed on the shores of ME. Something like "here I shall abide, and my heirs, to the end of days." Aragorn said it at his coronation, although the film has him singing it.

Gwindor has it and Odette was on the right track. I love the sung verse in ROTK.

I once told Turin the name of my father - what was it?


Well sussed Anarya

Your turn then.

What were the names of the hobbits' five ponies?

Had to look this one up

Sharp-ears, Wise-nose, Swish-tail, Bumpkin and White-socks.

Who did Old man Willow trap?


Wasn't it Merry and Pippin?

I believe so, and the sleeping Frodo was tipped in the water while Sam came to the rescue. Wink Smilie

OK, here's one:

Name Faramir's great-grandfather.

Turgon was Faramir the Steward's great-grandfather. - Had to look that up.

So who was the great-grandfather of the Faramir at the times of the Kings of Gondor?

It just so happened that I was thinking Turgon (what a coincidence!) and looked it up to make sure. Tadaa! Faramir son of Denethor II, son of Ecthelion II, son of Turgon.


(to be fair, it is Faramir II as well.)

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